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Golden Showers by Shinobu

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Erina and Shinobu were working on a group project, and there wasn’t enough time to get it done during school. Shinobu wanted to visit Erina’s place. She knew Masaki would be there, but that wasn’t a problem. After the double date where she and Tetsu had sex in the same room as Erina and Masaki, there were no secrets they could keep from each other. They were some of the few people in the school who knew that Erina lactated when she got horny, and they knew the same about Shinobu’s tendency to pee when she was turned on.

The truth was that, while Tetsu and Masaki loved their girlfriends very much, they were curious about what the other’s sex life was like. Masaki had gotten hard thinking about Shinobu’s pee, which convinced Erina to try pissing on his dick. It worked out great for the both of them. Tetsu had also been wanting to try some of Erina’s breast milk, but asking your friend to suck on his girlfriend’s tits was something that required a great amount of trust.

Tetsu and Shinobu came over to Erina’s place. They heard the sounds of sucking from the living room, and walked in to be greeted with a sight they hadn’t seen before. Erina was topless, with Masaki resting his head on her lap. His boxers were down around his ankles, and Erina was giving him a handjob using her own milk as lube. Her fingers wrapped around his stiff cock, delighting in the heat and hardness, and the way it throbbed when she ran her fingers close to the head, and back down to his balls. She knew the fastest points to make Masaki cum, and was looking forward to his face when she jerked him into an orgasm with her tit in his mouth.

At the same time, he sucked her breasts, drinking her milk that had started flowing again. Masaki gulped down Erina’s breast milk as quickly as it flowed out, savoring the taste of her nipples and making the white sweetness flow from every pore. Erina moaned and sighed in happiness as his tongue flicked across her nipple, having started her letdown a short white ago when they both sensed they were horny. The nipple his mouth wasn’t on was leaking like a faucet, covering the curves of Erina’s plump breasts in a film of milk. The two of them had been preparing the materials for when Tetsu and Shinobu came over, and an accidental look at her panties was enough to get the two of them turned on.

“Erina, you’re getting bolder,” said Shinobu.

“Hey, Shinobu,” said Erina. “Hope you don’t mind. I needed to be milked, and I couldn’t hold it in.”

Masaki waved, not saying anything. His words were muffled by Erina’s boobs pressing into his face, her hard nipples in his mouth dripping their warm, sweet milk. Masaki gulped it down, stopping just short of cumming. He wanted to blow, but having Tetsu and Shinobu walk in on them took him by surprise. The two of them got up from the couch, with Masaki pulling up his pants. Erina didn’t bother to button her shirt up, leaving her leaking breasts exposed to the apartment. She was used to walking around with them out when it was only Masaki around.

“You’re a lucky guy,” said Tetsu.

“I’m thirsty. Erina, mind if I have a sip?” said Shinobu. She grabbed the boob that Masaki hadn’t been sucking on, placing her lips around Erina’s tip and drawing out a quick spurt of milk. Shinobu swallowed it, feeling the warmth of Erina’s breasts make its way down to her stomach. Masaki and Tetsu, both with growing erections, looked at each other in stunned silence.

“Wow...” they said.

“We’ve done it before,” Shinobu said. “The day of the physical exams, Erina wanted to have her tits milked dry before measurements were taken, so we got frisky in the shower. Erina’s milk was delicious.”

“And I drank Shinobu’s pee,” Erina said.

“More than that. You were tonguing deep in my pussy,” Shinobu said. “It was really hot. You should’ve seen Erina’s face as she was gulping down my piss.”

Tetsu and Masaki thought of Erina on her knees, golden piss splashing against her face as she sat beneath Shinobu’s crotch. This was the first time they’d heard that their girlfriends had done it. Their plans for the group project became derailed as everyone’s sex lives became the main topic of conversation.

“Shinobu, you were the one sucking my milk out,” said Erina. “I came from my nipples because of how you used your tongue.”

“I know where boobs feel good,” Shinobu said. She opened her top, removing her bra and exposing her breasts. Her nipple ring glinted in the light of Erina’s apartment. As Shinobu and Erina talked with their boobs out, their boyfriends kept staring at Erina’s jiggling, leaking tits and Shinobu’s ring, waiting for their nipples to touch or the girls to start groping each other.

As they recalled that moment in the shower, Shinobu stuck her hand inside her panties. A wet spot was starting to form around her crotch, and the tiny nub of her clitoris was visible through the fabric. The girls had gotten caught up in their memories, talking as if Masaki and Tetsu weren’t there. Shinobu had already slipped a finger in her pussy when Erina brought up something she had said before they went to physicals.

“Shinobu, I said I wanted to pee together next time,” Erina said.

“Sure...” Shinobu said. “Sorry we walked in on you in a moment. We’ll give you a moment of our own.”

“You want to show them we do that?” asked Tetsu.

“I’m getting myself worked up for it,” Shinobu said. She had been teasing her pussy, the squelching sounds growing louder. Shinobu was nearing an orgasm, and she felt the fullness in her bladder that followed. Shinobu dropped her panties, exposing her pussy in front of everyone in the apartment. She stood on the wooden floor, not wanting to stain the carpet, and asked Tetsu to stand between her legs.

Tetsu moved his face into her crotch. He started eating Shinobu out, licking her pussy juice and playing with her clit. Shinobu’s lewd expressions had taken Erina by surprise the first time she saw them, and they were no less surprising later. When Shinobu had sex, she threw her whole body into it. Her nipple ring moved about as she felt the tingling traveling through her, having brought herself to orgasm quickly. She was nowhere near the toilet, but Shinobu felt the sudden, urgent need to go.

A wave of relief washed over Shinobu as a small trickle of golden piss began to leak from between her legs, turning into a steady steam that was aimed directly into Tetsu’s mouth. His mouth filled up, and he swallowed it as the excess urine started dripping down his chin. He swallowed it with a loud gulp, before moving to Shinobu’s pussy to lick off the last remaining drops of pee. Shinobu looked towards Erina and Masaki with her legs spread and her pussy wet.

“Can you do that, Erina?” she asked.

“He drank it...” Masaki said.

“The first time I saw Shinobu peeing after sex, she asked if I wanted to drink it. This was her idea,” Tetsu said. Erina figured that was why Shinobu was also okay with her drinking her pee. She knew that she was bound to go during sex, and this added another layer of fun to it.

“How does it... taste?” said Erina, embarrassed. “I have no problem letting Masaki drink from my boobs, but drinking pee?”

“It’s clean, and a little salty. I can’t tell the difference between that and her pussy juice when I’m in there,” Tetsu said. “Refreshing, too.”

Erina looked over at Masaki’s dick. Watching Shinobu pee into Tetsu’s mouth had made a drop of precum appear on his glans. Her boyfriend loved pee as much as he loved milk, but Erina felt a slight twinge of jealousy. Shinobu had gone further with her golden showers than Erina knew was possible. The idea of peeing in Masaki’s mouth had never occurred to her.

“I want to try it,” Masaki said.

“You already have my pee!” Erina said, catching herself when she realized she’d blurted out something so naughty.

“Erina, have you ever peed in someone’s mouth before?” Shinobu asked. “I can teach you how to do it.”

“In front of Tetsu?” asked Masaki. “Is he okay with that?”

“Shinobu’s more perverted than I am. She didn’t even tell me about the shower thing. I’ll let her teach you about piss play if you let me do one thing,” Tetsu said. Masaki looked at Erina. Her eyes were darting back and forth. She knew what he was going to ask, and while it made her nervous, her breasts were also feeling really backed up. Masaki hadn’t sucked all her milk out before Shinobu and Tetsu arrived, and her nipples were aching for release.

“I want to try Erina’s milk,” Tetsu said.

“I didn’t think I’d share it with someone other than Masaki, but Shinobu already sucked me dry,” Erina said. “Masaki, is that okay with you?”

“Just this once,” Masaki said.

Everyone stripped naked. Shinobu and Erina were standing next to each other, with milk dripping from Erina’s pink nipples, and lines of pee running down Shinobu’s legs. Masaki and Tetsu were both erect and nervous, the girls mentally comparing their cock sizes. Tetsu was a little thicker, but Masaki was a little longer. The girls loved their boyfriends’ dicks, and the comparison was just for fun in the end.

Watching Shinobu pee had made Erina realize that she also needed to go. She’d been having some tea before the study session, and all of it had turned into urine. She was keeping her legs closed, feeling the pressure on her bladder as if she was about to burst. Shinobu asked Masaki to lie down, and he did. His dick was standing straight up, twitching and leaking drops of precum down onto his shaft. Masaki was unprepared for having Shinobu’s crotch so close to his face.

Her pubic mound, lined with black hair, was close to his face. The smell of arousal and a lingering perfume of urine drifted downwards towards Masaki’s nose. He could see inside her wet slit, getting a look at those pink folds. Tetsu’s dick had been inside there countless times. It was an even closer look than he had gotten at the love hotel, so close he could see every little twitch her clitoris made. Shinobu adjusted her position, lining up her urethra over Masaki’s open mouth.

“Try to keep up with my pace. You’ll get used to the taste,” Shinobu said. “And don’t stop swallowing until I’m done.” Masaki nodded. “Drink up!”

It started off with a few drops. Golden in color, warm and steamy, her piss fell onto Masaki’s tongue. The taste was mildly salty. He didn’t have much time to think before Shinobu, groaning in pleasure as she relieved herself into his mouth, sprayed a heavy stream of urine out. Masaki gulped it down, feeling the warmth going into his stomach with a splash. The temperature was nearly the same as Erina’s breast milk, but it was more watery compared to the rich creaminess of Erina’s lactation. After swallowing the first round, more pee came out of Shinobu before it slowed to a few drops. It had splashed onto Masaki’s chin and down his cheeks, covering his face in it.

Swallowing the rest, Masaki’s erection became hard in a way it hadn’t since his double titfuck from Erina and Karen. He looked like he was going to cum on the spot. Shinobu kept hovering her crotch over him, not moving until he told her what he thought. Her pussy kept dripping down on him.

“How’d you like your first taste of pee?” Shinobu asked.

“I... liked it,” Masaki said. “The taste wasn’t what I was expecting, but it’s warm and filling.”

“Stop thinking so much about Shinobu’s pee,” Erina said. “I’m going to leak over here.”

“Leak what?” Masaki asked.

“It’s your fault that my boobs are still so full,” Erina said.

“Come on, you two lovebirds,” Shinobu said. “Erina, come over here and get into position.”

Erina moved over to Masaki. She was impressed with the casual boldness of Shinobu peeing in Masaki’s mouth. Not only had it turned him on, it had turned her on a little. Her pussy was wet with love juice and urine that she was just barely holding back. Erina spread her legs over Masaki’s face. Her knees were shaking from holding in her pee. She didn’t want to squat over him, nor did she want Tetsu to see what it looked like when she was squatting. That was for Masaki only.

Masaki’s view was obscured as Erina’s plush butt cheeks and squishy, sopping wet pussy sat on his face. His mouth was right over Erina’s urethra, and he could smell her sweaty crotch directly at this level. The familiar smell of Erina’s pussy was keeping him hard. He didn’t even notice that Shinobu was squatting above his dick just out of Erina’s light of sight, keeping her lower lips from touching his cock by staying in the right position.

“If you’re too nervous, I’ll pee on his dick,” said Shinobu. “You’ve got a nice package, Masaki. It’d look great soaked in my piss.”

“I already marked him with mine,” Erina said. She was too nervous to pee in Masaki’s mouth. What if he didn’t like the taste compared to Shinobu? What if she didn’t aim right and got it in his eyes? Erina had developed a taste for peeing, but never like this. Tetsu kneeled beside her, offering to help relieve her tensions with the most sensitive part of her body.

“Erina, if you don’t mind,” Tetsu said. Tetsu grabbed Erina’s breast. It was bigger than Shinobu’s, and the texture of her skin was somewhat different, owing to her British heritage. He rolled his tongue up the nipple Masaki hadn’t been sucking, and slurped out a mouthful of Erina’s milk. His way of sucking was rougher than Masaki’s, and he didn’t know the sensitive spots that made her spout milk like a faucet. Yet he slurped away, rolling Erina’s milk around in his mouth.

He pulled his mouth away, swallowing everything he’d been able to get. “That’s delicious! Man, you’re lucky you’ve got a girl like her. To think you can drink this milk whenever you want.”

“Masaki...” Erina said. That bit of simulation to her nipple had been felt in her pussy. No longer able to hold back, she sprayed a heavy stream of golden piss into Masaki’s mouth. The flavor was stronger than Shinobu’s. There were hints of her pussy juice mixed in, something that Masaki knew all too well. He rolled his tongue around Erina’s pussy, drawing out more of her pee. He gulped it down, and it overflowed onto his chin as he sucked it with the same passion he did her milk.

Erina stared between her legs. Masaki was faithfully gulping it down, even though it was her pee. She placed her hand on his head, running her fingers through his hair. “Good job,” she said. “You’re drinking it wonderfully. I’ve never enjoyed peeing this much before. I’ve got more in there!”

As Masaki sucked down Erina’s piss, Shinobu, in a moment of jealousy, let her piss fly onto Masaki’s cock. It was twitching from drinking down Erina’s, and the warmth of Shinobu’s strong spray of urine on his dick brought Masaki to orgasm without anyone touching him. As Shinobu aimed her spray towards his sensitive balls, Masaki’s dick blew. A spurt of hot jizz flowed from his piss-soaked cock, rolling down the shaft.

“You love piss just as much as Tetsu,” Shinobu said. “You came from drinking her pee!”

“Really?” Erina said, looking back. “Masaki...” She was happier, smiling and blushing. She had made Masaki cum many ways for years, but this was the first time she’d seen him cum from her pee. “Don’t waste that cum.”

Erina got away from Masaki’s face. She wrapped her breasts around his dick, pulling the shaft up to her mouth. The taste of Masaki’s cum and Shinobu’s piss had mixed together, making for a unique flavor she had never tried before. As she squeezed her breasts around his cock, milk sprayed from her nipples in pleasure. She licked up all the cum that had been sprayed out, and her pussy was feeling hungry. Erina lay on the floor, spreading her legs open wide and asking Masaki to fuck her.

Masaki’s dick sprung back to life. He grabbed onto Erina’s thighs, shoving his cock inside her. Erina’s moans filled the apartment as she took Masaki’s dick inside her. The relief of having emptied her bladder was replaced with the thrill of Masaki sticking it inside her in front of her friends. With each forceful thrust of his dick, her breasts swayed about, sending beads of milk and sweat flying onto the floor.

Unable to resist the thrill of Erina’s leaking tits, Masaki bent over and buried his face in Erina’s breasts. He took hold of one of her erect, pink nipples in his mouth, sucking and tugging at her breast. Spurts of hot milk were drawn out from her boobs, filling his mouth and going to his stomach. A cocktail of milk and two girls’ pee was mixing together, making for an unparalleled warmth that made him go harder fucking Erina than he ever had before.

Shinobu was on her knees, and Tetsu was on his knees behind her. Tetsu slid his cock into her pussy, and Shinobu clenched her pelvic muscles. Her tight snatch wrapped around him, holding him inside her sticky folds. Tetsu began pounding Shinobu, getting into the sweaty, erotic mood that had taken over the apartment. Shinobu looked down at Erina. It was the second time they had seen each other having sex, and it was even naughtier the second time.

Tetsu reached his hand around, pinching Shinobu’s nipple ring in his fingers. He gently tugged at the ring, stretching Shinobu’s breast just enough to make her tighter. The pleasure from the nipple made her pussy start to tingle. No matter how many times Shinobu peed during sex, she could always go a little more. Her breasts also flopped around as she was taken from behind. She cried in pleasure, as if she was trying to outdo Erina in how naughty she could be.

“Yes! Masaki, drink my milk! Drink all of it!” Erina said.

“Tetsu! I love your cock!” Shinobu said.

“Watching you piss was really fucking hot,” Tetsu said. “I can’t hold back.”

“Then don’t, cum inside me!” Shinobu said.

“Fill me with your seed, Masaki!” Erina shouted.

Tetsu came inside Shinobu’s pussy, filling her with a hot and heavy load of semen. It surged into her belly from below. The sticky feeling in her lower body overtook her, and Shinobu’s love juice rolled down her thighs as she came. Erina came so hard that she squirted onto Masaki’s torso, drenching him in the smell of her pussy. Shinobu was positioned right above Erina’s face, and she had just cum again. Tetsu knew what she wanted to do. She couldn’t hold back.

With her mouth open wide, Shinobu let out an arc of golden piss. Erina took it into her mouth, gulping it down in front of Masaki. The thing the girls had done in the shower was now being done in front of their boyfriends, and they loved it. Tetsu and Masaki exchanged glances with each other. Their dicks, having freshly came, began to rise back to life inside those warm, tight pussies.

“Did Erina just drink Shinobu’s pee?” Tetsu asked.

“I think she did,” Masaki said.

“Still tastes great,” Erina said.

“Isn’t it wonderful? There’s not a person in this room who hasn’t drank my pee...” Shinobu said, her voice quivering with arousal.

Shinobu let out a gasp, her hands falling on the floor. She looked up to see Erina had changed to the same position, and was waving her butt back and forth at Masaki. The boys had pulled their cocks out, dripping with cum and love juice, and plunged them into the girls’ assholes. Erina and Shinobu were watching each other take it in the butt, and were too turned on to think about how far things had escalated between the four of them.

“Erina... you let him do anal?” Shinobu asked.

“We did it in the ferris wheel that time at the water park,” Erina said. “I also jerked him off in the wave pool.”

“Tetsu thinks I have a great ass... I had to let him pound it,” Shinobu said. “Erina, you’re leaking again.”

The naughty sounds from the girls’ asses echoed through the room, interspersed with the grunts of the boys going hard. Their asses were tighter and warmer than their pussies, and perfectly shaped to their cocks. Erina watched Shinobu’s nipple ring bounce along with her breasts, while Shinobu saw Erina’s nipples start to drip with white milk. The drops of milk fell onto the floor, creating two small puddles beneath Erina’s breasts.

“No use crying over spilled milk,” Erina said.

“Masaki, let me help you with those,” said Shinobu. She raised one of her hands, grabbing onto Erina’s tit. Shinobu brought the nipple to her mouth, sucking out Erina’s milk with loud slurping noises. Erina felt Masaki’s cock grow harder and thicker inside her ass. Shinobu sensed Tetsu pushing harder into her butt, making her cheeks shake as the sight of their girlfriends exchanging fluids made them rock hard and about to explode.

This was the proof they needed. Shinobu was telling the truth about what had happened in the shower. Shinobu dropped Erina’s tit from her mouth, licking her lips of the fresh milk as Erina’s breast slapped back down into place. The girls’ heads were going fuzzy, overwhelmed with the pleasure coming from their buttholes. They wanted to cum, the boys wanted to cum, the entire apartment was enveloped in a hazy mist of sex. The girls turned around to kiss their boyfriends, and the final orgasm of the evening was welcomed in.

Masaki and Tetsu came hard and hot. Ropes of cum launched from their cockheads, rolling down into the asses of Shinobu and Erina. They stayed inside their butts for a while longer, and pulled out when their balls could shoot no more. When they removed their cocks, looking at the widened holes they had left behind, Erina and Shinobu’s asses responded in kind. Two quick but loud farts escaped their assholes as they started to close up, pushing out the cum from deep within.

Shinobu started laughing. “Your ass is happy about this,” Shinobu said.

“You’re one to talk,” Erina said.

Everyone stayed on the floor naked for a while longer. All the sweat and milk and piss that had covered their bodies began to cool down. Once everyone had cleaned up and gotten dressed, Erina went to get drinks and snacks so they could finally get started on the group project.

While Masaki and Tetsu were looking over the project plans, Shinobu leaned close to Erina. “So, what do you think? Want to make him drink your piss again?”

“I’ll make it a regular thing,” Erina said. “That was exciting. Masaki’s love for me runs deep.”

“Now that Tetsu tried some of your milk, I think he’ll be even better in bed. That won’t be hanging on his mind anymore,” Shinobu said. “You’ve got a lot of milk to go around, don’t you?”

“It runs in the family,” Erina said.

The project had gotten a late start, and everyone was tired the next day at school. It was worth it in the end. Erina and Shinobu thought.