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don't leave me.

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It’s the first day that Space and Nil moved in together with Time, Time thought this will go well and she is excited to see both her friends be together. She knew she had to rewind some parts they were saying, but she didn’t really matter.

She was waiting for the time for them to be here, she didn’t want to wait too long, so she skipped the waiting.


When Space and Nil came..


“Hey Space and Nil! I’m so happy to see you again” Time said while hugging both of them.

“Hey!!!” Space said excitingly jumping up and down.

“Hi Time, how’s your day?” Nil asked.

“I was waiting for you both, but I got bored and skipped that instead. I miss both of you” Time said while giggling.

“Sounds like you.” Nil said.

Time knows that both Space and Nil can be jealous sometimes, so she decided to try her best giving 100% to both of them. It may be hard, but she wants both of them to be happy.

“So, what are we going to do in our first day?” Space asked.

“You wanna go on a walk?” Nil asked.

“Eh, if Space doesn’t mind, sure.” Time answered.

“I guess I won’t mind..” Space said.

Space and Nil weren’t used to each other, yet. But they will, if Time figured things out.

“So going for a walk it is!” Time said, while worrying in the inside what will happen next.

As they take their walk, they were talking. Suddenly, Space asked “Who do you want to sleep with? Me or Nil”

God… I wasn’t expecting this question. Time thought to her self.

“Uh… That is a hard question.” Time said “I don’t need anybody to sleep with?”

“Aweee! I’m so sad!” Space said while crying stars.

“You don’t need to cry over not sleeping with a person, Space.” Nil said.

“I mean… Nil isn’t wrong.” Time said.

“So you DO like Nil more than me!” Space said.

“Its not what it looks like, I still like you!” Time said.

“Time, I don’t think this is a good idea.” Nil said “You shouldn’t let us move in together”

“I-” Time thought to herself. This is too hard.. I need to rewind! Now!


Before the question


“Hey Time?” Space asked.

“I- I rewinded and if you say that question it won’t end right!” Time said stoping Space to answer the question.

“Oh! Did I do something wrong before!” Space asked, then tears started to form. “Waaaah! I’m so sorry!”

As more stars start to form from Space’s tears, Nil suddenly came in and said. “Theres nothing to cry about, Shhhhhhh.” Then, Nil patted Space’s head.

Hmm.. Is the Nil’s good side? It’s cute. Time thought to her self while smiling.

“Lets continue walking now.” Time said.

As they keep on walking.. and walking.. and walking. They got tired.

“I’m tired.” Space said while yawning.

“Then, let’s lay down.” Time said “We can sleep together!”

“Good idea, we don’t need to fight over one person when we can lay down together.” Nil said with a smile on her face.

As they lay down, they look at the stars “The stars are so beautiful today..” Time said. It wasn’t long until they all fell asleep. The first day wasn’t bad at all, it was good. Just with some problems.