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My Dream of Ruth Righi

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This story is not based on true events. However it is based on a real dream. The most intense and vivid dream of my life.

The dream began five years in the future. I don't know how I know it's five years later. I just do. My car breaks down near a hotel. As I enter, I see someone walking by my side about to go through the hotel door as well and... it's Ruth Righi. I have to triple check with my eyes that it's really her. Oh God, one of my favorite young actresses of the early 2020's is right here near me. Sydney of Sydney to the Max is right here! I play it cool though. She probably is tired of fans interrupting her day so I choose to give her space.

The hotel staff are busy so I have to wait to be served. Ruth sits in a seat facing me as she is arguing with a friend on her phone. She then hangs up angerly, looks at me and asks if I've had to deal with annoying people. I can tell Ruth is angry and has to vent to someone and do she just suddenly unloads on me. I give her some good advice, and we just start talking for a long time right there in that hotel lobby. The talking goes on for half the night until we realize we both need sleep and go to our separate rooms.

Then we wake up the next morning and meet right where we were talking last night and continue our conversation. Eventually I tell her about my job, and Ruth says she's not interested in acting anymore, but finds my work interesting. I help get her a job at my workplace. She becomes my regular assistant and we spend every day together for a year loving how we get to work together and become super close friends in and outside work.

Then one night while watching a movie together, just as I turn my head to look at Ruth, she kisses me. Oh my God. Sydney Reynolds... Ruth Righi... is kissing me. Then she moves her head away and says, "I didn't want to wait for you to make the first move." I'm then overcome with so much emotion. Tired, we both go to my bed. We strip down to our underwear. We get into bed. She gets on top of me. We kiss again. She runs her fingers through my hair... while I use my fingers to grab her butt. Oh God. It feels amazing. So smooth but squishy, but not too squishy.

I then pull her bra off and move from kissing her lips to her light brown nipples. Oh God, her breasts are just perfect. So round, so firm. Not too big, but definitely not small. Ruth then pulls my underwear off and starts touching me down below where I really like it. Eventually I pull her panties off. We are both naked now. We begin to have sex. Our hands explore each other in ways I never thought possible. The friction, the motion, the closeness, the passion, the love.... I'm just so happy.

Then I feel Ruth getting wet. She has just experienced her first orgasm with me. Then Ruth really kicks it up and then I orgasm. I am overcome with so much emotion. The feelings are so intense... that I wake up. I'm in bed naked, like I am every night. I feel I am wet below though, and realize I had my first wet dream in a very, very long time. I'm sad I'm alone but because I'm still not totally awake I turn and can clearly see in my imagination Ruth laying on her side next to me naked smiling. I can see the sex was as good for her as it was to me. I reach out to her... only I touch nothing and now I am completely awake... and completely alone.