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The readings were as perfect as someone voluntarily stuck on a year-long trip to Sagittarius A* could hope for. They were passing an unexplored corner of the galaxy, and they were passing it with flying colors. Literally. The camera installed outside the ship was showing a breath-taking nebula taking up half of the sky to their left. Data banks also indicated that there was an exoplanet nearby, but the nebula drew all the attention.

"Daydreaming again, Captain?" came an unimpressed voice from behind her.

Alexis turned back and greeted Yua, who was entering the room in a mood that was befitting the hair she used to have—dark and plain—but absolutely didn't mesh with her new style, flowing purple locks, oh my!

"Wouldn't you daydream about such a perfect view?" Alexis asked with a smile, not sure anymore if she meant the nebula or the Doctor's hair.

Yua gave no reply and went straight to the computer console in front of them. "We're just crossing over into this system now," she said, tapping away at the screen. "And I'm going through all the files we collected so far."

"What are you looking for? Any interesting species around here?"

"I don't know yet. There might be something worth seeing, though..."

She had been doing this every few hours since they entered a new system, searching through the data banks. And every time she did, she would say that there wasn't anything particularly special to see out there. Every single time. It drove Alexis a little crazy.

"Maybe the aliens will take care of us when we get there!" she joked.

But Yua didn't crack even a smirk. She kept staring at the screens, tapping away.

But as soon as they crossed over into the star's habitable zone, the ship began to shake violently.

Both women fell down onto the floor despite the systems of artificial gravity that should've been holding them upright no matter what. The shaking continued for several seconds before stopping altogether.

"It's like being inside a washing machine," Alexis complained. "I need to check what that was."

She rose slowly and tried to stand, but then everything started spinning. She grabbed hold of the edge of the desk to keep herself steady.

"That's odd..." Yua muttered. "Not a sign of any kind of interference at all."

Alexis spared a short glance at the readings to confirm the Doctor's words. Then she looked back at her and shrugged.

"If you want to call this 'interference'," Alexis suggested, "then I'd prefer to call it 'fun!' This is very definitely not a sign of fun on our horizon."

"You're right," Yua said, grim.


The two young women were standing in the center of the starship. They were both wearing their flight suits and were leaning against each other for support. They were both a little dizzy, recovering from the last round of violent shaking.

"This is getting ridiculous," Alexis grumbled. "I mean, I know there's nothing wrong with the engines. I know that. We're in the middle of nowhere, and we were flying along fine. So what the hell is going on? What's causing this?"

She stood up and paced around the bridge once more, feeling slightly irritated. She had already done this several times, but it was still impossible to calm down.

"Maybe we're just passing through a gravitational field?" Yua suggested.

"Yeah, maybe," Alexis agreed, sitting down again. "But it doesn't make sense. There shouldn't be any kind of gravitational fields in this part of the galaxy. It's supposed to be empty, remember?"

"Because you're the captain, and you're the one who has to deal with it, obviously. Why else would it always be your job?" said Yua.

Alexis sighed. "Well, back to business, then. The engines appear to be working normally, so the readings were correct in the end. Let's head back to the control room—just don't take off the flight suit yet. Because, y'know, we might go a little ka-boom."

"How inspiring," Yua said, deadpan.

The two of them headed to the bridge, taking their seats and activating the computers. But after about ten minutes and no change, Alexis got up from her chair and started pacing around, checking everything, just in case they had missed some minor glitch somewhere and they would suddenly find themselves drifting helplessly into the abyss...

But there was no such thing. Nothing happened at all, and she had calmed down a little. The controls were all functional—so she sat in her chair again and checked out each and every reading. Everything matched up, every single bit.

And then the ship crashed.

With a horrifying noise, one of the engines sent a glowing red farewell to the system screens before hurling the ship sideways and sending it plummeting toward the ground.

"What the hell?!" Alexis cried, leaping to her feet and taking hold of the controls. "What the hell was that?!"

She was in no way prepared for the crash, and by the time she managed to turn the ship around and bring it back to an upright position, they were already skidding across the surface of the planet.

"We're going to land in a forest!" Yua shouted, staring at the readings that were lighting up all over the screens.

"Damn it," Alexis swore. "The ship is losing its structural integrity. We'll have to eject!"

"Eject? Like, parachute-out-of-a-plane-style ejection? That's it?"

"Yes, like that, only without the parachutes. We'll use an escape pod instead. The ship can't handle this kind of impact, and we might break apart if we try to land. It's either eject or die, Doctor Aoki!"

Yua seemed to think it over for a moment, and then nodded.

"Very well, Captain Findlay," she replied.

Alexis hurried to the escape pods, and once she was there, she opened a hatch.

"Get in, quickly! It won't be long until we hit the ground!"

Yua climbed into the pod, which was quite small for the both of them, and secured herself to the safety harness.

"I don't understand how it could happen," Alexis murmured. Yua looked at her grimly, and Alexis shook her head. "Don't look at me. I'm as clueless as you are. Just do as the computer says and stay strapped in. And whatever you do, don't touch the controls. The computer knows what to do."

The pod began to move, and Alexis held on tight, watching the landscape fly past. They were landing quickly, and it was hard to see much detail, but she could make out a lot of trees and grass and hills.

Then they hit the ground.

The pod jerked, and the computer announced that they had reached their destination.

"We made it," Alexis whispered.

They had landed on an island covered with dense green vegetation. They had a clear view of the sky above them, which was blue and cloudless, and they could see the sun shining brightly.

It was a beautiful place.

"That's some nice scenery," Yua commented, looking out the window. "Too bad I couldn't enjoy it from the safety of the spaceship. You know, when we weren't falling to our deaths."

Alexis wanted to answer, but the computer made a strange sound, and she immediately turned to it. After a few seconds, her eyebrows started reaching her hairline. "It says that the atmospheric composition is great! For us, humans, I mean. It has oxygen at 0.2 atm, the perfect pressure, mixed with inert gases. No carbon dioxide or anything like that."

Yua looked at her skeptically. "So either we miracled to crash-land on a planet with a breathable atmosphere, or the readings are wrong again, and we are going to die the moment we remove these bulky suits."

The two women exchanged a glance.

"Oh, come on," Alexis said, sighing. "You're just being pessimistic."

She removed a large panel on the side of the pod, exposing the interior to the outside world, and then she undid the straps that were holding the two of them inside. Once they were free, they stepped out onto the island, which appeared to be a jungle. The leaves swayed gently in the breeze, and the soft light shone through the canopy.

"I'm not a pessimist," Yua argued. "I'm just saying that this is not exactly a safe place to be stranded for eternity, and I'd rather be back in the ship where at least there was air and food, not to mention the comfort of artificial gravity..."

Alexis jumped. "Yeah, this planet kinda lacks in gravity," she said with a small laugh. "At least it makes up for it in being prettier than—uh, the metal insides of the ship? I'm not good with metaphors." She hesitated, then removed her helmet and took in a lungful of air. "It is breathable."

"Or it's full of oxygen monoxide, and you'll be dead in a few hours," Yua said, unimpressed. "Though I wouldn't want you to die, Captain. I still hope to finish this mission."

Alexis sighed, breathing in the unfamiliar atmosphere. The scent was nice, subtly floral, and fresh. "I sent a delayed distress signal once all of this started down. If the interference had been temporary and harmless, I would have disabled it the moment we were safe; but since I haven't done that, it had been passed to a few stations nearby."

"How nearby?"

Alexis shrugged. "You've agreed on the path through the empty part of the galaxy, Doctor. There aren't any sentries in this system or the ones closest to it by the FTL link. Even I wouldn't hope for anything quicker than a week to rescue us."

Yua folded her hands for a moment and then took off her helmet as well. "If you say a week, then we are stuck here for at least a month, I would gather. I remember that there are some resources in the pod, but I guess we would have to search for shelter and food anyway at some point."

"And analyze the freshwater rivers here," Alexis added. "If the atmosphere is breathable, we might as well check if the rest of the planet is human-friendly."

"I don't want us to split up," Yua said. "If you want to search for water, help me to take out the rations and instruments from the pod, and let's do it together."

"Agreed," Alexis said. She and Yua set about taking everything out, and then they started carrying things to the shore. The ground was moist, and the grass under their feet felt warm against their boots. The temperature was high enough to make the two women sweat, despite their protective suits. Yua walked ahead, and Alexis followed behind.

They found a stream of water, and Alexis was pleased to learn that it was clean and drinkable. Yua just shook her head in disbelief at their incredible luck.

The forest around them was very dense, so they had trouble finding paths to follow, even though the ground was relatively flat. They ended up following the stream, which led to a lake at the end, which was surrounded by trees on three sides. Alexis thought it would make a great spot to camp.

Once they were settled at their campsite, Alexis went back to collecting wood and other burnable materials for their portable campfire, and after that, she helped Yua to bring the rest of the supplies from the pod. By then, the orange dwarf that was the star of this planet started setting down, coloring the sky in violet-red colors—it was called "fandango" or "flirt" as far as Alexis could remember.

They hadn't seen a single animal all day, but Yua considered that normal. "Almost one-fifth of the planets with vegetation are at the stage where there's plentiful ocean life, but it hasn't evolved to snack on the land plants yet," she said.

Those were the last words they've exchanged besides a "good night" before heading off to sleep.


The next morning, Yua woke up first and started preparing breakfast from the rations. The sun had already risen over the horizon, and the two of them were sitting around the campfire eating oatmeal with dried fruit.

The sun was hot, but it wasn't particularly bright, which made the jungle look very peaceful at this time of the day.

Alexis was curious about how Yua had managed to get to her current position in life, but she had her question deflected when asking them back in the ship. Yua was always busy with research with little time for small talk. At the moment, though, they had all the time in the world, so Alexis decided to ask her now.

"So, why did you decide to become a scientist? Was it your dream job from when you were young?"

"Yes, it was. But why do you care?" Yua asked, tilting her head slightly to one side.

Alexis shrugged. "I'm genuinely interested."

"Well, I suppose I'll tell you," Yua replied. "I was born in Japan, so I didn't see much of the night sky growing up because of light pollution and stuff. You can't see much of the sky if you live in an urban area. It's sad that most people only know what they can see from their windows. And if they're lucky, they might get a glimpse of the moon every now and again. In a sense, I'm doing this to see all these stars and planets with my own two eyes."

"I see," Alexis murmured, and she looked out into the distance where the sun was rising.

Yua smiled at her. "But I also wanted to be a physicist ever since I was a kid. I loved science class in school, and I was always the top student. I think I had a lot more fun in math and physics than I had in the Japanese language and literature. I'm not very good at expressing myself through writing, and I'm not very creative in general."

"Your hairdos are very creative!" Alexis protested and then blushed a bit, realizing how cheesy that sounded. "I mean, you change them every few days, and both the shape and color always look very inspired."

Yua laughed at her. "Thank you, Captain." She paused for a moment to eat some of the oatmeal. "And what about you? You said you were born in Scotland?"

"Yeah." Alexis nodded. "My parents were from there, and they met on a trip abroad. They moved back to Glasgow and got married. They were scientists too—my dad worked as a researcher for a company, and my mom was a teacher. They didn't understand my desire to become a pilot at first, but then they saw that I was really good at flying and that it paid well. So they supported me."

Yua's face lit up with curiosity. "Why did you become a pilot, though? Why not a doctor or something similar?"

"Because I like to travel," Alexis answered simply. "When I was younger, I traveled a lot with my family, and I enjoyed it a lot. When I grew older and started working, I had a chance to fly a few times on my own as part of a team that flew cargo between different star systems. That was a great experience. I wanted to be able to fly by myself, and I wanted to go to places no one else had been to before."

Yua stared at her. "I wish I'd had the opportunity to travel with my family. I never left Earth until I started working at the university."

"Well, you have plenty of such opportunities now, right? I mean, you are on a mission to the heart of the galaxy."

"And I am very grateful for that," Yua said, "but I'm still a bit envious of your ability to explore new worlds whenever you want to. It's still just a job to me."

"You should enjoy yourself while you're here," Alexis said, taking another bite of oatmeal. "Don't worry about work. Just relax and explore this place."

"I don't have the luxury of relaxing," Yua said. "I'm still not convinced we are entirely safe here. I would feel better if I knew that the starship was going to come back for us soon."

Alexis sighed. "You sound a lot like my mom, Doctor," she said. "You want everything to be perfect all the time. I'm sure we will be rescued soon enough; it would be a shame to waste all this beautiful scenery while we wait."

Yua frowned for a moment, but she eventually smiled and gave up the fight. "Fine. We'll take our time exploring the planet together."

They spent the rest of the morning walking around the lake, talking about their lives and interests and the things they wanted to accomplish. Then, when it started getting late, they returned to their campsite, took a quick shower in the lake, and cooked dinner over the fire.

Alexis felt her body relax as she sat by the campfire, sipping on some tea. The warmth of the fire made her feel sleepy. Her eyelids were heavy. She yawned and stretched her arms out in front of her, and then she laid down next to Yua. She closed her eyes and fell asleep instantly.


Alexis was dreaming about being in space. She was floating in zero gravity, looking around in wonder and amazement. She could see all the stars and planets, some of which were very far away from her. Alexis wondered where they came from, what kind of beings lived on those planets, and what was beyond the farthest ones. Alexis was filled with awe at the vastness of the universe.

Then she noticed that Yua was beside her. They weren't floating anymore, but they were holding hands, so they could stay close without drifting apart. They were floating in the same direction, so they drifted closer to each other.

Yua was smiling at her. "We have arrived," she said softly.

Alexis opened her eyes and turned around. It was just a dream. The real Yua was sleeping soundly next to her, and she couldn't help but smile at how cute she looked. Yua was so peaceful when she was asleep, with her head resting against the ground, and she seemed so small. Alexis absentmindedly ran her fingers through Yua's beautiful purple hair before catching herself in the act and pulling her hand back quickly. She tried to keep her breathing as quiet as possible so that Yua wouldn't wake up.

Alexis wasn't used to sleeping with someone else. She usually slept alone on the ship or in hotels. She didn't mind sharing a room with other crewmembers on a long trip or during a mission, but it felt different to sleep in a tent with another person. Alexis had always thought that it might make her uncomfortable, but that wasn't the case at all. She liked having Yua next to her.

She lay awake for a while, staring at Yua's face, listening to her breathing, before finally falling asleep again.


The next day, they woke up early. They ate breakfast together and then headed off to explore the forest around them. They were looking for plants that could potentially serve as food or medicine for them, though the instruments took a long time to identify those, so it wasn't a very promising avenue for resources. They also collected wood and water from a nearby stream. By then, the sun had risen high into the sky, and they had already covered quite a lot of ground.

"Do you think they're coming for us?" Yua asked. She sounded worried. "What if your distress signal hasn't gone through? What if it didn't reach the right people?"

"They'll find us sooner or later," Alexis said confidently. She was trying not to think about it too much because it was stressing her out as well. She was afraid that they were stranded on an unknown planet with no help in sight, even if the planet in question was breathtakingly gorgeous.

Her thoughts were disrupted by Yua holding her hand. Alexis turned to look at the doctor in disbelief, but the latter was standing on a small hill. She took Alexis's hand simply to help her get up, but the captain was glad for that nonetheless. She thanked Yua as she climbed the hill, and lingered a bit too long before breaking the handhold.

For the next few days, they've been methodically exploring the jungle stretching around the lake, never straying too far off from the camp. On one hand, it was obvious that both of them were enchanted by the forest and wouldn't mind going deeper into it, but just as obvious was the fact that they were scared of getting lost, or even worse, missing the rescue operation once it arrived.

On the morning of the seventh day, though, Alexis took a bite of oatmeal, sighed, and suggested to venture further in search of some food that their instruments would deem edible and tasty—so far it has been one or the other, but never both.

Yua hesitated, but in the end agreed, saying that it was time they went outside their comfort zone.

After lunch, they packed their bags and set off into the woods. Their equipment was light: only water, a couple ration bars, and everything they needed to analyze whatever plants they could find. They also brought their flashlights in case they got caught out after sunset, though neither was hoping it would come to that.

Yua led the way. They walked slowly, stopping every now and then to check whether there were any new species of flowers or insects, or to examine something they found along the way. As they explored the dense jungle, they also learned a lot more about each other's tastes in music. They discovered that they shared many similar taste preferences, and Alexis was surprised to learn that she actually enjoyed Yua's choices more than she expected.

When they stopped at midday, Yua was sitting cross-legged in the shade of a tree, looking up into the branches.

"There are quite a few strange lianas in this part of the forest," she said thoughtfully.

"We've seen many vines on our way here," Alexis pointed out.

Yua shook her head. "Lianas have roots," she said, tracing her hand over the long, creeping plants hanging from the tree. Now paying attention, Alexis noticed that it went into the soil. "They climb the trees to get closer to the sun. They are vines, yes, but they are very special vines. And these seem to be more special than anything I've seen before." She seemed to be lost in thought for a few moments, even closing her eyes, before continuing, "First of all, they should be woodier. They should remind you of a tree or a shrub that grows in a strange, parasitic way. Everything we've seen on our way here, however, was very soft and flexible, even far from the base of the stem, which is atypical for a liana. If you don't mind, I would've stayed here for a bit and ran some checks on these vines."

"They might be edible?" Alexis instantly found herself asking.

In response, Yua laughed, a lively sound that reflected from the trees around them. "Leave it to our Captain to think about food first and foremost. No, Alexis, I do not believe they might. But I'd collect such data either way together with the rest."

Alexis nodded, and Yua started setting up the instruments. In a few minutes, some of the vines were cut and put into jars with touch screens, while a few others got their roots scanned by a needle-like tool. There were more, but only Yua knew what they do, and her attempts at explanations always sounded like technobabble for Alexis.

"As usual, it's going to take some time," Yua said, finally standing up and stretching. They got used to just leaving the analyzers while moving on to explore something else and picking them up on the way back. No animals on the planet meant that nothing could disturb the automated research.

This time, though, they didn't walk far before encountering something very interesting.

"Huh," both of the women said in unison, looking at a vine-bound rock with a glowing symbol that vaguely looked like a triangle.

"Is it radioactive?" Alexis asked carefully, taking a few steps back.

"If it were, we would be dead long before finding it," Yua stated calmly. "I don't have any tools to inspect geological anomalies with me, so this doesn't leave many options. Except..." As she boldly walked towards the rock, arm outstretched, Alexis felt panic rising inside her. There wasn't any cryofreezing available; if Yua died here, she would die, forever! She rushed forward to stop her friend, but Yua has already touched the rock by the time Alexis caught her by hand.

The glowing triangle disappeared.

"Huh," both of the women said in unison, again, and Alexis nervously giggled.

"I don't feel any different," Yua said, looking herself up and down. "Conducting a medical check might be beneficial, though."

They went back hastily but stopped to collect the liana analyzers. As Yua went through the readings, her normally composed face grew more and more confused. "I'm... not sure what to make out of these," she slowly said, scratching her head.

As she did that, one of the vines behind the doctor moved, and for the second time for the day, Alexis felt a surge of fear for Yua.

But the other woman noticed it herself and turned around on her heels. In a few moments, the liana jerked left and right a few inches, as if blown by a strong wind, and Yua said in an unnaturally even tone, "What an interesting phenomenon." She turned back and looked Alexis in the eye. "Either I went insane, Captain, or I am now able to control the lianas. Could you please help me determine which one is it?"

Alexis had no idea how to respond to that. She was too busy trying to calm her racing heart down, so she asked Yua the question that came to mind first: "Are you serious?"

Yua said in her normal doctor voice, "Null hypothesis: this vegetation, if they are vegetation—I'm not sure, you just have to see the readings... but I digress—they are controlled by whatever was in that stone that I absorbed with my right hand. To disprove the hypothesis, I would need to move my right hand, will the lianas to move, and you shouldn't observe them moving."

Alexis slowly nodded. She wasn't sure what was scarier, that Yua has gone crazy by touching the stone or that the woman now was the Queen of Lianas, but the latter was infinitely more exciting.

Yua wiggled her lean fingers on the right hand.

The liana behind her, as well as one on the tree to the left of Alexis, moved in a wavy pattern.

Alexis felt her eyes bulging and rapidly blinked. "You can control the lianas, Doctor."

"Or you are now insane together with me," Yua said. She made a peculiar sound that could've been a chuckle but was too different from laughter than she normally produced, and added, "Together even in madness. How romantic."

It made Alexis blush inexplicably. "Still," she said, "I think it's more likely that you now control certain plants than us hallucinating the exactly same thing at exactly the same time."

Yua laughed at that, and Alexis joined in. They were laughing so hard they were almost crying as they hugged each other. After a while, they calmed down enough to talk.

"We should try it again," Alexis suggested after a minute or two.

"Of course, Captain," Yua replied. She tried to keep the excitement out of her voice but failed miserably, and this time the laugh she emitted was very similar to the ones she usually gave during their daily banter.

As Yua gently flexed her hand, a liana that crept almost to the top of one of the deciduous trees slowly came down. It stopped in less than a couple meters from Alexis, and then moved to and fro in a swaying motion, as if excited. When the movement stopped, the liana continued to hang there until Yua lifted her hand away.

"I believe I'll be able to use that to climb up the tree," Yua said and then immediately proceeded to do that.

She reached the branches within seconds and hung there, looking at Alexis.

"That's amazing!" Alexis exclaimed, staring up at Yua. The doctor looked back at her in amusement. "I never would've expected such flexibility from those things," she admitted. "How does that work?"

Yua shrugged. "That's what I would love to know as well. These clearly weren't normal lianas even before they got commanded by a random human who isn't even native to the area." She used another vine to gracefully come down and stepped closer to Alexis, who smiled at the sight of it.

"We have to figure out how that works," Alexis said. "Maybe we—I mean you, the scientists—would be able to genetically engineer mind-controlled plants. That would be so cool."

With an uncharacteristically mischievous look in her eyes, Yua said, "Well, I have another idea for a test. Do you trust me, Alexis?"

"Yes, but this question usually comes before some really strange stuff," Alexis said jokingly, though inside, she was expecting something great. Yua made a complex gesture with her right hand, and one of the lianas gently wrapped around Alexis and brought them face to face with the doctor.

Then Yua softly kissed her, their lips barely brushing. Alexis eagerly returned the kiss, but as soon as it broke, she felt a red hot blush creep from her cheeks to her ears and neck. "I didn't know you were interested in this... test... like I did, Yua," she said quietly.

"You're not the only one," Yua whispered back. "This is the first time I've done anything like this, though. And I don't want to do anything wrong. Tell me if you want me to stop at any moment, okay?"

Alexis said yes in a small voice and took a deep breath. Her hands slowly moved to Yua's shoulders, caressing them, and then her hips through her ever-present flight suit. Her face heated further when Yua's arms snaked around her waist. "Okay," Alexis breathed.

The doctor's lips moved to Alexis' ear. "Mmm-hmmm..." she hummed softly. Alexis shivered in response, her heart pounding in her chest. Then the doctor's tongue slid into her earlobe. Alexis moaned softly, her body tingling all over.

When she finally pulled back, both of them had trouble looking at each other.

Yua finally spoke. "So... you don't mind if I continue?"

Alexis swallowed and nodded, unable to find her voice. The other woman slowly pushed her hands under the fabric of the captain's uniform and began to pull it off. As her fingers touched Alexis' skin, the captain shuddered and leaned back against the tree. Yua chuckled lightly.

Alexis blushed furiously but didn't protest as Yua slowly peeled the clothes from her body, revealing every inch of skin underneath. Yua ran her fingers along Alexis' bare torso and thighs, and it felt wonderful. After a while, Alexis sat down and let the other woman remove her boots and socks. As Yua removed her own clothing, Alexis watched with rapt attention as her lover's body revealed itself to her for the first time.

"Do you like what you see?" Yua asked, and Alexis knew she didn't have to reply. "Good," Yua said. She straddled Alexis and placed her palms on her knees. Slowly, she pushed them apart. Alexis gasped as she saw the doctor's hand between her legs but nodded fervently so Yua didn't take it as her being against it.

Yua's mouth went straight to Alexis' pussy, and she moaned at how good that felt. Yua kept kissing and licking at her folds, making Alexis squirm with delight. Her whole body was shaking, and she wanted to grab onto Yua's head and push it down harder, but she didn't dare to move. Her whole body was frozen with anticipation and excitement; she wanted Yua to go faster, deeper... But she held herself back. She wanted to enjoy the other woman's ministrations.

After a while, Yua's tongue dipped inside, and Alexis cried out in surprise and pleasure. Yua licked her inner walls with a skill that made Alexis shudder, and then sucked on her sensitive clit.

Alexis felt her orgasm building up, but she wasn't so close as to being utterly disappointed when Yua drew back. Still, she made a little sound to make her discontent known.

With a chuckle of acknowledgment, Yua slowly drew her body over Alexis's, until the doctor was sitting on her captain's chest. Alexis gasped as the lianas wrapped around their bodies, pulling them even closer together. She looked up at Yua and grinned in appreciation.

"I can't wait," she said.

The next moment, she felt one of the vines that Yua controlled probe at her entrance, and then slowly slide into her. It filled her completely, stretching her so wonderfully. Alexis closed her eyes and relaxed into the sensation, and the liana that penetrated her began to slowly rock in a steady rhythm.

Yua was moving in the same rhythm, and Alexis opened her eyes to find another branch of the same liana inside the other woman. Their bodies were pressed tightly together, their clits rubbing each other. The sensation was almost too much for Alexis to handle. She couldn't help but moan loudly with each thrust that Yua made into both of them.

Yua was moaning and panting next to her, her eyes half-open with concentration. Her hair was a mess of sweaty curls that had been left loose, and her breasts heaved with each gasp that came from her. She was so beautiful that Alexis felt a sudden urge to touch her again. With trembling fingers, she reached for Yua's breast and squeezed it in her hand, marveling at how soft it was. Yua's nipples hardened under her fingers.

The doctor groaned with satisfaction and threw her head back. "Oh my God," she whispered, her eyes shut tight.

Her movements sped up, and Alexis could feel her climax approaching. She clenched down on Yua's vine, feeling it stretch and rub her sensitive flesh. Yua's pace became erratic, and Alexis could feel Yua's body tremble as she approached her peak. She reached down with her free hand and found Yua's clit, stroking it as hard as she dared.

"I'm coming!" Yua panted. "I'm—oh—"

She stiffened, and her whole body convulsed with pleasure as her orgasm crashed down upon her. Alexis felt the vine inside her spasm as Yua lost control for a few blissful seconds. When Yua recovered, she moved it even more quickly than before, driving Alexis mad. She was very close to her own orgasm, but she wanted it to last forever, wanted to experience the sensations Yua was giving her until the very end.

Finally, the orgasm hit her, and she screamed wordlessly as her body tensed in ecstasy. Her whole body was burning with fire, her skin tingling from where they were joined. Yua kissed Alexis deeply while her body continued to shake in aftershocks, and Alexis felt herself drifting away in paradise.

Yua gently disengaged from Alexis' body and sat back, her face flushed with excitement. "That was incredible," she breathed.

Alexis smiled shyly. "You're incredible," she replied. She rested her head on Yua's shoulder for a second, enjoying the closeness, before she pulled herself back to her feet. She wanted to offer a hand for Yua to help back up, but before she could do that, the doctor used one of her lianas to get back up.

"I'm getting good at this," she said with satisfaction.

"I could notice that earlier," Alexis said in a voice that meant to be merry, but instead came off almost sultry.

Yua snorted. "Well, we have plenty of experiments ahead of us, and not only of this kind. I almost don't want the rescue to come soon."