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Touya huffs, staring at Taiyou out of the corner of his eye where the boy is sitting stubbornly on the floor, not making a move to stand up. Apparently being pushed by Touya was a big hit to his pride.

The sense of victory Touya had doesn’t last long since within a few seconds he can see Taiyou shivering from the cold.

“Tch. Come here, idiot,” He mutters, glaring when Taiyou looks at him quizzically. Touya makes a show of raising the foil blanket with his left hand and uncovers his left side to hold the blanket open invitingly. Taiyou furrows his eyebrows.



“No.” Touya does not want to hear anything from the other boy. He already pissed him off with his earlier comments, so he can keep his mouth shut lest he piss him off more and Touya considers throwing him out of the rescue shelter. “Just get in.”


Taiyou clicks his mouth shut, looking ticked off but doesn’t comment as he stands up and walks the short distance to sit next to Touya. As soon as the blanket is wrapped around the other boy he lets out a content sigh, happy with the heat.

Touya can see Taiyous eyes flickering towards him hesitantly.

“..Thanks.” He says.

Touya looks the opposite direction. “Shut up.”