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You were getting dressed to go to an important dinner with some business men for your dad’s job. You hate these things but you have to go. Your dad says you need to get to know the business world for when you take over the business or run your own. After insisting over and over you finally said you’d go. The dinner was at this fancy new restaurant that’s well know up town. You think it’s italian or something cause all you’ve read from it online is that it has great pasta and bread sticks. What you were really looking for was the desserts but you couldn’t find anything by the time your dad interrupted you to use the computer for an important skype call. So here you are, dressed in a tight green dress with heels and make up and you feel so uncomfortable with the whole heels thing. It’s not really your style. Not unless you’re trying to seem taller to impress a date or something but you haven’t worn them in a while. Mostly because you haven’t really gone on a date in months. You don’t have the time for it and the last girl you dated kinda ended badly so you’ve kept yourself busy with tumblr and books since then. Also meeting after meeting with your dad but no dinners. That was the only exception you told him but apparently this is a very important one for the connections in Europe and he really reeeeeally wants you to be there. He said that one of the business men, Mr. Adriano has a son that’s going and he wants you to play nice and keep him entertained while he makes business. You hate it when he does these things but he knows you’d never let him down and he knows you’re not straight and says it’s fine but he’s asking you to only play along. 

He’d never use you as sexual bait for someone. He’s a respectful man and you know from past experiences that if anyone so much as touches you inappropriately he will break the contract and the persons face all in less that a few seconds. He may not make much time for you but he knows you’re daddy’s little girl and even if he’s not really around that much, he does love you dearly. Maybe things would have been different if mom had been alive and lead her family’s company. She would have let you have all the time in the world with dad like she did when you were growing up. Fate works in mysterious ways I guess. Anyway, here you are in your dad’s fancy car. He may be a business man but he enjoys being the one who drives so he decline every offer to get a chofer for the two of you. One thing that’s never changed is the car rides with him. He always blast some mainstream pop and dances to it freely. You always join in, especially when he starts vogueing to some Madonna and it’s times like these that you miss having your dad around more. 

You reach the restaurant and the valet parking guy opens the door for you and for a second there you thought that for sure he was trying to flirt with you but your dad comes up behind you and grabs you, throwing the keys at him with a glare. Yeah, he can be over protective, but you love him. You step inside and meet up with everyone, putting your best kind smile for these strangers that don’t matter to you what so ever.

“Laura, this is Mr. Adriano! And this-” he gestures to a red headed boy with a slick smile.” is his son Alberto.”

“Pleasure to meet you.”

You smile and give him your hand but he doesn’t shake it, he grabs it and kisses it and you give your dad a look of “it’s fine” because you can just feel his skin start to burn up.

“The pleasure is all mine, gorgeous.”

You give him an awkward tight smile and pull your hand away from him. Why does it always have to be the red heads?

You sat down at the dinner table and made sure to sit at least two chairs away from Alberto. Dad said to entertain him but he never said it had to be from up close. Let him stare at you all night and try and catch your attention, you don’t care, it’ll be amusing. At least more amusing than this damn dinner. The conversation is hella boring with numbers and stories from times in Europe with each other and Alberto keeps “pssst-ing” you and you really wish you were anywhere else than here.

At least the internet was right about the bread sticks. They’re fucking delicious.You wish someone would save you from this boredom and by some sign of pity from the gods you feel your phone vibrate and look for it in your purse. Who could it be? You almost spat out your water when you read the text message.


You hate that your housemate is out of town for the week. It gets really quiet and boring in this apartment. Will had to go and set up the sound for some big show on Tuesday and left you to keep everything running over here. You’ve always been a fan of good music and sound but you never expected to end up being a sound engineer. You started out helping Will with some shows from up coming bands and he showed you the ropes when he saw you were good with instruments and music and everything that had to do with sound. Right now he has a mini business that’s actually been doing really well and he handles the gigs and shows that have to do with traveling while you stick around and work with the tv broadcast and all that crap, listening to people talk for hours and making sure that the bands or artist who performed on tv sounded better than they were. (cause believe me, some artists have no talent and all money.) 

Tonight though you just got back from visiting a friend who was throwing a birthday party at his place. Kirsch tricked you into thinking he needed help with his tv and sound system and made you stay the whole afternoon. You drank more that you should have but managed to escape the party before it was too late. You somehow got back to your apartment and you had been dancing with some girl back at Kirsch’s place and frankly, she left you kinda turned on. You haven’t actually dated anyone in years. Not since Ell, that black hole of a woman took everything from you and you made sure to keep your heart locked and sealed away somewhere ever since. You’ve had many one night stands but nothing serious. Usually you wouldn’t even remember the girls faces or names after you did the do. Maybe you should have brought that girl along with you. It’s too bad she was just really drunk and her boyfriend was asking for a threesome which hell no, not happening. But man are you horny right now. You remember the girl you slept with last week a few times, she didn’t seem like she’d give you any trouble. In fact she was totally okay with just being a booty call so the last time you ran into her at a bar  you decided to take her number for future reference. You were really drunk back then too, the girl kept making you take shots and you have no idea how you even ended up back at her place that night.’re not really sure what her name really is. Ellen? Elise? Eliza? Elsie? Yeah yeah, it was totally Elsie. You plop down on your futon in the living room and you forgot to turn any lights on so it’s really dark and quiet. You take out your phone from the tight back pocket in your pants and start scrolling through contacts looking for that girls number. 

“Aaaah there you are!”

You smirk when you find the contact you where looking for and laugh when you see you were totally right, it is Elsie. So you make the terrible drunk decision to send her a text. She can’t be too busy right? You giggle and drop your phone next to you on the sofa as you wait for her reply. She won’t be busy after that text, that’s for sure.


You wipe your mouth with a napkin as you try and compose yourself again. You look around to make sure no one saw you almost spit all of your water out and thank god your dad is still babbling on with these people. Alberto seems to have gone to the bathroom or something cause he’s not in his chair anymore. You take out your phone again to look at the screen.

Unknown Number(9:32pm): hey cupcake, wanna meet up and fuck?

You look at the screen still baffled from this random text. Who is this person anyway? Is this a prank from LaF? Who the hell sends a text like that so casually?? It must have been LaF, there’s no other explanation. They love making you feel uncomfortable, but this is totally another level of fucked up. You shake your head and reply.


Elsie(9:35pm): I don’t have time for this. I’m in the middle of a fancy dinner with people. Stop texting me these things.

You look at your phone screen confused. Fancy dinner huh? She must be out with family or something, but that doesn’t mean she’s getting off that easily. This only motivated you to tease her even more now. So you send a quick reply.


Unknown Number(9:36pm): that so? Why don’t we meet up in the back then. I’ll make it worth your while. I always liked the way I could make you scream my name.

What the actual fuck is going on. There’s no way LaF would go that far, that’s just awkward. It has to be someone else. Meet up in the back? You look up at the empty seat where Alberto was still not sitting in and you realize he must have somehow managed to get your number. God boys can be so disgusting. You look to your dad and he doesn’t seem to have any idea what’s going on which is good. You wouldn’t want to ruin this important dinner all because of some pervy asshole italian jerk. You’ll handle this yourself. You write out another text and send it, taping the screen aggressively. There, that’ll hit him right in the pride. 


Elsie(9:38pm): As if you could get anyone to scream your name. Don’t fool yourself.

“Uwww someone’s feisty.”

You smirk as you re read that text. She’s never played the aggressive card with you. You kinda like it. Let’s play along then. You reply and wait with anticipation of what she’ll come up with next. This should be good.


Unknown Number(9:40pm): I’m sure I could change your mind. Why don’t you ditch that dinner and come over? I’ll be sure to touch you in all the right places. ;)

You open your mouth in disbelief but quickly close it and straighten up in your seat. Play it cool, Hollis, play it cool. Alberto comes back from wherever the hell he was and sits down. He looks at you and throws you a kiss that makes you flinch back with a disgusted face and your dad turns to you with an eyebrow raised.

“Everything okay, honey?”

“Yeah, everything’s fine dad. You should really try these breadsticks.”

You try and give him a smile while grabbing a breadstick and bitting it. He smiles back and nods, taking one for himself. You look back at Alberto and he’s wiggling his eyebrows at you. You take the breadstick and break it in half with both hands while not breaking eye contact with him and his face drops. I think he got the metaphor. But he’s not gonna get away with that last text. You make sure to reply and pull out the conversation again, typing in an answer.


Elsie(9:44pm): Sorry, I’m too busy breaking these penis shaped breadsticks. Always hated the D.

You let out an actual laugh. This girl is hilarious. She’s never made you laugh like this before. Why didn’t you text her sooner? This is absolutely fun. You sit up on your couch now and text back with a wide smile on your face. 


Unknown Number(9:45pm): That sucks, if you where here i’d let you eat a real meal. It’s a delicacy among girls. ;)

You look back up to Alberto but see that he’s talking with some of the people near his side of the table. What the fuck, he didn’t type that in. You look back down at your phone confused. Who the hell is this person then? You type back a reply, trying to make it obvious you’re turning whoever this is down.


Elsie(9:46pm): No thanks. I’m not like most girls. Now please stop.

You pull your lip with your free hand as you re-read that last text. Not like most girls? What does she even mean? She knows you drive her crazy in bed so what’s the deal. Maybe she’s angry that you didn’t want to eat her out last time. You furrow your brow and reply after a few minutes of thinking that text over.


Unknown Number(9:50pm): Look Elsie, idk why you’re playing so hard to get. If it makes you feel better, I promise to eat you out more than once this time.

You open your eyes wide as you chew your food while looking at your new message. Elsie? Who the hell is Elsie? And eat me out more than once? Holy crap who is this person and why is Elsie getting some so often? You shake your head. You haven’t gotten any in months, this “Elsie” must be one lucky ass girl. Maybe you should tell them they have the wrong number. You start texting them back but keep deleting what you write until you finally press send. 

“Sorry dude.” you mumble to yourself as you put your phone away.



You reach for your phone that lit up next to you and un lock it to read the new text. Shit.

Elsie(9:57pm):Hey, sorry. I’m not Elsie, u got the wrong #.

“Fuck. Shit.”

You change the position your sitting in as you re-read the last text. Crap, you wrote the number wrong. I mean who can blame you, you were drunk as fuck that night and you hand’t called or texted her since. You start typing a text while bitting your lip and knitting your brow together feeling a bit embarrassed. You send the text and place the phone beside you but then grab it again after thinking for a few minutes.


Unknown Number(9:58pm): Shit. Im sorry. I didn’t know. Have a nice dinner.

You can’t help but giggle at the last text you got from them. At least they managed to make your night more exciting. You start to put your phone away when you feel it vibrate again.

Unknown Number(10:01pm): still, u seem cute cupcake. I like your attitude. text me back if you’re still down to have some fun. XOXO

You shake your head and make angry hand gestures to yourself as you stare at the screen.

Is this guy serious?