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Boku Girl Revisited

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To be a man.
What does it mean to be a man ?

It was a cloudy day, afternoon, birds were singing outside in the yard outside as me and my father were just the two of us silently at our family dojo.

“Mizuki !”

He said with a shouting voice.

“When the day comes, you are going to be the leader of the family. So, even if you have more delicate features you must still impose your will and hold your ground”

and with that he went closer to me.

“But… What are you trying to say dad ?”

“That you need to be a man, son.”

On that cloudy day in the dojo I looked at my dad with a puzzled face and nodded.

“Yes sir !”

The sound of the alarm woke me up.

It was the end of my dream about a conversation I had eight years ago, or was it nine ?

“Being a man you say ?”

I said to myself in front of the mirror as I looked at my small sized breasts and the empty space between my legs.

Yes, I became a woman yesterday.

How it happened or why it happened I don't know. All I know is that yesterday when I woke up my body was a girl’s body.

Since my childhood I have had a very slender and fragile body. Because of that many boys used to bully me and no girls would show interest in me, but even with a very feminine body I still am a man inside and outside.

Well… Not anymore I guess.

“gotta get ready for school anyways”

Putting on my uniform I said so to myself.
Still uncomfortable, I walked out of my dorm.

Not taking a shower makes a big difference in my motivation to go to school, and since yesterday the male shower is a place that must be avoided. I have to bear with it for now.

But if my problem was just that it would be fine, which is not the case right now.

The way that my body is interacting with my clothes is making me feel things that I don't know if I’m enjoying it or not.

Like the way my shirt rubs my braless breasts when I move or this empty feeling in my crotch. All of this together with my still sleepy mind is making me feel as if I’m still dreaming.

Is this what Fujiwara’s body would feel like ?

I touched my breasts while thinking about her.

“Let's forget about this for now and just go to school”

As I talked to myself and recovered my composure I heard something from behind me.

“Hey Mizuki, you good ?”

A male student greeted me .

It took me some time to realize but it was my good friend Takeru. With his bag on his shoulder and a bright smile he approached me.

“Morning Takeru, how is your new home going ?”

“It's pretty good, it's going to take some time to get used to living again with Mei but having a whole house for me is way better than living in a dorm.”

“You’re a lucky one, meanwhile I lost my roommate. The dorm became a little more empty without you. ”

“yeah but you got a room for yourself now. Isn't that good at least ?”


After entering the class I headed to my seat while trying to avoid any eye contact.

The class was noisy as any day even if it was still too early in the morning. There was a group of dudes close to me talking about what seemed like a new game they were playing and three girls chatting but I couldn’t grasp what they were talking about.

I always try to not get much attention to myself. And today, because of my situation, I will double my efforts to not create any more unnecessary problems.
The morning classes are finally over.

I think I’m going to the cafeteria and maybe call Takeru to have lunch together. At least that was what I thought.

Because while I was going to have lunch I saw something that made my heart skip a beat.

It was Fujiwara. She was exceptionally cute today, her uniform was more tightly put, a pair of legs as the ones from sculptures caught my attention too.

and besides her was Takeru casually chatting with her. You could easily misunderstand them as a couple talking to each other.

I don't know why but after seeing that my body moved on its own and I turned back to another corridor.

while regretting my own decisions I continued walking down the corridor until someone touched my shoulder from behind

When I turned myself a familiar face was standing in front of me

“Sorry for the surprise Mizuki, it's just that I have something to give to you.” Asao said with a calm expression.

“No problem Asao, what is it that you want to give to me ?” My curiosity peaked with the sudden surprise.

“It's a piece of paper from a girl in our grade, she said to give it to you.”

A piece of paper ? It probably is a message, but a message from a girl my age ? i never received anything from a girl before so my hands started sweating a little bit while I thought about what it was about.

After Asao left I opened the letter

"I’m waiting for you today at the rooftop when the classes are over <3"