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Empress Mitsuba

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The Earth was safe. It took a lot of hard work, especially in regards to repelling danger that was born on Earth or within the confines of the Milky Way, but peace eventually fell upon the world once more. And the ones responsible for pulling most of the weight was Dreikreuz, the autonomous peacekeeping force that was allied with the Drisstrager and its crew. Thanks to all of them, it was possible to beat back everyone that threatened the Earth...

And yet, danger was still looming on the horizon. The last enemy that they had faced warned of more enemies on the horizon, pulled towards Earth thanks to their enormous strength. Something that the Commander of Dreikreuz was very aware of. That woman, Mitsuba Greyvalley, had been forced through a lot of moral dilemmas by her enemies. Dilemmas that were designed to test her ability to lead. And here at the end of the road, when she saw a future full of combat, a single thought came to her mind.

She would not let harm come to Earth. Because Earth was her planet. It was hers to rule. This proud thought was born thanks to all of the struggles that they had been through. Because of all the allies they had made. And because of a twisted notion that she would be better than the ones that had come before her.

All she needed was a little helping hand...


"Oh, Mitsuba. You're looking more radiant than usual, what're you doing down here?"

Deep within the Dresstrager were labs that contained a wealth of information that would be useful for Earth's new Empress. Something that Mitsuba knew very well, considering the woman in front of her. A woman that had done a lot to help her already. A woman that would help her yet again...

Mayvy Hawkins. The chief of R&D, and the one responsible for uncovering a lot of the secrets of the ship they used as the main base of operations. An unkempt yet at the same time very attractive and shapely brunette. Somebody that Mitsuba had always had her eyes on. Somebody that could stand besides her in the new world.

"I'm doing what I should've done the moment we shut away the true power of the Dreisstrager, Mayvy." Mitsuba said, her voice sounding more dominant than ever as she took a few steps forward. "I want you to route all of it to me. I want you to give me all of her power." She said, immediately slamming her hand against the wall as she trapped Mayvy in a Kabedon.

Mayvy wasn't usually the type to immediately obey an order. But something about Mitsuba made her heart pound against her chest. "M-Mitsuba, w-what happened to you..?" She muttered, panting and gasping as her cheeks flushed bright red. "Y-You know what'll happen if I do that, don't you? That power shouldn't be used by anyone..."

"It shouldn't be used by those that aren't worthy." Mitsuba said as she grabbed her former classmate by the chin, carefully caressing her cheek with her thumb. "I am. You've seen what I've been able to do. You've seen the peace we've been able to achieve. You know that I'm the only one that can keep it. The only one who's meant to rule over all the others."

Mayvy knew that this was wrong. She knew that this wasn't how Mitsuba usually acted. And so she did her best to reach for her pocket, to try and lock down the lab to alert the others and keep her from causing any more problems. "Mitsuba, I-"

She didn't get the chance. Not when Mitsuba forced her lips onto hers, sending a shock through her body. It wasn't due to any sort of power or anything, it was simply due to the sheer dominance flowing through the Commander. A woman that had once been worried for the sake of others. A woman that now understood what it meant to stand above and command, because of the people that had followed her orders.

Mayvy's eyes dimmed ever slightly as she went limp in her former classmate's arms, panting and gasping as she looked into her Empress' eyes. She immediately recognized her as the proper ruler... The only one that could possibly keep this world under control...

Mitsuba smiled at the sight of somebody falling under her complete and utter control. It was the first time that she had properly exerted her dominance... And it worked. Mayvy was like putty in her arms. She could remold her thoughts to fit her needs. And she would do so, with nothing more than another kiss.

Once Mayvy felt those lips press against hers, she let out another moan as her irises turned into hearts, and she reached into her pocket. She didn't dig for long before she pulled out a single transmitter, and held it up to her mouth to let it record the sound of her breath.

The lights inside the lab went out for a bit, before a single golden light started to flow through Mitsuba. The power had been let out, and it flowed right into her and started to empower her completely.

Her beautiful blonde locks were freed from their binds as they reached all the way down to her ankles. Her clothes dissolved into light as a silky and almost see through robe took their place, the garment putting extra emphasis on the parts of her body that she wanted to show off the most. And finally, a halo started to form right above her head. A halo that was almost as wide as her arm span. A halo that represented her new control. A halo that represented what she would be for the world. An angel looking over those that needed to worship her. An angel that controlled them and took good care of them...

Mitsuba let out a soft and sensual chuckle as she carefully rubbed her sweet Mayvy's cheek. With all this power, it would be easy to convert the others. But she wanted to make sure that they were going to end up as loyal as her.

"My dear Mayvy. I still require your services..."


Three sets of groans echoed out through a dark chamber within the Dreisstrager, each belonging to a completely different kind of girl. None of them prepared for what was about to happen to them.

"Ohhhh... Ouch, my head's hurting... Maybe I shouldn't have thought about all those hunks, they're making my brain throb!" The first of the three was the rather generously busty Tamaki Irie, a member of Team Rabbits who was known for that oversized set of melons and being a real hunk-hunter whenever she had the chance. That, and not exactly being the sharpest in terms of intellect.

"Pipe down, this headache's killing me too. Where are we anyway..?" The second of the three girls was Takarada Rikka, an otherwise normal girl who had only joined with Dreikreuz due to her friend Yuta. Unlike most of the civilians on board, she had never really experienced war in any fashion. Which meant that she usually stayed out of combat... Which also made her an incredibly strange pick for this trio.

"Look around you and try to focus on anything but the pain." The last of the trio was much more experienced compared to them. Former Black Knight, Kozuki Kallen. This was hardly the first time she had been captured, and it would definitely not be the last time if she had anything to say about it. Compared to the two girls who were much greener, she could almost feel a pressure pushing down on her. Trying to make her obey...

Rikka groaned as she tried to shuffle around. "Easy for you to say, you're probably used to this..." She muttered as she tried to look around, only to notice the subtle glow of something up above her. "What is that..?"

"Looks like the hoops I jump through when I try to score a hunk!" Tamaki cried out as she tried to struggle free from her binds. Only to realize she wasn't actually bound. If anything, it looked like she could just get right up out of her chair and walk out. "Hey, we're not captured! Well, I'll go find whoever tied us down and teach them a piece of my mind for making my head hurt!"

Rikka and Kallen both watched as Tamaki stepped right out of her chair, only to bump straight into a familiar looking blonde. A blonde whose brilliant green eyes started to peer straight into the pink-suited Mecha Pilot's eyes, prompting her to obediently return to her chair without as much as a single word...

"Who in the hell are you?" Kallen asked as she wisely kept herself seated, glaring at the source of that foreboding light. "And what do you want with us? You can't tell me that somebody that you actually need us three, if you can manage to hypnotize Tamaki with nothing but your eyes."

"That was hypnosis? Creepy." Rikka muttered as she looked at the silhouette hidden in the darkness. Squinting just a little so she could make out the identity of the silhouette, before her eyes widened. "Wait, Mitsuba? Is that you? Why're you like this?"

Mitsuba smiled as she made her entrance. Letting all three girls look upon her splendid body. Letting them gravitate towards her ample bosom and her beautiful locks. As well as her incredibly captivating eyes. "Wonderful eyes, Rikka. You'll make for an excellent sniper once I'm done with you. And I do need you all, Kallen. You're all precious soldiers for my Empire."

"Who died and gave you the right to go mad, Mitsuba?!" Kallen shouted, as she tried to knock some sense into her. But a single glance from those brilliant green eyes was all that it took for her body to lose all control, collapsing against her seat as she was forced to let out a powerful moan. Not only had she lost control, but it was like a fire had been lit inside her...

Rikka's eyes widened as she looked between both Kallen and Tamaki, the sweat running down the side of her head as she felt the panic settling in. "Wait, hold on, this isn't right, Mitsuba. Why are you doing all of this? Why do you want an Empire?" She asked, while doing her very best to avoid looking straight at that generous bosom or those incredibly dangerous eyes. She needed to focus on anything else besides her Empress- Mitsuba...

Mitsuba chuckled softly as she stepped closer. All while reaching forward to caress Rikka's cheek and make her look straight into her eyes. "This world has seen enough war. I will end it properly. I will make sure that everyone answers to my rule. Whether they want to or not. There will be no such thing as tepid and as dangerous as free will. You will all be mine. You, Tamaki and Kallen are going to be the first to join my Empire, and the first Pilots in my employ."

"P-Pilots..?" Rikka muttered as her eyes started to shine the same sort of green as her Empress' eyes. She could feel her pressure filling her mind. She could feel that dominance overwhelming her. But not just that. It was like she could feel Mitsuba's body wrapping around her. More specifically, how it felt to have her sitting on her lap, with her breasts pushing against both sides of her head...

Mitsuba nodded as Rikka's jaw grew more and more slack. "You'll be perfect for my Empire. Obedient, near identical Pilots. Manning the most dangerous machines that I can get my hands on. And when you're done keeping the peace for the sake of my ideal, I'll have you all in my bed. I'll have you all worshiping my body... And I'll have you make sure that you belong to me and me alone, as you stain my mattress with your devoted juices..."

Just listening to what she had in mind for the three of them was more than enough to make Rikka climax in a very shameful manner, the juices quickly running down her chair as they leaked right through her panties. All while she trembled and gasped and let her mind sink deeper into her Empress' control.

"Good. You're all ready. Mayvy, please turn on the device." Mitsuba said as she stepped back into the darkness, letting the ring above the three serve as the sole light.

The sound of a lever being pulled echoed through the room, causing the chairs to suddenly jolt upward and force all three girls to stand perfectly still. All while the halo hovering above them split into three, its energies kept them from falling back down as it started to rapidly spin while sinking down upon them.

One by one, the rings sank down. Completely and utterly wiping away every little bit of fabric that covered up their forms. None of them ever needed to wear anything but what the rings would offer them, no matter if they cherished those outfits or not.

The first to experience the delight of having the ring force a brand new outfit upon her was Tamaki. Her body was already nice and plump in all the right spots, so the ring forced a tight black fabric upon her that felt like it was about to either constrict her movement even more or simply tear apart if she moved a single inch... It was torture on somebody like her.

But at the same time, that black fabric that coated her... It was what the Empress wanted her to wear. And the more of it that covered her, the more her thoughts turned to nothing but Mitsuba. Her devotion towards hunky men was changing into devotion towards her. And just the thought of her was making her cream herself, her incredibly tight black Pilot suit quickly getting stained down below as she came over and over and over.

Tamaki fell onto her knees once her instance of the ring finished, her hands immediately diving onto her breast and her pussy as she pleasured herself thoroughly. It felt too good to pass up. It felt way too good. She just wanted to keep pleasuring herself over and over and over...

Next came Kallen, who was used to wearing incredibly tight bodysuits thanks to the nature of her piloting. But that only caused her to associate those sensations with the thoughts inside her mind, and those thoughts were currently filled with Mitsuba.

Empress Mitsuba's visage filled her mind completely. Erasing all the thoughts that pertained to her history with the Black Knights. Her history with the man that she once admired and loved. All of it was completely and utterly erased. And in its place, she imagined a life where she had been by Mitsuba's side the entire time. A life where she had worshiped her completely. A life where she had done anything she ever wanted her to do. Whether it was acting as a stool, pleasuring her in the heat of the moment, or fighting on her behalf...

Once the ring finished dressing her up in the same sort of stretchy black latex Pilot Suit as Tamaki, Kallen let out a gasp and a pant as she fell onto her knees as well, though instead of absentmindedly and hurriedly pleasuring herself, she merely raised her hand and started to salute her Empress. Because the way she would gain any sort of pleasure was not through physically entertaining herself. No, it was through complete and utter servitude. Just as it had always been.

Finally, it was Rikka's turn. Out of the three of them, she was the least experienced which meant that she couldn't really endure the sensation of all that tight latex wrapping around her. It squeezed onto her and made her cry out in pleasure, even if she could feel the strain of moving around while wearing it.

By the time that it reached her neck and it finished being applied, her mind was completely and utterly filled with nothing but focus on her body being tied down by all of this. And the moment she tried to move her body to try and fight back against how tight the suit was...

Empress Mitsuba appeared in her mind, and she felt invigorated. As long as she thought about Mitsuba, she could do anything. She was used to keeping her mind on nothing but one girl, but Mitsuba had taken the place of her completely. There was nothing else except for Mitsuba inside her mind. That beautiful form. That powerful expression. Those loving hands. Mitsuba filled her mind completely, preventing her from thinking about anything else...

Rikka let out a powerful moan as she climaxed just from thinking about her Empress so much, saluting while falling onto one knee. She couldn't help herself. It was just too much for somebody like her to handle .Even if she would get used to it for the sake of making her Empress' wishes come true.

Mitsuba smiled as her eyes glowed in the dark, and she stepped forward once more. "At attention, Pilots." She said, her voice booming through their minds as she held her arms right underneath her bosom to make it seem more impressive.

Tamaki, Kallen and Rikka all forced themselves to stand up perfectly still, saluting as juices violently gushed out of their pussies. "Yes, Empress Mitsuba." They said in unison, their eyes filled with hearts. Hearts that reflected their devotion towards their Empress.

Satisfied with their obedience, knowing that she could always test them later to make sure that the skills that the rings had imprinted in their suits were actually active, Mitsuba changed gears. "At attention, Sluts."

Upon hearing the other type of command, all three girls fell onto their backs and spread their legs, exposing their latex-covered pussies as they spread their lips eagerly for their Empress. All while drooling and panting like bitches in heat.

A simple laugh left Mitsuba's lips, before she indulged in her sluts. The first of many times she would do so... And by the next time she relieved herself with this kind of entertainment, her harem would've expanded far beyond three sluts.

Oh yes. The Earth and everything around it would be hers in due time.