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Locked up Together

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5 years later -

Hermione opens her eyes to the blinding light pouring in through the window. She stretches out with a yawn as her arm hits the sleeping body next to her. She smiles at the warmth surrounding her and can't help but spring memories of the wonderful being beside her.

Her wife.

Hermione never expected it to happen. She wasn't sure if it was all real after everything she had been through, but she wasn't in a dream, everything really did happen and she could honestly say it all happened for the best.

The warm arm of her loving Wife wrapped around her could only bring the brightest of Bright smiles to Hermione's face and as much as she wanted to lay in bed all day, she knew she had jobs to do, so she carefully slipped the arm away from her waist and stood out of the bed.

She grabbed what she needed to and made her way down the corridor into the shower room. She had very fond memories of her and her wife in here, and some people didn't understand her life choices but Hermione was happy and that is what mattered most.

She stripped out of her clothes to walk into her cubical naked as the warm water washed over her body and took away last night's sins. Since she found her sexual desires 5 years ago (thanks to a very beautiful Witch) after being locked in a box for so long, she never let them leave her, and the regular sexual activities which occured most nights made her feel she was in her late teens again.

Thank Merlin my wife can keep up.

Hermione thought as she remembered the night before with the biting, the licking, the sucking and dominance she learned to share. Although it was no secret her Wife was very submissive in the bedroom majority of the time, everyone could always see this through the marks her wife proudly showed off. Hermione has staked claim and no one dared to come between them.


Just as Hermione was getting lost in her thoughts, a set of arms and naked body wrapped themselves around her waist. Black curly hair was like a curtain coming from her side over her shoulder as her Wife kissed her neck gently.

"That wasn't very nice not waking me up Pet... I could have ended up having to share the shower room with all them other Witches!"

"Sorry Mrs Black, I will try to ignore your sleeping cuteness and not leave you to sleep in bed. Since I kept you awake all night I thought you might have wanted an extra hour?"

"Without you? Never... Remember what you said them years ago? We are Locked up together, and you agreed to be my ball in chain, so I expect you to be with me at all times..."

"You're so damn needy, and so damn beautiful, how could I ever be anywhere else than with you? Besides I don't think Lucius would let me go walk the streets since I'm kinda bound here for life now?"

Hermione turned around to face Bellatrix as her arms ran around the older Witch's neck. She learnt in for a gentle kiss as she started to remember the night that changed everything in her life as she officially became a Criminal to make sure she could spend the rest of her Life with Bellatrix Black.

The night of confrontation with Minister Fudge -

"Well Miss Granger, it has been a pleasure. Or not. You will soon learn in this life, that winners win and losers lose. A retrial will do nothing as there is too much evidence to side against her. She's there for life, and the sooner you accept that, the better it will be for you. So as I said earlier, you are gonna go home and watch Bellatrix rot on the inside of Azkaban while you rot on the outside of Azkaban. Do you want to know why this is all happening? Because I wanted it to. And I always get what I want!"

Hermione took a look around the room to see her back up plan was gone, the Aurors would follow Fudge's orders, and there is nothing she could do to get Bellatrix freed at this point. Unless...

"You said Bellatrix will be rotting in Prison why I rot on the outside of Azkaban... What makes you think I will allow Bellatrix to rot in Prison alone?"


"Miss Granger all this talk is giving me a headache, your questions are quite frankly stupid, especially coming from the Brightest Witch of her age. Bellatrix will Rot in Prison alone because you have absolutely nothing that could get her out..."

Fudge continued to laugh at Hermione as she went over what she was about to do in her head. Due to the delay of the conversation, Andy and Cissy had started to come round and looked to Hermione in shock with no recollection of what had just occured between Fudge and Hermione.

"Hermione what are you doing... This is madness, let's just go home..."

"Yes Hermione, listen to Narcissa and just go home... Women think they know everything..."

Hermione stared Fudge down with an unreadable expression as the man stupidly chose to ignore the Witch's power in front of him as he continued to mumble insults directed at the Witch.

"My home and Happiness lays with Bellatrix Black, there is nothing left for me on the outside of Azkaban while she's in there. So I'll ask again Fudge, what makes you think I'll allow Bellatrix Black to rot in Prison alone when I could be locked up with her??"

"Hermione the only way you would get the same sentence is if you killed someone..."

Fudge's eyes widen as be drags his sentence off and before he can shout for the Aurors help, Hermione blasts him with the killing curse from her Wand that he very stupidly never took from her during their conversation.

"I have learnt alot in the past month Cornelius Fudge, and my biggest triumph is I will no longer bow down to any man!"

Tales say that the only way you can use the killing curse is if you truly have the emotion and want to preform it. Hermione had all of that, plus she had the drive of Love behind her.


The room is in silence as the Aurors don't even know what to do, but soon one of them hits the alarms while the other takes the two younger Black sisters out of the office. Hermione lets her wand drop to the floor and slowly raises her hands to the back of her head in surrender for them to lock her away to her love again.

"Hmmm Hermione, you are thinking too hard again, what's going on in that pretty little mind of yours?"

Hermione was brought back from her memory and looked to Bellatrix with a smile on her face. The older Witch had finished scrubbing them down in the shower and had already gotten them the towels by time Hermione came out of her day dream. it was in moments like this that she asked herself a very important question.

Do I regret killing Fudge?

And her answer is always the same - Absolutely not.

"I was thinking back to how I got here again..."

"Hermione.. We have been over this a million times. What you did with that man was the best thing for alot of people! Laws changed, people were freed! Even Violet got out eventually thanks to her sisters help! You saved a lot of people... And it may have not been the best decision for you-"

"No Bella, it was the best decision for me, because it means I get forever with you..."

"Yes as I said, maybe not the best decision for you .."

Hermione laughs as Bellatrix sends her a scowl while dressing in her jumpsuit for the day. A lot had changed in 5 years, and Lucius was able to bring about a number of better changes in the Prison. They even got their old cell back together, number 93.


"You definitely weren't happy when I came back to the prison that's for sure! I remember you yelled at me before you gave me a hug!"

4 hours after Fudge's Death -

"I can't believe you killed him Hermione... You do realise the sentence they gave you in that trial, I'm only asking because you seemed very distant when they asked you questions..."

"I did what I had to Lucius. I can't live with Bellatrix, and he was just going to keep going after everyone. He believed he was a God not a Minister, and just like each time Bella had saved the World, I had to save her from Heartbreak. I know she split up with me because she was worried about what he might do to get back at her... I refused to let him rule our lives, and I made a decision which I can assure you I do not regret..."

Lucius nods his head understanding that Hermione has killed in the name of Love. She has removed any heartbreak that could fall on Bellatrix if Fudge decided her prison sentence wasn't enough for him anymore.

"Well... I suppose I understand, and I'm sure you and Bellatrix will have a very happy life together in Cell 93..."

"I think you know we will... I just hope she isn't too mad..."

"She's the temper just like Cissy, so she will be at the start, but she will soften eventually.. Just like her, I'm not gonna bind your magic. Don't make me regret it Hermione, I can get into a heap of trouble..."

Hermione lets out a chuckle and gives Lucius a hug to thank him for everything he has done for her. He wouldn't let the normal Aurors take her through the process as they were quite rough in bringing her to Azkaban, so he took over and kept her safe.

"Thank you Lucius, although at this point if you did take it, I wouldn't care. I have everything I need waiting on me through those doors so I will be fine..."


"Go get her. Shes in the canteen at the moment..."

Hermione made her way through the prison doors and along the hall to the canteen. The other inmates stared at her as she made her way along with a smile on her face and it only grew as she seen the back of Bellatrix sitting at a table with Violet. Hermione began her march over to the table and as soon as Violet noticed her, she dropped her fork and pointed over.

Bellatrix turned her head around and her mouth dropped open as she seen the Woman who had her Heart standing before her in a Jumpsuit.

"Hermione? What - What have you done??"

Hermione wasn't sure what she was hoping for when she first entered the prison again but she felt a little guilty as she seen the way Bellatrix was looking at her right now...

"I ... I - I killed Fudge..."

There was a silence among the crowd of Witches who had stopped to watch what was going on with the two lovers who had rocked the peace before. Bellatrix was in shock at Hermione's confession and the Younger woman took it as an opportunity to explain herself.

"I went to see him.. He was going to cause pain for you whether you were in prison or not. I couldn't let him hurt you anymore Bellatrix, you don't deserve it. So when my opportunity arrived, I killed him. I killed him so you could be free of him, so we could still have our life together..."

"But - Mione! You've just threw away your life.. You are gonna be stuck in here for life now! You've just given away your freedom!"

"No Bellatrix. I had no life or freedom before all this. Before I met you, I was trapped and I didn't even realise it. You truly freed me. My life, my future, my home all rests with you. And if I have to live my life in Prison just to have that with you... Then so be it. I would love to have you as my ball and chain, if you allow me to be yours?"


Bellatrix couldn't help the smile on her face as she moved over to Hermione and lifted her in the air for a hug. It was a beautiful moment in the middle of a prison canteen with cheering coming from other Criminals just like them.

"And just to let everyone know before shit starts up again, I Bellatrix Black claim Hermione Black as my Wife so you all better keep your thieving hands to yourself!"

There reunion was sealed with a heated kiss as the two lovers became whole again to spend the rest of their lives Locked up Together. There was a few grumbles as two very desirable Witches went off market in a matter of minutes, but everyone still cheered for them.

"Can you blame me Mione? I was in shock! I never expected to see you again after our break up in the office... But I for one am happy you killed Fudge. He was hurting so many families who he believed owed him something... You freed the World in a way!"

"I freed the World, but you freed my World.. And that is something I will always love you for!"

Hermione pulled Bellatrix over by her Jumpsuit to have another quick kiss before they made their way out to breakfast. They kept the same routine week in week out, and to some it seems like a bore.

No one understood why Hermione Granger chose to give up everything for Bellatrix Black, but in her mind she believed no one else needed to know why. They just needed to know she was happy with her decision. Bellatrix was happy with her decision.

Bellatrix's family, Ginny, the other Weasley's and the twins all made regular Saturday visits too, so no one was ever forgotten. The sisters still felt weird with the false memories they had implanted on them as doctors had struggled to fix what had already happened. Still, Hermione became family when they held a Prison Wedding in the court yard for even the media to get a glimpse of.

Our Lovers never looked back on anything after that because in their minds they were both more Free than they had ever been.

They learnt to question if they were really prisoners in their bubble when everything they ever desired was right there in their cell every night.


So they spent the rest of the lives, happy and free, all because they were Locked up Together.

The End.