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Call Me Darling

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Theo stretched out his arms, getting out of his bathroom with a pleased sigh. A relaxing bath was what he needed after a long day measuring and tailoring clothes for people. He settled down on his bed, pushing up his fuzzy robes so he could start applying cream to his skin, he couldn’t let his skin stay dry in cold weather like this. When the phone rang, Theo was startled. It was his work phone and they never called this early.


Of course, other than being the owner of a tailor shop during the day, Theo had another job he enjoyed doing at night. It was quite interesting for him to do, and it also paid him big money. Yes, he ran a phone sex service, but he was good at it, so why should he ever stop doing it?


Theo picked up the Muggle phone, one Hermione had particularly bought for him so he could start doing this. He pressed it up to his ear and cleared his throat before answering it in a sweeter voice than usual, his ‘work’ voice.


“Hello, darling,” he cooed, twirling the ties of his robes as he crossed his leg over the other. “Welcome to Late Night Chat, I’m Elliot, what would you like to do tonight? Is there anything special you have in mind?


“Hello,” the low voice said after a while. He couldn’t help but noticed the shuddering breath over the phone, he could tell the other man was nervous and clearly, this was his first time doing this. “Er, I…I—this is silly, er, I’m not sure why I’m even doing this. It’s not something I’d normally do. My friend, she…she talked me into doing this, said it’d help relieve the pent up I have, I just…I don’t know.”


Theo hummed, a smile forming at the corner of his lips. “It’s okay, darling. You can tell me the story.”




“How your friend talked you into doing this, of course.” He leaned back on his headboard, getting comfortable. Normally he wouldn’t have time to beat around the bush like this, but he figured it was still early, and the other guy might need to get comfortable first. “Do you have a secret crush, perhaps? Someone you’d like me to pretend to be?”


“Y-yes, yes, I do.” Theo smiled when he got it right. A lot of times it had been like that, some guys finding comfort in pretending Theo was their fantasies. He didn’t mind it, evidently, he was making money off it anyway.


“Okay, tell me about them, darling,” he said, waiting for the answer from the guy. It took him a while before he spoke up again.


“He…he’s beautiful,” the other guy mumbled. Beauty lay in the eye of the beholder, Theo didn’t say anything and let the man continue. “He’s so beautiful, and not everyone knows it, but he’s also smart. He has the prettiest smile, and his hair is a bit curly. I-I like the way he smells, it’s a fragrance, I think. Of lavender and strawberry. Sometimes he smells like leather too. And I, er, I want to hug him all the time.”


Theo found himself smiling again. This guy was a lovesick fool for someone, he was certain of that. “That’s sweet. How long have you been in love with him?”


“Er, I think…about seven years.” Theo widened his eyes a bit. He had never met anyone who had a crush that long on anyone. Well, other than his best friend, Draco, who obviously had been obsessed with Harry since their First Year in Hogwarts.


“Seven? You’re a faithful boy, aren’t you?” Theo smiled, wondering who this boy might have a crush on that had been going on for so long like that and why he hadn’t confessed. “Then, what would you like to call me? Would you like to call me by his name?”


“I…I don’t know…” Theo felt like the guy was shaking his head on the other line, so he didn’t push.


“It’s okay, nicknames work too,” he said, he had to ease this guy in this. It was a tricky business and he had to keep them from being turned off constantly.


“Oh, okay, er, can I…can I call you Bunny?” The guy said, his voice quiet at the end. Theo nodded, forgetting that the other guy couldn’t see it.


“Bunny? Is that what you want to call your crush?”


“I…yes, yes. He’s like a bunny, I like bunnies too,” the other guy said, his voice had become steadier after a while.


“Okay, call me Bunny. And what should I call you, lover boy?” Theo said. “Baby? Darling? Sir? Or would you want me to call you…daddy?” He heard the spluttering noise from the other guy, Theo might have teased him a bit too much.


“Er, just…pet names…are good. I don’t…I don’t think…” the guy stuttered again, and Theo hummed, understanding the situation. He had talked to men who didn’t want their identities exposed before. This guy probably worked for the Ministry and didn’t want him to know his name. Unlike the guy, it wasn’t Theo’s first time doing this.


“That’s all right, darling. Now, shall we get started?” Theo asked, but he heard a sharp intake of breath on the other line, and he was eager to hear what he wanted to tell him.


“Er, I’m…I was wondering if, if you would just…talk to me?” the guy uttered, “In a…non-sexual way. I…it’s okay if you don’t want to, I understand. It’s a weird request, I know. I just…” Hope. Theo could hear what he wanted to imply.


“You want me to pretend to be your boyfriend, and say sweet things to you?”


“Yes, yes, if that’s possible.”


It was Theo’s turn to get quiet. He didn’t do innocent things, he didn’t do comfort and small talks. He did every dirty, naughty, even kinky thing in the world. He had once brought a man to orgasm with a knotting dildo up that man’s arse just from his voice through the phone. Another time he’d had a man calling with a cock ring on and he had edged the man so hard, he fainted after his orgasm and Theo had to end the call himself.


Theodore Nott did a whole lot of things, but this…was something new that he had never done before. And he had no reason to say yes. He had plenty of clients a night, some even wanted to pay him more to give them a second orgasm. So why was he feeling resistance to declining the guy? There was something about him, and Theo wanted to know more about him, if that was possible. They didn’t even know each other’s real names or occupations.


“This is such a silly request, I…I’m sorry for taking your time,” the other guy rasped, and Theo bit his lower lip, still considering it. “You must have others waiting to call you, I’ll just…sorry, goodb—…”


No,” he said, realising he might have sounded a bit too desperate for not wanting to end the call. He rested a hand on his chest and shook his head, pulling himself together. “I can do it, for you.”


“Thank you, but you don’t have to do it. I know, I know it’s a strictly…lewd service.”


“It’s okay, you are probably my first exception, lovely,” he purred, and he knew the other guy was smiling. “Now, what do you want to share with me? Is work okay? Are you exhausted from work, darling?”


“Er, yes, we, er…”


“You can tell me, I am your boyfriend, right, love?”


“Yes, I think.” He breathed out softly. “Okay, I’m an Auror.”


“My man becoming an Auror,” he cooed, “you must be so strong, aren’t you? Fighting bad wizards all day, you’d be so sore. I wish I were there, giving you back rubs.” He smiled, playing with his robes. “I am told I’m very good with my hands.”


The guy coughed out loud, then the voice was muffled. Theo was highly fascinated by this man, he seemed all cute and flustered and Theo couldn’t help admitting that he wanted to see this man in real life, and they’d only been talking for a few minutes.


“It’s…it’s not that bad, don’t worry,” the guy said quietly, “I wish you were here too.”


“Yeah? What would you do if I were there with you?” he asked, hearing his steady breathing now through the phone.


“I…I would hold you close to me,” he said, and Theo was stunned by the way he expressed it, with his voice gentle like clouds, Theo could just float on it. “I want to kiss your forehead, and I…I want to watch you fall asleep as we watch Muggle movies, because I know you love them. And you fall asleep easily, especially after a few drinks.” Theo listened to it carefully, suddenly understanding the love this guy had for his crush. It was simply profound. He had never had a man feeling any feeling as deep as this. Men who approached him only wanted him for his appearance, and nothing more. If he found someone who would love him as much as this guy adored his crush, Theo would just be on cloud nine.


“Will you carry me to bed then?” he asked and heard a small hum.


“Yes, I will. And I want to wake up with you next to me, I want to make you breakfast, and take care of you…I’d give you a kiss before we both go to work,” he said with a sigh. Theo slid down to lie on the bed fully, still with the phone pressed to his ear as he smiled, looking up at the ceiling.


“I know you will take care of me well, darling, you always have,” he said, knowing it was all a façade, but he had to play the role. He hesitated after a while before continuing, “I love you, you know that?”


The man gave a sharp breath and Theo smiled. He rarely said those three words to anyone, he never had to. Most of his partners were only there for one night, and the others didn’t stay long enough until he could say it, he didn’t feel the love for them anyway. The only few times he said those words were to his first love, a bastard who cheated on him back in Hogwarts, and he never said those words again. Until now, even if it wasn’t real.


“Yes,” the man finally said, “I love you too, so much.”


“I know you do.” Theo smiled. The next thing he heard was a door being slammed open on the other line, and then he heard muffled noises of people talking but he couldn't make out what they were saying.


Oh, I-I have to go,” the guy spoke in a rush. He perhaps had a mission to go. “Can I, can I talk to you tomorrow too?”


“Sure, love,” Theo said, adding, “be safe.” He didn’t know why he said it, something in him just urged him to. It was definitely odd for him to feel in this certain way for a stranger.


“I will,” the man answered, and he hung up instantly. Theo looked at the number on the phone screen, he had never saved anyone’s number except for his friends. However, his fingers were already saving his number in his contacts. Love. He shook his head at the cheesy name he typed in for the guy, but he didn’t know his name, and it was the first thing that had come to his mind.


His phone rang again, another strange number this time. Theo ignored his thoughts about the other guy and answered the call, getting back to his job, the professional way.








Theo turned around when the doorbell jingled as someone walked in. He smiled, seeing Ron still in his Auror robes and a brown box in his hands. “What brings you here, Red?”


“I told you not to call me that, Curly,” Ron retorted, and they both laughed simultaneously. He placed the box on the table, sliding it into Theo’s hand. “I have a small favour, Theo. I need your help.”


He peered into the box and gasped, flashing the brightest smile at Ron when he saw his favourite food. “Jam doughnuts?” Ron grinned, nodding at him.


“All yours.” The redhead propped himself with his hands on the table. Theo picked out a random one and hummed in pleasure when the rhubarb jam oozed into his mouth, sending shivers down his spine.


“Oh, Merlin’s balls and dick, it’s like an orgasm for my mouth,” he moaned around the cake and Ron looked at him with a wide smile. “Okay, I’ll do whatever you want. You’re already my best friend, so this isn’t even necessary.”


He was curious as to why Ron would buy him all this when they were already close friends. They’d been for five years now, and he had to admit he was even closer to Ron and Draco than Pansy, but he could never tell Pansy that as it would break her heart. He took another bite into the doughnut, shuddering at how delicious it was. “But who am I to say no when you want to bribe me?”


“Well, it’s because it’s not for me,” Ron said, and Theo lifted his eyebrow in confusion. “It’s for Neville.”


“Neville? Why doesn’t he come to me himself?” Theo licked the jam that fell on his finger and cocked his head to the side. He knew Neville, of course, they were friends with each other after all. However, they never really interacted outside of their weekly pub nights. Neville was a very, very shy guy, and he rarely ever looked at Theo in the eyes, but he’d thought they were on better terms than that.


“He doesn’t even want to do this at first, his grandmother insists, it’s a whole thing,” Ron said, gesturing with his hands flying up everywhere in the air. “I made a suggestion that you could help him.”


“Oh? Sure, what does he need help with?” Theo nodded, seeing no problem in helping a friend. Surely it wouldn’t be anything that he couldn’t do.


“He needs to get new clothes, there are a few more things, but Neville will tell you about it later,” Ron said, glancing at the door before looking back. “I think he will be here any second now.”


“And just that?”




“Out with it, Ron,” Theo smirked at him, noticing how the redhead was hesitating. Whenever he did it, it meant he had more things on his mind that he wanted to say.


“Neville is kind of, er, how do I put this…he doesn’t know how to flirt.” Ron furrowed his eyebrows, hoping Theo would understand him. “Pansy says so.”


“I see, so is that a trademark that all Gryffindors have?” Theo grinned and Ron glared at him, breaking into a smile after. He remembered how long he had spent with Draco to help Ron with seduction, it was even harder than designing an extravagant ball gown for Pansy. Hermione was also extremely bad at flirting even though she was brilliant at basically everything else, and Harry was simply a giant ball of disaster when it came to flirting with Draco.


“Now that I think of it, maybe,” Ron said, humming, “but you understand me, right?”


“I do, he needs help with clothes and how to flirt with other people and I need to help him with it because knowing Neville, he’d be too shy to ask?”


“You read my mind, Theo.”


“So, ultimately, I’m helping him so he can get laid?” Theo asked and Ron’s lips curled up into a slight frown as he shook his head.


“Not really,” Ron said. He intended to say more but the door was opened and drew both of their attention to the new customer. Theo stilled when he saw Neville walk in. He was still in his Auror robes just like Ron. His blond hair seemed to glow under the sunlight that shone through the window. His wand was still lying neatly in his hand as he stepped inside the shop.


He cleaned his hands with magic and smiled as Neville approached them. “Hi,” he said, reaching his hand out for a handshake and Neville took it after a moment of hesitation.


“Yes, er, hi,” Neville said, shaking his hand and retreating it quickly.


“So,” Ron said, “I guess I’ll leave you two to it. Neville, I haven’t told Theo the specifics yet so you can tell him about it.” He smacked Neville’s back and squeezed his shoulder in reassurance before turning to Theo. “I believe you can take care of him now. Don’t break him or the girls will kill you.” He sent him a wink and headed to the door.


“You won’t find him on my bed tomorrow morning, if that’s what you mean,” Theo called out and Ron cackled before exiting the shop. He turned back to look at Neville, who was staring at him. “Oh no, honey, I was just joking, I’m not going to seduce you or anything.”


“No, no, I know that,” Neville uttered, baring a chary smile at him. “I was just…er, sorry.”


“No, please, don’t be sorry,” he said, rounding the table to get closer to him. “I tease everyone, so don’t worry much about it. Besides, we’re friends, right? I don’t fuck around with friends.” He grinned, but that only seemed to make Neville’s pupils dilate. “Shit, I should not have said that.”


“It’s okay,” Neville said, nodding his head like it was his nervous tick. He scratched the nape of his neck and looked around the shop. “Er, I should probably tell you why I’m here.”


“Yes, that’d be best, I’d understand the situation better if you do.”


“My grandmother has been insisting that I get married for years now,” Neville said, reluctance filling the tone of his voice. “But well, since I’m close to my 30th birthday, she’s been pushing it even harder. And without telling me, she set me up on dates with a list of girls, saying it’d fasten the process.”


“Ah, I see.” He nodded. He actually had no clue what it felt like. His father had died from the Dementor’s Kiss after the war, and his mother had died two years after he was born. He had no parents, and therefore, no pressure to get married to anyone, which was a good thing if he was being honest to himself. “And now you have to get new robes to meet all those women?” he asked, and Neville gave him a curt nod. “I can help you with that. Come now,” he said, gesturing to the small platform in the middle of the shop, before a big mirror. “Can you please take off your robes?”


“Yes, sure,” Neville said, stripping off his robes and Theo draped it over his arm, glancing at Neville up and down. His gaze stopped at the wand holster wrapped around Neville’s hips. It gave him a strange feeling that stirred in his stomach. He shook it off and realised just how tall Neville was. Theo was short, he knew that, and he was thin as well, but Neville was quite the opposite of him. He must be ten inches taller than Theo. He wasn’t muscular, with his stomach jutting out a bit, stretching his white shirt. All in all, he found Neville quite adorable now that he got to properly talk and have a look at him.


“Okay, let me,” he said, stepping forward and taking Neville’s wand holster off. He placed his robes and holster on the small couch behind them and got back to his spot with his measuring tape ready. He always did the measuring with his hands, it brought more intimacy and connection from him to the customers, and he liked it this way better. “What do you have in mind, Neville?”




“I mean do you have anything particular you want to wear. Do you have any preference? Like…do you prefer your shirt to have a whole lot of buttons or not, things like that? Lift your arms for me, please.” He gestured and Neville raised his arms up to the side. Theo began measuring him with careful steps, he couldn’t help taking in the woody scent from Neville, mixed with a hint of citrus. It was endearing.


“I don’t think I have any preference, er, so you can create whatever you feel like. You’re incredibly brilliant and I trust you,” Neville said, his voice suddenly filled with confidence and Theo had to take a second to look up at him with a smile on his lips. “Oh, er, I’m sorry, did I say anything wrong?”


“No, I’m just…quite speechless,” he said, shaking his head softly to get back to measuring Neville’s shoulder. “Have you found out who your dates will be yet? Or will it be a surprise?”


“Yeah, she gave me a list, there are like twenty girls there,” Neville said with an exasperated sigh. “My first date is with, er, Katie Bell.”


“Oh? A former Gryffindor as well,” he hummed. He didn’t know Bell that well, but he knew enough that she was a kind one, he didn’t really care. He was abruptly reminded by Ron’s words, who had told him to help Neville with his flirting, and decided to ease his way in. “Are you nervous about the dates?”


“Er, yes, I-I’m not really good with…relationships, I have…I don’t have much experience in it.”


“I thought you dated Abbott for a while, right?” he moved around to measure Neville’s back, poking his head to the side to ask him.


“Yeah, but, er, it was ten years ago, and er, she was, she was the one who initiated everything,” Neville said, and Theo nodded, pushing Neville’s arms back down. “She eventually broke up with me because of that.”


“I’m sorry,” he said, offering a soft smile as he walked back around to face Neville. He kneeled on one knee and continued his work with his legs. “So, you’re saying you have no experience in the flirting area?”


“Yeah, er, I just freeze and I can’t…I can’t find any word to say,” Neville revealed, fidgeting with his sleeves. Theo smiled; this was his chance to offer his help. He looked up and met Neville’s eyes.


“Do you want me to help you with that?”


“What?” Neville was wide-eyed, staring down at him as he stopped fidgeting altogether.


“I can help you with flirting,” he smiled, grazing his touch over Neville’s hips and trailing the tape down to his foot. “I am told that I’m excellent at that field, you can ask Ron, I practically turned him into a slut.” He laughed and realised Neville might not be comfortable at hearing his friend being called that. “Sorry, we always call each other that, so I just…”


“No, it’s fine, I know,” Neville smiled, it was gentle, and Theo felt reassured at that. “But you don’t have to help me, I-I don’t think it’d be-…”


“Oh, stop, it’s my pleasure,” he said, standing up and tapping at Neville’s clothed chest with a smile. “I’d love to help you with it, maybe you can woo your future wife, who knows?” He arched his eyebrow and tilted his head to the side, angling a soft, persuasive look at Neville, hoping he was convincing enough.


When Neville stayed quiet, he decided to bring in his secret weapons. He fluttered his eyelashes and gave Neville his lopsided smile that always got everyone melting at his feet. “Please, let me help?” he added, observing the way Neville’s eyes became frantic as he looked at Theo.


“Er, yes, okay, yeah, you can,” he said, and Theo beamed, tapping his cheek playfully.


“Thank you, love, you won’t regret this,” Theo said, taking in the way Neville was blushing red now. He might have gone far with his touches, he sighed and retreated his hands, knowing not everyone liked the way he was too touchy-feely all the time. “Okay, so far, I’ve got your measurements. Come here now, honey.” He led Neville to the table and pulled out a book. He flipped it open and showed Neville the colour palette. “What colour do you prefer?”


Neville spent a good few minutes looking at it, however, when he spoke up, it was not what Theo expected. “Er, I don’t know what to choose, actually, sorry. I don’t-I don’t really pay much attention to it before.”


“It’s okay, I’ve met many customers like you, Neville,” he said with a smile, closing up the book and leaning back on the table. They were practically done with everything now. He picked up a piece of parchment and scribbled down his address. He held up Neville’s hand by his wrist and shoved the small parchment in his palm. “Here’s my address, whenever you feel like you need help with flirting, you can come to my house, and we will get started on it right away.”


“Er, your-your house?”


“Well, yeah, where else would you want us to practice it in, Neville? Would you rather we pretend to flirt in public?” he asked, grinning when Neville’s cheeks turned rosy. “I can teach you wherever you want, Neville, it’s your choice.”


“Okay…okay, thank you,” Neville uttered, folding the parchment carefully before putting it in the pocket of his trousers.


“And I’m free every night, but please call before you pay me a visit, Neville, I don’t want you to see me naked or anything,” he chuckled, stopping instantly when Neville didn’t laugh. His eyes remained unblinking. “Oh, I didn’t mean it, well, I do. I usually don’t wear any clothes except my robes at home-oh, okay, I’m making it worse,” he said in a panic as Neville was now blinking rapidly at him, his lips parted, trembling. “I’m sorry, I just mean you should call me before you come. It will give me time to get ready. Is that okay?”


Neville swallowed quietly and nodded. Theo exhaled in relief, that was good. He was used to talking without filters, but this, he had never encountered before. A man who flushed so easily before what he said. Theo didn’t want to presume anything, but he suspected Neville might still be a virgin. “Okay, that’s good. When do you want to do it?” he asked, easing the guy gently into the subject with careful words. “Is Wednesday night okay?”


“Yeah, yeah, Wednesday night is okay,” Neville gave him another nod and Theo felt easier at talking to him. He turned to see the box of doughnuts still lying nicely on his table and picked one out, handing it to Neville. “I’m not-…”


“Please, Neville, have one, I still have more in there.”


Theo took one doughnut out for himself. Biting into it with a pleased noise, Theo chewed on the doughnut with joy. It did feel almost as good as being fucked nicely. He glanced at Neville, who was still holding the doughnut in his hand as he stared at Theo. “Come on, honey, eat it, I don’t mind.” He gestured with his hand and watched Neville gulp before eating it. “Oh-…” he exclaimed when the strawberry jam oozed out of the doughnut when Neville had his first bite. It fell on his white shirt and Theo was quick to act.


“Let me, honey, hold on,” Theo said, stepping forward to wipe the jam off his shirt, his hand rubbing against Neville’s chest. He picked up his wand and murmured a soft spell, watching as the pink blotch on his shirt became clean again. “There you go, all clean,” he said, looking up and halting. “Oh, wait, you have a bit of…” He stood up on his tiptoes and brushed his thumb against the corner of Neville’s lips, where some of the jam had been stuck. He sucked on the jam on his fingertip and smiled at Neville. “Now you’re all clean.”


“I-I have to go,” Neville said, stepping backwards and almost falling on his arse when he tripped on the platform. He grabbed his robes and wand holster, bolting out of the shop in barely a minute. Theo sighed; he might have made the guy uncomfortable again. He really should refrain from touching others. He continued eating his doughnut and opened the colour palette again, he had a lot to do from now.








“And he just ran out?” Draco asked as Theo applied more of his handmade face mask on the blond’s cheeks. “What did he look like?” Draco crossed his leg over the other, leaning it on the table and tying up his fuzzy dark green robes, making himself comfortable.


“Like he was scared of me or something,” Theo said with a sigh. He couldn’t get the image of Neville running out of his shop like he had just seen his greatest nightmare. He’d had to resort to calling his friends to help him unwind. “Maybe I was touching him too much. Maybe he doesn’t like gay people touching him.”


“Neville isn’t homophobic, Theo, trust me,” Ron said from his spot next to Draco on the couch, his hand stuck in the bowl of cucumber, and he was also wearing a red fluffy robe. Theo’s robe was a bright pink colour, they’d bought the robes together years ago and would always wear it on their sleepovers. It was rare, now that both Draco and Ron were married, but they’d still stay a night at Theo’s place if he asked them to.


“Ron, stop eating the cucumber on your face, it’s your face mask,” Theo said, swatting Ron’s hand away from his face and getting a frown from the redhead. He took more cucumber slices and placed them back on the empty spots on Ron’s face, shoving the bowl of popcorn into his arms and it brought a smile to Ron’s face quickly. “You really think he doesn’t hate me for touching him too much?”


“Well, I mean, not everyone is used to your touches, Theo,” Ron said with a shrug as Draco nodded, agreeing with him without a word. “He’s just not familiar with it yet, so, give it time, I guess.”


“I think Ron has a good point, perhaps Neville is not used to affection,” Draco said, and Theo sighed. “Doesn’t mean he won’t.”


“All done,” he said, looking at Draco’s face now filled with the white pearly face mask. He took the bowl of cucumber and poured it all in the blender, turning back to look at them. “So should I keep doing what I always do, or should I try to stop myself?”


“We’d never tell you not to be yourself,” Draco said, and Ron nodded gently so the cucumbers wouldn’t fall from his face. “However…”


“Maybe, turn it down a notch?” Ron suggested, and Theo pursed his lips up into a frown. He had never really had to turn it down for anyone. “It’s okay if you don’t want to, we’re sure once Neville knows you better, he will be okay with it.”


“Yeah, and you know, Ron wasn’t used to affection too, but now look at him, he’s all so cuddly with Blaise all the time.”


“Oi! You’re the same with Harry!” Ron nudged Draco with his leg as the blond sat up.


“Another good point,” Draco said, snickering as Theo leaned back on the back of the chair. The blond then began applying the grey cream to his face, another face mask that Theo had made himself. The movie was still playing in the background, but they were too focused on their conversation that they hardly cared about what was going on in the movie.


“No, you two are right, I don’t want to scare him again,” he said, tugging at his own robe and breathing out heavily. “I just-I’ve never seen anyone that terrified of my touch before. It’s so odd that I’m still dreading over it now. It’s not that big of a deal, right?”


Draco and Ron exchanged a look at each other before Ron spoke up, “Well, I think, maybe, just maybe, that you’re accustomed to people receiving your touch easily. Even the guys who want you, you know, they’d kill for your touch, so when Neville recoil from it…”


“It makes you reflect on it, and that’s a normal thing to do,” Draco continued. Theo looked up at the ceiling and thought about it. Perhaps his friends were right. He had never been denied of touches before. Men would be kneeling on the floor, begging for his affection. However, Neville was just different from them, he was frightened by it. And it annoyed Theo when he couldn’t figure out why.


“Okay, I’ll just…try not to touch him, but still be myself. Easy, right?” he said in a chirpy voice and Draco snorted.


“Yeah, sounds like a piece of cake,” Ron answered, “Which reminds me, can we eat the cake now?”


“I thought you just finished a whole basket of chocolate muffins?”


“Sorry, I just want to taste my husband’s mini cinnamon rolls,” Ron said, huffing like a kid and Theo had to chuckle at his behaviour.


“You can eat it once you stop eating your mask, Ron,” Theo snorted, “Oh, by the way, are your husbands…okay with this? I mean, we haven’t done this for so long.”


“Blaise is okay,” Ron shrugged, careful not to make any of the cucumber slices fall off his face again. “We did it before I got here, so he’ll be sated for the night.”


“Wow, you guys fucked before, and you can still sit here relaxing with us now?” Theo gasped in surprise. Normally it was hard for Ron to even walk after every time Blaise played with him roughly, this was new.


“I’m an Auror, guys, I train every week, of course I can handle Blaise.”


“Ron,” Draco said, lifting his brow and smirking at the redhead.


“Fine, I asked him to go easy on me,” Ron finally confessed as Draco and Theo cackled at him. “I’ll definitely be getting it rough tomorrow, but it’s okay, it’s just the way I like it,” Ron said with a contented sigh before turning to glance at Draco. “What about you? Did you have a quickie before too?”


“No, nothing of the sort,” Draco smiled cheekily and finished applying the mask on Theo’s face as he returned to his spot, taking the glass of margarita in his hand and sipping on it. “I told him to wait, and well, I will reward him tomorrow.”


Slutty,” Theo howled and nudged Draco by his elbow. “What are you going to reward him with?”


“We…are doing one of his fantasies, so he has the night to choose, whatever he wants, I will do it.”


“What if he wants you to wear your old robes in Hogwarts and pretend to be a student? And he’s your professor,” Ron asked, “and then you beg to do whatever he wants so you can save your grades. And somehow you end up being spanked on his lap, and he then fucked you right on the table, all over the papers he was grading?”


Both Draco and Theo turned quiet after what Ron had said, Theo stifled a laugh and leaned over. “That’s pretty fucking graphic to just be a fantasy, Ron,” he said, nudging the redhead and adding, “you did that with Blaise, didn’t you?”


“Maybe,” Ron said after a while, “Okay, we did, it was fun, you should try that.”


“Perhaps I will,” Draco snorted, tying his long hair back into a messy bun and relaxing against the couch. “So, do you have any other fantasy that you’ve done with Blaise?”


“Plenty,” Ron scoffed and proceeded to tell Draco more stories. Theo sat up when he heard his phone ring, it was his work phone again.


“What’s wrong?”


“It’s my work,” he said, furrowing his eyebrow as he summoned it with magic to his hand.


“Don’t they know you don’t work on a Monday night? You never work today,” Ron asked, his voice filled with a hint of concern.


“I thought they-…oh, hold on,” Theo said, staring at the screen, the single word ‘Love’ appearing on it. “This-I have to take this, keep going, I’ll be back.”


He got off the couch and rushed into the closest room he could walk to. He slipped inside the bathroom and closed the door, taking a deep breath and smiling at his reflection in the mirror before answering the call. “Hi, darling.” His voice was softer now, and he could hear the steady breathing on the other side.


“Hi, er, is this a bad time? I thought…I didn’t think you’d pick it up,” the voice said. Theo knew he should tell him right away; he always did with other customers. He didn’t work on Monday nights, ever. And he was supposed to tell him that yesterday already, but the call had ended so abruptly that he had forgotten about it.


“No, no, honey, I’m always here for you, of course,” he said, a smile appearing on his lips. Another exception for this man, Theo didn’t know he was this soft for a stranger. “How are you today, love? Everything all right at work?”


“Yeah, yeah it is, I…I think I might have done something stupid today.” His voice was now shaking a bit, Theo leaned back on the cold wall behind him, pursing his lips.


“I’m sorry to hear that, but I’m sure it wasn’t anything that you can’t fix, right, darling?”


“I…I don’t know, I acted rash and I’m sure I made myself look like a dumb guy,” the guy sighed, sounding sombre just from his voice and Theo found himself pouting when he glanced at his reflection in the mirror.


“Is there anything I can do to help, baby?” he asked, playing with his own robes as he waited for an answer. There was an urge inside him, rooting from his stomach and leading straight to his heart, and he felt like comforting the guy. He would never do anything like this, he shouldn’t even bother, but somehow…Theo shook his irrational thoughts off when he heard the guy speaking up.


“It’s okay, I’m okay.” There was a short moment of silence before he added, “I want to kiss you,” he breathed out shakily and Theo’s heart thumped harder in his chest for some unknown reason. He must be referring to the guy he had feelings for. Theo forced himself to focus on pretending and smiled.


“I want to be kissed by you too, surely it would be a good kiss, right?” he teased and heard the guy chuckle softly on the other side. “How would you kiss me, darling?”


“I…” the guy uttered, seemingly hesitant to keep going. “I will kiss the back of your hand first, each and every knuckle.” Theo sucked in a sharp breath, no one had ever wanted to do that to him before, it was simply too gentle, too loving, something only lovers do, not people he fucked with. “I’d kiss your forehead, your cheeks, and then I’d kiss you on your lips.”


“Where will you touch me as you kiss me, love?” He bit on his lower lip, biting back a smile as he kept edging the guy on.


“Er, I…I will just hold you close…”


“With your hands on my hips?” he asked as the guy breathed out a soft “Yes.” He continued, “You know you can touch me everywhere, right?” He grinned, adding, “I’m all yours to touch, darling.”


There was only the sound breathing from the phone, Theo wondered whether the guy was scared or was turned on from that. He could hope it was the latter.


“Fuck,” the guy finally said, and Theo was surprised to hear him curse. He certainly didn’t seem like one would curse much.


“Are you feeling better now, love?”


“Yes, thank you,” the guy answered, and Theo felt a smile creeping up his lips. “Can I…can I call you again tomorrow?”


“I’m always here, darling, just for you,” he said and startled himself when he realised he meant every word. Getting calls only to bring the other to orgasm was something he had gotten used to, and he didn’t hate it, but he wouldn’t pick up such calls on his day off. However, this guy, once again, made himself an exception, and Theo had to wonder why.


“Er, okay, I…sweet dreams…Bunny.” Theo stared at the mirror when something coiled in his stomach when he heard the guy call him by that name. He quickly composed himself again and nodded.


“Goodnight, darling, I hope dream about me,” he said, smiling when the guy chuckled. The call ended and Theo sighed, turning his phone off and getting out of the bathroom.


“I can’t forget the look on my father’s face, pure horror,” Draco said, gesturing with his hand as Theo walked back into the living room. “Harry had to cover himself with the blanket, I was underneath him, it’s just a whole mess-oh hey! You’re back.”


“What’s got you running so quick?” Ron asked, turning around when Theo turned to get to the kitchen instead.


“It’s…someone,” Theo said as he placed the cinnamon rolls into a small tray. Blaise had specifically made food for Ron just to make sure he was full tonight, and Harry did the same thing, as he bought two big bags full of snacks and delivered them to the door just hours ago.


“Woah, hold on, someone as in someone new?” Ron’s eyebrows lifted, full of curiosity as Draco gasped, leaning over the back of the chair.


“Don’t tell me you’re falling for your client,” Draco said, “oh my god, are you?


“He isn’t,” Ron said, halting as he turned to look at Theo. “Are you?”


“I’m not,” he said, bringing the tray back to the living room as he placed it on the table. Both Draco and Ron turned to him, waiting for him to elaborate on it. “Guys, I’m not.”


“You know, when your voice goes high like that, it means you’re lying,” Draco said, looming over Theo as if he was inspecting him. “Back me up, Ron.”


“You’re lying,” Ron said, nodding from behind Draco and for the first time, Theo felt shocked that they’d team up against him like this. “Theo, come on, we know you well enough. You can tell us about it.”


“Okay, but you two have to promise not to freak out,” he said, sighing and tapping his feet on the ground. Draco and Ron glanced at each other before looking back at him and nodding.


“Okay, spill, Theo.”


“He called me yesterday, he was quite odd. He said his friend told him to do this, and he has this crush who he’s liked for seven years,” Theo went on as his friends listened to him intently. “The weird part was he didn’t even want to do the phone sex thing. He wants to call me every day and just talk about things. He calls me bunny, and I call him by terms of endearment.”


“And you agreed to it?” Ron asked and Theo nodded. “But…why?”


“I told you he’s falling for the anonymous guy on the phone,” Draco said, elbowing Ron as Theo rolled his eyes. He wasn’t falling for him. They talked twice and there was no way he would. It was simply impossible to feel such things in such a short span of time. “Theo, you don’t even know his name, or what he does. He could be a pervert, a stalker, or worse, a criminal.”


“Well…” he uttered, swallowing the invisible lump in his throat as he tried to protest. “Okay, I do know what he does for a living. He’s an Auror.”


“An Auror?”


“Yeah, will you be able to find out who he is?” Theo asked when Ron spoke up. Maybe he could figure out who the guy was after all.


“I wish, there are way too many Aurors in our department now,” Ron said, and Theo frowned. That was so close. “Not to mention the trainees, there’s no way to do it, unless you know more about him.”


“So, you do want to know his real identity?” Draco inquired and Theo stared at him, unable to decide. There was a small feeling in him, it was just curiosity of course, but it was there, and it wasn’t going to leave any time soon.


“I don’t know, maybe, he…he’s different,” Theo said, looking down and exhaling. “He seems nice, and he’s so sweet.”


“He’s in love with someone else, Theo,” Draco said, his eyebrows knitted together as he placed his hand on top of Theo to comfort him. “You do remember that, right?”


“Yeah, of course I do, that’s what I hate about it, I just…fuck, I don’t know what I’m feeling,” he said, groaning and slouching back on the couch, folding his legs together. “I guess I’m just new to someone being so different like this, he’s not like any guy I’ve ever talked to, or dated, or slept with. He’s just…he’s,” he sighed, “precious.”


“I know, honey,” Draco said softly, rubbing circles over the back of Theo’s hand as Ron stroked his hair. “You will find someone too, we know it.”


“Yeah, Draco’s right. This-this sweetness between you two is only a pretence, right?” Ron asked and Theo gave him a nod so he could continue, “yeah, so the affection from him is just something you’ve never received from those horrible lovers of yours, so you’re feeling confused.”


“You’re right, right, I’m confused, that’s all.” He nodded firmly and sat up straight, clearing his throat. “My day today somehow revolved around two men, and that’s already giving me a headache.”


“Let’s just enjoy tonight, all right? No sad talk,” Draco said, turning up the volume of the movie as the three of them settled back on the big couch.


“Okay, what were you two talking about?” Theo asked, turning to them as Ron huffed out a laugh.


“Draco was just telling me how Lucius caught him and Harry when he paid them a visit,” Ron snickered, “it was just last Friday!”


“Shut up! You did not!” Theo exclaimed and Draco grinned in a guilty way. Theo joined in the conversation again, his mind was set to ignore everything else that was bothering him.