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The Better TZO

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Nicki Minaj

We drove to East Eat High-school to talk to Cupcakke and lovely peaches . There we went to Cupcakke and told her about the stalker behavior’s attack.

“That Stalker behavior attacked me and bit me” I said, still pretty pissed off over it.
Cupcakke looked at the bite mark in disgust.
“ That Stalker behavior is my student” Cupcakke was shocked that stalker behavior has
Bitten the Queen Of Rap. “surprised she don’t got rabies” BBL Drake said. Cupcakke then goes to her microphone and calls for Stalker behavior to come into her office.

When Stalker behavior comes into the office I and the Drake twins hide.
“I hear you bit and almost gave rabies to the Queen of Rap, why?”
Cupcakke interrogates it. “Emo Esponja told me to do it” Nicki and the BBL Drake twins were shocked to hear what stalker behavior said. “ WHO TF IS EMO ESPONJA?” I screamed while jumping out of my hiding place. Both Stalker Behavior and Cupcakke were shocked.Stalker Behavior started running out of the room and we went and chased her like bad bitches would.

Stalker behavior led us to the class she was in when Cupcakke called for her.
We opened the door to see the most white guy you’ll ever see. His name was Mr. Gabalis, the most whitest name for the whitest guy.