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The Better TZO

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I was terrified, the white man in my class is not the actual teacher.
My actual teacher is really hot, his name is Gaku Yashiro.
Anyways I was confused why this cracker was in the classroom teaching.
Nicki and the BBL Drake twins including principal Cupcakke came chasing me.
Nicki starts attacking me while everyone watches. I fall on the ground writhing in pain, it hurts too much, so I try to give her rabies again. I shockingly miss, one of the BBL Drake twins grabs my hair to pull me away from Nicki and accidentally shows that i'm actually bald. I cried while everyone saw and gasped, went outside of the classroom running all the way to the back doors to meet Emo Squidward. Lovely Peaches randomly appeared and started talking nonsense while I was looking for Emo Squidward.

Gaku Yashiro

I was finally done killing one of my victims, I saw that I was late for class
I decided to go to the class then saw a big commotion in the classroom. I saw some random ass lady with yassified twins speaking with cupcakke and some white guy teaching my students. I hate white people, I whispered to Lovely Peaches that the white guy disgusted me. “True but he hasn’t done anything,” Peaches said. I saw he was talking to a girl that I was supposed to kill that morning and the girl became flustered for some reason. I grew mad and jealous. I told Cupcakke why there was a random guy teaching instead of me. “You didn’t come so we hired him as a substitute”. “Umm okay doesn’t mean you have to replace me” I said to cupcakke.

After a while I tried to come close to the girl that the cracker teacher was near ,I planned on killing her but that cracker got in the way. I started following him and observing him. I used a scapegoat so the evidence wouldn’t lead to me. I heard peaches and he had beef with each other so I put materials I would use on him with Peaches DNA so it would look like she killed him out of anger. I prepared everything I went to his house and put on my leather gloves and got a knife. I went behind him and stabbed him at least 24 times and let him rest on the floor. I got the guy's body and drove to some abandoned place I heard peaches talked about before. Everything was ready.