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Chasing More Than Ghosts

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It’s only you, Kate, and Natasha versus Agatha in the first and last battle to save Wanda. No holds barred. The mansion is destroyed, save for a few rooms, and all that’s left is a battlefield filled with wooden scraps.


Agatha shakes the flask, and the wisp screeches as it sloshes around, "I think I might have something you want." 

Her expression is uncaring, colder than ice; burn marks and scratches are scattered across her entire face. One long gash went from Agatha's cheek to her left eye, dry blood on full display, her left eye is completely gone - only an empty hole remained; thus, she had wholly closed that eye. A few wounds were relatively fresh, still bleeding and oozing. Agatha's hair had been charred from the firestorm, meaning she had barely escaped the explosion with her bubble.

"Wanda…what did you do?" You whined pathetically as Agatha stepped forward.

"Oh, I'll tell you!" Agatha spat venom as she spoke, "While you were preparing to kill me, she decided to cast a few curses all while she slept. It's magic on autopilot." Agatha is having difficulty standing up straight.

"Incredible," Nat loses her breath.

"Still, I can't die until my spell is broken…but you already knew that," Agatha chuckled breathlessly.

"Uh-huh. We aim to end you, Agatha - you aren't getting out of here alive." You snarled as Agatha popped the flask's cork, stringing the will-o-wisp upon the length of her middle finger.

“I know that, but damn am I going to try to ruin everything for you!” Agatha proclaims as she forces Wanda’s soul into the palm of her hand and smothers the spirit with a crushing grip.

With a click of her fingers, Wanda’s soul returns into a physical manifestation - purple streaks of pulsating magic envelop her. You know she’s playing pretend, but to what extent? There’s a slight smirk gracing Wanda’s lip, and a faint hue of scarlet resonates in her corrupted eyes. She’s in control…now what?

Wanda conjures a familiar scarlet fog surrounding the property’s edge, trapping you all in an arena whose borders would instantly kill you.

“Banish that preppy little archer, would you, dearie?” Agatha commands, purple magic gleams in her eye as she lifts her corrupted fingers.

Wanda’s fingers curl into a claw, and under her breath mutters, “Forgive me.” Wanda shoots a scarlet bolt at Kate’s chest, knocking her into a portal Wanda had quickly conjured with a swift swipe of her hand. After Kate flies into the portal, it closes behind her, thus stranding Kate wherever Wanda chooses.

 That only leaves you and Nat on the opposite side of the field with hardly any defense other than your blessed amulet and an iron rod which will do you no good here - same with Natasha’s blade. All you need to do is get that brooch off Agatha’s shirt and apply it to the rune’s center, then this could be all over. 

Agatha whisks her index finger into the air, black storm clouds rolling with clapping thunder. The clouds expand across the sky, blackening the land - consuming all light in its wake. Lightning bolts rapidly flashed, searing through the clouds as they eagerly waited to hit the ground. The air is charged with warming magic that becomes hotter by the second.

“Wanda,” Agatha, awestruck, looks up into the dark storm raging above her, “What are you planning?”

Agatha’s binding spell shatters, then reassembles itself around Agatha, chains wrapping around her like a python on a crocodile, “You’re weaker than I thought.” Wanda scoffed, clutching her hands filled with crimson smoke.

Agatha growls as the chains become tighter than a vice, “I was a threat, then you cast a few forbidden spells that even my coven feared!”

Your former master performs odd gestures with her fingers which causes a weak blue lightning bolt to hit the ground near Natasha, barely hitting its target. Natasha is flung back a yard, nearly consumed by Wanda’s toxic mist in the process, but the fog promptly expands.

“Sounds like a you problem,” Wanda levitates off the ground and floats towards Agatha, further constricting her, “I mean…you burned my wife into ash because you couldn’t have her as your personal sex toy. You don’t get to complain when I burn you back!”

“I killed her for the hell of it, her death drove you crazy and I got off to it! I messed with you, tampered with every little spell you created, and look where it got you: close to death and alone, forced to wander the empty halls of my cage. Only now did you have the strength to fight back, Wanda!”

“I had no reason to fight back until now. When we learned Y/N was reincarnated, we did everything we could to see her again. You won’t take us away from her ever again.” Wanda clutched her hands tightly, scarlet magic surging through Agatha’s veins, rotting her from within. Agatha growls in agony with each second.



“Natasha!” you rushed over to your injured beloved, holding her up.

“I’m okay, dorogoy.” Natasha cups your cheek then kisses your lips before speaking, “It’s almost over…follow Wanda’s instructions, could you do that for us, baby?” Natasha is desperate for Agatha’s defeat that you could smell said desperation - smells like smoke and flowers.

“Yes, I will. I - we’re so close, Nat. We’ll be living together again, just us.”

“So close, baby. Go, Wanda is waiting for you,” Nat lovingly stares into your eyes, pulling you in for a hot and heavy kiss before patting your back, subtly telling you to go.

“What about you?”

“It only hit the ground in front of me, I’ll be fine, go!” Nat points to your left.

You turn your attention to the action ahead. Agatha’s health has rapidly deteriorated over a few minutes. Her flesh has rotted to where you could see her jawbone, exposed flesh, and some teeth. The witch can’t move even if she wanted to - you could see thick blood dripping from every place imaginable. Agatha is having moderate difficulty breathing, every breath sounded like iron on iron.

Wanda lowers your adversary to the dirt and then beckons you to grab the brooch. You comply, sprinting over to the rotting husk of a woman who starts thrashing and sobbing; you tear the pin off of her collar and hold the gem in your palm, glancing over it before clutching it as you put your backpack down. You find the rune book, and not even before you place the brooch into its center, Agatha shrieks and cries, begging you not to reverse her spell. 

Her pleas fall on deaf ears, “Wanda, what was the phrase I needed to say?”

Wanda doesn’t hear you; a demanding red aura engulfs her with an unquenchable rage, “You know what Y/N’s first thought was when she woke up each morning?” Wanda and Agatha’s nose are touching tips, “Me and Natasha, not you. You were never mentioned once while we cuddled. Always an afterthought, a lingering parasite in the back of my wife’s mind. I now have the opportunity to purge you from this world, from Y/N’s mind…forever.”

Agatha’s mouth is shut tight with magic.

“Vanish,” Wanda tells you.

You delicately place the gem in the center, closing the book and slamming it directly below you, “VANISH!” you yelled into the air.

All of Headmaster Agatha’s stationed spells reveal themselves, illuminating the property with bright violet light. Each piece of Agatha’s spell breaks, shattering like glass on the pavement, and you feel it breaking. You feel weights being unchained from your shoulders. The immortalization spell and the soul tear; everything is crumbling into dust. Agatha looks on in defeat, sorrow plastered like hardened clay on her rotted face.

“Heh, fuck.” Agatha slumps over, unable to keep her head up, “If only I had known about your damned curses and your playing pretend bullshit!”

An arrow whizzes by your right ear, piercing Agatha’s left eye socket; a faint beeping is the only sound you can hear. Knowing Kate, it’s probably an explosive arrow. Wanda looks at the arrow, then at you, then back to the arrow before you two nod in agreement. Wanda waves goodbye for now and fades away while you run like hell towards Natasha, who is now back on her feet. Natasha grabs you to shield you from the disgusting flesh explosion about to occur. 

Within seconds you hear Kate’s explosive arrow go off and are greeted by sloshing and plopping of blood and flesh chunks splattering across the dirt and wood scraps. 

It’s over; Agatha is dead. There is no more torment from Agatha; all that’s left is living the rest of your life with Wanda and Natasha.

Natasha holds you close, tightening the loving, protective embrace as you start sobbing into her shoulder, “It’s over, it’s over. We’re finally together again!” you repeated numerous times.

You feel Nat’s chest tighten and heave, her cries are silent like the night and the shadows she steps in. Nat sniffles excessively, and her tears moisten your hoodie’s shoulder. You feel as if you’re about to collapse until you feel a second pair of arms coil around you and Natasha. It’s Wanda; her natural scent fills your nose as her face nuzzles against your neck. Wanda’s smile is contagious and bright; a joyous laugh escapes her throat as you three take each other in, entirely, for the first time in what feels like forever.

A few minutes pass, and Kate comes strolling into the picture. Kate decides to leave you three alone as she informs Yelena of the mission’s success and would be extracting without telling the other departments. Kate figured you wouldn’t want to deal with anyone in high command, considering your current state of exhaustion and your mentality wearing thin. At this moment, you couldn’t care about the repercussions of your rebellion; you found your mind always redirected at Wanda and Natasha, who still held you and kissed you.

Kate, unfortunately, must interrupt your reunion, “Sorry to ruin your moment, but uh, we gotta go…we’re needed back at the compound.”

“Let’s get some rest, loves. We’ll have plenty of time for…fun activities tomorrow.” Wanda winked and chuckled seductively; she yawns and rubs her eyes, “Sleepytime! Yay!”

Everyone heads to the van; Kate informs your wives (girlfriends?) that there’s a mattress in the van they could crash on for the journey home. Both don’t respond; their attention is solely on you alone; they make sure you’re okay, and they thank you for everything. 

It’s time to go home and rest for the day; you earned it.

You head inside the back of the van with your girlfriends and are greeted by an old mattress covered in your blankets and ruffled pillows. Wanda floats toward the back while Nat ushers you into the middle with her following behind you. This reminds you of the way you slept back in the day: Wanda on your right, you in the middle, and Nat on your left - both laying their heads on your chest, falling asleep to the sound of you. In no time at all, you found Wanda and Nat laying their heads on you, relishing in the sound of your breathing and your beating heart.

Wanda hums, “I missed you so much, detka. To have you, here and now, fills my heart with endless joy. No one is ever taking you away from me again .” she growled the last part.

“It’s okay, Wanda…I’ll make sure she is safe at all times,” Nat reassures the protective witch, “I promise.”

“Mmm, ours. No one else’s girl, ours.” Wanda sleepily declares, murmuring sweet nothings into your ear which would be broken by a random, ‘I love you’, ‘Such a pretty girl’’, or an ‘All ours’. Wanda kept twirling a strand of your y/h/c hair as she struggled to keep her eyes open, eventually succumbing to the lull of your heartbeat and breathing.

Natasha is resilient and resists the temptation of slumber, barely, “Thank you, Y/N for freeing us…now we get to live side-by-side in peace. Maybe a cottage funded by your ‘Ghost Hunting Department’?”

“They paid me plenty for my previous hunts. I was hoping to build one just the way we want it, have a construction company help us with the house and a shed, we’ll do the rest ourselves?” You suggested, yawning in the process.

“You’re so adorable when you’re sleepy,” Nat complimented as she nuzzled her face into the crook of your neck, “We need all the sleep we can get, love.”

“Okay,” you kissed her forehead; Wanda is quietly snoring into your ear, “I love you, Nat.”

“I love you too, malyshka.” Natasha returns the kiss.

Kate quietly speaks, primarily to herself, but it’s loud enough for you and Natasha to hear, “Holy shit, stop being so adorable.”
“No, I don’t think I will.” You quipped, yawning heavier than last time.

Not long after that, you and Natasha fall asleep together with Wanda, whose snoring has gotten slightly louder.


You all left Agatha’s mostly decomposed corpse, or what was left of it, behind at the property. Animals would get to her before you, Wanda, and Nat would return for a few things for your future house as a few rooms survived thanks to Wanda. There’s nothing left to do other than that, purchasing property, building the cottage of your dreams, and leaving Avengers Supernatural for good.

Kate calls Yelena, and they mull over the mission report while you and your Russian lovers sleep.

What lies ahead is bright and beautiful for you three. No one is going to stop you from accomplishing your newfound dreams, not this time. There will be time to build your dream cottage soon, yet there are piles of paperwork to do. Integrating two people from four hundred years ago isn’t going to be easy, especially in today’s advanced society.

You’ll deal with Steve and the rest of the department’s wrath later; what’s more important is that you have your family back, all as one. As you dream along with them, you look ahead and see your future in a cottage - baking bread and planting vegetables and flowers. The best has yet to come. For now, there are plenty of paperwork and mission reports to go over in the meantime. The sun is slowly creeping up the horizon, signaling the beginning of a fresh start for you, Wanda, and Natasha - to live in solitude, unbothered by the outside world.