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The Better TZO

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Teala Dunn
Fun fact I can’t swim
I was so disappointed that I couldn't swim then Ari , Nicki, and the BBL Drake twins came knocking on my door. I knew this because I had gotten an email from them and also because Nicki came threateningly to the door. I quickly opened the door,scared and frightened of what they were capable of. “Thank god you're here we need you to help us with peaches case” said BBl Drake.

I was shocked, Lovely Peaches is going to trial for murder, for some white ass cracker.
I started thinking… “why would she do this?” I muttered to myself.

Emo Esponja

I am an emo

Me,Emo squidward, and Stalker Behavior were trying to catch that gang and also the person who had stabbed Garrett. We knew that Peaches wouldn’t stab him since she was our friend and wouldn’t betray us but we still hated Nicki and the BBL Drake twins. We had decided what we were going to do to help Peaches but first we had to know what the gang were doing first and visit Peaches.

Lovely Peaches
On The Track

I was resting until one of the police officers told me I had visitors coming to see me.
“I wonder who it is,” I thought to myself. I walked in and sat and saw Emo Esponja,Emo Squidward, and Stalker Behavior. I was so happy to see them I started excitedly waving to them but they all looked serious except Emo Squidward. “What’s wrong “I ask them. “ I’m super pissed at the person who accused you and killed Garret``Emo Esponja said. “ Oh yeah I don't, I'm getting out anytime soon unless Nicki or the BBL Drake twins do something”. “Those douchebags aren’t going to do anything they’re utterly useless don’t worry peaches me,Emo Squidward, and Stalker Behavior are going to help” Emo Esponja said. Honestly They are great friends but Nicki and BBL Drake twins are my friends so I didn’t know what to say to Emo Esponja after what he just said.

Teala Dunn (again)
Fun fact I can’t swim

“Ok what are we exactly going to do” OG Drake said. I told them that we were going to do some investigating in the place where that Cracker had lived and go and hack everyone who knew him like Yashiro,Cupcakke,Stalker Behavior,etc. “Not Cupcakke though. She wouldn’t kill that guy, honestly she was the one who had hired him to replace Yashiro while he was gone” Nicki said. “Shouldn’t we ask Cupcakke if anything had happened when Garret was teaching you know” Ariana said . I thought about it but I declined and said that we should stick to my plan.