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Cherry Chapstick & Sweet Summers

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Bette didn't like the evenings in Mockery Manor, "Too Much Fuss over some Cat Costume" she was known to say at least a hundred times as she helped Parker and JJ set up the parade, and answering questions from guests and most importantly , entertaining Davina with some friendly chit chat she so craves,in an attempt to get off Waltzer duty.As the day dragged on,Bette was rushing to get her tasks done during the afternoon, at six pm the parade started and with Bette's shift now over, she made her way to the UFO diner where Sonia was there banana milkshakes in company patiently waiting for Bette to arrive.

As Bette entered the UFO diner, she is greeted by one of the waitresses staff walking past the front door, "Heehaw, hey there, yo ho ho, are you looking for a booth or joining another party? she asks. "Oh, Right yes we,sorry I mean, I'm joining" Bettes words were flustered as she had just seen Sonia sitting in "Their booth" right in the back of the diner. "Ah, your joining another party?" Asked the waitress, "Ah, yes, yes I am thank you" responded Bette as the waitress handed her a menu and signaled her into the diner.

Spotting Sonia daydreaming, Bette's greeting of "Fancy seeing you here" broke Sonia stare into space, instantly recognizing Bette's face," Ah yes, hello stranger" was a warm welcome, for a second Bette went to kiss Sonia, as their greeting however being painfully aware of the situation they were in, opted for a side hug instead and carefully whispered "Hello Love" into her ear instead. Now sitting across from one another, two milkshakes that Sonia had ordered in the time of waiting sitting on the table, I wish I could hold your hand for real,Bette" said Sonia as she held Bettes hand stronger under the table.
" It would make some of the boys jealous that I have you on my arm" blushed back Bette.

"Ready to order , ladies?" asked the waitress, as she pooped her head into the booth, oblivious to the lovers conversation, sightly startled, Bette took lead and ordered first.

Right, so ill have a "LTPBM*" and you m'l-
Ill have one too please! replied Sonia, still in slight started state from the waitresses approach. After taking note of the two orders, the waitresses nodded her head replied "Coming right up,lickety-split" and toddled off to the kitchen.

Yeehaw, two Lettuce, tomato, pickle, burger meals for you too lovely ladies,enjoy!

The pair happily enjoyed their food, while the food was great, the company of one another was much better. Later that evening, they made their way to the lake house, making sure to avoid the route of the staff going rogue around the park attempting tp clear guests our of the park seeing as the parade was about to end.

"Ugh,Tomorrow evening is my turn in the Princess BooBoo suit so I cant my dear, I'm sorry" replied Sonia with a sigh in her voice.

Sonia grabbed Bette's hand, looked at her and said "However...I do have a way to make it up to you though"
"I bet you do" jokingly replied Bette with a smirk.The two headed to back the lake house.

Just as the two walked hand in hand to the lake house,A familiar voice , Parker yelled out "Oi Nutters", the two released hands in a sudden panic of being noticed being together, Sonia ran inside while Bette turned around to chat to Parker,now very much annoyed that he had ruined the moment.."What NOW Parker?" she snapped back at him. With Bette's response, Parker was dangerously aware of the error he had made , confusing the twins up was something he was known for, despite getting a right telling off by both of them by referring to JJ and "Carrying her shoulders as earrings" a few weeks back in the forest, but like old habits, Parker never changed and still confuses the two.

"oh Bette, Im sorry I thought you were-" Parker struggled as he attempted to gather his breath after running down the alley. "Shut up Parker!" Bette cuts Parker off before he can gather his breath after running from the moment, knowing her girlfriend may be out of sight was still in ear shot and was trying not to let this moment ruin the wonderful evening .. "Look Parker, Im sorry I shouted but you gave me and ...Sonia right out scare" "you were with...Sonia?" Parker hesitated a response. Bette took a deep breath now aware that she has not only outed herself but Sonia as well; "So, you like girls now then eh?" Parker replied with a smirk,when himself and Bette had dated only up to a few weeks ago he never pictured in his wildest imagination THIS is what she meant by "Trying something new" In hesitation, Bette replied "Yes, Im like Freddie Mercury in that sense" she uncomfortably answered,apart from her twin sister JJ,and obviously Sonia, this was the first time she had come out to somebody, the first she had ever said it to someone who she used to sleep with.

Before either had a proper chance to fully digest the conversation they were having, Parker got hit over the head by a rogue dodge ball thrown by fellow Mockery Manor staff Member,Paul

"Oi bellend! Myself and the lads are playing Dodge ball at the back of Roswell, you coming or what twat" Said Paul in his best "I know what I'm doing bruvh voice,naturally he was a sweet shy guy so this sounded more like a child trying to act cool on the school yard rather than the lad to lad address he was aiming for. Parker, with the dodge ball in his hands, flung it back at Paul and replied , we better be fairly shifty then!" totally distracted form the conversation himself and Bette were having...or so Bette thought for now, which just about satisfied her for the time being at least,

With Parker now gone,Bette made her way to the Lake House , finally being re-united with her Sonia. When entering the lake house, she found it bar Sonia to be empty, finally the pair could have some peace and quite once again, Sonia greeted Bette with a warm embrace, having have watched her entire conversation with Parker from her dorm room window, she was relived that Bette hadn't flipped out on Parker and landed herself in trouble. Just before either had a proper chance to enjoy the sweet bliss that was even for a moment, their own space "I can hear the Parade Staff coming back from their shifts" Sonia said as she looked out the window to make sure nobody could see them in the hallway window, have either of the two of them caught in this state was not an option.

"See you after the parade tomorrow,love" Bette rushed to say as she heard the staff that were working on the parade were heading straight to the lake house front door.

The pair parted ways with a quick kiss, and as the sun started to set over the Mockery Park, the pair parted their ways, walking down their separate hallways of the Lake house,Bette still feeling the remains of Sonia's cherry flavored chap-stick on her lips.

The end

* = LTPBM is "leave this place behind me" another Mockery Manor song - I wasn't joking the brain rot is REAL.