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New Region Acrostic Poem

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Dug up from the ground,
Is some sort of hard, ivory coloured, bones-
Nope, they aren’t extinct yet, in this
Odd world, they
Still live, still roam, and still rule.
A pair of men, a god and a mortal,
Understands that these creatures have the
Right to live, the right to
Soar the sky, the right to wander on this land,

Saving, protecting,
The tales of the Lost World never get old.
“I swear to defend, to shelter all the creatures of the past, here, in this prehistoric
Land until my death.”
Loki the Trickster had once made this promise.

Eventually, the dinosaurs will die out, the air becoming
Xeric is a hint…
“I have told every creature that I will protect them, and I
Shall.” With that, he raised his hands, and
The sky started to rain, curing the dry air.

“We are all good here, dinos!” Tony the mortal from Midgard
Exclaimed with excitement, one of the Brachiosaurs reared up and moaned
Loudly, followed by the
Cooing of the Parasaurolophus.
Once the land of dinosaurs had become humid enough, the
Monsters the two had tamed went by their sides,
Encouraging them to ride on their backs and roam the land again.

The land of prehistoric creatures flourished with beautiful and unique flowers,
Oaks, cycads, and more plants grew faster and denser.

Neither this is a fantasy land Loki had created, nor an
Expression used by Tony to talk about sci-fi stories- This, in fact, is a dinosaur
World, with life-breathing prehistoric creatures…

Reigning the world again with the environment becoming normal, the raptors moving
Elegantly, swiftly on the world… The
Gentle giants munching on the towering trees… The
Indominus Rex and Indoraptor are glad that their masters had saved the end of this world,
“Of course we will, my dears, I’ll do anything for you.” Loki said while he stroked them,
New Region, they will live there for a new life. Welcome. To New Region.