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Sexual Adventures in Beacon Hills

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Title: Sexual Adventures in Beacon Hills
Show: Teen Wolf
Author: The Chemist
Pairing: Lydia/Jackson, Allison/Derek
Codes: MF, Oral, Public
Disclaimer: I make no money from this. I don't own or have anything to do with Teen Wolf, especially the characters Lydia Martin, Scott McCall, Stiles, Jackson, Derek Hale and Allison Argent

Summary: Follows along with the pilot episode where Lydia needs to make it up to her boyfriend for cheering on the new kid. After abandoning her at the party, Allison accepts a ride home from Derek. He’s only trying to get her jacket in order to lure Scott, but Allison wants to give him more than just her coat.


“Oh my! Can you feel the power of this place,” a deep male voice sounding not-quite human stated.

“Very strong in both physical but sexual energy as well,” agreed a female, also clearly not human.

“Many supernaturals will be drawn to this place,” the male said. “What is this location called again?”

“Beacon Hills,” the female answered. “The supernatural will come to it like, well, a beacon.”

“What of the homo sapien residence of the town?”

“They will have much greater sexual desires then the rest of their kind. In fact, they will make sexual choices that are reckless quite often,” the female answered her travelling mate. “But we should move on.”

“Agreed. Already there are more of our supernatural brothren then I feel comfortable with,” the male agreed.

“And only going to have more…”

* * *

It had been an interesting start to the school year for Scott McHale. The day before his sophomore year, while he and his best friend Stiles were out in the woods at night looking for a dead body, they encountered something else. Well, Scott did. And the something else was a wolf that bit him. Now, the boy had a growing set of supernatural skills. The first increased sense he learnt about was much better hearing.

“Of course I forgot a pen on my first day,” a female voice groaned.

Scott looked around but couldn’t see anyone talking in his class. However, soon he heard a male voice, but much older.

“Allison Argent? Are you ready to head inside?”

“Yes. Thank you,” agreed the girl, Allison apparently.

Scott tuned out listening to his homeroom teacher and instead focused on the sound of footfalls as they got closer to his current location. Within the next minute, the steps stopped right outside the door before a rap of knuckles on wood occurred a moment before the school’s principal swung open the door and stepped into the classroom.

“Sorry to interrupt the English class, but I wanted to welcome everyone to our newest student here in Beacon Hills, Allison Argent,” the principal introduced.

To put it simply, Allison was gorgeous. She had a tall and slender physique, though she weight she did have was all in the right places. Namely in her breasts and booty. In fact, having perky medium-sized tits and high-and-tight looking ass, the only girl in school able to boast a better combination was Lydia Martin, but that redhead was practically a goddess made flesh. Back to Allison, her best feature was likely her face, which looked like she was a supermodel. Large brown eyes and big pouty lips were the standout features for the dark-haired girl, who was actually coming right towards Scott. As she sat down at the desk behind him, Scott got to act all cool and suave by holding out a pen to her a moment before she could ask for one.

“Thanks,” she replied, flashing him a friendly smile, in which he returned one of his goofy-cute grins at her.

And speaking of Lydia Martin, it took the stunning redhead little time at all to seek out the new hot student and instantly befriend her. Maybe Stiles was right when he concluded that all hot girls had to run in the same circles. Regardless, at the end of the day it was time for lacrosse practice, and as fate would have it, Allison was there.

“So no football here?” Allison asked her stunning new friend.

“Lacrosse is the sport here,” the redhead informed her. “Anyone who's anyone plays lacrosse, which also means that watching all the games and practices is a big social event.”

“Explains the packed bleachers for the first practice of the year,” Allison replied.

And then the guys came out and suddenly Allison didn’t mind sitting out in the cold on a frozen metal bench. The coach, who looked like he just snorted a bunch of cocaine before taking the field, was talking with her Scott, holding some lacrosse stick with a much bigger basket than a typical stick.

“But coach, I never played goalie before,” Scott argued as Coach Finstok thrust the keeper stick into his hands.

“I know. Scoring some shots will give the boys a confidence boost. It’s the first day back-type of situation,” Coach Finstock explained. “You know, get ’em energised. Fired up.”

“What about me?” Scott asked.

“Try not to take any in the face,” the coach replied before slapping him on the shoulder and pushing him in the direction of the net.

Allison watched her new crush take up the position between the posts, clearly nervous. Scott nearly goes deaf when someone blows the whistle and his distraction earns him a lacrosse ball in the face. He starts paying attention and is suddenly awesome. No one is happy that they can’t score easy goals but Allison’s happy that her eye candy isn’t garbage at lacrosse.

“He seems pretty good,” Allison noted after Scott made his fifth save in a row.

“Yeah,” Lydia agreed as she started to bite her lip and really look at the previously unknown sophomore boy. “Very good. Ohhh…this should be good now,” the ginger princess cooed, noting that her boyfriend and captain of the team just edged to the front of the line.

Jackson picked up one of the rubber balls and ran with pace towards the net. As he jumped to generate more power, he rocketed the ball towards a part of the unguarded net, but it didn’t matter as Scott easily caught his ball. This time both Allison and Jackson’s own girlfriend Lydia cheered for Scott, which earned her a look from Jackson. As Lydia turned her gaze to the angered boy, the redhead gave her boyfriend a look that said, ‘Be better at sport or I will drop you.’

“So what time are you going to the party?” Lydia asked her friend.

“The party?” Allison asked.

“Danny’s back-to-school party, silly. Tomorrow night. I can come over early and we can go through your closet to find an outfit,” the redhead offered.

“Um, sure. That actually sounds like fun. But could I invite someone?” Allison questioned.

“There is going to be, like, 100 people there. Anyone who’s anyone will be there. But, I can't see why you couldn’t,” the curvy sophomore answered.

* * *

As Scott drove to pick up his date, the conversation that he had just had with Stiles was weighing on him. Stiles didn’t want him to go to the party tonight, all because it was going to be a full moon, and therefore Scott wouldn’t be able to control himself. Mainly because Stiles believed that it wasn’t a wolf that bit Scott, but a freaking werewolf! How crazy!

Regardless, all thoughts of Stiles and the ridiculous talk of werewolves were forgotten when he saw Allison as she stepped out of her front door. Quite frankly, she looked stunning. Allison wore her dark hair down with a little wave in it, as it fell down to her mid back. As for party attire, the leggy girl opted for a white blouse with a fitted jacket overtop. Enough buttons of the garment were undone to show off some of her surprising cleavage. Meanwhile, she paired it with jeans that fit her so well it looked like they were painted on, which made her legs look longer and her ass really pop.

“You okay?” Allison asked her date as Scott looked like he saw a ghost. Or a super handsome but kinda scary man named Derek Hale.

“Just excited,” Scott played it off cool.

“Then come dance with me, handsome,” the brunette replied, taking Scott’s hand in hers and leading him out to what was serving as the dance floor.

Meanwhile, about 30 feet away from the dancing couple were Lydia and Jackson. They weren’t dancing, but instead were engaged in what could only be described as an aggressive make out session. Even as Jackson moved down to kissing her neck as he groped her phat booty with both hands, Lydia couldn’t help but watch the new lacrosse star as he danced with the new girl Allison.

“You cheered for the fucking new kid,” Jackson lashed out at his girlfriend, pulling back on her ginger hair sternly.

“Oh baby, it was nothing,” Lydia replied, grinning up at him.

The redhead was guilty of her extremely jealous boyfriend’s accusation, but it was for his best interest. For one, it was better for the lacrosse team, and therefore Jackson, that Scott became great at lacrosse all of a sudden. And with Lydia making eyes at Scott so Jackson would notice, it would fire up her boyfriend, and therefore push him to new heights. And besides, she knew exactly how to play the lacrosse star to weasel out of his anger. He knew it too, what she was going to do to smooth things over, and he invited it.

“I’m pissed though,” Jackson scowled down at her.

“So pissed that you don’t want to take me upstairs and have your way with me on Danny’s parents' bed?” Lydia asked, giving him her best puppy-dog eyes.

Jackson hesitated for only a second to save face before answering. “Let’s go.”

* * *

As the party went on, Scott knew that there was something in the words Stiles had for him beforehand. With every dance with Allison, or sultry look from Lydia as she grinded with Jackson in the corner of the patio, Scott’s blood was raising. It wasn’t helping that Allison was getting closer, her hands constantly running through his hair or the way her nose would just barely brush his own.

“You okay?” Allison found herself asking the boy again, this time after he performed a series of grimaces.

“I…um…I’ll be right back,” Scott replied before he walked away from the worried and super horny girl.

Allison watched as the boy stumbled away, through the house and eventually to his car. The very car that he drove her in. But it was too late, he was stepping into it and driving off, leaving her stranded at the party. Allison did a quick look through the backyard and the inside of the house, but she couldn’t find her new best friend Lydia anywhere.

“Shit,” Allison swore.

“Allison?” a deep male voice called out. As Allison turned, her eyes fell upon one of the most handsome men she’d seen in a long time. Hell, the man looked like a 20-year old Superman! “I’m a friend of Scott.”

“Oh,” was all Allison could manage to croak out.

“I’m Derek,” the tall, dark and handsome man introduced himself. “Wanna ride?”

* * *

“I can’t believe all the bedrooms were already taken,” Jackson fumed as the couple left the house.

“Only 4 bedrooms and well over a hundred people here,” Lydia spoke under her breath. “The math makes sense.”

“What was that?” Jackson asked.

“Oh nothing,” the gorgeous redhead answered. “Come with me.”

The couple made their way out of the front door and followed what was the only pathway that descended down towards the lake. While not a steep hill, the ground was laid with large flat stones to lead the way. Grass gave way to trees on the side of the path, but Lydia started noticing little alcoves within the thick trees, which was when a devious idea struck her. Grabbing her boyfriend’s hand, the girl with alabaster skin and silky red hair pulled him from the stone walkway and into the trees.

“I really hope you’re thinking what I’m thinking,” Jackson said to her as she pulled him into the private, tree covered area.

They had just made it past the few sparse trees that further concealed the small patch of grass when Lydia spun him around and attacked him with her mouth. In a fury, the redhead had landed multiple passionate kisses to his neck, jawline and cheek before ultimately reaching his mouth. Of course, given their nearly 6-inch height difference, it was a combination of Lydia reaching upwards on her tip-toes and Jackson leaning down to meet her.

“Of course I am, tiger,” Lydia replied before more kissing.

Jackson wished he had a blanket or towel with him in order to drape it down over the grass, but no such luck. However, a quick glance at the ground revealed it to be fairly dry and clean. Not delaying any longer, the horny man lowered himself and his girlfriend to the soft floor, Lydia ending up on her back with him half beside and half on top of her curvy frame.

Considering she was only in a tank top, high-waisted schoolgirl kilt and knee-high socks, Jackson had little problems getting her undressed. Moving with urgency like only teenage lovers had, Jackson pulled her dark tank top over her head before yanking down her schoolgirl kilt. Lydia helped him get her out of the skirt by planting her heels into the towel and hiking her hips skyward. This allowed Jackson the chance to grab a hold of both the skirt and underwear underneath and slide them over her prominent booty and ultimately off her thick legs.

“Won’t need those anymore,” he said.

Lydia was now rendered nude from the waist down, except for the knee high socks, which Jackson left on due to how sexy they looked. From his bird’s eye view position, Jackson could look down and see Lydia’s almost bare pussy, sans a strip of red hair maybe half an inch wide and trimmed nearly flat that extended out from the tip of her bright pink pussy. She had daddled with having a completely shaven pussy which was all the rage these days, but Jackson preferred seeing a splash of ginger, letting him know that the carpets matched the drapes.

Since there was only her top left, Jackson made short work of that and soon Lydia’s large alabaster-skinned tits were exposed to the crisp night air. Reaching down, he enveloped them in his large hands, Lydia’s tits being more than his hands could contain. Despite being only 16 years old, Lydia had large breasts that were insanely perky with erect nipples that were currently poking firmly into the middle of his palm. Leaving a trail of kisses down her neck and over her collarbones, Jackson kissed his way up one boob to capture the nipple in his mouth and suckled at it before kissing his way to the other one and repeating.

“Hope you don’t mind,” Jackson commented, his kissing going down her flat stomach before swirling his tongue around her belly button. “But I’m famished.”

“Then feast away,” Lydia played along, spreading her thighs wide for the eager boy.

Just like she predicted, the moment she was naked, all Jackson’s anger vanished. And despite the teenage boy being a jerk and hothead, Jackson had one truly special skill, which was his ability to eat pussy. Her last boyfriend, the former captain of the lacrosse team before Jackson usurped him, was a dreadful reciprocal lover who not once brought her to orgasm. In fact, at only 16 years old, Lydia had been with her fair share of men and she soon realized there were three classes of men: those that didn’t lick pussy, those that would but couldn’t do it well and then those that enjoyed giving that snatch a proper spit-shining. Luckily for Lydia now, Jackson surprisingly was in the latter category.

Jackson appeared to be in fine form once again, going down between her legs without reservation. However, he switched things up this time around. Instead of leaving Lydia on her back, the much taller man clutched her right leg with impressive strength and easily rolled the curvy teen onto her stomach so her magnificent backside was facing up at the bright moonlight...and his eager face.

“Oh yes,” Lydia moaned in delight as her boyfriend’s tongue took a long slow lick over her entire folds.

Jackson dropped back down to repeat his slow, methodical licks that always ended up at her wet opening. He wasted no time in dipping inside her pussy to sample some of her sweet nectar, exploring her canal at the same time. Jackson was tempted to pull straight out of her snatch, aim higher and start tossing the curvy girl’s salad, knowing Lydia never shied away from some butt stuff.

“God, this booty is unreal,” Jackson complimented.

Running his hands down from her ribs, up over her wide hips, his palms eventually settled onto the thick meat of her ass. A firm grope of both cheeks gave way to a playful light slap with his right hand, followed by a matching spank with his left. This brought some excited moaning from Lydia, though nowhere near as loud or encouraging as when his tongue was plunging the depths of her twat.

Using his grip strength on her phat ass once more, Jackson used his palmful of booty to pull each cheek apart, better exposing her adorable tight rosebud, as well as her glistening sex. He went straight back into rummaging inside Lydia’s pussy, drawing louder grunts of approval from his ginger lover. Of course, his pussy eating in the prone position had an added benefit. After all, as he pushed his tongue inside of her now with more intensity, sticking it in as far as he possibly could, it resulted in his face getting buried deep within the red-haired girl’s lovely backside.

“You’re so good at that,” Lydia moaned.

Of course, Jackson wasn’t the only one wrapped up in the passion. Lydia was using her arms to push against the ground in an effort to get her boyfriend even deeper inside her twat than he always was. Not satisfied by merely throwing her pussy further back at him, the sexy redhead reached underneath herself in order to find her clit with her hand and rub the nerve-overloaded nub.

However, as Jackson was withdrawing his mouth from the depth of Lydia’s pussy, the combination of his slick face due to her juices and her constant backward thrust caused him to slip. The result was his tongue sliding past the bridge of skin directly behind her snatch and onto her crinkled asshole. Embracing the change of location, Jackson performed another half-dozen licks over the crinkled surface before taking his time and doing one long, slow lick.

“Whooaa…mhmmm,” Lydia shrieked, first out of surprise then out of enjoyment.

Jackson didn’t hesitate and went straight back in. While some backdoor loving was no strange occurrence in their relationship, it was always more exciting when sex with the redhead involved anal play. Once again, Lydia moaned under the presence of his tongue exploring every nook and crook of her puckered asshole. He went slow at first with a broad tongue then narrowed it so he probed against the muscular ring’s resistance, which held steadfast. He moved back away from the taboo hole and back down to her clit, which was getting rubbed raw due to her intensity. Traveling back upwards, Jackson soaked his tongue back into her pussy, which seemed to be a puddle of her juices at this point.

“Such a perfect ass,” Jackson commented, his hands rubbing the meaty flesh.

When he returned his attention to her ass, Jackson stayed away from her crinkled starfish. He would run his wet tongue up one side of her beautiful ass cheek, a mere quarter-inch from her ass, then cross over her crack and do the same on the other side as he descended back all the way down to her gushing snatch.

“Mhmm…stop that, you tease,” the moaning red-haired girl implored.

“Tell me what you want me to do,” Jackson said, his tongue continuing near her hole without ever touching it.

“Come on Jackson…lick my ass,” Lydia proclaimed, louder than she meant given they were in a public setting.

“That’s all I wanted to hear,” he replied smiling.

Jackson went back in but this time with seemingly much more determination than before. With two hands on each of her cheeks to separate them and allow his tongue to plunge the depth of her bowels, Lydia moaned and screamed into the moonlit grassy patch while gripping the ground hard with balled fists.

Mpphh…ppfffmmm,” Lydia moaned, now biting her bottom lip to help stifle the noise.

Withdrawing his tongue from lapping at her rectal walls, Jackson moved it back down south to her sweet gushing snatch. Lydia was half tempted to complain about him leaving her wanting back door, but her displeasure dissolved when he began munching on her twat again. She screamed again as Jackson worked in a finger into her velvety hole, plunging it as deep as possible and letting it soak in her juices. However, much to her dissatisfaction, Jackson removed his thick digit all too quickly. Lydia found the reason for that when the tip of his well-lubricated finger began tracing circles over top of her puckered back door.

“Mmmm…yes,” she willed him on.

Without further delay, Jackson pushed against the taut muscular ring until it eventually yielded under his enormous effort.

“Oh…awwhhh,” the redhead groaned as her asshole stretched out.

Jackson was hoping he wasn’t too eager when he continued to push his digit into her super-tight asshole, but it was made slippery from her pussy juices. The lacrosse star only stopped his forward progress when his fist came to rest against the ginger beauty’s bubbly butt cheeks with his entire finger engulfed in her rump.

“You like that baby,” he asked her in between licks of her pussy. “You like me eating you out while I finger blast your butt.”

“Oh God yes,” she shrieked in approval.

“Can’t wait any longer,” Jackson declared, his raging boner needing a home right away.

Jackson only had on a button-up shirt, which was already fully open in the front, and jeans. Figuring he was up for some multitasking, the lacrosse star propped himself up on his elbows so he could undo the front of his pants, all while continuing to lick deep with his girlfriend’s pussy. He had to stop his oral session on her in order to pull his jeans down around his ankles, exposing his lengthy piece of pipe to the moonlight. While her boyfriend decided to quickly shed his undone shirt as well, Lydia was preparing to rise to her hands and knees for some good old fashion doggy style pounding, but Jackson was already back on top of her before she had the chance.

“Awwh…OHHH,” Lydia grunted as he pushed his cock into her. “Always feels like I’m first-time tight with you.”

“Ditto,” he huskily breathed from on top of her.

Jackson wasted no time pushing inside her to his limit. The curvy ginger still laid flat against the ground with legs just spread enough for her boyfriend to rest between them.Fuelled by passion and desire, Jackson cocked his hips up and down in order to drive deeply into the sexy 16 year old. Neither was concerned about longevity or grace at this point, only about making their sexual tryst as intense as physically possible.

Lydia tossed her long red hair over her to one side of her head before looking back at her man from over her shoulder. Jackson met her and crashed their lips together in time for her to groan into his mouth as he thundered his cock deep into her pussy once again. He brought himself up and back down against her curvy ass two more times before she bit down on his lip by accident.

“Oh God you feel so good,” Lydia groaned.

Their fucking was frantic at this point as Jackson had already worked up a sweat in the five minutes he had been relentlessly fucking his girlfriend. His hands held tightly onto her narrow waist at the point right after it tapered from her sizable hips, aiding in his ability to continuously pierce her pink folds with his battering ram of a cock.

Jackson was pleased to know that his frenzied approach was on the verge of paying dividends. After close to a year of dating, he had an excellent idea when Lydia was getting close to cumming. After all, she was all carnal energy and held nothing back, which was great as it made her easy to read. Plus, the fact that she always came so fast and usually multiple times with each fuck fest made him feel like a sex god. Luckily Jackson wasn’t directly behind her when she started tossing her head backwards and howling loudly up into the full moon, or else he may have lost some teeth.

“You like that dick in your tight pussy?” he asked while grinding his pole deeply within her hole.

“Mmmm…yes…keep giving me that cock,” Lydia begged her response.

With continued ease, Jackson drove his meat into her tight twat, drawing more and more moans and screams from the sweat-covered girl. Her snatch kept gushing with juices due to her arousal as Lydia tried in earnest to push her hips off the ground to meet his thrusts, with little success. She stayed buried beneath his hulking frame as he energetically and powerfully pounded her flat against the earth, not that she had any complaints in the first place.

“Oh yes…oh yes…ohhhh….yesssss….ugghhhhhh,” Lydia screamed at the top of her lungs as Jackson brought her to orgasm.

Jackson stayed held within her contracting pussy as his girlfriend continued to cum all around his invading dick. When her bright red head lowered back down to rest against the soft ground, the lacrosse star began to slowly pump himself into her warm pussy, which was now dripping wet. After several more slow strokes, he had worked his cock completely out of her snatch, a place he’d been inside for the last 10 minutes.

“Need to change things up. Help me up,” Lydia ordered.

The man was exhausted and needing a break after energetically fucking the beautiful Lydia at top pace. Withdrawing completely from her pussy, Jackson took a kneeling step back from between her legs, allowing the nude teenage girl to pull them tight into her body and start twisting. As Lydia got to her side, Jackson took her by the hand and helped leverage her up, pulling her up off the grass so she was back on her feet. However, Lydia didn’t let go of his hand just yet. Instead, she began to tug on his arm, fully knowing that she didn’t have the strength to lift him, but it gave him the idea of what she wanted.

“What are you playing at, little girl,” he smiled.

Lydia gave him one of her wide-mouthed naughty smiles as she slowly stepped backwards at the same pace Jackson advanced towards her. With a quick look back over her shoulder, the red-haired beauty adjusted her course slightly until she managed to back herself up against the trunk of a tree.

“Might be fun to do it standing up…as long as you don’t mind the tree having a front row seat as you fuck me,” the sassy ginger said.

“I’m adaptable,” Jackson replied as he stalked closer to the 16 year old.

“Good….because I want more of that cock, baby,” Lydia oozed sexuality with every word. “Think you can give me what I want?”

Jackson’s reply was kissing her intently, pressing the back of her back against the bark of the tree. Instead of just ramming his tool back inside her, the horny man reached his arm down between her great legs. Pushing his middle and index finger together, he had no trouble easing them into her dripping wet pussy.

“Ughh…yes,” Lydia moaned into his mouth as he stretched her mound again.

Lydia’s pussy was extremely damp from the combination of her naturally being turned on and the fact that she came no more than 5 minutes ago. Her excessive juices made Jackson’s fingers easily glide into her sex with great speed, which he took full advantage of. With the digits now pumping furiously into the curvy ginger, she was spewing out a stream of moans into her date’s mouth.

Jackson could sense his girlfriend’s disappointment when he withdrew his fingers from her snatch, but he had teased her long enough and now wanted to get back inside her with his big dick. Pressing the curvy girl’s back against the tree once again before he stepped closer to her, his muscular chest against her perky tits, her erect nipples poking against his skin.

“Gonna fuck you now,” Jackson told her, in case Lydia wasn’t aware.

With one hand clutching his cock around the base to give it support, Jackson used his other arm to lift Lydia’s bent leg up so that it rested around his waist. The horny man clutched the limb underneath her knee with his free hand as he moved closer then effortlessly guided his tool back inside the pretty girl.

“Awhhh….that’s more like it,” Lydia cooed.

“Mhmm yeah…Daddy’s back home,” Jackson grunted, bending at his knees before thrusting up harder into her pussy.

Lydia helped him out by locking the leg around his waist, even digging her heel into his backside to encourage him to fuck her harder. Jackson appreciated the help as he held the curvy girl with the great ass firmly in position, thrusting his hip skyward while pulling down on her tiny waist.

Once again, their hips crashed together as Jackson went balls deep inside the insanely gorgeous girl. And of course, the good looking couple wouldn’t have had it any other way. Lydia’s leg being up gave Jackson easy access to her wet box, which he continuously took full advantage of by using his cock like a piston to stroke into her.

“Oh yes…fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” Lydia cried out.

They were lucky enough to have picked a sturdy tree for their fornication as Jackson held nothing back while fucking her. Lydia was rather enjoying herself, her constant spewing of moans and words of encouragement proof to that. She could feel the ridged bark pressing deep against her back and bare ass with each pump, but it added to the pleasure, a constant reminder of their outdoor public tryst.

Jackson had no intention of doing anything but, so he continued as he was. His upward angle into his girlfriend’s twat meant his lower abs were brushing against her sensitive clit, an action she was visibly enjoying. It caused her to really grip onto whatever body part her hands were on, which was his shoulder and back of the neck, as she curled her back and screamed even louder. The slightly different angle seemed to make her pussy tighter, but Jackson continued to hammer inside the redhead harder and faster, driving Lydia towards her second orgasm of the tryst, as well as building up to his own.

“Such a great pussy,” Jackson commented while blasting repeatedly into her still soaking wet tight snatch.

Lydia let out a little giggle after his comment, before it was replaced by more moaning, which were getting closer together and louder. This was a sure tip off to her boyfriend that the curvy teenage girl was getting closer to cumming. Jackson knew he needed to keep doing the same thing as it was clearly working, so he continued to thrust his entire length deep into her pink box.

Then Jackson realized that the girl was ready to cum for a second time that night. Though her back was already arched, it seemed like she was trying to bend herself backwards now, so intense was her curling. Jackson thrust one last time, sheathing his length into her in one powerful stroke and made sure to rub her sensitive nub in the process. With a mighty, glass breaking scream, her pussy clamped down on his rod and gushed cum all over him.

“AWWHHH…MHHMMM…YESSSS,” Lydia shrieked.

He held himself in her for a few moments after her orgasm before he began pushing in and out of Lydia again. Jackson started slower this time, but the wetness of her twat made it too tempting to increase the tempo. With Lydia still firmly planted against the tall tree, Jackson worked back up to his former pace.

The lucky man squeezed her great ass, loving the feel of her meaty tush in his hands while stroking powerfully inside Lydia. His girlfriend was starting to help bounce on his cock, meeting his thrusts to help drive him deeper, causing them both to moan loudly into each other’s ear. Continuing to knead her keister, Jackson repeatedly bottomed out inside her with enough force that his heavy sack would swing up and slap against her curvy backside. The sound only added to the intimate setting, causing him to find more strength to use to slam harder into her willing pussy.

“Cum for me baby,” Lydia breathed into his ear, only helping to speed his orgasm.

“Yeah? You want my cum?” Jackson groaned back. “Where do you want?”

“In me. I want to feel you filling my pussy up,” the red-haired girl cooed. “Give me your seed, baby.”

His non-stop hammering had finally driven him to his breaking point, the point of no return, which had been sped by their brief display of dirty talk. Jackson needed to cum and he needed to cum right then and there. He pushed his cock into her with one final thrust and he shot his cum into her pussy. Lydia gave a final moan of pleasure as she felt him fill her up. After all of his cum had emptied into her, she loosened her legs and Jackson allowed his cock to slide out of her. He backed away from his girlfriend to allow her to drop down.

“Wonder how Allison is making out?” Lydia thought as cum dripped from her pussy as she hunted down her own clothing.

* * *

“I really appreciate the ride home,” Allison looked over at Derek. “After Scott bailed hard on me, I didn’t know how I would get back.”

“It’s no problem,” Derek grinned over.

Derek had more than noble intentions when he offered to drive the stunning brunette back home. Nothing sinister, or even sexual. In fact, Derek just needed something that smelt very much like her, such as the jacket she wore. Which was why the werewolf reached out and turned the heat to full blast.

“It’s the next left,” Allison directed him.

“Sorry about the heat. I guess I have a little chill,” Derek commented when he noticed her hand starting to reach for the window crank.

“Oh, no problem,” the leggy teen replied, her gaze lingering on his handsome face.

“You could always take your jacket off if you’re too hot,” the werewolf offered.

“Putting up with some heat is the least I could do for my knight in shining armor. Or rather leather jacket,” Allison quipped.

“Trust me, with a girl as gorgeous as you are, there would have been a line around the block offering to be your white knight,” Derek flirted.

Derek gave her a nice long look, his gaze naturally lingering on her perky tits before returning to her face. Instead of seeing anything like disgust about his glance, Allison gave him a knowing glance of her own. As Derek went to turn his eyes back to the road, he felt his leggy girl’s moist lips on the nape of his neck and her warm hand reach under his shirt to rub his toned abs.

“Wow! What are you doing?” Derek asked, a wide smile on his face.

“Listen, I don’t like feeling like I owe anyone anything. You are giving me a lift and so I’m going to give you a fantastic blowjob. Sound fair?” Allison asked, her hands finishing the work of undoing his jeans. “Now, can you get sucked off and drive?”

Though getting a blowjob from Allison Argent wasn’t in his initial plans, he certainly wasn’t going to pass up on the chance of having those plump lips wrapped around his dick. In response, Derek lifted his hips off the seat so his jeans could be pulled down low enough for his extremely large dick to spring out. As it thudded against the steering wheel, he gave a brief grimace before shifting the car into Drive and pulling out of the alleyway.

“Good man. But oops. Sorry about that,” Allison apologized. “Let me make it up to you by kissing it better.”

Allison had to hope that Derek was a good driver while getting blown because there was no way she could wear a seatbelt and bend that far down. Foregoing the belt, the gorgeous new girl in town shoved her sculpted ass to the edge of the seat so it was pushed against the side of the door so she could bend over enough to have her face in line with his very erect cock. She reached down and lightly ran her fingertips down the underbelly of his member from his tip down to his sack and felt as if he somehow grew harder than before.

“Wow! Nice cock,” Allison commented as her hand made a light fist around his lengthy manhood.

Allison ran her fist to the base of his thick cock and opened her mouth in a big O. Lowering her head even more, Allison clamped her plush lips down on his shaft, much to the appreciation of Derek. With his tip in her mouth now, Allison swirled her tongue around his crown before descending further down his pole. Now resting her tongue on the underside of his member, Allison bobbed her head slowly but always making progress downwards so more of his shaft entered her. Whatever couldn’t get inside her mouth she was gently yet firmly stroking with her hand in perfect rhythm with her bobbing head.

“Fuck me,” Derek groaned.

“Maybe if you play your cards right, stud,” Allison replied with yet another grin on her beautiful face.

The street Derek was driving on was busy but he was fortunate enough that it was a straight road with few traffic lights. Right after speaking those words, the werewolf instantly felt the tempo of the leggy girl’s bobbing speed up. With one hand holding her silky brown hair out of the way, Allison used her right hand to stroke his shaft in perfect timing with her lips gliding along behind it. Derek was impressed with Allison Argent’s ability to need to surface for air since she began blowing him in earnest. Up and done her head rose and fell, the soft hum of her moans emitting from her mouth as she put her plump lips and excellent energy to good use in the cramped confines of the car.

“Fuck that’s good,” Derek groaned.

Inspired by his comments, Allison redoubled her efforts. Pulling her head back so only the tip remained in her mouth she used her tongue to work wonders on his crown until she heard him grunt again. Satisfied with herself, Allison changed course and slowly descended back down his shaft until his knob poked her in the back of the throat. She relaxed her throat enough so that she was able to get another inch of Derek’s impressive dick into her throat but she began to gag so had to pull him out just enough to get air into her lungs. In the process Allison had spat up a little bit so that now her date’s dick was completely covered in a thick layer of her saliva.

“Glllkkk...ggwwwwwkkkkk,” Allison gurgled and gagged, with the wet slurping noise only heightening Derek’s arousal.

Using the ample lubrication to her advantage, Allison pulled her mouth from his groin for the first time since she began so that she could swiftly pump her hand on his dick in the fastest yet most amazing handjob Derek had ever gotten. Before her arm became exhausted, Allison leaned back down and latched her mouth around one of his testicles and began using her tongue on it while sucking it with her mouth. She stopped after a minute to switch so that she gave equal love to each of his nuts before ceasing her ferocious stroking with her hand and taking his dick back into her mouth.

“I love when you girls remember to suck the balls,” Derek commented, lost in the pleasure of Allison’ amazing oral skills.

“What every girl loves to hear, being compared to a guy’s other slutty conquests,” Allison retorted, though with a wry smile on her face. “A left at the next street.”

Luck continued to be on the couple’s side as Derek had just finished making a turn from the busy street onto a quieter country road before she sucked on his balls. It was good timing because if she would have teabagged him in the middle of the left turn then he no doubt believed he would have steered them into a cornfield or oncoming pickup truck. Even as Allison got her lips back around his dick, the pleasure was getting more and more intense by the second.

“Keep us on the road…” Allison pulled her head up to say but before she could finish her sentence, a strong hand was putting pressure on the back of her skull.

“Yeah, yeah. Keep going. Close,” Derek rushed his words out.

Before Allison listened, she gave him the final directions. “Approaching a fork. My house is on the right side or a vacant plot of land with no one around on the left laneway.”

The meaning of her words weren’t lost on Derek, which was why he immediately took the left laneway as he reached the aforementioned fork in the road. It was perfect timing as Derek was at the point of explosion but he knew the proper thing to do was to give the beautiful girl some warning of his approaching orgasm.

“I’m about to cum,” Derek said.

“Mmmm. Cum in my mouth,” Allison told him before returning her mouth to around his cock.

It was the only logical place for his jizz to go, but it was nice hearing Allison so eagerly offer up her mouth as the location of his cum. Rather than descending most of the way down his spit-covered member like she had been, this time Allison only used her lips on the upper few inches and kept applying suction and making tiny bobs down. As her mouth tried to suck the semen right from his balls, her hand was a blur of motion on the rest of his lengthy cock, using her previously applied spit as lubricant.

“Fuck…here it comes,” he gave her a final warning.

Allison barely had time to comprehend the words before the first spurt of jizz came shooting out of the end of his dick. She paused a bit as the hot semen plastered the roof of her mouth but regained her composure quickly to swallow down the initial burst and returned to sucking his member. Derek couldn’t believe her oral skill as she bobbed on his tool while hungrily sucking down all of his sticky seed he pumped into her mouth. Eventually his balls emptied completely but the brunette continued to slurp up any last remaining trace of jizz that she could find before finally letting the cock slip from her talented mouth.

“Mmhmm Mmhmm mmmm,” Allison moaned, the fact she found cum tasty making Derek lust for her even more.

Reaching into her purse, Allison pulled out a bottle of water and gave her mouth a little rinse before swallowing down any last traces of the werewolf’s cum. As she did so, Derek couldn't help but notice that the leggy teen was still wearing her jacket. Well that wouldn’t do at all. And luckily with the full moon, Derek was at the height of his power, which included sexually as well as physically.

“You’re so fucking hot,” Derek said.

Before Allison could reply, his large hand scooped around the back of her head before pressing her back down for another deep kiss, not that she minded. Allison was well aware that Derek would be an alpha-type of male, and her assumption had proven correct. Derek was pulling on the back of her head while pushing his tongue with more force than her own, making his wet muscle invade her mouth. However, the leggy girl wouldn’t have had it any other way.

“And there goes the jacket I need,” Derek thought as he pulled the blazer from her shoulders before tossing it into the foot rest of the back seat.

After another few seconds of their electric kissing, Derek moved his hand and face in a coordinated pattern at the same time. He had practiced the move so many times that it was practically automatic at this time. The werewolf pulled his tongue from her mouth and started making little kisses along Allison’s jawline. As his lips moved ever closer to her neck, Derek dropped the hand that had been cradling the back of her head, ran it down her supple neck then down onto her tits. The moment his hand began groping her small but perky chest, any apprehension was squashed as his mouth pressed against her responsive neck.

“Oh! Derek!” Allison cooed as she simultaneously thrust her chest out for him to maul while also turning her head further so he had more run to work on her neck.

This was turning into an unexpected gift, and Derek was certainly not going to squander it. Therefore, he kept up his kissing and sucking of Allison’s responsive neck as he dropped his hands off of her perky tits, down her flat stomach then onto her inner thigh.


Allison’s words were cut off as the werewolf fixed his most seductive stare into her eyes before pressing his face forward again. Her words died on her lips as his tongue pushed into her mouth once more, right at the same time she undid her own pants to allow his hand entrance. Seizing the permission, Derek’s hand worked deftly to slide under the waistband of her panties before pushing first one, then a second digit into her very wet pussy.

“Oh Derek!” Allison moaned into his mouth.

The new girl in town had broken their kiss as she moaned and thrashed on the passenger seat as his fingers worked in and out of her pussy. She was tight, very tight in fact, so the older man was happy he was getting to loosen her up before the main event started. Mainly fingering her snatch, Derek would take a brief break with his fingers in order to pull them out and give her sensitive clit a quick flick or two before diving back into her snatch. Always leaving Allison wanting more!

"Need to fuck you, right now," the werewolf grunted with urgency.

Allison had just enough time to smile at him before the werewolf was a whirlwind of motion. In nearly the blink of an eye, Derek went from sitting in his own seat to hopping over the center console in order to get to Allison’s side of the car. Not stopping there, Derek used one hand to pull the latch on the side of the car so Allison’s chair reclined fully while his other hand went down to her hip. Once the passenger seat resemble more of a flat bed than a chair, Derek brought his second hand over to Allison’s other hip before spinning the rich girl over onto her stomach.

“Whoa!” Allison giggled.

Derek wasn’t done there though. Instead of leaving the leggy girl lying flat on her stomach, Derek used his grip on her hourglass hips to pull her back, making her surprisingly bubbly ass pull back towards him. Understanding what he wanted, Allison worked with Derek in order to get onto her hands and knees. With her help, Derek pulled down hard on her jeans and the panties underneath, yanking them over her bubble butt so they hung around her knees.

“You aren’t a virgin, right?” the werewolf asked, his dickhead rubbing through her very wet slit.

“No. And I’m ready,” Allison said, her mind buzzing from lust and the tempest of movement.

Allison wasn’t a virgin, but she was pretty darn close to it. While the brunette was no stranger to blowjobs, as Derek could gladly attest to, she’d only had sex once. After her and a boyfriend had exchanged oral on each other, with him licking her to an amazing orgasm but while her brain was still foggy from her climax he’d sought to go even further. Before she’d even registered anything, he had started pushing his cock into her. It wasn’t until she felt the pain of having her cherry popped that she’d fully realized what was happening, and by then she figured it was too late to stop him. He had finished up before she could cum again, but it had been good enough that it left her wanting to try it again. However, before that could have happened, the Argent’s were on the move to Beacon Hills.

If Allison had stopped to think for even a second, she would have thought about getting this complete stranger to put on a condom. Instead, she’d be spending her Saturday going to the clinic for an STD check and a Plan B pill. However, she wasn’t thinking about any of that right now because the moment his exceptionally large cock slid into her vagina, she let out a loud moan and was begging for more.

“Yes! Fuck me, Derek,” Allison urged.

Within a few thrusts, the werewolf was sawing his entire 9.5-inch member into Allison’s tight pussy. To be frank, the 16 year old girl felt amazing, her wet velvety folds completely hugging his dick from every angle. And not only was she the perfect mix of wet, snug and experienced so that Derek could be going balls deep almost from the first thrust, but Allison’s horniness was apparent by the way she was pushing back against the chair to meet his pushes into her.

"Feel so good," he grunted.

Derek’s hips started to pump into the leggy teen faster, but his hands were working overtime. Originally both were groping her cushiony ass, which made the flesh turn red in short order. However, Derek didn’t forget about her other quality features; those perky tits. She still had her shirt on so he simply ran his hands under the tight-fitting garment until the center of his palm had her pokey nipple pressing against them as he kneaded her perfect handful of bouncing flesh.

“Mmmm...ohhh,” Allison moaned. “And keep going so deep."

Her slutty words only encouraged him to fuck her harder and faster, which is exactly why Allison had said them. Rearing back, Derek’s hips spiked forward until the fleshy sound of skin slapping skin rang around his car. By the time he smacked against her ass he was already retreating back to deliver another blow once only his tip remained in her wet inferno, her bubble butt in constant rippling from his heavy blows.

" like my big dick wrecking your tight pussy?"

"Yeah. Keep going, just like that," the leggy teen pleaded, using her arms to shove back onto his dick.

Content to do just that, Derek brought his hips back so he could quickly plow back into her pussy, his ball sack once again crashed against the underside of her slick sex. He seemed to be thrusting deeper than ever before into Allison's hot pussy to both of their enjoyment. He looked down to watch as his lengthy cock powered inside the sexy girl, with the moment it disappeared fully causing her bubbly ass to ripple in response.

To his delight, the harder he fucked her, the more Allison seemed to respond. It was clear to him that he had a real sexual deviant on his hands, and he was more than happy to reap the benefits. Whether he was jabbing his cock as deep as possible into her, mauling her tits or slapping the hell out of her ass, the dark-haired girl moaned all the louder because of it.

Fuck me! Your dick is so big and hard,” Allison cooed her enjoyment. “I’m getting close. So close.”

Hearing that she was close made Derek give himself permission to allow his own orgasm (his second of the night) to proceed accordingly. Knowing that she could take a rough pounding, Derek grasped her rounded hips firmly and cocked his hips backwards. Throwing them forward, he crashed into Allison so hard that he could hear the shocks on his car creaking. It seemed that the harder he pushed into the horny teenage girl, the more she responded. Allison’s moans became louder and transitioned into grunts and finally wails of pleasure. Her pussy kept feeling tight and she was so wet that Derek's dick effortlessly glided into her as he continuously pulled his shaft all the way out before slamming back into Allison. For her part, the gorgeous teenager was clearly enjoying herself as she made sure to wiggle her ass seductively, making her white knight want to fuck her even harder.

“Oh! Ah! Don’t stop,” Allison practically begged, her orgasm getting closer and closer. “Cum with me. Please, cum at the same time.”

While Derek doubted it would be at the same time, it would be close. Knowing it was better if she came first since he would need to pull out, as there was no way in hell he was painting the womb of a super fertile teenage girl, Derek barked for Allison to strum between her legs. Shifting so all her weight was on her left arm, the leggy teen brought her right hand between her thighs and rubbed her clit. Within seconds, Allison was tossing back her head as every muscle in her body tense and relaxed, tense and relaxed.

"MMHMMMM....MMHMMM," Allison screamed, as she experienced a powerful orgasm.

“Fuck! Me too,” warned Derek a handful of seconds afterwards.

“Not in me!” Allison still had the presence of mind to say despite the fireworks happening throughout her brain.

Derek didn’t reply. Instead, the werewolf finished pounding into her for a few more thrusts before pulling out of the warm, wet confines of her wonderful pussy. Moving quickly, Derek flipped the girl onto her back before leaning forward and planting a knee on the seat right beside her perky tits. Since she was still in her white blouse, he couldn’t risk getting any jizz on it or else she’d remember her jacket in order to cover it. That meant only one place.

“Face! Mouth! Cumming,” Derek managed to grunt before his second orgasm of the night was upon him.

After a final stroke, Derek held himself steady with his fist right behind his bulbous tip. Allison was clearly no stranger to facials as she had her mouth wide open with her tongue sticking out. Allison watched until the last second, clothing her eyes as she saw the first white streak leave his tip before feeling the warm jizz run the length of her nose, onto her lip and into her mouth for her to taste. The second jet landed partially on top of the first but extended up her forehead and even onto her silky dark hair. Before she felt any more cum on her face, she instead felt the unmistakable touch of a dick rubbing all over her skin. He continued to cum on her, his jizz flowing onto her cheeks and lips before Derek managed to get his pulsating cock into her mouth. Knowing there would be less clean-up this way, Allison closed her lips around the manhood that had just been 9-inches deep in her pussy, slathered in her juices. As she performed another, albeit shorter blowjob on him, Derek drained the last of his second ball-full of jizz into Allison’s mouth before pulling out.

“Wow, Derek,” Allison awkwardly laughed as her white knight flopped back into his own chair, thoroughly exhausted.

“Yeah, sorry about that. Got carried away,” he offered in a way of apology. “There are some napkins in the glovebox.”

“I’ll get those, you drive,” Allison replied. “Getting close to my curfew and my dad is pretty overprotective.”

“With a daughter so gorgeous, I can see why,” Derek commented, earning a massive grin from the cum-coated girl.