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Just a helping hand

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Choking on a gasp, forcing herself to bite on her own finger, glimmering blue eyes observed as her recent product of her climax was slowly consumed by the gentle lips of her companion.




It was a newfound sensation, as it all started with a small request, and the touch of soft fingers against her skin, slowly becoming more intimate, a gentle grip. She won’t forget neither her nor her partner’s dumbfounded expressions as she had accidentally spewed it over her fair skin.

The white liquid trickling down, a hint of innocence in determined eyes, she was more than glad to help her kouhai.




Yet, was it meant to end up like this? It was no longer a request, nor the will to help, but out of pure desire. What started with a gentle helping hand having gone through growing intimacy, the unexpected when innocence played its part, skin to skin, finding relief on the bosom of her companion. Sense of guilt making her believe she did nothing but to taint her.


And yet here they were.




Pink lips slowly sliding back from the base to the tip, a soft kiss marked by a lingering string of saliva hanging, delicate and soon broken the moment Kanaho threw her head back, looking upwards and back at Kazuha’s face. A smile that brought warmth to her insides. Despite everything, it was their own thing, their own secret.


“Are you feeling better, Kazuha?”


Kazuha’s eyes were fixated on Kanaho’s face, the blush tinting her cheeks, small drops of sweat trickling down her bare skin which she followed as they lost themselves unto her chest. She might have missed it, but still she wondered when was it that Kanaho got rid of her uniform, clad only in rather cute-looking underwear, she couldn’t help but to feel slightly inferior in her normal-looking one. Maybe she should have agreed to that shopping trip.


With a slight nod, Kazuha attempted to look away, but her eyes always found a way to never leave the sight of the half-naked beauty in front of her.


“I… wasn’t actually expecting you to come at this time of the night…”


Even less if the reason was to take care of her needs , but she found herself unable to do so on her own anymore, a deep sense of guilt lingering inside her.


“I told you, all you need to do is to tell me, I will be glad to help you in anything I can, Kazuha”


Anything , was the keyword. At first it were mere tasks like homework and whatnot. But then the everything became something completely different. It didn’t help at all Kazuha’s constant feeling that she was doing something wrong, but whenever it came up, there she was to soothe it.


“Besides, I’ve taken quite a liking to it, I feel we get closer every time” It was quite the sight, Kanaho’s smiling face as she laid on Kazuha’s lap, her hand softly taking a hold of it, “And I want to get close to Kazuha as much as I can”.


Heartbeat increasing, those words piercing through her as embarrassment built up, showing clearly on her face. Not only guilt but shame also stirred inside her. Thoughts coming and going by the second, not noticing the soft rustling on her bed they both had been sharing.


“You don’t have to feel ashamed Kazuha…” No need for words on her part, Kanaho wasn’t dumb, “...if I didn’t wanted to do this, I wouldn’t even be here, would I?” Would this count as taking advantage of her willingness to help others? “After all…”.


A sudden shiver crawled across Kazuha’s back, her senses peaked as her body heated up. The works of Kanaho’s hand doing her magic, the blue-haired deep in thought failed to notice the moment she had gotten so close, those pools of gold glistening with hidden intention.

An expression she had never seen before, completely different from the always joyous Kanaho she was used to, but it didn’t feel strange, it didn’t feel off at all.


“...I, too, have needs… you know…”


Sense of alertness highetening as she wasn’t feeling only her hand, but something else against her nether parts. 


“And only Kazuha can take care of it”.




A stunned Kazuha managed to let out before her lips became sealed with Kanaho’s. Shy, inexpert, but at the same time hungry and sloppy. The older girl’s hands let go to caress and explore her partner’s back, sneakingly undoing her top unders, taking the chance to get rid of it, promptly doing the same with hers right after. Bare skin against bare skin, shared warmth as they pressed against each other with no intention of letting go any time soon, weren’t for the need of air.


“I… if there’s anything I can do…” Kazuha whispered in between deep breaths, despite knowing well what she had to do, but the fear she might be in the wrong was lingering. 


“There is…” Her hands soon took a hold of Kazuha’s shoulders, gently guiding and pushing her down to the bed, remaining atop on her lap with her nethers pressed against hers. “...stay with me, Kazuha”.


Once again Kanaho leant forward, claiming Kazuha’s lips with hers, this time taking proper air before committing to her actions, with her hands gripping her shoulders tightly, nails slowly but painfully digging in reaction to the pain of her insides getting slowly pierced deep. Groans and moans muffled and muted, tears forming in the corner of her closed shut eyes. While on Kazuha’s side, it was a tight feeling wrapping her, with her hands also tightly gripping against her partner’s skin, motioning her to keep going.


Seconds that lasted an eternity until they had to fall back, inhaling and exhaling as they both looked at each other with a longing expression. 


“Kanaho, are you…” Voiced with concern as she had noticed the tears.


“I’m fine, let us enjoy this, Kazuha, I want… no, I need you, right now…”


There was no way whatsoever she would say anything against it, not that she would if she could, merely nodding as she went on with her current duty. She could feel herself still sensitive after what happened not so long ago, sensations that arose in both as the shock of pleasure travelled through their bodies.


And it all started with the innocent will of helping someone in need.


The scent of their act lingering around the room, luscious and lustful. True to their newfound feelings, accepting their needs and wants, and their wish to not let go.

Only as limited as their inexperienced bodies could last, the top of their climax releasing as they called each other names. Kazuha’s warmth entering Kanaho’s insides, she accepted it with a smile on her face, holding hands tightly until she couldn’t stay up any longer, letting herself fall down beside Kazuha.


With breathing and hearts aligned, sapphire stared into gold as their energy slowly left them. Not much was left to be said besides soft giggles as Kanaho inched closer to Kazuha, her head resting on her modest bosom, with the blue-haired’s arms wrapping around her, moving closer.

Even if Kazuha had many questions to ask, she couldn’t bring herself to disturb their own peace.


Maybe it was going too fast, or perhaps too slow? Didn’t matter now, for it was time for a well earned rest.