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The Better TZO

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Gaku Yashiro

I saw that peaches got arrested. I was so happy and thrilled that an innocent person was accused of my crimes. I started writing in my journal talking about everything I felt and saw. But from what I’ve been seeing, These groups of people are getting help from Teala Dunn which is bad because she is known for capturing the actual killers and has great hypnosis so I had to find a way to take that gang down so I wouldn’t be stopped from committing crimes.

Teala Dunn

“WE HAVE TO DO WHAT” Nicki said in an angry manner to me . “ We have to in order to find any leads remember I have helped solve a lot of cold cases in the past and is one of the respected detectives around my community”. “OK FINE ONLY BECAUSE OF THAT STATEMENT I TRUST YOU” We had decided that we were going to go and trespass around the area of the suspects.
The suspects were
-Cupcakke,Well not anymore
-Gaku Yashiro
-Lovely peaches(ofc)
-Emo Esponja
-Amelia , Known for killing people
-Stalker Behavior
-Nicki Minaj
-BBL Drake
-Original Drake


“HUH WHY ARE WE SUSPECTED???” yelled Nicki and the BBL Drake twins.
I told them that it had something to do with them on that day when he was killed and they showed up to East Eat HighSchool. ¨That seems reasonable actually¨. Mumbled BBL Drake while looking at the list. “Yeah just what BBL Drake said” Said Nicki.

Ariana Grande

Me and Teala Dunn started going through the list of the people well. We first started with Gaku Yashiro, A well respected teacher who teaches freshman and sophomore math. We started finding where he lived. We found he lived in a very small apartment probably for only two people to live. We got in, surprisingly his house was very well organized but then again he is very handsome and stuff and you can’t judge a book by its cover I guess. Anyways back to what we’re doing we checked everything but had not found anything suspicious around his house. Just about we were about to leave until I heard Teala quickly coming towards me and said “OMG I found a sheet of notes that express him killing Garrett” We were shocked and took the sheet of papers.


Gaku Yashiro (Again)

I quickly took their bodies away after I knocked them down. I did research and found out that one of these women was none other than Teala Dunn, The most well known detective who has solved most cold cases in the city . I became super anxious. I just knocked down a super known detective that probably told her colleagues of what she was planning to do if she didn't wake up. They will probably become suspicious and I will soon get caught which I don’t want to. Also Ariana Grande was with her which will cause even more chaos and suspicion if they don’t both wake up. I have screwed up but I get my guard together and start to remember that they won’t remember anything that has happened today but I have to send them back to their homes but the catch is they have families around there so I decide I will do it when night comes around.