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Taming the wolf prince

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Chang Geng and Gu Yun were just resting in a cave when it all happened.

The cold night of winter caught them while traveling from the Black Iron Camp back to the capital, and since no one was accompanying them, resting in a cave was far easier than building a temporary shelter.

As they went inside the cave, they noticed that not only was it hot inside, it also had plants! Tiny vines crawled through the ground and up the walls, and with them, thousands of even tinier flowers adorned the cave. These flowers, as odd as they were, had quite a good smell. Gu Yun was the first one to notice this, so he said :

"Huh, this flowers have a peculiar smell, I don't think I have ever seen them before"

This, coming from someone who spent almost all of his life in the battlefield, hiding in caves and fighting in mountains, was surprising.

Chang Geng came closer to the flowers, but unexpectedly, just as he was gonna sniff, four of them collectively exploded, surrounding the air around him with a thick snow-like pollen that quickly got into his nose.

Although his first reaction was to cover his face, It was too late, the pollen was already inside him. Gu Yun saw the commotion and came quickly to Chang Geng, grabbing his hand and pulling him deeper in the cave.

"What were you doing? Do you have to smell everything you see? Are you a dog perhaps?"

That was… not entirely false.

"Sorry, I just wanted to see them up close"

Gu Yun sighed, well, they were just tiny flowers, what harm could they do?

As they moved deeper, the path started becoming more narrow, but the grip on Chang Geng's hand didn't have the intention to let loose. Their bodies came closer, to the point Gu Yun's black armor was rubbing against Chang Geng, sending a chill down his spine every time the cold metal touched him.

"Yifu… don't you think it's getting hot in here?"

It certainly was, the walls of the cave were covered in tiny droplets of water, giving it a gloomy look. The moonlight illuminating the entrance didn't reach that far, so they were almost in complete darkness.

"It might be hotter, but do you want to go back to those weird plants?"

Chang Geng hummed softly, he didn't want to.

"Wait… do you see that?" Gu Yun squeezed his hand and pointed ahead with his other arm, which was kind of pointless since almost everything was pitch black. He seemed to realize this and put away his arm, a slight blush of embarrassment painted his cheeks, but no one could see that.

Chang Geng looked ahead, and surprisingly enough, there was something glowing almost 200 meters away. The light was dim, but it was indeed light. Seeing this, the two of them ran towards it, resembling the moths at the Marquis Manor every time a lamp was lit.

Unexpectedly, what they found out was not a lamp, but a big yellowish crystal. The light it emitted revealed a large space inside the cave, and water flowing could be heard. White steam came from inside this space, and as they followed it they found out more and more crystals that illuminated the cave. Soon enough they reached a pool of hot water that flowed from inside the stone walls. Chang Geng didn't pay it any attention but Gu Yun seemed delighted with this discovery.

"Finally something good!" Said the Marquis one second before he started undoing his armor. For someone as skilled as the Marquis of Order with armors, it only took him 3 minutes to be completely naked.

Chang Geng felt that the heat and pressure that had been forming inside him were about to explode at the sight of Gu Yun's exposed skin. It wasn't his fault that he couldn't control his heart, after all, who could? Not him, that's for sure.

"I'll go outside for a while"

Gu Yun, who was already in the water, turned around to face him and Chang Geng thanked the gods for making the water cover almost all of his body.

"Running away so soon?" The sweet tone of his voice was an obvious attempt to tease Chang Geng, and it was effective.

Chang Geng started sweating, his body trembled at the mere hint of something more hidden in Gu Yun's words.

"Sorry… I need to go"

He turned around to leave when suddenly a hand grabbed his shoulder and turned him around again. This person kissed him deeply, and it only took Chang Geng a second to see it was Gu Yun, who came out of the pool soaking wet to stop him from leaving.

His black hair was scattered around his shoulders, droplets of water dropped from it and made his figure shine in the light of the crystals. His face was flushed from the hot steam and had a gentle expression on it, appearing more like a tiny kitten and less as the restless lion he was.

The kiss was too unexpected for Chang Geng to coordinate himself, and so he let out a gasp Gu Yun of course noticed. He took that opportunity to kiss him deeper, grabbing his head with one of his wet hands to pull his hair. Chang Geng squinted at the sudden pull, opening his mouth to whine but meeting the Marquis tongue instead. It was all too sudden, his mind didn't have time to process before his body reacted first. His hands were hanging mid-air, afraid to touch but refusing to retreat.

Gu Yun saw that he didn't know what to do with his hands and broke the kiss for a second to speak. Still grabbing his hair, he pulled Chang Geng's head closer and spoke with a mellow tone right in his ear "If you want to touch, do it. What are you so afraid of, my prince?"

A few sweet words of his were enough to make Chang Geng drool all over the floor like a mad dog in heat, but he used all of his strength to control himself. He pushed the Marquis, gaining a confused look from him.

"Chang Geng, are you okay… ?"

He did not reply. The heat that was burning him inside suddenly became unbearable, making him growl in pain. Gu Yun knew that something was wrong but did not dare to ask, instead he got dressed with his inner robe as quickly as he humanely could and went directly to Chang Geng, who was growling in pain.

"Chang Geng… ?" His voice got cut off by a low growl that wasn't his own, it sounded like a beast. Chang Geng then looked at him, and it was a moment the Marquis of Order would never forget. He had seen the fear, the fury and the sadness in people's eyes countless times, but he had never seen a gaze so… feral. Chang Geng's eyes were bloodshot, and his pupils had taken a different color and shape. They were an ember color, as if a fire was kept inside, and looked more like an animal than a human.

Gu Yun instinctively took a step back, because the scent of danger could be smelled from miles away. Chang Geng was struggling to talk, but all he could say was "... run away" and Gu Yun didn't know what to do.

He hesitated, but then Chang Geng spoke again, "please… I don't want to hurt you… "

Hearing this, Gu Yun realized Chang Geng knew what was gonna happen, and even though he himself did not, he obeyed and ran away towards the exit.

Growling and screaming could be heard behind him, and his heart hurt, because he knew Chang Geng was suffering and there was nothing he could do. As he ran through the narrow pitch black cave, he noticed the growling had stopped. He slowed down, looking back, but there was nothing to see, the light of the crystals didn't reach that far. Just as he was gonna start running again, something could be heard. They were footsteps, slow and steady, but something about them felt very wrong. The weight of the sound… didn't feel human at all. Gu Yun felt a shiver run down his spine, all his instincts were telling him to get out of there right now, but his heart was telling him otherwise. Chang Geng was still inside, could that be him? He stopped walking and concentrated on hearing. The footsteps were coming closer at the same pace, and sounds of an erratic breathing could be heard. He squinted his eyes trying to see something but it was useless, nothing could be seen.

He swallowed and with a low voice asked, "Chang Geng… ?"

Silence, then heavy breathing, a loud growl and then the sound of something running towards him make him regret his decision.

Without looking back he continued running as fast as he could towards the exit, and it wasn't long until he could start to see the light.

Unfortunately, the creature caught up with him in no time and was already behind him when he started seeing the moonlight illuminate a more open space in the cave.

Without a warning, the beast pounced at him and with a loud Bang he fell to the ground, his eyesight got dizzy for a moment and his ears rang.

He could feel the beast's hot breath on the back of his neck, sniffing him slowly and emitting a low growl that made his senses tense in no time. He was in trouble, of course he knew, he had no weapons or armor, and the most important thing, he didn't know whether Chang Geng was okay or he had been attacked by this beast.

Carefully, he tilted his head to take a look at what was pinning him to the ground, and for his surprise, it wasn't a demonic beast but a very, very big wolf.

It's fur resembled molten gold, shining beautifully in the moonlight, and it's eyes were fixated on him, looking at every movement he made. Those eyes looked weirdly familiar, but he couldn't figure out from where. The wolf above him growled and looked troubled, as if something was tormenting him, and Gu Yun used this opportunity to escape, punching the wolf's nose in the process.

The wolf didn't look pleased with him punching his nose and growled angrily, showing its fangs. Gu Yun wasn't as scared as before and could react quickly, grabbing a stone from the ground and throwing it directly at the wolf's head. The animal seemed to know what was going on and dodged it, looking extremely pissed off.

Gu Yun didn't know what else he could do, seeing that this animal seemed smarter and bigger than the average. It was at that precise moment, when he was looking directly at the wolf's eyes, that his heart suddenly skipped a beat.

"... Chang Geng?"

The wolf looked at him with a gentler expression as soon as he said that name, but it didn't last long until he was growling again. He banged his head on a wall and started walking in circles. There was a good amount of drool coming from his mouth and staining the ground he was walking on, and it quickly painted a circle that looked rather nasty.

Gu Yun started connecting the dots and soon came to the conclusion that the wolf was in fact, Chang Geng. Everything made sense now.

He looked at the entrance of the cave, seeing the vast night sky. There wasn't a full moon, of course, but he gave it a try.

Chang Geng snapped out of his confusion, but unfortunately it was for the worse because he jumped on Gu Yun, who didn't expect the sudden attack and was pinned on the ground once again. This time he was directly facing the wolf, his back pressed against the cold stone of the cave. He didn't try to run away, knowing that the same trick wouldn't work twice.

Chang Geng's snout came closer to his chest, biting his inner robe and ripping it with a quick movement that left Gu Yun completely naked and punishing himself mentally for not wearing more clothes.

The heavy breathing of the wolf against the bare skin of his chest made him shiver all over, his mind went blank. He couldn't imagine what was gonna happen, or more precisely, he didn't want to imagine.

He felt embarrassed being exposed like this, and a blush quickly came to his face to stay. He raised his hand to try and get what was left of his inner robe, but a warning bite from Chang Geng made him realize he couldn't act as he pleased anymore.

The small bite on his arm started bleeding, but the wolf didn't pay attention to it. Instead he licked Gu Yun's chest dangerously close to one of his nipples, making the Marquis moan because of the sudden hot tongue that touched him so decisively. He was about to raise one of his hands to his mouth, but a warning look from Chang Geng seemed to say "remember, I am in control now." and there was nothing he could do.

Chang Geng soon found out that if he licked his nipple he would get better reactions out of Gu Yun, so he started doing that, licking and nibbling like a puppy to his mother. Gu Yun was biting his lips so hard blood was starting to flow, but knowing that it was the only way to suppress his embarrassing moans was enough for him to endure the pain. Chang Geng wasn't happy with this and bit harder, pulling and then licking, all without taking his gaze away from Gu Yun, who had his eyes closed and was having a difficult time not making any sound. His flushed face was truly a sight to behold, pink cheeks, red lips and almost crying from both pain and embarrassment, this was a side of the Marquis of Order no one had seen before.

Gu Yun felt he couldn't take it any longer and opened his eyes, looking straight at the wolf who was playing with him mercilessly.

"C-Chang Geng… stop… " His trembling voice traveled through the cave, echoing and coming back to him like a slap directly to his dignity.

This made Chang Geng stop, releasing his abused nipple and letting Gu Yun breath with relief, but the momentary peace didn't last long.

Gu Yun looked at himself, his chest full of droll and markings made by Chang Geng, and felt a weird sensation, like he was… enjoying this. His suspicion didn't last long, because as soon as he looked a bit lower he could see he was hard, he had been for a long time, it's just that he didn't want to admit it and decided not to pay attention to it.

And just like him, Chang Geng seemed to be having the same problem. Gu Yun was stunned, he had seen stray dogs fucking outside the Black Iron Camp, but he had never actually seen it so close. It was… menacing, at least. He didn't know how to feel about it, because even if it was a wolf, it was Chang Geng after all. Didn't he want to do it with him? Of course he wanted to, he fantasized about it many times! But this…

He couldn't think any longer because Chang Geng pulled him up with his fangs, making a mess in his hair and showing very clear intentions. Soon enough Gu Yun was on fours, and Chang Geng quickly positioned behind him.

Gu Yun's heart was beating so fast it could come out of his chest, and suddenly he felt scared. But all his emotions were erased from his mind the second he felt that damn tongue again, only this time it was licking somewhere more… private. It was so sudden he trembled, almost falling flat to the ground, but the strength quickly came back to his arms. He didn't dare to look behind, mostly because of embarrassment, but he was also scared Chang Geng might bite something more important this time, he didn't want to take the risk.

Chang Geng's tongue was bigger and thicker than a human's, so he worked his way in faster, making Gu Yun wonder if that was even physically possible. A curse accompanied by a moan left Gu Yun's lips, and that was enough to boost Chang Geng's ego and make him work faster, leaving Gu Yun almost breathless.

He thought, if his tongue already hurt a bit, would he be able to survive what was coming next?

This train of thought left as quick as it came, because Chang Geng took his tongue out and stood still for a few seconds, as if he was admiring his work. Truth be told, he really did a good job, Gu Yun couldn't see himself, but he's sure if he did he would pass out of embarrassment. His legs were open wide, his ass covered with Chang Geng's thick saliva that also flowed out of him, making a tiny pool of drool under his legs.

He could feel the cold thick liquid dripping out of him and running down his legs, messy and nasty on the ground.

He swallowed, thinking of ways to calm himself down but it was impossible. After all, this was his first time, and quite a memorable one.

He tensed the moment he felt Chang Geng above him, pressing his fur to his back. The wolf's head was close to his, he could see Chang Geng drooling and licking its lips, closing his eyes as if he was trying to calm himself down but couldn't. Soon after that he felt something poke at his entrance, and a second later an unbearable pain traveled from his lower back through all of his body.

"That bastard had actually put it all in at once!"

His thoughts weren't able to escape, instead a broken moan echoed through the cave and hit him back.

It hurt, it fucking hurt like hell. He was crying, he could feel the tears rolling down, but his helpless cries didn't make Chang Geng stop nor go slower, in fact, they seemed to make him go even faster. The pace he was going at was too much for the poor Marquis who had never done this before, and soon enough his arms collapsed and only his legs remained stable. His chest was touching the hard floor, making him shiver from the coldness of it. He couldn't hear himself anymore, moaning and crying senseless words and fragments of phrases he couldn't speak.

Chang Geng seemed to notice this and actually slowed down, bending his head and licking Gu Yun's tears carefully. This gesture made him come back to his senses, and he felt the pain on his back was slowly but surely becoming more bearable. Chang Geng also noticed the change in him and sped up his pace, making the Marquis moan under him.

"Chang Geng… s-slower… " Was the only phrase he could speak, but it seemed that Chang Geng was now the one playing deaf.

He felt his own cock throbbing after being unattended for so long and reached to touch himself. Chang Geng noticed and was about to act when he saw the pleading look on Gu Yun's face. The wolf growled but did not stop him, he only thrusted faster.

Gu Yun thought this was it, he was gonna die here being fucked silly by a wolf, and with a loud moan he released on his own hand, seeing starts all over the cave.

Of course that didn't mean Chang Geng was finished. The wolf surely took his time with this, enough time to make Gu Yun come again, this time painting the cave's cold floor with white lines. He couldn't feel his ass anymore, only the burning sensation of the cock inside him, moving mercilessly and rubbing against his sweet spot, making him moan and make all sorts of indecent sounds.

It caught him off guard when suddenly that thing inside him seemed to grow bigger, and only then did he remember that wolves, like any other canine, have knots.

The pain he stopped feeling a while ago suddenly came back even stronger than before. One wolf dick inside him was already enough, did it really have to get bigger?!

"C-Chang Geng! Pull out!"

He cried in pain, but the wolf didn't pull out simply because he couldn't. Once the knot was locked in, there was no way to pull out. Gu Yun knew this, but he still couldn't bear the pain.

"Please… " His voice was broken, his legs also collapsed and Chang Geng had to bend too and stay above him, pressing all of him to the hard ground. The wolf on top of him whined and licked his tears, trying to comfort him.

He then could feel something hot pouring inside him, filling him to the brim and making the pain slowly fade away. Of course he knew what it was, but he refused to acknowledge the fact that he, Gu Yun, the Marquis of Order, had been bred by the fourth prince while he was a wolf. Gu Yun thought, with the amount that was being poured inside him, if he was a woman he would surely be pregnant. That thought made him blush madly and it caught Chang Geng's attention, who seemed to know what he was thinking and happily wagged his tail.

A few minutes later the knot had already gone away and Chang Geng slowly pulled out, almost looking sad. Gu Yun managed to gather all the strength he had left and got up, but his legs failed him and he saw he was gonna fall.

Fortunately, Chang Geng had used himself as a support for Gu Yun and prevented him from falling. The Marquis sighed and buried his face in Chang Geng's soft fur before getting up again. Only then could he feel the very embarrassing cum dripping out of him and running down his legs, staining the floor.

"Chang Geng!"

The wolf that was so fierce a moment ago now looked like a puppy being scolded, with his ears down and his tail between his legs.

"I can't believe you… you… "

"You cummed this much" But the end of the sentence never came out. Instead, Gu Yun sat down and looked at the mess they made. Cum and drool all over the floor, his inner robes destroyed…
It made him blush just remembering all that had happened.

A loud growl startled him, but when he looked back there wasn't a wolf, but a naked human lying on the ground. That was, of course, Chang Geng.

"Gu Yun…"

"Now you call my name? The audacity! You weren't this soft spoken and gentle when you were fucking me, where you? Sigh, what I'm gonna do with you… " He sat with his legs and arms crossed, giving Chang Geng his back.

He was faking it, he wasn't angry at all. He just wanted to mess around a bit. Chang Geng looked down, not daring to speak too loud.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't want to hurt you, that's why I told you to run away… I did terrible things, please punish me as much as you want yifu… " His words truly sounded remorseful, and Gu Yun couldn't help but to turn around and crawl towards him.

Chang Geng closed his eyes thinking he was gonna get hit, but he was met with a gentle embrace.

"It's okay, I'm not mad, things went like this and there's no turning back now. Just… next time, warn me about what's going to happen, okay?"

Chang Geng looked at him surprised, but his confused expression didn't last long.

"So you do want this to happen again huh? Yifu… you are just as depraved as me"

The smirk on his face made Gu Yun shiver, because his words were true. He had seen through him like he was a piece of glass.

"... Fuck"