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The Twins Childhood Friend

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It’s been a few months they’ve got here in Japan, and during those times Noll has been searching for his twin brother, Eugene. Who had went to Japan where there was a request for a exorcism, while Noll and Minji stayed back home, studying at college. Also while they’re here in Japan, they have a office to work at, as Noll isn’t sure which location the lake that Gene was thrown into. A woman had murdered him during his trip.

Right now Minji, Noll and Lin have a job that the schools principal asked for help at the old school house, that’s not far from the school.

Leaning against the wall in one of the old classrooms in the old school building, Minji watches Noll and Lin searching around to see if the building is safe to be in. She could see so many cracks on the floorboards and on the ceiling, which is concerning as it looks like it could fall through at any moment. Suddenly Minji hears some footsteps like someone has just walked inside the building. Frowning, she knew this building isn’t haunted as she hasn’t seen or heard any spirits since they’ve got here.

“Guys, I hear someone walked in the building.” Minji whispers to the two men.

Noll nods at Lin to tell him to go out and see who had entered. “Be careful.” Noll warns Lin as the two stay in the room, and look out the window to see their parked van. Luckily who ever it is hasn’t gone anywhere near the van, as far as they could see.

“Once Lin sorts out this trespasser, we’ll leave here and go back to the office, and just wait and see what the camera picks up.” Noll tells Minji and then they heard a crash out to where Lin went.

The two quickly ran out to see a shelf had fallen to the floor, a broken camera, and Lin sitting on the ground in pain as he holds his left leg.

“H-Hey! Are you okay?”

Minji turns around to see the trespasser is a school student who went over to help, as Minji and Noll helped Lin to sit up. But Lin slapped the school students hand away.

“You’re a bit cut up can you stand?” Noll asked in concern.

“Yes.” Lin replied as they help him.

“Um, I’m really sorry!” The school student said quickly. “I suddenly heard him call out to me, so I…”

“It’s okay, we don’t need you to explain now. Do you know the nearest hospital from here?” Minji quickly asked the student, who she can see is looking very guilty about Lin, and also knowing the two men. They don’t care on knowing what the school student had to say, and Minji decided to save the school student from Noll’s glares.

“Yeah, there’s one right by the school’s front entrance…” The school student once again tried to help, but Minji grab the student’s wrist, as she saw what Lin did earlier. Which looked like it did hurt a bit.

“Thank you.” Minji smiled as the student looked at her in surprise at her grabbing her wrist.

Noll sighed as he knew what Minji is trying to do. He glanced over at the student and instantly recognize her, from the day before. “You’re the girl I met yesterday, right?” Noll said as he got Lin to his feet. “What’s your name?”

“Taniyama Mai” Mai said hesitantly at Noll, as she too recognized him.

“Well then, Taniyama-san, out of the kindness of my heart, I must tell you that the school bell sounded just a moment ago.” Noll informed Mai, and they could see clocks ticking inside her head at what Noll just said.

“Eh!” Mai turns around quickly. “You’re kidding me!” She ran outside the building without looking back at them.

‘Interesting girl’ Minji thought in amusement, as she and Noll help Lin to the hospital where Mai said it is.

Later that day, Minji and Noll arrived inside the school as the bell rang for the end of day.

“So you think Taniyama-san will help us with this job, while Lin is staying at hospital.” Minji question Noll as they head towards the classroom, where Noll met Mai and her friends.

Noll only gave Minji one of his smirks which only tells Minji, that he has a plan which she’s not going to be pleased about.

They arrived at the classroom as Noll tells Minji to wait outside the room. It was only a few minutes later that Noll comes out with Mai, as her friends had already left, not feeling up to telling ghost stories. As the girl called Kuroda, who claims that the old school house is haunted by the people who died there from the war, and it was one time a hospital.

Minji raised an eyebrow but didn’t say anything because Mai was here with them.

“I wonder if she really is a psychic.” Noll said thinking aloud, which he does sometimes.

“That’s what she says, so maybe she is” Mai shrugs her shoulders.

“Dealt it.” Minji mutters to herself but only Noll heard her.

“Oh” Mai says making the two look over at her. “How is that man from this morning?”

“Ah, yes. I wanted to speak to you about that, too.” Noll says as he folds his arms. “He sprained his left leg pretty badly, and won’t be able to stand up on his own for awhile.”

Minji just stares at Noll, only now just figured out on what his planning to do. ‘It was only an accident Noll.’ Looking over to Mai, who now looking more guilty. ‘I guess we do need an extra help on this.’ Feeling bad for the girl.

“Oh, no!…I’m so sorry…” Mai shocking apologize about the poor man, who she injured accidentally.

“So, Shibuya-san and…” Mai looks over puzzled at Minji.

“Jang Minji” Minji answered her, and can already see that Mai has questions about her.

“Shibuya-san and Jang-san…how do you know him?” Mai face went red when she realized her stare at Minji.

“Assistant” Noll tells her simply, and is starting to feel annoyed at Mai, for a few things. Like injuring Lin, and he notice Mai’s stare at Minji, which has happened a couple of times now sense they’ve been here in Japan.

“Assistant? You mean you help him with his work?” Mai asked Noll, curiously. Not knowing that behind her was Minji, who was trying not to laugh.

“The opposite, actually.” Noll corrected her, ignoring Minji. “I’m the boss, Lin and Minji are my assistants.”

“Whaaaaa…!?” After being stunned at what Noll just told her. ‘Wasn’t he only 17!?’

“So, now…I have a problem, because one of my assistants is now too injured to work.” Minji now had a feeling on where this is going. “I believe you have an obligation here, Taniyama-san.” Noll stated, still with his arms folded, and quickly glance over at Minji, who was giving him a knowing look, that says she kinda agrees with him.

“Wait…wait a minute.” Mai shouts out in protest. “I happen to be a victim too…”

“He got hurt…what happened to you?”

Mai bit her lips and avoided his gaze as he had a very good point, annoyingly.

“Lin was trying to stop you from touching the camera…” Minji said as she might as well go along with Noll’s plan.

“And as the result you broke the camera. That’s what happened.” Noll added as he finally uncrossed his arms and walks over to Minji.

Mai swallowed, knowing she screwed up, badly. “By the way…how much is the camera?”

“Probably more than you have.” Noll tells her bluntly. While Minji looks at Mai in pity.

“What his trying to tell you with all this, is that will you help us, instead of paying as we know you won’t be able to pay us back.” Minji couldn’t take all this anymore, as it was hard watching the two struggling with all this.

Mai did flinch a bit, knowing she couldn’t pay for the camera. “You mean…”

“I want you to be my substitute assistant.” Noll said surprising her that he didn’t want Mai to pay him for the camera.

“You want me to be your assistant, and help your work.”

“Isn’t that what it sounded like.” Minji could tell that Noll is trying his best to keep it together. She glance over at Mai to see in Mai’s eyes, looks like she really can’t stand Noll.

‘Great’ Minji thought, now guessing what it’s going to be like with these two together.

“So what’s your work?” Mai asked, trying to be polite as much as she could without blowing up at him.

Ghost Hunting.” Noll replied in English.

“Huh?” Mai didn’t understood what Noll just said.

Ghost Hunting.” This time it was Minji who replied in English. Hoping Mai could understand, but no. She could tell Mai is having trouble understanding them.

Getting fed up now at how long this is taking them. “The direct translation would be ‘ghost exterminator’, I suppose. I’m from the Shibuya Psychic Research center, which was hired by the principal to investigate the old school building.” He explains to Mai.

“What’s a…”

“Taniyama-san, we hunt ghost, your principal asked us for help and to check the old school building.” Minji, who was now getting frustrated along with Noll. She points to Noll. “His the manger of Shibuya Psychic Research. So would you take on Lin’s place as a substitute assistant, while Lin is resting from his injury.”

“Unless you would rather pay for the broken camera.” Noll adds as the two now wait for Mai’s reply.

Sweat dripped down her face, Mai knows now that she really doesn’t have any other choice, but to help these people. “Fine, I’ll help.”

“Oh good, now follow us, Taniyama-san.” Minji smiles at Mai, as Noll already started to walk off, and the two follow him to the old school building.

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The three arrived at the old school building that evening, Minji and Noll opened the back doors of the van that’s parked out by the front of the building. Mai couldn’t keep her eyes off from all the professional equipment the two have. Noll started to take out the microphones that they’re going to need and the mike stands.

”Here.” Noll turns to the girls, well manly at Minji. “Take these mikes to the room we’ve picked out for our base.” 

“Okay!” Minji smiles over at Mai. “Come on Taniyama-san, follow me.” She says cheerfully for Mai’s taste, as the two walk into the building with the microphones, and Noll following behind them with some shelves.

Mai is suddenly creeped out, as she remembers all the stories and rumors she heard about this building. As it’s the evening it’s all dark and smells a bit like mold. She couldn’t understand at how on earth Jang-san and Shibuya-san are not freaked out about this as she is.

Opening the door to an old classroom, that now would be their new base. Minji puts down the microphones by the door, as Noll comes in with the shelves…


Mai jumped whenever one of them took a step on the creaky floorboards. An nervous sweat would roll down her face when a creepy sound would pop out.

”Could you two build the shelves, please? I’m going to bring in some more equipment.” Noll ordered them before leaving the classroom. 

“You mean you’re going to leave us in here, all by ourselves.” Mai shouted after him looking around nervously at every corner of the room, for anything to jump out at them. 

“Don’t worry Taniyama-san.” Minji tries to calm Mai down as she starts with the shelves. “There’s only us two here, plus it won’t take him long to carry the equipment. There’s nothing here anyway.” Minji mutters the last bit to herself.

”Okay, Jang-san.” Mai now wishes she’s anywhere else but here right now.

Enormous creak echoed though out the room, Mai grasp as Minji looked up, shaking her head. “It’s nothing.”

”Eh…oh…yeah…I guess.” Mai said smiling wryly and trying to calm herself. Just then she froze, when there’s a scratching noise coming from the door.

Minji stood up and walked over to the door to open, knowing it’s only Noll. Mai widen her eyes in horror at Jang-san. “Wait…”

Noll steps into the room, carrying cables, nods at Minji in thanks. He looked over at the shelves to see it’s nearly completed, and Mai is nowhere near the shelves. Noll knew instantly that only Minji did the work, by herself.

”Don’t just stand there. Get to work.” Noll scolded at Mai as he sets down the cables.

’I really don’t like this guy.’ Mai thought, sulking as she goes to help Minji with what’s left to do.

’Oh, boy!’ Minji shakes her head at the two, looking back at Noll, as he leaves the room again for more equipment. 


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Mai was impressed at the finished set up of the equipment, the three had done. Even though it was more like Minji and Noll had done most of the job, while Mai every minute would jump at any nosies the building made.

”What’s this?” Minji glanced over at Mai, who’s looking at the equipment that Noll just bought in. “A tape recorder…?” 

“Yes.” Noll puts down the tape recorder next to Minji, who had answered Mai’s question. “But this is a little special.”

”It can record for up to twenty-four hours.” Noll also explains to Mai, as he begins to set up the mikes.

”It's also easier to prove a tape recording is authentic, as it’s harder to alter than a digital one.” Minji says while she checks out the monitor that they would be using. Suddenly Minji checked the time and remembered something she needed to do. “I need to make a quick phone call.” She tells Noll, who nods as he heard her. 

‘Please let those two get along on this job.’ Minji prayed, as she walks out to their van.

Leaning against the van, going through her contacts, Minji found her mum’s number, and waits for her mum to pick up. “Hello!” Minji says as mum finally answered.

”Minji dear, how’s you and the boys? Any luck with finding Eugene?” She could the worried tone in her mums voice, as always ever since she came to Japan.

”Mum, we’re fine and no luck on finding Gene. How’s everyone back home?” Minji ask, staring at the building, hoping the two are fine in there.

”Your dad’s been working non stop as always.” Hearing her mum tutting. “Hyun hasn’t been great with his stomach pains…”

”Stomach pains?” Minji was alarmed at this news. “When did he…?”

”Since Monday…his going for a scan and blood test tomorrow. We’ll let you know of the results. Just concentrate on finding Eugene with Oliver.” Her mum tells Minji. “So don’t worry, ok.”

Swallowing, Minji closes her eyes. “Ok mum, I won’t worry to much, just let me know if you hear anything.”

”I promise dear, now I need to start getting ready to drop Hyun to school.”

”Ok, give everyone my love and big hugs to Hyun.”

”Will do, and tell Oliver that his parents are desperate to hear from him, and not from Lin.”

”I’ll tell him.” Minji smiles knowing full well on why Noll hasn’t been phoning them. “Love you.”

”Love you too sweetie.” Minji ends the call and stays where she is for a bit, taking in everything she just leaned about Hyun.

Minji knew that something wasn’t right with Hyun before she left to Japan. Hyun is six years old, always has been an healthy kid, and never had any illnesses…until now. 

Remembering about Noll and Mai, Minji runs back in to their base. Hears Noll as she steps into the room.

”Now, if you understand, stop asking stupid questions and get to work.” Noll scolded at Mai, as he wished for her to stop wasting his time. Noticing that Minji has come back from phoning her mum, he also notices that Minji looked upset. Though Noll will talk to her about it after Mai leaves. “Now, Minji and Mai, I need you two to go and take temperature readings for each rooms. And don’t forget to record data.” Giving the digital thermometer to Minji while also giving her a look that says, we’ll talk later.

Minji understood at what Noll wants to talk about. “Will do.” He always knew what she’s feeling.

”Y-Yes sir!” Mai nervously says as she’s to scared to leave base, and to wonder around this haunted building.

”Taniyama-san.” Minji calls out to Mai, waiting for her so they could start with their work.

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Three rooms have been done, so far, and there were still some more to go. Mai wanted to ask Jang-san some questions about her origin, but decided that it could be rude to ask her.

“Just ask.” Mai hears Minji, who is writing down the temperature down on the clipboard that Noll gave her.

“Ask?” Mai jumped a bit, wasn’t expecting Minji to say anything as she’s been quiet. 

“When I told you my name earlier, you had this curious expression on your face. Just like everyone else.” Minji mumbled the last bit before turning to face Mai, seeing the girls face gone red.

“I’m so sorry!” Mai was so embarrassed.

Minji then started to laugh at her, in a friendly way. “It’s okay, you’re not the first person whom gave me the same curious look.” She smiles, remembering her first meeting with the twins, when she was eight years old.

“Really?” Mai questioned, getting even more interested at Minji.

Still smiling at Mai, and goes back to work before Noll starts looking for them. We’ll manly looking for her. “So, what do you want to know?”

Mai bits her lips and asks. “This would probably sound like I’m being rude, but I’m not honesty.” Rocking back and forwards on her feet. “Are you Japanese? Because from your name it doesn’t sound like a Japanese name.”

Minji gazes back at Mai to give her a warm smile. To tell her it’s okay. “I’m only half Japanese and British from my mums side, and half Korean from my dads side.” Minji explains to Mai about her origins. 

“Oh, I see.” Mai was surprised at Minji’s origins. “So I take it you weren’t born here?” 

“That’s right, but now let’s go back before he decides to come looking for us. As his not a patient person.” Minji laughs, as she now tries to change the subject. 

“Haha…you’re right.” Mai laughed, smiling wryly as she could picture it now. So the two quickly walk back to base, as they’ve finished their work, well it was more on Minji than Mai.

Eventually, the two return back to base, as Noll glance up at the two. “We’re done.” Giving Noll the clipboard to him.

“Nothing unusual…temperature isn’t lower in any particular area.” Noll said thoughtfully as he read the data that Minji wrote. “The first floors a little lower then others…”

“So then, does that mean there’s no spirits here?” Mai asked, looking hopefully at Noll.

“We’ll, we can’t say for sure just yet, Mai.” Minji said quickly, seeing that Nol is getting a bit annoyed now at Mai. “Ghost can be shy, sometimes, especially with strangers.” 

“It’s normal for paranormal phenomena to stop temporarily when outsiders come in.” Noll said putting the clipboard on the table. “First…let’s position the infrared cameras: four of them in the first and second hallways and one at the entrance.” The three pick up the equipment, and start doing what Noll had told them to do.

After some hours later, Mai could feel her body ache from picking up the heavy equipments.

“Are you okay, Taniyama-san?” Minji was worried at Mai, as she knew it wasn’t easy, especially if it’s her first time doing this. 

“Don’t worry Jang-san. I’m fine.” Mai reassured her, and is happy to know that at least one of them is concerned about her.

“You may go home now.” Noll tells Mai, as he checks the camera settings. Plus he really wants to talk to Minji, without Mai around. “We’re done for today.”

“Seriously, you really don’t look like a a psychic.” Mai told him, miffed he didn’t notice her pain.

“Ghost Hunter.” Noll corrected her. “Don’t confuse me with psychics.” Glance over at Minji, seeing her with a big grin on her face. Which he rolled his eyes at her.

“Same thing…” Mai mutters under her breath, with her arms folded. “Well, I’ll be leaving now.”

“Tomorrow.” Noll spoke up to her as Mai leaves. “After school, we’ll met you at the van.”
Minji could see the horrified look on Mai’s face.

Minji was now starting to feel bad for Mai, but the poor girl did kinda let herself here for injuring Lin. Even though it was an accident.

It was quite for a few seconds before Noll asks Minji, on what he has been desperate to know, since she came back from her phone call. “What happened during the phone call you had earlier?”

Sighing, Minji tells him. “Mum just told that Hyun has been getting these stomach pains, since Monday. He’ll be getting some scans and blood test, so she’ll let me know once they get the results in.” Minji could feel her eyes were about to tear up, so she faced away from Noll. Though she knew that he saw as Noll walked over to give her a hug. Minji (apart from Gene and his mum) is the only person he would hug, which was rare. But that is only because the two have been a couple for two years. 

First time the two met was when they were only eight years old, just three months after the twins got adopted by The Davis’s. It was the first day of school in year four, in England, where they actually live in now. Gene was the first one to walk up to her along with Noll trailing behind him. The two introduced themselves as, Eugene and Oliver Davis. When she told her name Minji Jang, Gene gave his hand for her to shake and asked if she wanted to be their friend. Minji smiled at them and agreed, as it was the first time that someone wanted to be her friend. It was never easy for her as she was to quite, never spoken with anyone, apart from family. But that was never a problem with the twins, especially with Noll who likes the quite anyway. Minji became best friends with the twins, but since she was about fourteen, she started to have a crush on Noll. Gene found out when Minji kept glancing over at Noll, and (as Gene kept saying to her) she always goes red as a tomato. Though he also knew that Noll felt the same, which he couldn’t really hide from Gene, and the teasing Noll would get from him. Finally though, the two talked to each other once they’ve figured out their feelings, and they’ve became a couple. But now here in Japan, they have to keep it a secret as much as they can to hide Noll’s identity, as they’re right now looking for Gene’s body. They’ve only been here a few months now, trying to find this lake that Noll saw through the vision he had, of Gene’s death.

Hugging Noll back, trying not to cry. “It could be nothing, but I can’t stop thinking of what if.” A tear drop down her check. “His only six” 

It was quite for a while, as Noll was rubbing her back to comfort her, before saying. “It could a few things but don’t think about it to much. Hyun is a strong kid for a six year old, he wouldn’t want you to worry.” 

“Yeah, you’re right.” Minji laughs, wiping away her tears as the two broke apart. “His too stubborn…just like someone else I know.” Given Noll a smile, knowing that he too would be the same.

Giving her a smile back, that he only shows to some people, which again is rare. “I’m not that bad.” Seeing Minji raised her brow at him. 

Rolling his eyes at Minji. “Anyway, if you really feel the need to see him, you can go home at anytime.” Noll suggested, to let her know that it’s okay.

“Thank you Noll.” Minji smiles warmly at Noll. “But I also do want to be here with you to find Gene.” Putting her hand in his as they start to walk back to their hotel, where they’ve been staying at. 

Sighing. “I know.” Noll then goes into deep thoughts about Gene, which Minji had notice that his been doing a lot lately.

Now trying to change the subjects about their brothers, Minji thinks about the case. “Noll about the old schoolhouse…”

“What about it?” Noll questions, appreciate Minji for changing the subject.
“I don’t think there’s any spirits there.”

“Your sure?” Noll then wondered what else it could be. 

“I’m sure there’s nothing there. I haven’t felt or seen any spirits. Just an empty building, which is falling apart.” Smirking at Noll, with him rolling his eyes at her.


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The next afternoon at the old schoolhouse, Noll and Minji were checking out the footage from last night. It had taken them the whole morning to go though with twelve hours of footage. 

“Hello…” Minji glance behind her to see Mai walking up to them. “What are you doing?”

“Reviewing the data we’ve collected from yesterday.” Minji answered Mai as Noll was nearly finished going through all the twelve hours worth of footage and sounds from all different cameras and mikes. Luckily the two had loads of experience of this, as it wasn’t difficult for them. Though Minji does wish that Lin was here to help.

“Oh…Did you find anything?” Mai asked, standing next to Minji.

“No.” Noll mumbles checking out the last clip. “There was nothing unusual. Either there are no ghost…” Remembering what Minji had told him during their conversation from yesterday. “Or something else.” 

Minji hears some more footsteps behind them. “Well, that’s some fancy equipment you’ve got there!” The three turned to see who is approaching them. “These toys seem too high-class for a child to play with.” The woman added smirking, while being followed by a man in a ponytail. 

“And you are?” Minji wondered, looking very bored as this happens to them all the time.

“I’m Matsuzaki Ayako. Nice to meet you.”

“I’m not interested in your name.” Noll bluntly said. Ayako’s face had turned red from embarrassment, as the others, apart from Noll, were trying not to laugh.

“You’re pretty sassy, aren’t you, but handsome.” Ayako muttered angrily.

“Thanks.” Noll was unfazed by her comment, as Minji smiled knowing very well of Noll’s personality. 

“But you can’t exorcise spirits with your face.” Ayako added snarky. While Minji rolled her eyes.

“I take it, that means you’re in the same business then.” Minji asked, now raising an eyebrow at Ayako, getting a bit more interested in them.

“You can say that.” Ayako said looking very smug. “I’m a Miko.”

“Huh..” Minji was now not impressed with Ayako, seeing as she is wearing way to much make-up. Especially for a Miko as she claims to be.

“I thought you had to be pure and innocent young lady in order to become a Miko.” Noll stated dryly as he too gave Ayako an unimpressed look. But Minji could also see that his getting very bored. 

“Pfft!” Mai covered her month from trying not to burst out laughing and leaned against the van. Minji smiled at Noll as she wasn’t surprised by him at all. But this is also one of the reasons on why she loves him. 

“Oh…!” Ayako was shocked, and had what looked like vains throbbing on her forehead. “Is that not how I look like to you.”

“I wouldn’t tempt him!” Minji tried warn, but too late.

“Well for starters, I’d say you look a bit to old to be innocent.” Noll said as he ignores Minji. “And you wear way too much make-up to be ‘pure’.” The man behind Ayako, couldn’t take it anymore, just burst out laughing.

“And you?” Noll’s attention turns to the man. “You don’t appear to be Matsuzaki-san’s assistant?”

“No kidding.” The man now had to pull himself together.

“I’m Takigawa Houshou, a monk from the Koyasan gect.”

“Sense when did they start allowing long hair on Mt. Koyasan?” Minji questioned him, looking very skeptic. 

“His an apostate.” Ayako chimed in, still not the embarrassment she went through with Noll.

“ I’ve just come down off the mountain for now.” Takigawa getting vert frustrated from being called out. “Anyway children playtime is over.”

“Sometimes I wonder if adults are children.” Minji says to herself with only Noll and Mai hearing her. Turning away back to the laptop, not wanting to listen to the so called adults have to say. As it’s not the first time that people have questioned about a teenager being in charged. 

“By the way, what’s your name pretty boy?”

“Shibuya Kazuya.” Minji gave Noll a side look.

“Never heard of you. You must be a third-class.” Takigawa said, and then him and Ayako starting shouting at each other.

Minji sighs, as she was right about these, who are arguing like children. She then notice another girl walking up to them.

“Taniyama-san!” The girl called out to Mai, as she approached them. Mai was surprised to see this girl.


“Ah, thank goodness!” Kuroda sighs in relief. “I’ve been troubled lately because the old schoolhouse is such a nest of evil spirits.”

“What did you say?” Ayako furrows at Kuroda as of not believing her.

“I’m very psychic…” Kuroda said anxiously. “I’ve been having trouble…”

“You crave for attention, don’t you.” Ayako says not knowing that her words affected Minji, as she is suddenly remembering something from her past. From the bullying she suffered before meeting the twins. 

Noll quickly glance over at her, seeing Minji with a painful expression. “Minji.” Noll whispers in concern, and Minji looks up at him with a weak smile. Luckily no one notice, as they were to busy paying attention to Kuroda.

“You fake Miko…you’ll soon regret this.” Kuroda told Ayako, as Noll and Minji get back onto what’s going on.

“Kuroda-san!” Mai calls out but stays put as she still has to work with these two next to her. “Hey, Naru-can, what do you want us to do?” 

Noll and Minji froze, hearing the name that Mai just called him.

“What…did you just called me?” Noll stares at Mai with wide eyes, as Minji was stunned. 

‘How did Mai…?’ Minji thought as sweat drops down her face.

“Huh?” Mai was confused, she hadn’t realized yet at the name she called him.

“Did you called me Naru?” He takes a step towards Mai. 

“Oops! S-Sorry I…” Mai stammered, taking a step back away from him. She turns to Minji for help, buts sees that Minji looked shocked, but also nervous at the same time.

“Where did you hear that?” Noll demanded.

“Hah!” Mai laughed and also realized that they’re not alone. “Just as I thought, other people had the same idea! Naru-cissistic Naru-can!” She grinned, slapping him on the arm.

“…Huh?” Naru said, as he furrowed his brow.

“What was she talking about?” Minji whispers to herself, as she slowly relax herself. As Naru’s identity hasn’t been released to them. Now this gives her a perfect opportunity to head back inside, away from this madness. “Anyway, I’m going to head back inside and check on the equipment.” Making an excuse to leave. Naru heard her, slowly nodding. Though he too wish to leave them.

Walking back to base, Minji sits down by the monitor, while taking a big breath, as she slowly progresses on everything that just happen. First with Ayako telling on Kuroda, that she was only saying those things for attention. It had bought back these lonely memories, when everyone bullied her for being ‘weird’. For saying that she could see things while no one else can. Her parents always get called to come to school for her odd behavior, but her parents never told her off for this. It wasn’t until the twins came, that everyone seem to stop bullying her. Only the twins and their families knew of her abilities, for seeing spirits, just like Gene. The twins were always there for he, and Minji was so glad she excepted their friendship. Second thing was with Kuroda, who says that there are evil spirits here. But Minji has not seen a single spirit here, especially evil ones. So she knew that Kuroda is lying but there is something about her that Minji can’t put her finger one. And third, how on earth did Mai call Noll something so close to his real name. Could it of been a coincidence, but at least Mai has giving a name that she could. Naru. 

Chapter Text

“I’m impressed…The president of research center, with all of this professional equipment. He must know what he’s doing.” Minji could hear Takigawa as they all walked into base. 

“Did you all came here to play, or are you here to find a ghost?” Naru said feeling annoyed now, as he stands next to Minji, who is still sitting by the monitor.

“Agh! This is why I don’t like children!” Ayako ranted with still a vain throbbing on her forehead.

“By the way, what’s your name?” Takigawa asked Minji before the two leave to do their job “We didn’t get the chance to ask before you disappeared.”

Minji raised a brow at him. “I’m Jang Minji.” 

Takigawa now looked interested at Minji. “Are you Korean?”

“Half Korean and half Japanese.” Is all Minji tells him before turning to the newcomer, who had joined while she left to be alone. “Who are you?” She asked politely, as the two so called adults leave base. 

“Oh, I’m John Brown.” John bowed slightly. “I’m an exorcist.” 

“Really.” Minji was shocked as she could see at how young John looked.

John started to get nervous. “Um…is it alright if I work with you, I’d like to help if you don’t mind.”

‘Well at least he seem more mature then the other two.’ Minji was relieved to see.

“Please do.” Naru replied calmly to John. 

“Hey, what’s this? This image…” Mai points at one of the monitors, noticing something different. Mai flinched back as Naru gave her a look. Minji looked down in amused, as Naru had probably told Mai all about this yesterday. 

‘What’s his problem…?” Mai wondered, feeling even more confused.

“I believe it’s a thermographic image.” John said as he looked at the image that Mai pointed at. “The yellow represents higher temperatures, and in contrast, the blue represents the lower temperatures.”

“Thank you. You’re kind, Brown-san.” Mai told John, while glaring at Naru, who ignored her.

Minji glanced at the monitor when she notice someone familiar on the screen. It was a young girl in a kimono, with short black hair. ‘No way!’

“Look who has arrived, Naru.” Minji points at the screen so everyone could see. Naru blinks for a second at what Minji called him for, he too recognized the girl.

“Ah…what was that…?” Mai grasped when the girl in a kimono, walked passed the camera. To her, the girl looked like a ghost wondering around.

The old sliding door to the base slowly opened to reveal the girl, that they saw on the screen.

Mai yelled in alarmed, and latches onto John, who was next to her. “Mai, it’s okay, she’s not a ghost.”

“The principle must really want to demolish this pretty badly if he invited you.” Naru told the newcomer, as he leaned back against the table. 

“Great.” Minji mumbles, staring over at the girl. ‘Would she recognize Noll.’ She got very nervous, as it would more likely for that to be a yes. 

“You know her.” Mai asked Naru and Minji in surprise. 

“Don’t you.” Minji asked back at Mai in surprised as well, for Mai not to recognize a celebrity. ‘Mai, have you been living under a rock in your whole life.’ 

“That’s Hara Masako, the psychic medium.” Naru tells them. According to his research, she should be one of the best medium in Japan.

“Psychic medium?” Mai question.

“It basically means she can sense and communicate with spirits.” Minji looks over to Naru before deciding if she could tell them. “As I’m also a psychic medium.” Surprising them, especially Naru, who wasn’t expecting Minji to quickly say this out loud to them, about her abilities. 

“Really? Wow!” Mai was amazed, and wondered why Minji didn’t say anything about this to her, when they first met. “I didn’t know you were a psychic as well Jang-san.”

Masako widen her eyes as Minji, remembering seeing her before somewhere. “Yes, but don’t go telling the other people, please.” Minji tells them, but more at Masako, who luckily understood. 

Suddenly there was a loud bam, and a loud scream echoing through the halls.

“What was that?” Takigawa demanded, coming back to base. 

“It sounded like Matsuzaki-san’s voice.” John said.

They all ran out to where they could hear Ayako banging on a door, which had locked her inside the room.

“Open up! Please open the door!” They can all hear Ayako shouting out to them from the other side of the door.

Naru stepped forwards to let her out, but the door was stuck, he couldn’t budge it to open. “Strange.” He commented, standing back to look around the door, wondering why it won’t open.

“Let me try.” Takigawa took over to see if he could try. But he too couldn’t seem to open it. No matter at how many times he pushed.

“How?” Minji question giving the door a good look around, to see anything if anything looks out of place. 

“I’m going to have to kick it in! Stand back, Ayako!” Takigawa said, gritting his teeth.

“Hey, don’t drop honorifics with me!” Ayako shouted back.

“One, two…!” Takigawa swing his foot up at the door and kick it down.


Mai flinched, as the door gave way with Takigawa’s kick. Falling down with a thud, and sending some dust cloud. And seeing Ayako unharmed.

Back at base, Mai gave Ayako a bottle of water, that Minji had to go and get from the van. All the screaming she did had made her throat dry.

“I was checking out one of the rooms, when all of the sudden the door closed by itself. It just wouldn’t open.” Ayako explains to them on what just happened, taking a few sips of water.

“You’re sure you didn’t close it yourself?” Takigawa asked her.

“Yes, I’m sure.” Ayako glares at him. “There’s definitely something in here.”

“I don’t sense it.” Masako says calmly. “There are no spirits in this building.”

“Who do you think you are?” Ayako demanded. “You’re making light of me being a psychic, aren’t you?”

“Aren’t you a little embarrassed of being scared by a door that wouldn’t open?” Masako said back, Minji could tell that she too is doubting on the Miko’s professionalism. 

Minji turned away from this to see Naru playing with a nail in his hand. ‘I see, so it was a nail that held the door shut.’ Minji thought as she was also giving Naru a look to tell him to stop. Naru shakes his head at her and puts the nail in his pocket. Luckily no one saw as they were to busy listening to Ayako and Masako. 

“What do you think John?” Naru asked the priest suddenly, wanting all this stop.

“I don’t really know. Isn’t the phenomena of a haunted building usually caused by a spirit or ghost.” John asked.

“A spirit is a spirit (Seirei)…A ghost is a ghost (Yurie)…” Naru glanced over at Mai. “Are you listening Mai.”

“Thank you for caring!” Mai grumbled. Why was she the only one getting picked on!?

Minji was starting to feel a little bit sorry for Mai, but she knew that Naru wanted to make sure that Mai understood everything of the paranormal.

“So don’t you think it was caused by a chirei?” Ayako asked.

“It’s a jibakurei, right?” Takigawa pressed to see if anyone else would agree with him.

“Wa, I can’t tell for sure.” John backed away nervously at the two.

“Anyway! I just need to exorcise it right? I’ll take care of it tomorrow.” Ayako tells them as she headed out the room.

“What a waste.” Masako says. “As I said, there are no spirits here.” Minji agrees with her, as she too can’t sense or hear any spirits in this building.

“Don’t worry to much about it Taniyama-san.” Minji tries to reassure Mai.

“Oh…okay.” Mai said, still feeling unsure about all of this.

“I’ve been meaning to ask you…” Masako said, approaching Naru. “Have I had the pleasure of meeting you somewhere before?” Minji felt a bit stunned, because as far as she knew, Naru hasn’t met Hara-san before. Unless it was Gene. She glance over to Naru, waiting for him to say something.

“No, I believe this is our first meeting.” Naru replied calmly, and gives Minji a quick look, which causes Minji to huff in annoyance before turning away from him.

“Oh…” Takigawa grinned at what he was seeing.

“What the…?” Mai couldn’t believe that Masako decided to pick up guys, like Naru.

Minji notice it was getting a bit late, and decided the perfect change of subject, away from this. “Naru, what do you what us to do, as it’s getting late.” 

“We need to put our equipment in the second floor classroom, at the far west.” Naru says, noticing Minji is still looking away from him. Holding back from rolling his eyes. “Then we can head out.”

Nodding at the boss, Minji, Mai and John nod to say they understood his instructions, and began to pick up the equipments to do their job.

“Mai, I also want you back here again, tomorrow.” Naru calls out to Mai.

“But tomorrow is Saturday.” Mai shouts out in horrified at the thought of working in the weekend. 

“Would you rather to pay for the camera?” 

“I’m ready.” Mai looked annoyed at Naru, but will do what he says. For the time being.

Chapter Text

At the end of the day, everyone left expect, Minji, Naru and Masako, who wanted to speak with the two, especially Naru.

“I know who you really are.” Masako starts staring at Naru. “You’re Dr. Oliver Davis.”

‘I knew it.’ Minji thought, noticing the way Masako staring at Naru non stop all day. Though Minji was used to this, as everyone always reacted like this with the twins.

“ What makes you think I’m him?” Naru asked in interest at what Masako has to say.

“The video, I think you know what I’m talking about.” Masako said as the other two tried to cover their shock.

“What do you want?” Minji asked urgently. 

Masako glance over to Minji, nearly forgot she was there, as Masako was to busy staring at Naru’s handsome face. “Who are you?” You say you are a psychic medium like me. But I don’t remember ever seeing you.” 

‘That’s because you were again to busy staring at Gene, when we first saw each other.’ Luckily at that time though, her and Gene never spoke to Masako. “I’m Jang Minji, a psychic medium just like you and Eugene Davis.” She answered Masako whose eyes widen. 

“I see.” Masako mumbles trying to see if she remembered ever seeing Minji before now. Shaking her head, like it wasn’t important, goes back to Naru. “As I know who you are, I have a request.”

“Which is…” Naru is now not liking where this is going. He has a feeling that this is going to be some sort of blackmailing. 

“To always work with you, but you have to take me out on dates.” Masako stated as Minji clenched her fist in anger. Trying to calm herself so she wouldn’t say anything that needs to be quiet. “If not, then I would have to tell everyone on who you are, and the video.” 

Naru was not pleased at all, but knew he had to agree. “Fine.” Hoping Minji would be okay, and she knows he doesn’t want this as much as she does. 

Minji turns around and picks up the clipboard to pretend to do something, while holding back her tears. ‘Stupid girl.’ 

“But I need to say that this will end once I find Eugene.” Naru tells as Masako raised a brow at him. 

“How long would that be?” Masako asked curiously, wanting to know about Eugene.

“Till I find his body.” Naru says leaning against the table by Minji.

Masako wants to ask more but Minji leapt up from her seat and head towards the door.

Giving Masako a glare as she passed by, not wanting to listen to this anymore. Naru wasn’t surprised about this, and didn’t blame Minji for wanting to get out. Outside Minji got up to their van and leaned up against it waiting for Naru. She couldn’t believe that Naru agreed to go out and have dinners with Masako. It couldn’t be helped though, but that doesn’t mean she likes it. It wasn’t Naru’s fault but she is pretty miffed at him.

After a few minutes the two walk out the building. Minji notice that Masako looked very pleased and smirked at her as Masako waked passed her. ‘What the…?’ Dose she know about me and Naru? 

Naru walked up to Minji, seeing her very upset. “I know Minji, but we don’t have any other choice in this.” He said as they start to go back to their hotel. “We just need to keep an eye on her.”

Minji huffed at this. “Don’t worry I know why you agreed. Though it doesn’t mean to say I like it. I’ll keep an eye on her.” There was no way on earth she’ll let Masako out of her sight whenever she’s around Naru. There was no way Masako will have her way with Minji around.

“I thought so.” Naru sighed. “Nothing else will happen you know.” Trying to reassure her.

“Just be careful.” Minji warns him, grabbing his hand.


“What’s that? Is it broken?” Minji heard Mai, her tone sounded scared and alarmed. She walked into base to see Naru, Mai and Kuroda all staring at a screen. ‘Huh!? Did I miss something?’ Minji thought as this morning she went to visit Lin, to just give him updates of the case. He was quite grumpy but she really couldn’t blame him for that. Plus Minji told him about Masako, Lin wasn’t pleased about her blackmailing, and told her he’ll phone home to tell them, though she thinks he wants to be somewhat useful here. Again, Minji can’t blame him.

“Everything is operating as it should be, and the camera shouldn’t be broken .” Naru informed them. “This is interesting.”

Minji rolled her eyes at Naru. ‘Of course it would be interesting to you.’ 

“What is…?” Mai asked still looking very alarmed.

“When spirits appear, equipment often stops working properly.” He explained to them, as Minji walks right up next to him, seeing what they’re seeing. “I wonder if this was caused by a spirit…” Glanced at Minji, whose shaking her head. “Or EM interference, or…” But stops and Minji see he wasn’t going to say the last bit out loud to them. She might have to question that later.

“You mentioned it said something. What did it sound like?” Naru asked, turning to Kuroda.

“It was a hoarse voice…but I believe it was a female.”

“But Masako said there was no spirits here.” Mai pointed out to her, looking over at Minji, remembering her telling them to be quiet about her psychic power to the others. Mai still wanted to know why no one else can know.

“I wonder if she really is psychic.” Kuroda said dubiously. Minji tutted at her, which coursed Kuroda to jump back away from her, slightly. 

“It is normal for a female medium to have a bad day once in awhile.” Naru said quickly before turned bad between the girls, putting his hand on Minji’s shoulder. Which Mai gave him a surprise look as this was something she thought he would never do. Just then the others appeared. 

“Right, it’s my turn to exorcism.” Ayako came in with her gear.

Minji wasn’t interested in all this, so she told Naru she’ll stay here, while the rest watch.

Naru was unsure to leave her alone, but decided to do what she wanted.

While waiting for them, Minji thought she better look at her phone for any message, noticing one from her dad. Quickly opening it, she read. ‘Minji, just to keep you up to date on Hyun. The doctors have found something on scan around the stomach area. They’re worried it could be cancer. So they want him to have a blood test and more scans. Don’t worry to much and stay with Noll. We’ll message more once we hear from the doctors. Love you.’

‘No, no, no, no, no…’ With shaken hands, Minji covered her face, and took a deep breath to stop herself from crying. Minji needed to get out right now, and hide away in the van without anyone seeing her. Minji ran out of base to the entrance of the building, and quickly hid inside the van. Hands still shaking, she message Naru to let him know where she is, and to leave her alone for a bit. Putting the phone down, and burst out crying from the news on Hyun. ‘His only six…’ 

Naru felt his phone vibrate in his pocket, as Ayako begins the exorcism. Sneakily taking out his phone to see a message from Minji. Opening the message, reading it quickly gripping the phone tightly. Naru looks out the window where he could see the van. Wanting to go to her, even though Minji told him she wanted to be alone. With quick thinking, he turns to the nearest person which is John. 

“I need to get something from the van. I’ll meet you back in base.” Naru tells John, who nodded, hearing him and Mai also heard him, staring back after him curiously.

‘What did he need to get something so urgently?’ Mai wondered.


After a few minutes of crying, Minji was sitting there, staring blankly at nothing. Wondering what to do, she could fly back to England, or listen to her dad and stay here. Suddenly the door of the van opened to reveal Naru.

“I told you to leave me for a bit.” Minji said, with her voice sounding very hoarse from crying.

“I know.” Naru said worriedly at Minji, noticing how buffed and red her eyes are. “But I’m just worried about you.” Naru jumps in next to her, and wraps his arms around her, as Minji lays her head on his shoulder. They stay like this for a few minutes, then Naru asks her. “Do you want to talk about it?” He remembers the phone call she had the other day with her mum. “Is it Hyun?”

Closing her eyes, Minji replies. “The doctors are thinking it’s cancer.” Takes a deep breath and continues. “So the doctors want more scans and blood test.” She snuggles into Naru’s arms for comfort, his always been her safe place, along with Gene.

For a moment, Naru was quiet as he was taking it all in, before saying. “Do you want to go back home to see Hyun…knowing them though they probably told you to stay here…But how do you feel about this?” Naru was worried about Hyun, who’s only six and is a tough kid. He could see that Minji is worried and holding back her tears.

Minji laughs quietly. “You’ve got that right. Dad told me to not come back and stay here with you.” 

“I think you should go back home for three weeks after this case.” Naru suggested, looking down at Minji, who’s still in his arms. “I’ll be alright, I’ve got Lin here with me.” 

“Thank you Noll.” Minji kisses him on the cheek. “I’ll check with dad after the case.” Moves away from him to dry her tears. “I think we should go back to the others.” 

“I’ll go first then.” Naru gives her a small smile before jumping out the van, and heads to base.

Waiting for a few minutes and then she too left the van, hoping no one saw her. Though as she got out, Minji notice an ambulance heading towards here at the old schoolhouse.

‘Huh!?…What on earth happened while we were in the van?’

“What happened?” Minji asked out to the others, seeing them now waiting outside. Then saw the principal getting loaded into the ambulance.

“Let’s head back to base.” Naru quickly telling them, as he too wants to hear on what happened about the principal.


“There will be nothing to worry about now.” Kuroda says mockingly at Ayako. “You didn’t probably eliminate the spirits. The school principal even got hurt because of you.”

‘Ah, I see, so that’s what happened!’ Minji thought, she could see that Ayako is starting to get irritated by Kuroda.

“That was an accident.” Masako calmly said to Kuroda.

“That’s right!” Ayako agreed in relief. “I know I’ve got rid…”

“I’m not saying you were not successful at exorcising them, but that there were never any spirits here to begin with.” 

“There are…” Kuroda angrily said to Masako but got interrupted.

“I have to agree with Hara-san.” Minji said once her and Naru finished looking through one of the cameras, to examine on what happened. “Not once have I seen any spirits here. Just an empty building with only us here.”

“But…” Kuroda growled but once again got interrupted.

“Maybe there really is something strong here that Miko-san can’t handle” Minji shakes her head hearing this.

“If so, there ought to have been more readings on my equipment.” Naru said to them. 

Mai sighed, as she was sitting at the monitors next to Minji, staring at one of the screens. Wishing she too had some sort of spiritual sensitivity. “Huh!?” Mai perked up when she notice something on the screen. “That classroom…didn’t have a chair in the middle of the room, did it?” Pointing at the screen for the others to see.

“That’s the classroom on the eastern edge of the second floor.” Naru said, glancing at the screen. He then asked anyone if any of them had gone into that room. But no one had. Minji rewind the footage to see what happened.

“__Why don’t we go have lunch somewhere?” They heard the principal’s voice from the recorded footage. They could hear glass breaking and Ayako’s scream. But then something happened.


“Ah!” Mai jumped as the chair moved on it’s own, also turning around as it went to the middle of the room.

“Do you want me to have a look?” Minji asked Naru, seeing him nod at her. “Don’t worry, I won’t touch anything.” Smirking at Naru, as she walks away from the monitor. Naru gives her annoyed look back at her.

‘Is she flirting with him?’ Mai was shocked to see at how the two are with each other. She also wonders what the relationship between the two.

Minji head towards the second floor to the classroom where the chair is. Opening the door to the classroom, she spotted the chair near the middle of the room. That they saw in the footage. Looking around the room she couldn’t see anything out of place, or any spirits.

Though she knew she wouldn’t see any spirits here anyway.

‘Okay, apart from the chair there’s nothing here that I could see.’ Minji thought as she slowly walks towards the chair. ‘If there isn’t anything, then what is it?’ Thinking with her hand under her chin. ‘Unless…’ Minji shakes her head before leaving the classroom, back to base. 

Minji was about to get into base, she heard Kuroda shouting. “Why don’t you admit it now? There are evil spirits here?” Minji rolled her eyes. ‘Here we go again.’

“I will go and look around once more.” Masako said, heading for the door, passing Minji.

“Why won’t you just admit that you made mistake?” Ayako asked her.

“There are no spirits in this building.” Masako stated heading out.

“She is right you know.” Minji glares at Ayako and Kuroda, whom stepped back in shock to see the look that she’s giving them.

“How would you know?” Ayako asked her in annoyance.

“Because I’m a psychic medium as well, and not once have I sense any spirits here, just like Hara-san. So I don’t know what on earth Kuroda-san is saying about evil spirits here…nor you.” Minji tells them, noticing at how embarrassed the two are…well more like how angry they are. She goes up to Naru, who was watching the whole thing as he was used to this.

“There was nothing but I’ll tell something later. Without anyone around.”

“Okay.” Naru said.

“You’re a psychic medium?” Ayako asked, not looking impressed that there is another medium here.

“Yes.” Minji huffed at her in annoyance, Naru put his hand on her shoulder to calm her down.

“Of course there’s evil spirits here!” Kuroda shouted at Minji.


They all glanced up at the ceiling. The noise sounded like it came from above them.


“Ripping sounds?” Takigawa asked, wondering if the spirits have decided to show themselves.

Suddenly they all hear a scream echoing though the building.

‘Hara-san.’ Minji eyes widen as John and Takigawa ran out the room to where the scream came from.

“I’ll call for an ambulance.” Minji said taking her phone out of her pocket.

It took a few minutes for the ambulance to arrive to the schoolhouse.

“Is she going to be okay?” Mai asked as they watch the paramedics wheeling Masako to the ambulance.

“She’ll be fine. She only has a concussion.” Minji tells Mai, seeing the girl looking really worried.

“Shibuya-san.” Masako weakly called out to Naru, as she needed to tell him something.

“Mai, go back with the others, and look after the base.” Naru told Mai as he grabs onto Minji’s arm to follow him.

Approaching to Masako, who was getting loaded into the ambulance. “It was just an accident. There aren’t any spirits here.” She tells them, knowing that these are the only two that believe her.

“We know Hara-san.” Minji said kindly to her, even though she still upset that Masako is blackmailing Naru.

The two watch the ambulance drive off with Masako. “What is it you wanted to tell me earlier, Minji?” Naru remembered Minji saying she wanted to tell him something away from the others.

“Though there aren’t any spirits here, there is something that doesn’t add up.”

“Like what?” Naru raised a brow at her.

“Humans.” Minji whispers to him, and Naru knew instantly what Minji is getting to.

“I see.”