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My personal sheriff

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- Baby, understand, I need to. - The brunette turned to the boy, about ten years old, sitting on the bed. - Henry, honey, you know I love you. But I need to leave.
The boy sat turned away and pretended to look at the wallpaper. The voice usually commanding and intolerant of objection at work, the mayor of the city of Storybrooke, Regina Mills, was now soft and even pleading. She sat down next to the boy, but he moved away.
- Henry. - Regina tried to caress her son, but he got out of bed and went to the window. - Honey, stop pouting. I need to leave for work.
- You promised that you would spend this weekend with me! - Exclaimed the boy. - And you're leaving again!
- Let's I bring you a present. - Regina smiled conciliatoryly. - What do you want?
- I want my mother to keep her promises. - The boy muttered. - Are we going to Graham's again? What for?
- Henry! Because! - Regina said. - And that's enough questions. March to the car!

Emma Swan has been bored all day. There was absolutely nothing to do. She opened the nearest folder and leafed through it, yawning widely. "Why did I agree to move here? Here, at most, someone will get drunk and demolish the mailbox. Nothing happens here." Emma thought. “Why don’t go me home? Anyway, there’s still an hour before the end of duty and no one will come. What kind of lady is this?”
A stately, beautiful brunette confidently entered the police station and looked around in a businesslike manner. Her gaze rested on Emma, and one eyebrow rose slightly, expressing the surprise.
- Who are you? - The woman's voice slipped bossy notes. - And where is Sheriff Graham?
- I'm a deputy sheriff. - Emma stood up confidently, with the intention of knocking down arrogance from this lady. - But you didn’t introduce yourself.
The second eyebrow also rose and an expression of extreme surprise was reflected on the face of the brunette. Which was replaced in a second by understanding.
- You seem to be new ... Graham told me something about an assistant. - Regina said, looking at Emma.- My last name is Mills. Regina Mills. I am the mayor of this city. So, where's Sheriff Graham? And you didn't tell me your name.
Regina watched with mild satisfaction as the girl's face fell. And how a whole gamut of feelings reflected on her face. From surprise to helplessness. But still, the girl managed to pull herself together.
- Swan, madam mayor. My name is Emma Swan. I was supposed to leave on Monday, but Graham got sick and asked me to leave today.
- It's clear. - The mayor nodded and thought about it. - What a wrong time.
She did not know with whom to leave her son now. Everything kind of went awry. She bit her bottom lip in thought. Emma looked at her wide-eyed and suddenly felt a slight smell of apples. "I'm probably hungry." Emma thought. "The smell of apples seems to be."
- So what can I do to help? - Emma asked.

Suddenly there was a laugh and Regina turned around. Behind her was a boy.
- Henry.- She said. - How long have you been standing there? You were supposed to be in the car.
- I got bored there. - The boy nodded at Emma. - Can I stay with her?
- With her? - Regina looked Emma up and down. - I don't know if I can trust her? I see her for the first time.
- I'm actually standing here. - Emma said.
- Yes, I'm sure. - The boy looked at Emma.
- Well, OK. I'll try to quick. - Regina kissed her son on the top of her head and turned to Emma. - This is Henry. My son. You, since Graham is ill, will look after him. I'll pick it up on Sunday evening. And God forbid, even a hair falls from his head: you won’t even get a job as a janitor! Clear?
- Yes, madam mayor.
Regina nodded patronizingly and walked out, her heels clicking. Emma took a breath after her departure and wearily sank into a chair.
- And you - desperate!- The boy smiled. - No one in the city spoke to mother like that. And he doesn't talk.
- I accidentally. Will she fire me?
- I don't know. - The boy shrugged. - What are we going to do?
- Let's go to my place! I have an attachment. Do you know how?
- Play the console? - The boy was delighted.- I'll beat you!
- Well, let's see. - Emma smiled. - Who is winning.

Regina drove as fast as the car would allow. She was at the other end of the city an hour later, in a house that was hidden from prying eyes. House, which you will never find if you do not know that it is there. Regina entered quietly from the back door and saw her. The blonde stood with her back and looked at the fire in the fireplace. Regina tossed her purse on the couch and hugged the woman from behind. She didn't react at all.
- Here I am. - Regina whispered. - Sorry I'm late, Henry was acting up. I swear to you, this is the last time.
- Of course, the last one. - The blonde confidently threw off the hands of the mayor from herself.
- Kathryn, what's the matter? - Regina turned the woman to her face. - Well, come to me, I'm missed you.
Regina moved her lips to hers, and her hand, as if by chance, went from her stomach down to her groin. But Kathryn caught her hand halfway and pulled back slightly.
- Dear, what's wrong with you? - Regina tried to brush her hand across her cheek, but Kathryn took a step back.
- We're breaking up. - Answered Kathryn. - Leave.
- What?! Like this?! I again had to lie to him that I was going to work, although I promised to spend the weekend with him and what I would tell him... Kathryn... I can't live without you.
- Think of something and forget me. Find yourself a new alpha.
- Where? -Regina sat on the couch. - Kathryn, have you got someone? New omega? Or did you contact the beta? You swore you would never contact the beta again.
- None of your business. Leave. - Kathryn exhaled sharply and briefly. - And stop freaking out : smells like apples again.
Kathryn, dressed in a polo shirt and light summer trousers, stood with one elbow on the mantelpiece. Desire arose in Regina and she stepped towards the woman.
- Kathryn. Since I'm here, let's do it one last time…- Regina tried to run her hand over her cheek again.
- No. - Kathryn moved away and sat on the sofa. - You're in estrus soon. I don't want to risk. Becoming a father is not in my plans.

Regina pursed her lips as she left the house, got into her car, and began to cry. The whole day went down the drain in the morning, one could guess that it would end idiotically. Five years of relationship that ended in nothing. Regina started the car and drove back towards the house, but realized that Henry was at the police station and turned the car towards him. Before getting out of the car she corrected her makeup - the mayor should always look perfect. She pushed the door, but it was locked. Regina frowned, but noticed the note on the door: "Mom, I'm at Emma Swan" written in Henry's handwriting. She breathed a sigh of relief, and then realized she didn't know where Emma Swan lived. Regina took out her phone and called Graham. The receiver was not immediately picked up, and at first there was a cough, and only then they said with a wheeze:
- Sheriff Graham. Who is this?
- Regina Mills. In case you forgot. - Regina said angrily. - I need Swan. Your assistant. Do you know where she lives?
- Oh sure. She lives in a white house, it is the last one on the coast. It stands a little apart from the rest.
- Good. I realized. And Graham: get well there.
- Thank you, madam mayor. - Graham replied.

Emma changed into plaid pajamas and checked again like Henry. The boy slept sprawled across the wide bed. Emma smiled and went into the living room, where she laid out a sofa for herself. She decided to read a little before going to bed and heard a knock on the door. The girl opened the door and was dumbfounded: Regina was standing outside the door.
- May I come in? - Regina asked.
- Yeah. Come in. - Emma blinked her eyes and let the woman into the house.
- Do you have Henry? - Why did Regina ask, although she knew exactly where her son was.
- He's sleeping. But if you want, I can wake up he ...
- No no. Let him sleep. - Regina herself did not know why she had come. - Sorry, I'd better come tomorrow.
- Maybe you can stay? - Emma suddenly asked. - Why travel back and forth? And what to change into, I will find you.
- I don't think it's a good idea... - Regina said doubtfully.
- Be stay.- Emma squeezed her elbow gently. - And Henry will be a pleasant surprise when he wakes up.
Regina looked in surprise at Emma's hand, which was still holding it. Emma caught her gaze and let go of her hand. Again she thought she could smell apples. And Regina carefully looked at the girl and decided to stay.

Emma ushered her guest into the living room. And while Regina examined, she ran into another room. She held a folded robe in her hands.
- You will sleep here. - The girl nodded at the unfolded sofa. - And you can change into this. Must be true to size. Don't worry, it's clean.
Regina looked at the girl with interest and unfolded her clothes.
- It's your? - Regina suddenly smiled and Emma noticed what a pleasant smile she had.
- No. - Emma frowned and stared at the floor. - Mom's. You lie down and I will go.
- Where? - Regina was surprised.
- To the garage, I have a boat there, I can sleep in it. - Emma turned to leave, but Regina grabbed her arm.
- Drop it. The sofa is wide, we will fit here together.
- Together? - Emma asked.
- Yes. - Regina nodded. - Can i use the bathroom? To change clothes?
- Yes, of course. - Emma replied.
Regina walked past the girl and disappeared through the door, and Emma distinctly smelled apples and felt a slight stir in her pants. "Oh my God, she's an omega."Emma figured. She lay on her side, closer to the wall, although she knew it was stupid. Madame Mayor, too busy with problems and her son, but she will soon recognize Emma as an alpha. Hearing the door open, Emma lay down on her stomach on her side of the couch and pretended to be asleep. Regina glanced at her figure and lay down too, her back to Emma. And already falling asleep, she thought that for the second time she could smell a pleasant woody smell.

In the morning, Regina opened her eyes and realized that she is not in her house. She ran her hand over the bedspread, but there was no one around. "Kathryn? No. She ... We broke up yesterday! Where am I?" Regina got up and walked around the room, noticed the clock. The clock showed seven in the morning. Then she went to the window. And she noticed a figure running towards the house. "Swan? What time did she get up? Runs... Well, yes, you have to know how to run after criminals. Practice, deputy."
She went back to the bathroom and changed into her clothes. She left the bathroom just as Emma Swan peeked into the room.
- Good morning. - Emma said. - Are you up ? Why so early?
- For many years now, every day I get up at exactly seven o'clock. But did you get up earlier?
- Yes. - Emma smiled. - I get up at half past six. And I run. You can wait for me in the kitchen. And now I'm going to take a shower and cook something for breakfast.
- Thank you, Miss Swan, but I'd rather see my son.
- Oh sure. He's in my room, down the hallway, to the right.
Regina left the room, giving Emma a final scent of apples, and Emma, with a slight groan, disappeared through the bathroom door.

Regina entered the room and looked around a bit. She wondered who Emma Swan was. The first thing that caught she attention was the photo on the nightstand. Regina walked over and took it in her hands, looking at the picture. Two ladies were captured in the photo: one is Emma, the second is a youthful woman. The woman hugged the blonde and her eyes shone with happiness. Regina would have continued to look at the picture, but the boy in the bed stirred in his sleep and she, putting the picture in place, sat down on the bed beside him. The boy turned and opened his eyes.
- Mom? - He asked incredulously.
- Hey baby. - Regina ran a hand through his hair. - Did you get enough sleep?
- Mom! - The boy exclaimed joyfully and hugged the woman, but then pulled away and asked. - What are you doing here?
- Everything was canceled for me and I immediately came to you. - Regina smiled.
- And you won't go again? - The boy inquired.
- And I won't go again. - Regina confirmed. - Never.
- Cool! - The boy hugged his mother again, and she, in joy, kissed him on the top of the head.
- Come on, let's go home. - Regina stood up. - And I'm going to say goodbye to Miss Swan.

Regina found the kitchen and entered. She froze for a few seconds: Emma stood with her back to her, and something was cooking. She was wearing a sleeveless home shirt, and Regina admired the curves of her shoulders. Emma, sensing her gaze, turned around.
- Madame Mayor! - Said Emma. - You entered very quietly.
- I went to say goodbye. Henry and I are leaving. - Regina tossed a strand of hair back.
- Can you still have breakfast with me? I mean both.
- Certainly! Mom, we can you? - Henry stood next to Regina, tugging at her hand.
- Okay. - Regina surrendered. - Let's have breakfast.
- Super! - The boy clapped his hands. - And then where?
- Where do you want to go? - Regina sat down next to the boy.
- To the park, to the rides. Let's go to?
- Well, of course let's go. - Regina smiled. - I promised to spend this weekend with you.
- Cool! - The boy was delighted. - Will we take Emma?
- I don't even know, baby. - Regina looked at the girl. - What if she has something to do?
- Henry. - The girl said doubtfully. - Do I have to go?
- Certainly! - The boy answered. - You promised to teach me how to shoot.
- Is that so... - Regina stood up and looked straight at Emma. - Promised?
- Well, it's not that .... I just promised to take him to the shooting gallery .... And ... - Emma hesitated.
- Emma, are we going to eat? - Said the boy.
- Oh sure! Sit at the table. - Emma fussed.
She began to arrange the plates, serve the food, and was afraid to meet Regina's eyes. This woman had a hypnotic effect on her.

Two women and a child were walking along the sidewalk towards the amusement park. Regina walked confidently, holding her son's hand. Next to Regina, Emma walked a little to the side, she looked at Regina and sniffed a couple of times air. Of course, she could be wrong, but it seems that Regina will soon be in estrus , and this is fraught. Mills seemed to hear what Emma was thinking and turned around. Then she turned to Henry and waved her hand slightly. On the way to the park, near the entrance, there was a kiosk selling various sweets: lollipops, popcorn, cotton candy.
- Baby, do you want cotton candy? - She asked.
- Very. - The boy answered. - I can buy?
- Of course you can. - Regina smiled and handed the child the money. - Run, buy yourself.
- Cool! Thank you, Mom.- Henry grabbed the money and ran ahead.
And Regina turned sharply to Emma. She looked sternly, frowning slightly.
- Miss Swan. - She said. - What strange promises are you making to my child? Did you promise to teach him how to shoot? He is only ten years old! Ten, Miss Swan!
- Madame Mayor. - Emma held out her hand. - You misunderstood everything. Yesterday we played console with him, and there it was necessary to shoot. He couldn't do it, and I said that someday I would take him to a shooting gallery. That's all...
- In an attachment? - Regina frowned.
- Yeah. - Emma shrugged. - The one with the pistol-shaped joystick.
- Do you have any games? Chess, monopoly...
- That's what's no, that ... - Emma rolled her eyes and turned her face to the side. And I saw the car. Rushing along the road, which moved strangely - zigzagging, straight in their direction. - Watch out!
She grabbed Regina and shielded herself, pinning her against a nearby tree. The car flew by, touched the curb with its rear wheel and turned sharply, rushed off to where it came from. Emma suddenly smelled the strong smell of apples again. Regina felt something hard against her thigh, a strong woody scent, and Emma's warm breath on her neck. "That smell. Again. Eau de toilette she?"
- You can let me go now. - Regina said.
- Excuse me, madam mayor. - Emma stepped back a couple of steps, giving Regina freedom. - Are you hurt? Can I take you to the hospital?
- It's okay. - Regina straightened her dress and added - Thank you.
- Mom! - Shouted the boy from the kiosk and waved his hand.
- Henry! It's good that he wasn't here. - Regina said and turned to Emma. - Let's go?
- Well, you go, and I have ... business. - Emma said.
- Any business, Miss Swan? - Regina frowned.
- I remembered that I promised Graham to visit him. - Emma smiled guiltily.

Regina gave Emma a long look, then turned and walked towards her son.
- Mom, did you see? Car! And then! Wow! Emma, will you catch him? - The boy looked around. - Where is Emma?
- She said she was going to visit Graham. - Regina smiled. - Where do you want to go first, to the shooting gallery or to the Ferris wheel?
- Yes, all the same. - The boy somehow wilted.
- Henry. What's the matter? - Regina sat down next to her son. - Let's spend this weekend together: as we wanted.
- Yes, of course. - The boy agreed.
- Honey, if you don't want to go to the park, can we go home? Shall we watch something and eat a huge pizza?
- Yes. - The boy cheered up. - It is possible and so.
They walked back, and Regina decided to stop by the police station and talk to the deputy sheriff soon.

A knock on the door caught Graham in the bathroom. As he was with a toothbrush in his teeth, he went to open the door. Swan was standing outside the door, a package in her hand.
- Yes, everything is worse here than one might have imagined. - Emma pretended to be frightened. - You have foam in your mouth. Rabies?
Graham just looked reproachfully at Emma and opened the door wider to let her into the apartment. Emma walked into the living room, where Graham appeared after a while.
- What's happened? - Slightly wheezing, he asked. - Why did you come?
- I brought you fruit, sick. - Emma lifted the package up. - How are you?
- Better. - Graham coughed a couple of times. - Will you have coffee?
- Of course I will. - Emma snorted and followed him into the kitchen.
While Graham was making coffee and looking for treats, Emma set the bag down on the table. She took out an apple and rolled it thoughtfully on the table, from one hand to the other. Graham, following the apple, grabbed it and put it in the sink. Then he began to arrange the cups.
- Well, when were you going to tell me? - Emma asked.
- About what? - Surprised with a slight wheeze Graham.
- That she's a damn omega! - Emma got angry. - You set me up like never before!
- Oh, damn .... I'm sorry I didn't warn you. - Graham said. - Who knew that you would meet?
- What about the fact that you sometimes play the role of a nanny for the mayor? Or rather for her son?
- She rarely brings him to me: about once every two weeks. According to my calculations, she was not supposed to bring him this Friday.
- Listen. - Emma sighed. - Try to be cured by Monday. She's in heat soon. And I... I just don't know what to do.
- Do you like her? - Graham grinned.
- Graham! You moron? Or is the illness taking its toll? She is the Mayor!
- So what? - Graham coughed again. - She is very beautiful and I would even say a sexy woman. And I would not refuse with her ... Well, you understand ...
- Why does she need you? - Emma snorted. - Okay, I'll go home.

Emma came home, went into her room and noticed: the photo is in the wrong place. "Regina," Emma guessed. And then a phrase appeared in my head, uttered by Graham "Do you like her?" Swan plopped down on the bed and bit her bottom lip. Under other circumstances, she didn't even ask: any other omega would have already moaned under Emma. But this one: it is by definition different, there was something inexplicably attractive about it. Those eyes, sharp as if carved, cheekbones and smell. Apple, sweet, maddening scent. Her scent. Emma sighed and turned to the picture.
- Mom, I think I'm in love. - Emma said referring to the photo frame on the nightstand.
Emma spent the rest of the day and the next day doing extra exercise, fixing the boat, cleaning the garage. In a word, she tried to keep herself occupied so as not to think about Regina.

While Regina was doing the opposite: she was thinking about Emma. Or rather, put the facts together, which, as you know, are the most stubborn thing in the world. And for all the facts, it turned out that Emma Swan was an alpha.
"Where did she come from in my city? She fell like a snowball. Graham! Well, of course Graham brought her here. How many times I was convinced - you can’t mess with the beta. Well, I’ll talk to them both. On Monday." Having made this decision, she calmed down a bit.
- Mom. - The voice of her son distracted her from her thoughts.
- What, honey? - The woman smiled at him. - Hungry?
- No. - Henry shook his head. - Let's invite Emma to visit us.
- Emma? - Regina looked at her son in surprise. - Why?
- She's cool. - Shrugged the boy.
- Baby, are you bored without Miss Swan? Or with me not interested?
- I didn't say that. - The boy took his mother by the hand. - Mom, why did you decide so?
- Well, it seemed to me. - Regina said.
- Of course, it seemed. - The boy replied with heat and hugged her.
Regina patted her son on the head and knew that she would definitely go to the police station. And have a serious talk with Swan. Very seriously.
"Just a day with my son and it's not getting out of his head! I don't know how you did it Miss Swan, but you better stop it. Otherwise I don't know what I'll do to you!"

On Monday, getting ready for work, Emma mentally asked all the gods she knew that the sheriff would be healthy and sit in his own station. And she will just drive around the city and carry out his instructions. Although she understood that it was impossible - you can not be cured in two days. Well, at least not meet Regina today. Arriving at the site, she grabbed a jacket from the seat and entered the building. She stepped in and swallowed nervously. Either she prayed badly, or the gods were very offended by something, but in the police station, right on the table, Regina Mills was sitting cross-legged. She looked defiantly at the entered
- Miss Swan! - Regina said coldly. - We need to talk.

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- To talk? - Emma tried her best to keep her voice from trembling. - About what?
- About much. Where's Sheriff Graham? - Regina jumped deftly to the floor. - For a start.
- He is still sick. - Emma said. - I am also waiting for his recovery. Believe me.
- I believe you. Then, another question. - Regina slowly approached Emma. - Why did you captivate my son so much? He's been talking about only you lately.
- Probably ... - Emma hesitated a little. - Perhaps you are just too strict with him? And maybe the boy just needs a father?
Regina leaned slightly towards Emma's face and whispered directly into her ear : "Would you like to be a candidate?"
And she lightly flicked Emma's on the bulge on the pants. Emma pulled away abruptly and blushed profusely.
- I do not understand what do you mean. - Emma muttered.
- Come on, Miss Swan! - Regina said sharply and turned around. - Better explain to me what one more alpha is doing in my city?
- One more? - Startled Emma. - Are there more alphas here? And who is it?
- Does not matter! - Regina said angrily. - The last thing I need now is a fight of alphas! Answer the question: what are you doing here?
- Graham invited me. - Emma sighed. - In my city I was "strange", not like everyone else. Many people knew about my "features" from my birth. And they looked at me with fear. Graham and I met in a club and he said that in the city where he works as a sheriff, it is very quiet, that no one will pay attention to me. If we don't tell anyone.
- Understood. - Regina pursed her lips.
- Is that all you wanted to talk about? - Emma asked and stared at the floor.
Because she understood that for a long time she could not look at those lips - they wanted to be kissed.
- Actually, no. - Regina held up a finger. - I want you to find the scorcher who almost hit me! As far as I remember it was a Chevrolet Corvette.
- Yes, madam mayor.- Emma said, not daring to raise her eyes.

Kathryn paced the room with long strides and held her folded hands over her mouth, her fingertips touching her nose. In the room, on the bed lay a young girl. Her hair was scattered over the pillow and she was unconscious. But then the young girl stirred, opened her eyes and Kathryn rushed to her.
- May! May, how are you? - Asked Kathryn.
- It's okay, Katty. - May turned her head - Only ... Want to eat.
- First, you tell me everything! - Angrily moved her eyebrows Kathryn and showed the young girl a small plastic bag, three by two centimeters in size. - What is it?
- Where did you get it? - Frightened May asked and tried to grab it. - Give it back!
- Listen, May. - Kathryn deftly withdrew her hand. - I promised my aunt, your mother, that I would look after you. And I will do it. But if you're involved in drugs, I'll send you right back.
- Katty. This is the medicine. - The girl sat up on the bed and held out her hand. - Give it back, please.
- Medicine? - Kathryn frowned suspiciously. - What other medicine?
- Experimental. - May sighed. - It helps me stay human.
- Human? - Kathryn was surprised. - Aren't you human?
- I'm a stupid gamma! And after the course, I will have an operation and I will be like everyone else!
- Yeah. - Kathryn nodded. - So it's because of him you got sick in the car. I saw you drink it. And lost control of herself.
- It just cramped convulsions my hand. - May shrugged. - And that medicine still unfinished.
- Convulsions? You almost killed Regina, it’s good that the kid wasn’t next to her! If I had not turned the steering wheel in time, it is not known what would have happened!
- And rightly so. - The young girl snorted. - She already found another blonde for herself, and you still suffer for her.
Kathryn could not resist and gave her cousin a savory slap in the face.

Graham bent his elbows again and straightened them again, lifting his body off the floor. Sweat streamed down his face. "6... 7... 8..." A knock on the door interrupted him. Sharp, domineering and not augur well. Graham got up, hung the towel around his neck, and went to open the door. Regina was at the door.
- I knew it was you. - Graham said.
- Am I distracting? - Regina grimaced, but entered. - You stink. What are you doing?
- Push-ups. - Graham explained and closed the door. - I feel better, I think tomorrow I can go to work. Still weak today.
- Good. - Regina nodded and walked into the living room. - Go to the shower and come back: I need to talk to you.
After a while, Graham appeared in the living room and sat across from the mayor, ready to listen.The fact that he would be scolded, he understood, even by the knock.
- Why did you bring here, Swan? - Regina started right away with complaints. - Do you think with your head at all? Or have you forgotten why Henry stays with you?
- Did not forget. - Graham answered. - I just don't understand what the problem is.
- You do not understand?! - Regina jumped to her feet. - And if they meet? Two alphas in one city! Do you really not see the problem?
- Why in one? - Graham was surprised. - You go to another city.
- No, you're real, idiot! - Started to get angry Regina. - I said this for my son. She is local!
- Oh shit... Then we really have a problem... - Graham muttered.
- Really?! - Regina screamed.
- I'll think of something. - Graham pressed into his chair.
- Please. Think up.- Regina said softly, almost in a whisper, closing her eyes.
This, almost a whisper, made Graham even more frightened and goosebumps ran through him. He knew that when Regina spoke like that, she wasn't just angry, she was furious.

"Where to begin?" Emma thought as she spun in her chair. "I wonder if there are outdoor surveillance cameras in this city? Anywhere?"
Emma turned on the computer and checked the programs that were on it. "The Internet is - and thanks for that."
- Hello, Emma. - A familiar childish voice rang out.
- Henry?! - Emma peeked out from behind the computer monitor in fear. - What are you doing here? If your mother sees us together, she will kill me. Then you. And then me again.
- Do not be afraid. - The boy smiled. - I'll say that I wanted to visit Graham. How was I to know that he was still sick? And what are you doing?
- I'm looking for that car. - Emma sighed. - Well, remember? Did I save your mom back then?
- Did you save it? - The boy was delighted. - Nice. She should reward you.
- Rewarded? - Emma snorted. - Henry go home, otherwise she will quarter me.
- C'mon. - The boy sat next to him. - I can help.
- How? - Asked Emma. - Do you know whose car this is?
- No. - The boy sighed. - But she's cool. We do not have such machines. This person is clearly not a local.

Regina came home and poured herself some apple cider to calm herself down. After a couple of sips, she felt the alcohol pleasantly run through her veins and she felt a little better. She looked at her watch: one in the afternoon. Henry was supposed to come home from school, but he's still gone. Maybe he left for extra classes? This happened a couple of times. "What a stupid day!" - Thought Regina. - "I should have gone to work, I had construction papers there and something else needed to be agreed. And the meeting, it seems, is tomorrow." She returned to work and began to check the papers. A few hours later, when the letters were already beginning to merge and what was written was no longer intelligible, Regina decided that enough was enough for today. She drove to the school and found out that there were no extra classes at school today. Sitting in the car, Regina rubbed her temples and realized how tired she was today, although the day was not yet over. She called home, but no one picked up the phone, which means Henry is still not at home. And that means going to the police station again. Regina gritted her teeth : will have to meet with Swan and talk to her. Again.

- So, can we figure out who this person came to? - Emma asked.
Henry was sitting at the computer and playing some games there, and Emma stood near the drawers, with archival folders, and sorted through them with her fingers. She didn't even know what she was looking for. Finding a person, especially not a local one, was unrealistic. Therefore, she simply opened the drawers and looked at what was in them, hoping that this would somehow give her the right idea. At the same time, she reasoned aloud.
- I don't think. - The boy called back. - Rich child to poor parents. For instance.
- Hmm... A problem ... - Emma said thoughtfully.
Emma walked around the table and stood on the other side of Henry, closing it like that. She opened another closet.
- Or maybe new people came to the city? - Emma asked.
- Except you? - Asked the boy.
- Except me. - Emma repeated.
At that moment, Regina walked into the station at a brisk pace. She saw Emma near the crates, but didn't notice Henry sitting behind her.
- Miss Swan! I lost ... - The boy, hearing his mother's voice, looked out from behind the young woman. - Henry!
- Hey mom! - He said. - Is it true that Emma saved you?
- Into the car.- Regina said softly and the boy literally vanished from the police station.
He knew better than anyone that the quieter her mother's voice, the more angry she was. Even Emma got goosebumps with anticipation. And again it smelled of apples.
- Miss Swan. - Regina looked askance. - What kind of fairy tales are you telling my son? Eager to be the hero?
- I ... nothing ... I just said something and ... everything.
- Let's agree that you will no longer communicate with my son. - Regina asked in an orderly tone. - Otherwise, you will leave my city. It's clear?
- Yes. - Emma nodded.
- How's the scorcher case going?- Regina changed the subject.
- Seeking. So far to no avail. - Emma reported back.

Regina returned to the car gloomier than clouds, a hard day affected, not the best days approached: another day or two and estrus would begin, Kathryn left, and also this Swan, smelling of wood. "What a fool she is, worse than Graham, but her hands! God, her hands are just a work of art." They drove in silence all the way to the house, for which Regina was even grateful to her son - somewhere in the depths of her soul.
- If Emma saved you, you should thank her. - Said suddenly Henry, when they went home. - And invite to dinner.
- Sorry, what? - Surprised Regina, she thought she had misheard.
- You yourself taught me that you need to be fair. - The boy said stubbornly. - I think it's fair.
- Honey. - Regina took her son by the chin and looked into his eyes. - What did she win you over so much?
- She's my only friend. - The boy shrugged.
- Why the only one? - Surprised Regina. - And at school? Don't you have friends?
- No.- Henry answered simply. - Guys, be afraid to be friends with me because I'm your son.

Graham drank the medicine and grimaced. The medicine was nasty, tasting, but it helped well. He decided that he would spend the rest of the day watching TV and watching a movie, and... Again he heard a knock on the door. "What kind of meeting day is today?" Graham thought and opened the door. Behind her was Emma, she was drunk and holding a bottle in her hands.
- I love her. - Emma said and collapsed without feeling.
- Hmm. - Graham said. - It definitely won't end well.
He gently lifted the girl in his arms and carried her to the sofa in the living room. Emma muttered something in her sleep and let go of the bottle.

Emma opened her eyes and tried to get up, but her head hurt. The girl groaned and sat up neatly. On the table, near the sofa where she slept, there was a bottle of water, pills and a note. "You can take a shower, take some pills - you'll feel better, when you leave - throw the keys in the mailbox, you don't have to go to work today. Graham." Emma groaned again, she didn't remember how she ended up at Graham's. She took the pills and went back to bed. She woke up three hours later and felt quite healthy to go home and lie down there. She closed the door, tossed the note into the mailbox, and went down to her car. Emma was driving to her house and suddenly, after two intersections, she saw her - that same car - a Chevrolet Corvette. The girl turned around and followed her, and what was her surprise when the car slowed down near the city hall building. And when the driver got out, Emma took a picture of him on the phone - the driver turned out to be a pretty blonde. The blonde entered the building and soon left, got into the car and drove away. As blonde passed, Emma crouched down in her seats. She was not going to go after her, firstly there is a number, which means it can be broken through, and secondly there is a photo. And something told Emma that madame mayor knew who the girl was. And now you can go home, sleep off, put yourself in order, so that tomorrow you can go to Regina and tell her everything.

Regina woke up in the morning, also in a disgusting mood. Everything was annoying: a little burnt food, Henry slowly getting ready for school, traffic lights, which all turned red. The mayor personally took her son to school every morning, despite the fact that a special bus went to school. And the estrus has also begun. Regina felt unimportant and decided not to go to work - she could work at home. At least today. She went into the kitchen, she had no appetite at all. Then Regina took an apple from the fruit bowl and went to her office. She opened her laptop and got so carried away that for a while she forgot about everything, completely immersed in the routine of taking care of the city. After a while, Regina felt that she was hungry, she looked at her watch and gasped - Henry would be coming soon. As she warmed up the food for his arrival, Regina considered her son's words about taking Swan to dinner. Involuntarily brunette remembered her smile and how blonde pressed her against the tree. Her strong hands and smell, woody, a little sharp. In the groin immediately "flared up". "Damn, I didn't fall in love with that fool. I just...want her. It's instinct and it'll all go away in a couple of days."
- Mom! - A boy ran into the kitchen. - I'm home.
- Very good, honey. - Responded Regina. - Wash your hands and go to the table. We'll have lunch.

In the evening, Graham stood in front of the door of the last house on the coast. He knocked for the third time, but no one opened the door. A figure stepped towards him from the darkness, and Graham put his hand on the holster.
- Hello. - The figure said in Emma's voice. - Have you been standing for a long time?
- Swan, what kind of stupid joke is that? - Graham asked.
- What kind of jokes are there: the light bulb burned out. I went to the garage for a new one. - Emma opened the door to the house, letting in a friend. - Come in.
- Emma.- Graham said as they settled comfortably in the kitchen. - I asked you to leave the keys in the mailbox. Give them back.
- And I decided that it was stupid. - The girl held out a bunch. - Here they are. And Graham...
- For some reason it seems to me that you are now asking for something. - Graham smiled and took the keys.
- Do you have a phone number ... madam mayor? - Emma asked.
- Yes. - Graham smiled even wider. - Do you want to invite her on a date?
- Not. It's for work.- Emma said.
- Certainly. - Graham nodded. - Only the next time you tumble into my house with a bottle, I will shoot video on my phone.
- What does that mean? - Emma asked.
- And then you do not know! - Graham took out his notebook, tore out a piece of paper and wrote a few numbers. You can lie to yourself as much as you like, I don't need to. Do you feel for her more than just sympathy?
- Yeah...- Emma sighed. - But... I'm afraid of her. Sometimes she has that look - my blood freezes in my veins.
- M. - Graham drawled. - Are you sure you're an alpha?
- Do you think this is funny? - Emma stood up resolutely. - Maybe I wanted to ask you for advice, as a friend. And you....
- Then here's my friendly advice to you. - Graham suddenly remembered what Regina asked him to do. - Forget about her. She has someone to comfort her at night.
- How interesting! - Emma narrowed her eyes. - And you know who it is?
- I have no idea. - Graham shrugged his shoulders. - And come to work tomorrow. As usual.
- I'll be on time. - Emma answered.
After Graham left, Emma resolutely picked up the paper and dialed the number.

Regina entered Henry's room, the boy was lying in bed and sleeping, holding a book in his hands. Apparently he fell asleep while reading. Regina took out her book carefully so as not to wake her up. "The Little Prince" Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Regina sighed and quietly left the room. "Maybe really invite Swan? At least some kind of friend the child has ... It will be necessary to talk to her again. Ask Graham for her number and call - meeting in person is fraught. Although ... Kathryn would have taken advantage of the situation long ago! And this one ..." Mills' thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of the phone, she picked up the phone without looking.
- Hello, madam mayor. This is Deputy Emma Swan. Sorry it's so late. Didn't wake up you?
- No, didn't. - Regina replied coldly. - But I suppose the reason for the call is good?
- Quite. - Emma answered. - I found that scorcher in the car. I will send you a photo now.
Regina heard the sound of a message on her phone, but didn't open the photo.
- Promptly, Miss Swan. - She said. - Thank you for your service.
- It's just my job, madam mayor. - Emma answered.
She wanted to add something else, but hesitated and Regina took advantage of it.
- Miss Swan. - She said. - Come join us for lunch on Saturday. Henry will be glad to see you.
- Ahhh. - Emma said. - You forbade me to communicate with him ... Yesterday.
- Yesterday I forbade it, today I allow it! - Regina got angry. - I make concessions, only for the sake of my son. Will you find time to come? I'll tell him about lunch.
- Yes. Certainly! I'll definitely come. For Henry. - Emma was silent. - Goodbye, madam mayor.
- Goodbye, Miss Swan. - Regina hung up.
She remembered the message and opened it. The photo was of Kathryn. "Lord God! Why the hell did she get into the city! We agreed ..."

Emma spent the whole Friday how on needles: she shuddered at every phone call, dropped papers, a fountain pen and almost turned over her coffee mug. In a word, she was nervous.
- Emma. - Graham came up and put his hand on her shoulder. - What's wrong with you today?
- I'm having lunch with her tomorrow. - Emma issued in one breath and covered her face with her hands. - Madame Mayor ...
- What are you?! - Graham's face fell. - Look, this is a bad idea. I shouldn't have given you her number.
- And who hinted at the expense of relations with her?Not you, by any chance? - Emma slowly raised her face over her hands.
- Yes, I spoke. But, Emma…- Graham sighed. - Regina asked me to keep you away from her. She doesn't like that you communicate with her son and in general ... You were right, she is a complex person. Maybe you shouldn't aggravate?
- She invited me! Itself. - Emma jumped to her feet and immediately sat back down. - What to do?
- She invited yourself? Regina? - Graham was even more surprised. - Then you better go.
- Graham. - Emma rubbed her cheek. - You're a fucking adviser ... Tell me better, did you find out by the license plate of the car, the name of the driver?
- Yes. Of course .- Graham held out a piece of information. - Young woman. May Drill.
- But with this ... - Emma grabbed the sheet and ran her eyes over the text. - And I'll go. Tell me better where you can get decent clothes in this city?
- You look fine. - Graham said. - Jeans, shirt, jacket.
- Are you kidding? - Emma spread her arms out to the sides. - To the mayor for lunch, I should dress more appropriately.

The next morning, Emma went to all the stores and picked up more or less decent clothes. She circled around the mirror, examining herself. Light-colored trousers, a white T-shirt and a blue jacket with black lapels. On her feet are brown footwear. Emma lifted her hair, thinking about making a ponytail. "No. And so it's fine. Need still buy flowers and you can go." She smiled at her reflection and walked out. Blonde taked a folder with you. She went to the only flower shop in town. She wanted to buy roses for Regina. Lots of roses, but none were available. And she bought what was. It was possible to go to a neighboring city, but time was running out and I did not want to be late at all.

Regina, too, was spinning all morning only near the stove. And even a little nervous. Henry came into the kitchen. He looked around the table in surprise.
- Mom. - He asked. - Is today some kind of holiday?
- Henry. - Regina smiled. - I forgot to tell you: I invited your friend to visit us.
- Emma? - The boy was delighted. - Is she coming today?
- She promised.- Regina nodded.
- Cool! Mum! - The boy hugged his mother. - I love you.
- And I you, honey. - Regina kissed the top of his head.
When it was finished with cooking, Regina went to her bedroom to choose an outfit. She also chose clothes for a long time and meticulously. She chose a long red dress, just below the knee and black shoes. She turned in front of the mirror and grinned. She shook her hair and left the room. She was walking down the stairs when the doorbell rang. Henry flew out of the living room shouting "I'll open it!" and flung open the door. Emma stood outside the door, clutching a bouquet of daisies to her. She smiled when she saw the boy.
- Where is your mother, Henry? - Emma asked as she entered.
Henry pointed behind him. Emma looked up and was stunned: Regina stood in the middle of the stairs and looked down at her. "Queen! A real queen" - thought Emma and she had a wild desire - to fall on one knee, bowing her head.
- Hello, madam mayor. - Emma said.
- So cute. My favorite flowers. - Regina got down and walked over to Emma. She took the flowers and smiled. - Why ceremony, just call me Regina.
- If you promise, just call me Emma. - Swan replied.
- Agreed. - Regina pointed to the kitchen. - Let's go.

- What else did you bring? - Regina nodded at the folder next to Emma. - Something urgent?
- Oh. In a way, this is also for you. - Emma smiled. - Report. Graham found the driver.
- Hmm? - Regina suddenly sweaty palms. - How interesting. Can I see?
- Certainly. Emma handed over the folder.
- How interesting… -Regina muttered as she looked through the sheets. - That's even how ... You know what, I'll leave it with me. Can?
- As you wish. - Emma nodded.
- I think it's time to start eating. But first, don't spill the wine, Miss... Emma?
- Easy. - Emma smiled.
- I'll have juice. - Henry said. - Emma, you are great! Found him.
- Of course I did. -Emma poured juice for the boy. - You doubted me?
- Not at all! - The boy smiled.

After a couple of glasses of wine, Emma seemed to Regina to be a very pretty, intelligent girl. Regina, without realizing it, even touched blonde hand a few times. Raising the glass to her lips once again, she noticed how Emma was looking at her for too long and a little warily. And, looking down, she realized that she was stroking the fingers on blonde's hand.
- I'm sorry, Emma. - Regina said and removed her hand from hers. - You have beautiful hands. Have you been told?
- No. -Regina could have sworn she saw the smirk on Swan's face at that moment. - No one said that. You're first, Regina.
- Henry. - Regina turned to her son. - It's time to move on to dessert. Can you take it out of the fridge?

Chapter Text

Kathryn sat on the bed and watched TV. She was sure that breaking up with Regina was the right thing to do. For five years, this relationship has become obsolete. And the arrival of the cousin, in theory, was supposed to help, distract from sad thoughts. But her arrival made things even worse. And even that fleeting phrase thrown by May, for some reason, infuriated. Regina should have been worried, if only for the sake of appearances. "You quickly found a replacement for me! Or did it start even earlier? It turns out that she cheated on me?" In her hand, Kathryn twisted the phone and thought for the umpteenth time whether to call Regina. Of course, they agreed not to meet in the city, and if you call, then in the most extreme case. But Kathryn has already broken one rule, and even a sub-rule, so what the hell?! And in general it is necessary to understand all this! She took the phone comfortably and dialed a number.

Emma drank tea, ate cake, and stole glances at Regina. Light hops fermented in the blood and Regina seemed even more beautiful. Henry, having managed to eat two whole pieces of cake, pleaded a full stomach and went to his room. Emma desperately came up with a topic for conversation and did not find it. And for some reason she looked at the clock.
- Are you in a hurry to go somewhere? - Regina immediately reacted. - Are you bored with us?
- No, Regina. - Emma was confused. - Just ....
Her tirade was interrupted by a phone call. Regina looked at the screen - "Kathryn" read she the inscription. Regina frowned slightly and hung up the call.
- Someone urgently needs you. - Emma stood up resolutely. - I really better go.
- I will accompany you. - Regina replied.
They went out the door, and Regina, a little hasty, caught her heel on the carpet on the porch. She began to fall, but fell into the strong arms of Emma, who had not yet left the porch and turned to say goodbye. Emma looked at her and was silent, studying her face: her eyebrows, the curve of her nose, her lips. Regina looked at Emma too, waiting for what was to come next.
- You're still holding me. - Regina said softly as she smelled a slight woody scent.
- Are you uncomfortable? - Emma asked just as quietly, matching her tone.
- I wouldn't say... - Regina gently pulled her hand out and ran through Emma's hair.
Emma brought her face closer and kissed Regina, who returned the kiss. She pulled out her other arm and pinned Emma against the pillar. One of Emma's hands remained on her shoulder, while the other slid down and lightly squeezed Mills' buttocks. Regina, deepening the kiss, grabbed Emma's T-shirt with her hand, at the same time pressing her whole body against her. The air ended abruptly. Regina took a step back, taking a breath. Emma licked her lips, panting, and inappropriately, Regina's phone chimed again.
- You'd better leave, right now. - Regina said and turned away.
- What? Regina... Did I do something wrong? - Emma tried to touch her, but Regina stepped back.
- Just leave, Miss Swan.- Mills replied.
Regina opened the door and stepped forward, closing it immediately. Leaving on the threshold of a bewildered Emma, with a bunch of questions. Swan stood on the porch for a while and shook her head as she walked to her car.

Kathryn dialed for the third time and finally got an answer.
- Reg! - Kathryn exclaimed. - Why the hell are you not picking up the phone?
- Miss Nolan. - Regina replied coldly. - What do you want?
- Reg, come on. I need to talk to you. Are you home? I'll be right there.
- Since you deigned to call, say this: on the phone. Or are you afraid? What will someone hear?
- Reg, you speak in riddles. - Katherine rubbed the bridge of her nose. - Who will hear? Let's talk like normal people.
- Good! Tell me why the hell did you appear in the city, and even at the City Hall? In case you forgot, it was you who left me. And suddenly decided to talk? Didn't you say everything? You probably forgot to clarify that left me for some girl.
- What... what? Wait a minute. What girl did I left you for?
- May Drill. By the way, does she know that you went to visit your ex in her car?
- How do you know? - Kathryn was surprised. - It's all? That I was at City Hall and... about May?
- I am the mayor of this city and I know everything that happens here! Now if you'll excuse me, Miss Nolan, I'd like to rest. - And Regina hung up.
- Wait, Reg. You got it all wrong! Don't hang up! - But the phone was already beeping.

Regina switched off her phone and closed her eyes. Tears flowed by themselves. Kathryn didn't even deny that she knew May. When Mills read the report, she was surprised that the owner of the car was not Kathryn. Maybe it was just a grudge against Kathryn, maybe alcohol in her blood, but she did it: kissed Swan. Regina touched her lips lightly with her fingers, they still kept the warmth of Emma's lips. "Oh, Swan, you're good at kissing... Why did I do that, God!? I don't even like her! Or..."
- Mum. Do you know where my book is? - Regina didn't notice her son approaching her.
- Henry. I put it somewhere.- Regina quickly wiped away her tears. - I don't remember where.
- Have you been crying? - Asked the boy. - Because of Emma? If you want, I'll talk to her! Did she hurt you?
- My little protector. - Regina was touched and hugged her son. - No. Not because of her. Let's go look for your book and I'll read it to you. You want?
- Yes. - Henry was delighted. - Really want to.

When there was a familiar knock on the door, Graham just rolled his eyes and went to open it. Emma was at the door. With a bottle in her hand.
- If you're going to pass out, the first thing to do is get in. - Graham said.
- Very funny. - Said Emma and entered. - Do you want a drink?
- Go to the kitchen. - Graham said and closed the door behind the girl.
- I'm sorry to bump into you again, but I need to talk to someone. And you are my only friend in this city. - Emma said.
- I understand. - Graham put a couple of glasses in front of her. - Tell me how it went.
- I arrived with flowers. Everything was fine. We sat, talked, drank and ... she made it clear that she likes me! We even kissed. But then, she... just turned around and left! Without explaining anything!
- Cool! And how much have you already drunk? - Graham chuckled and tapped the bottle cap.
- Look, I'm not that drunk and I didn't dream it. So what should I do now?
- Come back and show her who's the real alpha! - Graham made unambiguous movements with his hands.
- Stop your jokes! - Emma grimaced. - I'm seriously asking.
- Call and demand an explanation. - Graham shrugged. - If everything was fine, why did she suddenly buck?
- No. - Emma shook her head. - I don't want to pressure her. If she changed her mind, then there is a reason. Damn, but I would once again feel these lips on my own ... And not only on my lips.
- Stop it! - Graham uncorked the bottle. - Keep your fantasies to yourself.

Kathryn pursed her lips, furrowed her brows, and dialed again. But the answer was one "the subscriber is turned off or temporarily unavailable." She threw the phone on the bed. "What kind of day is this! May, where are you?!" Then she heard a slight noise in the kitchen. Kathryn went into the kitchen: her cousin was looking for something in the refrigerator.
- May.- Kathryn said. - Where have you been? And why is the phone off?
- Why should I report to you? - May asked contemptuously and slammed the refrigerator shut. - And please don't take my car again.
- Because, - Kathryn grabbed the girl by the hand. - That while you live here, you will do as I command! Clear?
- Hey! - May grimaced. - It hurts! What are you?
- I'm sorry. - Kathryn let go of the girl's hand. - It's just Regina...she thought you were my new girlfriend.
- So what? - May rubbed her hand. - You broke up. What difference does it make to her?
- Yes, it's just all the same to her ... - said Kathryn.
- And? What is the problem? - May stared at her cousin in disbelief.
- Inside of me. - Kathryn slowly turned her face towards her cousin. - I think... love her. Still.
- Then bring her back. - May shrugged her shoulders. - Or is it difficult?
- Indeed. - Kathryn said and nodded. - Do you want to eat? Let's warm it up.
Kathryn went to the refrigerator and began to get food.

Regina entered her room. Henry fell asleep while she read to him. Unsurprisingly, today was an eventful day. She took a shower, changed into home clothes and lay down on the bed. Regina thought of Swan, what she really felt for her. "Pretend that nothing happened or wait until her invites me on a date? Yes, after today her won’t invite me. If it wasn’t for Kathryn, I would ... Stop. So Kathryn isn’t anyway. No, but Swan is not persistent! Or unobtrusive. But she's a great kisser. And her hands. Well, she's brave - she closed it from the car. Speaking of the car! She was driving right at me! This girl wanted to kill me?! Need to interrogate ... Kathryn? Damn! But we have a sheriff. Let him interrogate!"
Mills found the phone and called Graham.
- Sheriff. - She said when they picked up the phone. - I want you to interrogate the driver of the car. If you found him, along with Swan.
- The driver? What kind of driver? - Graham asked.
- Who almost killed me! - Regina raised her voice.
-... Graham, give me a pillow. - Regina heard Swan's voice in the background. - I almost broke my neck last time... Are you talking on the phone? So where they are, I'll take it myself ....
- Yes, I understand everything. - Graham answered and hastily hung up.
Regina held the phone to her ear for a few more seconds before realizing she was listening to the beeps. She dropped the phone and slowly realized what had happened. "He has her now. Well, of course, alpha-beta-everything. Last time ... It's not the first time she spends the night with him. And I don't care! Who is she to me? I'm not jealous at all." And Regina felt as tears run down her face.

- Emma, you...- Graham rubbed his forehead and held up his hand. - I have no words.
- Lay off. - Emma half smiled. - Find a pillow. Well, it’s true, at that time my neck was so stiff - it’s just awful. And who called?
- Regina. Shows vigilance and power. - Graham's finger poked at Emma .- And you ... dummy.
- Oh, what she say ? - Emma chuckled drunkenly. - What I holding the fork in the wrong hand?
- No. - Graham sighed. - But she heard you.
- So what? - Emma shrugged.
- And the fact that you can forget about her. - Graham got up and walked towards the closet.
- Where are you going? - Emma asked.
- I'll bring you a pillow.
He found a pillow and deftly threw it at the girl. Emma couldn't help but flopped down on the couch with her.
- It would be something to remember ... - Emma said. - One drunken kiss ... I'll forget! Easy.
- Really? - Graham raised one eyebrow. - Why did you immediately "cry" ran?
- Why is it immediately "cry?" Maybe I have no one to drink with but you. - Emma spread her arms to the sides and the pillow fell to the floor. - And you yourself said that she had someone.
- Said. And I hope you know what you're doing. - He patted her on the shoulder and walked off to his room.

Emma came into the kitchen in the morning, scratching her face. Graham slung a towel over his shoulder as he prepared breakfast. He turned at the sound of footsteps and smiled at his friend.
- Good morning. - He said. - Some water?
- For some it might be good. It morning. - Emma muttered. - Can I have a coffee? Liter is enough. For start.
Graham laughed and turned on the coffee maker.
- How did you sleep? - He asked.
- Fine. - Emma answered. - Now I'll cheer up a little and go home.
- What about food? Do not want? - Graham asked, but Emma just shook her head. - Then help while you're still here. Where do you think May Drill can be found?
- In hotel? - Emma suggested and went to the coffee maker to pick up her drink.
- No. I would have known already. - Graham said. - She obviously came to visit someone.
- Well, call her.- Emma inhaled the coffee aroma and squeezed her eyes shut in anticipation.
- Very funny. - Graham bowed his head. - According to the car number, the mobile phone number of the owner of the car is not given. Where will I call?
- In the car and call. - Emma took a long sip. - These cars have telephones. Can you find this number?
- I can! - Graham said delightedly. - Emma, you are a genius! Do you want more coffee?

Kathryn was sitting on the porch with a cup of tea in her hand. She was thinking about how to get Regina back and did not notice May approach her.
- What are you thinking about? - May asked and patted her cousin on the head. - About your brunette?
- About her. - Kathryn sighed. - What do you think, what to give her so that she forgives?
- What all women love. - May replied.
- Children? - Kathryn suggested.
- Flowers! - May chuckled. - What does she like?
- Roses.- Kathryn nodded. - Maybe. Everyone loves roses. Tomorrow I will go to her: I will buy flowers and we will talk.
- Great plan. - May rubbed her stomach. - Do we have anything to eat?
- Tell me. - Kathryn took a sip from the cup. - You seem to be thin, but you eat for two. Are you pregnant by any chance?
- No. - May smiled. - It's a side effect of the medicine. Replaces sexual hunger with food.
- Oh. - Kathryn said and got up. - And how long do you have to drink it?
- Two weeks. If there are no failures. - May nodded.
- Failures? What failures? - Kathryn tensed up.
- Unforeseen. It's an experimental medicine. Are you even listening to what I'm saying?
- May. - Kathryn frowned. - It could be dangerous.
- Everything is fine! - The girl waved. - Only to eat hunting all the time.
- May... - Kathryn began again.
- Listen, Katty. - May took her cousin by the hands. - I am normal, under supervision, I pass all sorts of tests. Yesterday I just went to the lab. Don't worry, okay?
- Okay. - Kathryn breathed out.
- That is great. - May nodded. - So what about something to eat?

Regina entered the police station - Emma was sitting at the table. She immediately looked up at Regina. Mills, somehow felt uneasy from this look. Emma got up from the table and was instantly standing next to Regina. She stood behind her and the mayor's jacket was on the floor, and strong arms were pressed to her so that Mills even suffocated in the first couple of seconds. She didn't even get scared.
- Miss Swan. - Regina said. - What are you doing?
She wanted to say it sternly and threateningly, but her voice failed and trembled.
- Call me Emma. - A hot whisper burned her ear. - We have agreed...
And Regina felt lips on her neck and Emma ran her tongue over the vein.
- Oh... Emma... - Regina involuntarily threw her head back on Emma's shoulder, closing her eyes, her hand tangled in the blond hair at the back of the girl's head. - What are you doing to me?
Instead of answering, Emma held her tighter with one hand, and with the other she walked along the waistband of her skirt, tucking one finger under it.
- What if someone sees it? - Regina whispered, placing her hand over Emma's.
- Mum! - Emma suddenly screamed in Henry's voice and began to shake her.
Regina opened it and looked around: she was lying on the bed, clutching the sheet, Henry sat next to her and looked at her worriedly.
- Mom, are you all right? - Asked the boy.
- Yes, of course. - Regina ran her hand over her forehead and felt the moisture on her hand. - Just had a ... nightmare.
- I thought so. - The boy wrinkled his nose. - You tossed about on the bed and moaned.
- Nothing, honey. - Regina smiled. - Are you hungry? I'll take a shower and go downstairs - we'll have breakfast. And then we go somewhere. Movies or rides. Yes?
- Yeah. - The boy nodded and left the room.
And Regina closed her eyes and groaned slightly as she leaned back against the pillows.

Emma woke up and opened her eyes, but didn't get up. She thought about Regina, about that kiss, and about her promise to forget her. Emma sighed; she knew for a fact that she couldn't forget Regina. Those lips, that dress, and the perfect figure that it hid. She felt heat in her groin, an erection began and was completely useless. "Not now!" thought Emma. "So you need to get distracted, stop thinking about it and ... finally get on with the boat! I wonder if it's possible to find a tiller, a clamping bracket and spark plugs for a boat motor here?" She got up and went to shower. Blonde then called Graham.
- Graham. There are a lot of boats in Storybrooke, there is a pier.
- Yeah. And even boats. Do you want to rent?
- No, I have mine. The question is: where do they get spare parts for them? Surely there is some kind of specialized store?
- Of course have. - Graham chuckled. - Stop! Do you have a boat?
- Yes. - Emma smiled. - As soon as I dismantled the motor: several parts flew.

- Listen, can delivery be better? - May asked. - There is such a thing in your city?
- What? - Kathryn was distracted from the contemplation of the road and turned to her. - What are you talking about?
- I'm saying that maybe it's better to send flowers to Regina at work? - May explained. - Romantic...
- No. - Kathryn smiled. - I'm is better myself.
- Well, as you know. - May shrugged.
They went to the cinema, to the premiere. May saw the ad and persuaded her cousin to leave the house to unwind a little. At this moment, the phone, located near the gearshift lever, issued a trill. May pulled over to the side of the road and picked up the phone.
- May Drill. - She said.
- Sheriff Graham. Storybrooke police. - Answered the phone. - You are called to the police station tomorrow to testify. If you do not appear, it will be regarded as an escape and you will be put on the wanted list.
- What ? - May was surprised. - What to testify?
- You must be at nine o'clock in the morning. - Graham didn't seem to hear what he was being asked. - This is clear?
- Yes. - May answered.
- Then see you tomorrow, Miss Drill. - And the phone went silent.
- What's happened? - Looking at the bewildered face of her cousin, asked Kathryn.
- The police are called ... - May frowned. - To testify ...
- It's Regina. - Kathryn chuckled.
- Regina? - May raised her eyebrows. - Are you sure?
- Certainly! - Kathryn nodded. - She's the mayor of this city. Here, without her knowledge, a fly will not fly by.
- And what to do? - May was scared. - Get out of the city?
- No. - Kathryn answered and put her hand on cousin's shoulder. - Don't be afraid, I'll go with you. She won't do anything to you.

Henry fiddled with his seatbelt and couldn't get it off. Regina turned to him.
- Why are you taking so long? - She asked.
- Yes, something is stuck. - The boy pulled the belt. - Does not come unfastened.
- Can I try? - Regina reached for the belt.
- Don't. Just stuck. - Henry answered and pulled again harder.
Regina sighed and looked in the rearview mirror. And there she saw Kathryn walking arm in arm with some girl. Regina's mouth opened in surprise - like this, insolently, openly, with some kind of girl, not embarrassed, and even smiling! Regina turned sharply and looked out the rear window of the car: maybe it seemed? No, it didn't seem to. They giggle, wave their arms and get into the car. In the same car - Chevrolet Corvette. The car turns around, picks up speed and moves away in the opposite direction.
- Mom? - Henry tugged lightly on her sleeve.
- A? - Regina turned to her son.
- What are you? - He asked.
- No. Nothing. - Regina frowned. - What's with your belt?
- I am free. - The boy smiled and dropped the belt. - Well let's go? Still need to buy popcorn.

Emma stepped out of the store and sighed contentedly. She found all the parts and they can now be replaced. It remains only to assemble the motor and will it be possible to make a test run or a swim? Decided to walk home. After all, the city isn't that big, and it's okay to walk, considering she missed today's run. She walked enjoying the cool air and suddenly felt a slight push in the lumbar region. The girl turned around and broke into a smile - Henry was standing behind her.
- Emma! Hello! - Said the boy. - Are you out?
- Why are you alone? - Emma squatted down next to him.
- I'm not alone. - The boy nodded towards the car. - With mom. I saw you, I wanted to chat.
- We ride around the city? - Emma nodded in understanding.
- No. We were at the cinema. The film was released recently. - Henry explained. - Did you watch? It is called...
- Miss Swan. - Regina came up to them. - Hello.
- Madame Mayor. - Emma stood up and her gaze involuntarily ran over the woman's lips. - Good day.
- Mom, let's give Emma a ride home? - Asked the boy.
- Oh no! - Emma exclaimed. - Thank you, Henry, but I'd rather walk.
- Henry. - Regina stroked the child's hair and pushed her towards the car. - Get in the car.
The boy nodded and climbed into the black Mercedes. Regina turned and started walking in the same direction, but stopped when she heard Emma address her.
- We were just talking. I think he just wanted to say hello. - Emma said.
- Yes. I know. - Regina looked the girl up and down.
- Listen, madam Mayor. - Emma grabbed Mills by the arm, just above the elbow. - Forgive me if my kiss ... My actions offended you.
- It was a mutual decision. - Regina shifted her surprised look from her hand to Emma's face. - You have nothing to apologize for. Could you let go? My child is waiting...
- Oh. Yes. - Emma removed her hand and turned around, went in the opposite direction from the woman.
And Regina stared after her with a slight shock on her face: she felt a small electrical impulse pass through her body when Emma touched her arm. "Is she my true alpha? It can't be! What about the prediction?"

Chapter Text

Five years ago.

Regina was driving and talking on the phone. At the last moment, she saw a shadow in front of the car and slammed on the brakes. Feeling a light hit on the bumper, the woman dropped the phone and jumped out of the car. In front of the car lay a girl of about twelve years old. Regina rushed to the child and grabbed her by the shoulders. The girl opened her eyes and looked at her in surprise.
- Why are you throwing under the wheels? - Regina raised her eyebrows sternly. - Tired of living?
The girl was silent and only blinked her eyes, then reached for her ears and took out her headphones.
- What? - Asked the girl.
Regina giggled nervously and helped her to her feet.
- Where do you live? - Asked Regina, and the girl nodded at the house, standing on the other side of the road.
- There. - Said the girl.
- Understood. - Regina said. - I'll lead you home. Wait for me here.
Regina took the girl to the side of the road, rearranged the car and closed it. She took her by the hand and led girl home.
- Didn't it hurt you a lot? Do you have any pain anywhere? - Regina asked the teenager as she lead home
- Not. Everything is fine with me. Do not worry.

Regina knocked and the door was opened by a woman in a shawl draped over her shoulders. It was the first thing Regina noticed. "Shawl? In summer?" Regina thought distantly. The woman first looked at Regina and only then noticed the girl.
- Lina! - exclaimed the woman, referring to the girl. - Did you do something?
- Sorry. - Regina put one hand to her chest. - But it’s my fault….
- Enter the house. And then we'll talk.
The girl and Regina entered the house, and the woman closed the door behind them. She glared at Regina.
- Now let’s see what’s the matter. - The woman said.
She took Regina's hand, looking straight into her eyes. Regina seemed to be numb and fell into some kind of trance: she looked at the woman, unable to look away.
- It's clear - The woman said and let go of Regina's hand. - Would you like some tea?
She smiled sweetly and wrapped her shawl tighter, and Regina seemed to wake up.
- No thanks. Regina said. - I need to go...
- Home? In Storybrooke? Because Henry is home alone. - Said the woman. - Is it hard to bring him up alone?
Regina, turning to the door to leave, after these words, tensed like a string and turned around sharply.
- How...?! What else do you know? - Regina looked at her warily. - Who are you?
- Don't be alarmed, madam mayor. - The woman smiled. - My name is Alana. I am a psychic. And this is all you told me yourself when I took you by the hand. So what about tea, Regina?

Regina, not accustomed to take a word, nevertheless agreed to drink tea and try to find out who this woman really is. The fact that Alana is a psychic, she did not believe for a second. Maybe the girl deliberately threw herself under the wheels?
- If you are worried about my daughter, then in vain. It's more my fault than yours: she shouldn't have bought headphones. - Alana poured tea into cups and pushed one toward Regina. - I hope you like herbal tea?
Regina, still a little apprehensive, took her first sip and somehow immediately calmed down - she was no longer frightened by Alana.
- Very nice taste. - Regina said and smiled.
- Regina, for helping my child, I will help you. - Alana said looking straight into Regina's eyes.
And Regina got the impression that the woman sitting across from her was scanning her: and knew everything about her, from her smallest fears to her biggest hopes.
- You will meet your true love. Very soon. This person will have blond hair, clear eyes and will save you from the "beast". - Still looking straight into Mills' eyes, Alana said.
- And when will it happen? - Regina asked, unable to look away.
- Give me your hand. - Alana asked.
Regina held it out without thinking. Alana poured tea into her palm from her cup.
- Throw it on the tablecloth. - Alana said and Regina shook the liquid onto the table.
There were five even spots on the tablecloth.
- Through five. - Confidently stated Alana.
- Through five what? Days, hours, years? - Asked Regina and for some reason looked at the clock - they showed six in the evening exactly.
- This is unknown to me ... - Alana looked away. - And you have to go.
- Yes, sure. Thanks. - Regina shook her hair.
- The last. - Alana near the door, again took Regina by the hand and the woman experienced a slight electrical impulse. - This will be an impetus for understanding.
Regina left the house, crossed the road, and once in her car, exhaled.
"So many events today!" Regina thought. - "Home. To Storybrooke. And you need to have the Internet in the city so that you can send documents to Boston by e-mail and don't drive here yourself"

"Welcome to Storybrooke" - the sign appeared from the darkness, under the headlights. Regina breathed a sigh of relief. "At home" - she thought, slightly added speed and then the car stalled. "What is this news?" Regina thought as she tried to start the car. The car hummed hard and wouldn't start. Mills glanced at the instrument panel, the fuel gauge needle poised dejectedly at zero. "Great! Also ran out of gas! And where can I find it? Now?" She got out of the car and slammed the door. In the distance, a little off the road, she thought she saw lights. And Regina went there: soon she came to the house and was very surprised. The fact that someone lives in the depths of the forest, almost on the outskirts of the city, became news to her. Mills knocked on the gate, but no one answered. Although there was clearly someone in the house: this was indicated by the light streaming from the windows. Then Regina pushed open the gate and entered. Then there was a loud barking and a huge dog jumped up. Regina pressed her back against the gate, afraid to breathe. A head poked out of the window and a woman's voice said sternly: "Almo! Well, quiet there!" But the dog growled and moved towards Regina. The woman clung even tighter to the gate and someone's head poked out of the window again and twitched in a strange way. And again the command was given to the dog.
- Almo! A place! - The voice this time was firmer and more categorical.
The dog turned around and fixed itself near the porch. A person came out of the house with a flashlight, which illuminated the road. The person took the dog by the collar and led it somewhere. And then he came back and went straight to Regina. The flashlight beam moved until it rested directly on the toes of Mills' shoes, then slid higher, illuminating the figure and rested on the face. Regina instinctively covered her eyes with her hands.
- Who you are? - Said a female voice from the darkness. - And what are you doing here?
- Could you please don't shine in my eyes? - Regina said. - To start?
- Sorry. - The beam again shone on the road and Regina felt someone else's hand on her shoulder. - Oh, you are cold. Let's go to the house, I'll pour you some tea. Do you like tea?

When the danger was over and they entered the house, Regina regained her confidence. And she was finally able to see the owner of the voice. This one was blonde, with blue eyes and a pointed nose. She was dressed in jeans and a shirt. Sneakers on feet. She looked at Regina sympathetically and smiled at her. The blonde escorted Regina into the kitchen and seated her at the table, turning on the kettle herself.
- So. - The blonde smiled. - I'm waiting for an explanation.
- Are you waiting? - Regina arched an eyebrow. - This is what I'm waiting for! Who are you? And what are you doing in my city?
- In your? - The blonde asked with a laugh. - And who told you that?
- City Council. - The authoritative look of brown eyes rested on the blonde. - I am the mayor of this city. My name is Regina Mills. Who you are, I don't know. How long have you been living here?
Regina watched with pleasure as the smile literally flowed from the face of the blonde: and apparently, who Regina Mills was, she knew.
- In the city? - The blonde got up and turned off the boiling kettle. - Actually, from birth. I'm in business and my name is Kathryn Nolan. Our house was in the city, there was a fire and my parents died in that fire. After they died, I left town, couldn't live in Storybrooke. But I returned a month ago, something was pulling. And here was a country house, I converted it into a residential. Black or green?
- What? - Regina was surprised at the sudden change.
- Tea, I ask, what will you be? Black or green?
- No, thanks, I have changed my mind... - Regina suddenly felt a slight floral scent.
- Forgive me my curiosity: but what can the Mayor do, at eleven at night, in the forest?
- The car stalled. - Regina suddenly remembered how she got here. - Do you happen to have gasoline?
- There is. - Kathryn smiled. - I'll give you a canister, if you give me your phone number.
- What if I don't? - Regina grinned.
- Stay here, spend the night. - Kathryn shrugged.
Regina looked at the blonde with interest for the first time. "Is she flirting with me? Bold!"

The next morning, Regina drank tea at home and thought about the night's incident. She accidentally touched the cup and nearly dropped it. Caught it in flight, but the contents spilled onto the floor. And Regina suddenly remembered Alana and her prediction. Everything came together, except for one little thing, but who pays attention to the little things? "Kathryn!" - Regina thought dumbfounded. -"She was talking about Kathryn. Flowers? So that's how real alphas smell! Flowers..." She immediately received a call on her phone from an unfamiliar number.
- Hello, Regina. - It was heard in the tube. - This is Kathryn. How about having dinner tonight?
"Well, since you are my true love, then you can’t go anywhere, and who said that you have to agree right away?” Regina thought.
- Perhaps.- She replied. - You do not think that I will appear in public with an unfamiliar girl? I'm still the mayor. I don't need more rumors. So let's make a deal right now. We do not appear anywhere together and if you are going to call me, then as a last resort.
- How strict you are. - Katherine said.
- Don't misunderstand me, I don't know you practically. - Regina answered. - And this is for the first time, but we'll see. Do you agree?
- Yes. - Kathryn answered. - So what time should I come to you?
- I'll come to you myself. - Regina said. - I know where you live.
And she hung up.


Regina come to oneself when she heard the horn from her car. She blinked and looked in that direction. Henry waved from the window.
- Mom! - He shouted. - The cartoons are about to start! Let's go home.
Regina glanced instinctively at her wristwatch - it showed exactly six o'clock.
- Mommy! - Henry shouted again. - Do you hear me?
- Yes... I hear. - Regina almost ran back to the car. - Go.

On Monday morning, Regina decided that she would be present for the interrogation. After all, she was nearly killed by that girl. "Just wondering if it was the girl's decision or she was asked to..." But thinking about it was not so much scary as strange. "Kathryn couldn't... So don't go crazy, now let's go and find out everything," Regina calmed herself. And after taking Henry to school, Regina headed to the police station. As she entered, she suddenly remembered Swan and her dream. But Graham was the only one sitting at the table, and Regina sighed inwardly.
- Well, where is your assistant, Graham? - Asked Regina. - Is she going to work at all?
- Miss Mills? - Graham was surprised. - Why are you here?
- I think I asked you a question. - The voice became quieter.
- A little late ... I'll call her now. - Graham grabbed the phone and began to dial the number.
Regina went to the window and saw a Chevrolet Corvette pull up to the police station. She lifted her chin. Just then, her own phone chimed and Regina picked up the phone.
- Mom! - Henry's voice was joyfully excited. - We have canceled classes today! Will you come for me?
Regina did not know what to answer: leaving was not part of her plans, but not leaving the child at school either. Then she noticed how a girl got out of the car, followed by Kathryn. And then she came up with a plan.
- No I will not be able to. - Regina answered. - But I will send Miss Swan. She will look after you.
- Cool! - He was delighted Henry and hung up, and Regina turned to Graham.
- Graham, did you get through to the assistant? - She asked and, having received a nod, snatched the receiver from him. - Miss Swan, I need your help.
- Madam mayor? - Emma was surprised. - I'm listening to you.
- Henry's school has been cancelled, take him home. Again. And I'll take it as soon as I'm free. And Miss Swan without consoles. Deal?
- I'll think of something. - Emma answered.
- Goodbye, Miss Swan. - Regina returned the phone to Graham. - Thank you, sheriff.

Emma pulled up outside the school, looked around the area in front of the building, but didn't see Henry. She looked the other way and spotted a fast food stall. And went there to buy myself a coffee. Henry noticed her yellow "bug" through the window, because he was sitting on the windowsill and jumped out of the school, ran to him. However, he did not have time when he ran up to the car - Emma stood with her back to him, near the kiosk. He decided to wait for her and sat down near the car, because he noticed the lace untied. "How come I didn't step on him while I was running?"
- Well, a car! - He suddenly heard a voice. - My grandma had a cooler car
On the other side, two boys from a parallel class came up and looked at the car.
- Yeah. Also yellow! - Said another voice. - If it were red, it would look great ...
- Come on, move away from the car. - Henry went around the car and looked at the boys.
- Or what? - Said one and came closer, but the second pulled his sleeve.
- Do not mess with him. - Said the second. - It's Mills.
- So what? - The first boy turned to the second. - He's a jerk. What will he do to me?
- He can do nothing. But you should have listened to your comrade. - Emma walked up to them. - Do you know who his mother is and what she will do to you?
- Let's go, do you hear? - The second pulled the sleeve of the first and he reluctantly followed the other.
- Mills, this is not the end. We'll talk more. - The first one shouted goodbye, turning around.
- Well, why did you do it? - Henry immediately felt sad. - Emma, I thought we were friends.
- Of course friends! - Emma opened the door. - Get in. I did save you.
- No one is friends with me anyway, and now they will be generally bypass it. - Henry pouted.
- Crap! - Emma got into the driver's seat and slammed the door. - Do you want to go boating? I just got it fixed.
- Do you have a boat? - Henry turned to her and widened his eyes.
- Yeah. - Emma nodded. - We'll just put a life jacket on you, otherwise your mother will quarter me. And maybe even worse...
Henry laughed as Emma started the car and they drove to her home.

May entered the police station and looked around timidly. Kathryn stood next to her, holding her hand tightly. Regina glanced down at their clasped hands and pursed her lips. She went straight to May and, literally glaring at her, asked:
- Well, why did you want to kill me? Do you know what will happen to you when you try to kill the mayor? Maybe someone asked you? - Regina looked at Kathryn.
- What?! - The girl was taken aback. - I didn't... I didn't mean to... It's just... a misunderstanding.
- Good. - Regina answered, and then turned to Graham. - I think she's not lying, continue without me, but I need to go to work. A copy of the interrogation, send it to my office, sheriff.
And, proudly tossing her head, Regina left the police station. On the street, Kathryn caught up with her and tried to take her by the hand. But Regina just gave her a scornful look.
- Why are you doing this to the poor girl? - asked Kathryn.
- Nothing. And you will have an extra reason to console her at night. - Regina answered, not looking at Kathryn.
- I may be crazy, - Kathryn chuckled. - But not enough to sleep with a cousin.
- What? - Regina snorted and looked at Kathryn.
- May. My cousin. - Kathryn explained. - Listen, Reg. I suddenly realized that I got excited by leaving you. Can we resume our relationship? Come back...
- Listen! Wouldn't you go? - Regina said. - Who am I to you? Is your doggy? You wanted to - left me, snapped fingers and I ran back? Find another idiot!
Regina got into her car and drove to City Hall - she had a very important meeting scheduled for today.
- Well ?- May walked up behind. - Did you talk?
- Did not work out . - Kathryn sighed. - She offended. How are you?
- Interrogated, signed the protocol and released. - May replied. - For this you need to drink!
- It's too early. - Kathryn said. - It's not even noon.
- In the evening. - May nodded. - Some with joy, and some with grief. I am hungry. Are there any decent cafes around here?

Emma flung open the garage door, letting the boy in. There was a boat on a special trailer.
- Here she is! - Emma pointed at her with her hands. - My beauty.
- Nice! - Said the boy. - Did you name her something?
- It used to be "Princess." - Emma answered. - And now she has no name. Then somehow.
- Can I think of something? - The boy joyfully exclaimed.
- You can. - Emma nodded and handed him a life jacket. - Put this on for now, and I’ll take care of the descent.
- Oh... - Henry wilted. - It is necessary?
- Necessarily. I'll wear it too.
Half an hour later, the boat was rocking on the waves, and Henry was sitting inside in a life jacket. Emma pushed the boat away from the shore and jumped in herself. She was wearing the same life jacket.
- Well? - Henry said impatiently. - Can we floats?
- Shit floats: sailors walk. - Emma answered and put on a white cap with an anchor on Henry. - Now let's go!
She started the engine and they "walk", cutting through the waves. Water splashed on Henry's face and he was already suffocated, from the headwind and the feeling of happiness. They returned from a boat trip two hours later. And Emma closed the garage door wearily as the boat pulled back into place. A surprise awaited them near the door - Regina, her eyes sparkling angrily, biting her lips nervously.
- May I know where you were, Miss Swan!? - She asked as she saw Emma and Henry walking towards the front door. - Why don't you pick up the phone?
- I left my phone at home. - Emma answered. - Will you dine with us?

After dinner, the boy simply fell asleep sitting on the couch. Emma took him gently in her arms and carried him to her room. Regina's anger gradually subsided, and now, looking at how the girl took the child, something new stirred in her soul.
- Where have you been? - She asked calmly as Emma returned to the kitchen.
- Boating. - Emma blinked. - Don't worry, Henry was wearing a life jacket.
- Good. - Regina answered. - But it seems to me that you are unnecessarily ...
She did not finish, because Emma suddenly dropped her head into her hands lying on the table.
- Miss Swan! - Regina jumped up, but she didn't react.
Mills stepped closer and placed her hand on the girl's neck. The pulse was felt under the fingers. Emma just laid her head comfortably in her arms.
- Emma. - Regina's hand went from shoulder to shoulder and along her spine. - Emma, wake up.
- Yes, I ... agr ... fvsh ... of cour... pf. - Emma muttered in her sleep.
Regina glanced down at Emma's face, and on a sudden impulse, she leaned over and pressed her lips to hers. Emma, even through her sleep, smelled apples and felt warmth on her lips. She opened her eyes, and Regina, noticing this, immediately recoiled. Emma blinked a couple of times and stood up.
- I think... - She rubbed her eyes. - ... just passed out. Sorry.
- Nothing. - Regina licked her lips involuntarily. - I'll probably go.
- Stay. - Emma blinked again.
- No no. - Regina smiled. - I need to get back to work, and you need to rest. I just... got really scared when you didn't return my calls.
- Truth? - Emma rubbed her neck.
- Certainly! I entrusted my son to you. - Regina explained.
- Yes. Yes. - Emma smiled and blinked again.
And closing the door behind Regina, Emma went into the living room and lay down on the sofa. And before falling asleep, she ran her fingers over her lips. "Dream? Or .. not?"

- So what did you decide? - May looked at her cousin.
- About? - Kathryn called back.
- Regina : what are you going to do?
- There are a couple of ideas, but first let her cool down. She was so excited today...
The sisters sat in a cafe, in the very corner, where no one could hear them and talked.
- Of course, it's yours business.- May said doubtfully. - But you were going to give flowers.
- I was going. - Kathryn answered. - But I can not. There are always people around her.
- Why? What is the problem?
- Nobody knows we met.
- That's news too! And how long have you been dating?
- Five years. - Kathryn sighed.
- Yah? - May was surprised. - And why didn't she tell anyone?
- Even her son. - Kathryn answered.
- And how did you meet interestingly? If such strict secrecy?
- O! - Kathryn smiled. - Almo introduced us. It was that meeting.
- Almo? - May frowned. - Who is Almo?
- Dog. - Kathryn rubbed the rim of her glass. - I took it for a while.The owners were away for two weeks, and behind my house there was something like a paddock. The dog was huge and I kept him there. He was very obedient: he always obeyed me. And then he barked in the middle of the night - I shouted to he shut up. But he does not let up and I feel - omega. I recalled the dog, I think I'll check it - and for sure: she got scared. Naturally, on emotions, the smell came out - apple. But Almo disliked apples for some reason. He did not like this smell. It was when I locked up the dog and brought Regina into the house, she made it clear who was in charge here.
Kathryn smiled bitterly, thinking back to the events of five years ago.
- Yeah. Her gaze is creepy. Do you really need her?
- Do you want a slap? - Instead of an answer, Kathryn said. - Let's eat and let's go home.
May first shook her head in the negative, then in the affirmative. Kathryn just shook her head.

Chapter Text

Regina leaned back in her chair. She had already been working for several hours since she got back from Swan. The woman turned in her chair to the window and ran her fingers over her lips. She wanted desperately to feel Emma's lips on herself again. She suddenly clearly imagined Emma kissing her and her groin ached. Regina looked longingly at the pile of papers lying on the table - there was still a lot of work to be done. And she decided to take a break and call her son.
- Hello, Henry. - Said Regina when the boy answered. - How are you?
- Mom. I'm fine! Can I stay at Emma's for the night? Will she take me to school tomorrow?
- ... Henry, your move. I'll catch up with you soon. - She heard Emma's voice in the background.
- Of course. - Regina answered, looking at the pile of paper on the table. - But after school, I'll pick you up myself. Deal?
- Yes! Thanks Mom. You are super! - And then hung up the phone.
Regina looked at her watch and sighed. If he'd stayed with Graham, he'd have called a hundred times and asked to come home just as many times. She glanced at the papers again and sighed again. “Now I wouldn’t refuse to go boating too, so that the wind in my face ... Swan is still great. I must somehow thank for my son: send flowers or something? Or invite her again. Only for dinner ... So! There is a lot of work." Regina nevertheless gathered herself and began to work. Although her thoughts sometimes flowed in a different direction: from workers to love. Late in the evening, when the pile of papers was reduced by two-thirds, she decided that enough for today and it was time to go home. She left City Hall and walked to her car. Her thoughts returned to the blonde again. "It's a pity that Swan isn't there, it would be nice if she was waiting for me here. In her red jacket. What all the same hands, how easily she raised Henry on them. I wonder if she would have lifted me just as easily?"
- Hello. - It was she heard very close and the blonde stepped towards Regina. With a bouquet of flowers in hand. But it wasn't that blonde.
- Kathryn? - Regina asked a little annoyed. - What are you doing here?
- I need to talk to you. - Kathryn said.
- Get in the car! - Regina ordered.

- What did your mom say?- Emma asked the boy. - Are you allowed to stay?
- Yes. - The boy smiled. - I have the coolest mom in the world.
- That's for sure .- Emma replied with a slight sadness. - I agree.
They lay on the floor, their heads touching, eating popcorn. Before that, they played a table game, then a console, and then they fought with pillows. And now they were looking at how the nightlight painted colored spots on the ceiling. Henry suddenly got up and looked at Emma.
- Do you like her?! - Joyfully-surprised the boy asked.
- Who? - Emma blinked.
- My mother. - The boy smiled. - Emma. We are friends. I will not tell anyone.
- Well ... Pf. - Emma sat down. - She ... is beautiful ... in the sense of her clothes ... suits her ... And isn't it time for you to sleep at all?
- You like her! - Concluded Henry and also sat down. - Will you invite her on a date? And when?
- Henry. - Emma said sternly. - Stop it.
- Well, okay. - The boy got up and went into the room. - Goodnight.
Henry went to bed, but began to think about what he had just discovered by chance. He liked Emma and would be happy if she became his second mother. But he did not know how his mother felt about Emma and decided that he would definitely find out. And happy fell asleep.

- Come on in a nutshell. - Regina tapped the steering wheel impatiently. - I'm tired and I want to go home.
- Forgive me. I did not mean to offend you. This is for you. - Kathryn handed Regina the bouquet.
- This is all? - Regina casually tossed the flowers into the back seats.
- Not. Let's go to the cinema. Together. - Kathryn tried to put her hand on Regina's knee, but Regina cut her off.
- Not. Its end. - Regina said.
- Are you ashamed of me? - Kathryn suggested after a short silence and looked into Regina's eyes. - Or our relationship?
- Not. I just don't love you. - Regina replied.
- And never loved? Is that why you didn't introduce me to your son?
- Might think you need children! - Regina snorted. - You made your position clear back then. And I heard you, now leave me alone.
- I can not promise the latter. - Kathryn said - I love you.
- Not my problem. - Regina chuckled.
- Do you have someone? - Kathryn suddenly asked.
Regina laughed softly.
- I think we've been through this before. - She said. - Please go home, I'm really tired.

The next day, Regina worked all morning and immediately took up the papers that were left yesterday. She examined the last sheet from the folder on the table and set it aside. Then she looked at her watch. "Oh. Just in time, just about time to go get Henry." The woman got up and went to school. Henry, seeing her car, walked over and sat in the back seat, behind her. And he began to look out the window.
- Henry? - Regina suspected something was wrong. - Did something happen?
- No. - The boy answered all the same, looking to the side.
- Hey, look at me...- Regina narrowed her eyes.
The boy did not react in any way to his mother's request.
- Henry Daniel Mills. - Threatening notes appeared in the woman's voice. - I said look at me.
The child reluctantly turned and Regina gasped: under the left eye of Henry flaunted a juicy black eye.
- Who did this?! - She asked angrily.
- No one... I... I crashed into the door. - Said the boy. - Mom, let's go home, I'm hungry.
- When? - Asked Regina. - Not at Miss Swan's by any chance?
- No! No! - The boy protested. - It's me at school ... crashed.
- Good. - Regina replied softly. - Buckle up.
From the window of the second floor of the school, two boys watched the car.
- I told you not to contact. - Said one. - Did you see what car?
- Cool! - Answered the second. - And whose is it?
- His mother. - The first answered with despair in his voice. - She is the mayor here.
- Don't care. - Answered the second and rubbed his fist. - He didn't have to show off.

In the afternoon, Regina hurried into the police station. Emma sat at the table looking bored.
- It's good to have you here, Miss Swan! - She said.
- What's happened? - Emma looked surprised and stood up.
- My child has a black eye! Try to explain! - Regina was seething with righteous anger.
- When I took him to school, there was nothing.- Emma replied calmly. - He probably got into a fight at school.
- Got in a fight?! My son? - Regina gasped in indignation. - Maybe you know with whom else?
Regina was indignant, waving her arms and exuding an apple smell. And Emma ... admired her: even in anger she seemed to her beautiful, even more beautiful than usual. Then she came close to her and, taking the woman's face in her hands, kissed her. Regina at first goggled at such impudence, but then returned the kiss and pressed the girl to herself. Emma broke the kiss and looked at Regina in surprise, who ran her hand down the girl's cheek and smiled.
- Come to dinner tonight. - Regina said and kissed Emma goodbye. - At seven o'clock.
Emma slowly realized what had just happened and just watched Regina walk away. At the door, Mills ran into Graham, who was carrying a package from a fast food stand.
- Graham. I'll bring you Henry, can you sit with him for a couple of hours? - She asked.
- Yes, sure. - Graham nodded, accustomed to not asking too many questions.
When Graham came in with the food, Emma was standing in the same place. He walked up to his friend and patted her lightly on the back. The girl twitched and looked at him.
- I brought food. - He said. - Did Regina visit you?
- Yes... Our date seems to be today... - She said slowly.
- More like an mating. - Graham chuckled and ran into a puzzled look. - She asked to look after Henry, and she only does this when she goes to ... Well, you understand. Say, do alphas wear lacy underwear?
- Graham. - Emma squinted badly. - One more word and I'll hit you!

Exactly at seven o'clock, Emma stood on the threshold of the mayor's house and was nervous. She did not have flowers with her, because the store closed at six, and she had not had time to plant flowers near the house. Although she had been planning to break a flower bed for a long time. Sighing, she still pressed the bell. Regina opened the door and looked the girl up and down. Emma twitched her nose slightly as she entered the house, the familiar apple smell was mixed with another. But also apple. Regina turned around and walked into the living room - Emma followed. She decided not to bother with clothes this time, she just didn't have time. Therefore, Emma dressed in a simple way: jeans, a white T-shirt, a black leather jacket and sneakers.
- Would you like a drink? - Asked Regina. - You can take off your jacket.
- Yes, of course. - Emma smiled and took off her jacket and threw it right there on the sofa.
Regina came over and handed her a glass. She sat down next to her and Emma noticed a slight gleam in her eyes. Emma sipped her alcohol and arched an eyebrow slightly.
- Apple cider. - Regina explained. In her hands was the same glass.
And Emma realized where the new smell came from and what a sparkle was in her eyes: apparently Regina had already drink a glass a couple of times while waiting for Emma.
- Did I tell you how much I like your hands? - Regina ran her finger along Emma's arm, starting at her shoulder and ending at her wrist.
-Yes. - Emma took a sip from her glass.
Regina moved closer and turned her face towards her with her finger.
- Swan, I wanted to tell you... - Her eyes flickered over Emma's lips.
- Yeah ... - Emma said and put the glass on the table.
Regina brought her face closer, her lips parted. Emma did not wait for the end of the phrase and dug her lips into Mills's. Regina's hand rested on Emma's knee and crept slowly up, lightly squeezing her leg. Emma recoiled sharply and stood up. She suddenly realized that Graham was right. And the mayor is just using her.
- What's happened? - Mills was surprised and also got up. She ran the back of her hand along the girl's cheek. - I know you want to, Miss Swan ...
- Enough! - Emma cut her off rudely. - Maybe I want to, but not like that! Listen, madam mayor. I am not your toy. It's clear? If you want sex, buy a dildo!
- What?! Swan! How do you ... - Regina was indignant.
Emma just silently picked up her jacket and went to the exit.
- Where are you going, Miss Swan? - Shouted after Regina with anger. - We're not finished!
- Home. - Emma replied without turning around. - I need to pack my things, I'm leaving the city.
She said it with such determination that Regina was frightened. She was afraid that she would never see Emma again. She suddenly realized that she had gone too far, that if the girl went out the door now, she would lose her. Forever.
- Wait, Miss Swan! - Shouted Regina and went for the blonde, and she had already grabbed the door handle. - Emma, please stop.
Emma froze when she heard the last phrase. There was so much desperation and pain in her that Swan had goosebumps. Regina walked over and gently turned the girl around to face her.
- Forgive me, I was unnecessarily ... persistent. - She said. - Can we talk, over a cup of tea?
- Good. - smiled Emma. - Let's talk. I can teach you how to brew tea.
- Does it brew differently? - Regina was surprised.
- I know at least four ways.- Emma replied.
- Are you joking? - Regina asked.
- No. - Emma began to bend her fingers. - Indian, English, Cuban and Chinese. Which one do you want to try?
- Oh. - Only Regina answered. - For start. Let's go to the kitchen.

Kathryn paced the room like a caged animal. May lazily flipped through the channels on the TV.
- Katty. - Said the girl. - I have from you in the eyes ripples. What happened?
- Maybe it's worth choosing one channel, and not clicking everything in a row? - Kathryn snapped.
- Wow. - May turned off the TV and looked at her cousin. - Looks like you didn't make up with Regina...
- No. - Kathryn plopped down next to May. - I have no idea what to do ...
- To do nothing?- May suggested. - Or did the light come together like a wedge on her? She's not the only omega in the whole world, is she?
- She such one! - Kathryn said sharply . - How can you not understand - I love her!
- Do you love her? Or do you want? - May asked. - These are fundamentally different things. When did you last have sex?
- Two or three weeks ago ... But what's the difference! - Kathryn snapped again.
- Big. - May nodded. - I would say huge. Go take a shower and... relax.
- What can you know about it? Have you ever loved? - Kathryn said.
- I see ... - May said.
She got up and went to her room. Kathryn cursed: she felt annoyed. Everything infuriated her - this conversation, the unsuccessful conversation with Regina and the realization that May seems right and that she shouted like that. She went to shower and when she got out she felt much better. She became uncomfortable - it was not worth offending her sister, because she wanted to help. Sighing, Kathryn went into the kitchen, prepared a mountain of sandwiches, stacked them on a tray, and walked over to May. She knocked softly on the door.
- May. - She said. - I'm... forgive me...
- I'm not offended. - There was a sound from behind the door.
- Open the door, I brought you sandwiches. Do you want to eat again?
The door swung open and May's head squeezed through the crack.
- Smells tasty. What are they with?

- You are full of surprises, Miss Swan. - Regina sipped her tea carefully.
- Drink, don't be afraid. - Emma smiled. - Cuban tea, one of my favorites. My mother taught me how to make tea this way.
Emma suddenly felt sad and rubbed the handle of the cup with her finger.
- Does she live far away? - Regina suggested. - Maybe you should move her here?
- She... died a couple of years ago. - Emma answered softly.
- Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to. - Regina's hand went over Emma's and squeezed lightly.
- Nothing. - Emma brushed away a tear that rolled down. - You didn't know. I'll probably go home.
- And I need to pick up Henry. - Regina suddenly smiled. - Will you come with me? On the way back we will take you home.
- Thanks, but I… - Emma began.
- Henry will be glad to see you. - Regina made the last point.
- Well... - answered Emma. - Persuaded.
In the car, Emma smelled a slight floral scent and grimaced. "Stupid smell. Lilies." She turned around: a bouquet of flowers lay casually on the back seats.
- What's happened ? - Regina turned to her.- Is something bothering you?
- You have ... flowers there. - Emma nodded back.
Regina looked in the rearview mirror. "I completely forgot about them. Damn! How inconvenient it turned out."
- I forgot that. They need to be thrown away. - Regina said and blushed. - A colleague gave.
- You don't have to answer to me. - Emma shrugged.
Memory helpfully tossed a phrase uttered by Graham: "She has someone to console her at night." Emma began to look out the window, and Regina's soul became disgusting. A strange feeling came over her, as if she had cheated on Emma. Although they are not in a relationship and they are not dating. We drove to Graham's house in deathly silence. Regina go to the house to pick up the boy, and when she returned, there were only flowers in the car, in the back seats. Mills mentally swore.

- Mom, don't leave me with him anymore. - Henry asked as they drove back. - Why did you leave me with him at all?
- I had a few things to sort out. - Regina replied, wondering where Emma might have gone.
- Couldn't I have stayed with Emma? Graham is terribly boring.
- Just with her and decided. - Regina replied. - Therefore, no.
- Do you like her? - The boy suddenly asked.
- What? - Regina stopped abruptly at a traffic light, causing the car to shake slightly.
- Emma. Do you like her?
- She is a good policeman, she will work just as well - she will become a sheriff.
Henry nodded: if his mom loves Emma, it won't be easy to find out.
- What stinks so much? - He asked.
- These are flowers that should have been thrown away a long time ago. - Said Regina. - By the way, remind me about this, as we arrive.
The boy turned around and saw a bouquet lying on the seats.
- Lilies. - He grimaced. - Ugh. Foolish smell.

Emma stepped out from behind the tree as Mills' car drove away. She turned around and walked back to where Regina had just come from. Graham made it to the sofa and sat down when there was another knock on the door.
- Oh. - He said when he saw Swan on the threshold. - What this time?
- We have to talk. - Emma said decisively.
- Come on. - Graham answered with a sigh, opening the door wider.
- Do you know who is it? - Emma asked as the door slammed shut behind her. - After all, you know!
- What are you talking about? - Graham threw up his hands.
- About who Regina sleeps with. You know who this person is! Tell me.
- I don't know! - Graham objected.
- Graham. - Emma looked down at her. - Angry alpha - is it dangerous. I'll tear you. And along, and across.
- Calm down please. I really do not know. - Conciliatory put his hands forward Graham. - I know that she is local and that Regina is afraid of your meeting. She didn’t introduce us, and I’m not interested, to be honest.
- She? She… - Emma said thoughtfully. - She.
- In vain I said it ... - Graham went cold. - If you don't kill me, Regina will strangle me.
- Do not worry! - Emma smiled. - I won't let you get hurt.
- I immediately felt better. - Graham muttered sarcastically.
Emma laughed and added.
- I can spend the night at your place? I don't want to go home.

In the morning May was awakened by a phone call. She knew the number by heart, so she immediately sat up in bed and picked up the phone.
- Hello, doctor. What is wrong with my analysis?
- Hello, Miss Drill. Just the opposite. You will be scheduled for an operation soon, but you will have to stay in the hospital for a few days to make everything go perfectly. It is advisable that you come tonight. The deadline is tomorrow morning. It is important. Because if you show up later, everything will have to be done again. The whole course. And it is not known how this will affect the future.
- I'll be on time, doctor! - May assured.
- Glad to hear, goodbye. - The doctor hung up.
The joyful girl flew into the kitchen and almost ran into her sister.
- Kathryn! - She said happily. - It happened!
- What is it - you won a million dollars?
- No! I'm going to the hospital tonight! What are you looking that? I told you. Medicine...
- Ah. Yes, I remember, but ... already? It hasn't been two weeks yet...
- Aw. Don't tell me you'll miss me?
- I am? For your things lying around, eternal crumbs on the table and your idiotic songs that you yell during the shower?- Kathryn arched an eyebrow, then grabbed her cousin and held her close. - Of course I will!
- Katty. You'll choke me, take it easy. - May tapped her hands on her cousin's back and when her sister loosened her grip, she pulled back slightly. - I won't give the car back - suddenly the operation goes well.
- Fool. - Kathryn said without malice and slapped her on the shoulder.

In the morning, Emma habitually moved her neck, kneading it. She stood up and did a couple of bends. From his room, Graham came out and headed towards the kitchen.
- Graham, buddy, your couch doesn't like me. I feel like I've pulled my shoulder.
- So you need to spend the night at home. - Graham clicked his friend on the nose.
- How touchy we are. - Emma answered. - Give me your magic coffee, you look and I'll forgive you.
- Will you forgive? - Graham rolled his eyes. - Next time you'll spend the night outside!
- Graham, what are you? I was just joking. - Emma was surprised. - By the way, do you know where my phone is?
- Come on, hurry up, you need to have breakfast and go to work. If we're late, Mills will give us hell.
- Oops. - Graham said and nodded at the door of the precinct. Regina paced back and forth along them. - And why does she not sit in the mayor's office?
Regina, hearing the car pull up, looked at her impatiently. But the last thing she expected was Emma getting out of Graham's car. Everything inside her was seething, she realized that she was jealous, but she tried not to show it.
- Miss Swan. - She said. - May I have a few words for you?
- Yes, of course. - Emma replied.
They walked a little way from the doors, and Regina pulled a phone out of her purse and handed it to Emma.
- Today I found it on the sofa in the living room. You must have dropped it yesterday.
- My telephone! - Emma was delighted. - And I thought I left it at Graham's!
- Spare me the details of your personal life. - Regina said coldly and walked towards her car.
"What's mine?" Emma thought. "So she decided...God, she's jealous?!"
- Madame Mayor, wait! - Emma called out.
- Something else? - Regina asked coldly.
And some sadness flickered in her eyes. "Of course jealous" - Emma guessed and she decided.
- Do you want to know how else tea is brewed? Three ways left. - Emma said and put her hand on the roof of the car. - Come to me in the evening. This time it will be in English tea.
From the outside, it looked like Emma was hugging Regina. So it seemed to Kathryn, who decided to talk to Mills again. She stood in the bushes and waited for the right moment. Only fragments of phrases reached her, but what she heard she did not like at all.
- Are you asking for a date? - Regina chuckled.
- I want to drink tea. - Emma smiled. - Will you come?
- Yes, sure. Exclusively for tea. - Regina tried her best not to smile. - What time?
- Well, since tea is English, then at five o'clock in the evening.
- Good. - Regina nodded.
Emma, satisfied with the conversation, turned around and walked to the police station. Kathryn stepped out of the bushes, nostrils wide. She roughly grabbed Regina's arm.
- How is this to be understood? - She hissed. - Are you flirting here?
- What are you doing?! I'm in pain! Let go! - Regina exclaimed.
Emma heard Regina and turned around, taking three steps back.
- Hey! Well, let her go! - Menacingly said she.
- But not what? - Kathryn said.
- I'm arresting you. For attacking a person in authority. - Emma took out a gun, but her hand hung along the body. - Well?
- Okay. - Kathryn let go of Regina and held out her hands. - Sorry, officer.
She glared at Regina and left. And Emma distinguished a barely audible smell of apples, which was mixed with some kind of floral one.
- Is everything all right, Miss Mills? - Emma hugged Regina, wanting to protect and reassure her as soon as possible. Not realizing what he is doing. Regina suddenly rested her head on her shoulder. And exhaled.
- Yes. - Regina raised her head. - Hmm. Thanks, but I have to go to work.
She gently released herself from the half-embrace, got into the car and drove away. Emma shook her head and put her gun away. Also, the floral scent was familiar. A goofy, floral scent. "Lilies?"

Chapter Text

Kathryn sat in an armchair in front of the fireplace. In one hand she was clutching a glass of whiskey, the other was just clenching her fist. May entered the room.
- Oh, are you back? Is it too early to start celebrating? I haven't left yet. - May joked, but Kathryn didn't react at all. - Kathryn? Everything is fine?
- Does it look like it? - Kathryn jumped up and threw the glass into the fireplace with all her might. The glass shattered, and the flame in the fireplace, having received a share of alcohol, became brighter for a few seconds, with a sharp hiss. - Seem to be?!
- Wow... Can you tell me? - May said.
- She doesn't want to date me anymore. This is killing me!- Kathryn paced the room. - Flirting with this ... officer - "leather jacket". I came with flowers, and she? She said it's over!
- Well, maybe ... let her go? - May suggested. - If she doesn't want to?
- No! - Kathryn called out. - She told me that to spite me! This is MY woman! Only mine! And I won't give it to anyone! It's clear?!
- I see. - May nodded. - I don't like your mood. Can I stay?
- What? - Kathryn seemed to wake up. - You mean stay? Have you been waiting for this?
- I still have time. And you can't be left like this.
- Ahem! - Said Kathryn. - I just... flared up.
- That is, everything is in order? - Kathryn nodded. - And you will be smart?
- I promise. -Kathryn nodded again and opened her arms.
- Good. - May kissed her cousin on the cheek. - Then I went. I'll call from the hospital.
- Deal. - Kathryn smiled.

Emma entered the police station, whistling. Graham just shook his head, seeing her joyful state.
- If I were you, I wouldn't be so happy. - He said.
- Why is this? I have a date today. - Emma smiled happily.
- I didn't like that woman. And something tells me that you will have problems with her. Huge problems.
- What woman? - Emma glared at her friend.
- Blonde. The one that Mills grabbed. - Graham explained. - A couple of minutes ago, on the street.
- How do you know what was on the street? - Emma looked suspiciously at the sheriff. - You weren't there, were you?
- There is such a thing: "windows" is called. - Graham nodded at one of the windows. - You can see through them perfectly. By the way, go to old man Velinsky, he claims that someone is stealing his mail.
- To Velinsky? Are you kidding. He was out of his mind even before my arrival. And who needs his mail?
- Here and find out. And then report to me.
- How? Should I set up an ambush there?
- I don't know. - Graham spread his hands. - But the call came in - we have to check.
Sighing heavily, Emma got out, got into the patrol car and drove off to work out the call.

Regina looked through the papers, but the letters were blurry and she couldn't concentrate. That skirmish with Kathryn didn't go out of her head. And she abruptly threw the papers on the table. "It's time to end this!" - Thought Regina and picked up the phone. Kathryn didn't answer the phone. Regina tossed her phone into her purse and stood up resolutely. "What does she think of herself?! After all!" She was at the other end of the city in an hour. Kathryn opened it immediately and couldn't believe her eyes.
- Regina? Hello… - Kathryn didn't know how to react to Regina's appearance. Therefore, she opened the door wider letting in. - Come in.
- Listen! - Regina didn't go further than the hallway. - I don't know what you were thinking, but get it over with! It's clear?
- I do not understand what you mean...
- Enough! Make a fool out of yourself. - Regina's voice took on a menacing tone. - Stop following me. Otherwise it will be worse!
- And what will you do to me? - Kathryn chuckled. - Will you set your personal cop on me? In a leather jacket?
- Just dare to approach Swan, closer than a meter! - Regina spoke softly.
- And if I dare? - Kathryn folded her arms across her chest. - What?
- I'll put you in jail. Until the end of life.- Regina's finger poked into the blonde's shoulder. - You know me, and I'll find the reason. I'll find my own way out.
Regina turned around and left the house. She got into her car and drove to work. Paperwork had to be dealt with. Only in the office, she realized that she was shaking.

Emma drove up to a green-painted house. She was in no hurry to get out of the car. The old man was obviously bored and he periodically came up with some kind of excuse to call the police. Either his glasses were stolen from the table, which were then in the pocket of his bathrobe, then the food moved along the shelves in the refrigerator, or the missing slippers were in the washing machine. Now the mail is gone. Emma looked longingly at the door, which was a stark contrast to the color of the house and was pink. Apparently the old man is colorblind. She was about to leave when she noticed two small figures sneaking up to the mailbox. They crept from the side of the house to the fence, they did not see the patrol car. "Old acquaintances!" Emma carefully got out of the car and went to the fence, grabbed both boys by the shirt collar.
- Why aren't you at school, brats? - Emma asked, furrowing her brows.
- It's not us. - Said one of the boys.
- It's all he came up with! - Said the second and pointed to the first.
- David! James! What's going on? - Old man Velinsky appeared on the threshold of the house.
- Do you know them? - Emma asked the old man.
- Yes: this is my grandson and his cousin. Their parents left for a week, asked to look after. What happened, officer? - The old man stepped closer.
- Nothing. -Emma chuckled and dismissed the boys. - I think your mail will stop disappearing now. Yes?
She looked first at one, then at the other. The boys looked at each other and nodded in unison. And Emma got back in the car and drove to the police station.

Regina couldn't calm down. The thought that Emma was in danger kept her from working properly. The woman was nervous, completely forgetting that Emma was alpha and could well stand up for herself. She was afraid to admit to herself that she fell in love with Swan and was simply scared for her loved one. So she picked up the phone and called Emma. The phone sounded indifferent "the subscriber does not answer or is temporarily unavailable." Mentally cursing, Regina went to the police station. Graham sat at the table and looked at something intently on the computer monitor.
- Graham! - Regina said louder than she should have. - Where's Swan again?
- She went to the call. - Graham answered. - He'll be right back.
- What else .... - Regina began through her teeth.
- Graham! - A smiling Emma entered the station. - I have a hunch that old Velinsky isn’t so... Oh, madam mayor? Something happened?
Regina, seeing that the young girl was all right, rushed to the girl and hugged her, closing eyes. Emma looked at Graham, puzzled, but he just shrugged. Swan nodded slightly to the side: Graham took the hint and quietly left.
- Emma! - Regina took her face in her hands. - How glad I am that everything is fine with you.
And she, in a fit of feelings, kissed the girl on the lips. Emma jerked forward, wanting to continue the kiss, but Regina caught herself and took a step back.
- Swan, what's wrong with your phone? I brought it to you. In the morning.
Emma took her phone out of her pocket and looked at the screen.
- He is discharge. - Ascertained she and carefully looked at Regina. - What happened?
- Nothing. - Regina shrugged and wanted to leave, but was grabbed by Emma's arm.
- Lying. - Said Emma. - You were afraid for me and therefore came to the police station. So I repeat my question: what happened?
- I just…talked to Kathryn again. - Regina replied reluctantly and brushed a strand of hair out of her face. - And... she threatened. Again
- I see. - Emma chuckled. - Stop. Which one is this in the morning? Near the work?
Regina nodded briefly.
- So it's not me, it's you who need protection. And around the clock.
- Emma... - Regina began.
- I will protect you. And it is not discussed. - Emma said firmly. - You are entitled to the status. To city hall?
- Yes .. there are papers ...
- Good. Let's go - Emma said.
But Regina calmed down and decided that it was even better: Emma would be in front of her eyes and Katherine would definitely not do anything to her. At least with her. Graham, returning to the police station half an hour later, found it empty. There was a note from Emma on the table. "I'm now working as the mayor's bodyguard. I'll send a report on Velinsky later."

Kathryn bit her lips and paced from corner to corner. Regina might as well carry out her threat. Kathryn thought about how to return her, her love, but nothing came to mind. Her chaotic throwing was interrupted by the ringing of the phone. May called from the hospital.
- Hello, I got there. - May said. - How are you?
- Things are good. Tell me, have you eaten yet? - Asked Kathryn and heard laughter in response.
- Not yet, but they promised a hearty dinner. - May answered. - How are you?
- It's all right. - Kathryn reached into her pocket and found something strange there. She pulled it out of her pocket: there was a small plastic bag in her palm. Three by two centimeters in size. - I'm fine.
- I'm glad you figured it out. Bye. - May said and hung up.
- Bye. - Kathryn answered.
She grinned and tossed the packet in her palm. "Interestingly, how does this medicine work on alphas?" She carefully tore it open and squeezed the contents into her mouth. "Peach. Cool. Nothing like and not ... oops!" Kathryn suddenly felt a surge of strength and energy. And she was seized by a feeling of euphoria, as if in a slight intoxication. She decided to check if she was really as strong now as she felt. Katherine walked up to the fence and hit it with all her might. There was a big dent in the fence, and there wasn't a scratch on Katherine's hands. "Cool!" Kathryn thought. "Now I'm going to smear this Swan on the pavement! I wonder where May kept a supply of medicine? Probably in the room." And she returned to the house to search the room where her cousin had lived in the morning. The box of bags was found in the bedside table, next to the bed. "Oh thank you sister." Her stomach rumbled. "But I really want to eat." And she left the house happy. She got into the car and drove into the city to eat at favorite cafe on the pier.

Emma sat on the couch in the mayor's office and, from time to time, looked at Regina, holding her gaze for a long time. Regina honestly tried to work, looked through the papers. But from the side of the sofa, a woody, tart smell reached her and her imagination painted such pictures that she could not concentrate. She bit her lip and put down her papers.
- Swan. - Regina said. - Maybe you will guard me in the waiting room?
- Why? - Emma asked.
- I'm... used to being alone in the office. It's hard for me to focus on work. - Regina glanced at her watch. - Oh. Henry's school is over now. Can you go after him?
- And leave you alone? You're crazy, no way. Let's go together. - Emma stood up and walked over to the table. - And since your work is not going on, maybe we can have a bite to eat at the same time? Threesome? I know one good cafe, on the pier.
- Okay, let's just go in my car. - Regina smiled. - Henry might be scared if we come to him on patrol car.
- Agreed. - Emma nodded.

Kathryn sat at the table, enjoying the food, the view of the water. She was in a great mood, she bit off another piece, looking around the cafe and a piece got stuck in her throat: Regina was sitting with her son a few tables away and Swan was sitting next to her. They looked like a happy family, smiling, eating, and Kathryn's eyes darkened with anger. The boy dropped his food and soiled his clothes. Swan smiled, and Regina got up and said something to him, led him away. Apparently in the toilet - Swan was left alone. Kathryn got up too, tossed her food onto her plate, and walked over to Emma.
- Hey, cop. - Kathryn said. - Need to talk.
- My name is Officer Swan. - Emma didn't even change her posture, she only grimaced slightly when she heard a slight floral smell. - I'm listening to you, miss.
- Come on. You will leave my woman behind, and I will let you live. - Kathryn said.
- Firstly, she is not a thing to belong to anyone, and secondly, she herself will decide with whom she will be. And thirdly, - Emma got up and put her hands on her belt. - What will happen if I don’t leave behind?
- It will be bad. - Kathryn took the fork in her hand and bent it in half. - For you.
- Would you go, miss from here. - Emma put her hand on her holster. - While with you, everything is fine.
- Okay, I'll leave. - Kathryn said, looking somewhere behind Swan. - But remember, we are not finished with you, cop.
Kathryn turned and left the cafe, and Emma turned to see Regina walking towards her, clutching her son's hand. Henry grimaced slightly as Regina squeezed a little harder and didn't notice that she was hurting him.

Regina stared straight at Emma, unblinking. And her eyes did not bode well.
- Ow, it hurts, mom. - Henry squeaked as his mother's grip tightened.
- Henry, get in the car. - Regina did not even look at the boy and only opened her hand.
- What were you of both talking about? - Calmly asked Regina, but inside her everything was bubbling with rage.
- About nothing. - Emma shrugged.
- Yeah. - Regina looked at the table and saw a bent fork. - What is this?
- Oh. She didn't like the fork. - Emma's eyes "danced cheerful devils" and Regina realized that the girl was lying. - They are completely insolent: they brought a dirty fork. Crumpled it and left. Apparently upset because of the fork.
- Swan... - Regina said menacingly.
- I'll probably go to the car too. - Emma said. - Henry is there alone.
- Go. - Regina nodded and suddenly she smiled. - At the same time, you can take him home, and I'll get to the city hall on my own.
Emma tilted her head to the side, realizing that Mills was up to something, but clearly wouldn't say what it was. So her just went to the mayor's car and got behind the wheel. And Regina took out her phone and called Graham.
- Sheriff. From the pier to the city, a black SUV is moving. The driver is a blonde named Kathryn Nolan - arrest her.
- To arrest? - Asked Graham. - And for what?
- For speeding. - Regina raised her voice.
- But the maximum penalty for this offense is a fine... - Graham was surprised.
- Sheriff. Am I not expressing myself clearly? So the numbers are dirty and you need to find out whose car. Do you understand?
- Yes, madam mayor. - Graham said. - I got it.

Satisfied, Regina walked to her car, which was still parked, and heard Swan talking to her son.
-... your room. For example, is it always clean there? Clothes in place? Toys? Books? Always?
- No. Not always. - The boy answered. - But it's boring, cleaning every day.
- But your room is not very big. And it’s hard to put things in order every day. And your mom runs the whole city. It is certainly small, but much larger than your room. You agree?
- I agree. - The boy sighed. - Does that mean she loves me?
- Of course he loves it! Henry, just give her time... to take a break from work.
- I understand. - The boy sighed.
Regina was afraid to give herself away, but Emma noticed her and got out of the car. And Regina felt a little embarrassed because she accidentally overheard their conversation.
- How long have you been here? - Emma asked.
- Just came up. - Looking into blue eyes, Regina answered.
She was ready to kiss Emma right there and not give a damn what people were watching. Mills realized that Henry missed his mother, and Emma got everything right. And she was also sure that Kathryn was finished once and for all. And that Emma was safe now, so in a burst of happiness, she ran the back of her hand across the girl's cheek. Emma caught her hand and kissed her palm - don't care, let everyone see.
- Things are good? - Emma asked.
- Everything is great. - Regina replied. - Take me to the police station, and then with Henry home. And be sure to wait for me. You promised me English tea.
Emma smiled as she opened the back door of the Mercedes and helped Regina into the seat.
- Please, milady. - Said Swan and slammed the door.

- Listen, officer. This is some kind of mistake. - Kathryn said, but the door - the bars slammed shut behind her.
- You were driving over the speed limit. Who you are, I don't know. You do not have any documents with you. Neither confirming the identity, nor confirming that the car is yours. Maybe you stole it? - Graham threw up his hands.
- My name is Kathryn Nolan. I am local! - Kathryn gripped the bars with force.
- If you lived in the city, I would know you. Yes, and you were driving out of the city. Let's wait three days.
- Three days? Here? - Kathryn frowned. - Why?
- Because me need to verify your identity. Are there people in the city who will confirm your identity?
Regina Mills walked into the police station, pleased with herself, holding her head high.
- Yes! - Kathryn smiled and nodded at Mills. - She knows me.
- Is that true, madam mayor? - Graham asked. - Do you know this woman?
Regina looked Kathryn up and down and back.
- I see her for the first time. - She said coldly.
- Oh, that's how! - Kathryn clung to the bars with all her might. - You see me it for the first time?
Kathryn forcefully spread her arms and the grate bent as if it were made of plasticine.
- Sheriff! - Regina said loudly, looking at Kathryn. - What's happening?
Kathryn spread her arms even more and a passage formed in the grate, through which she exited.
- Now let's talk. - Kathryn dusted off her hands. - Like an adult people.
Graham stepped between Regina and Kathryn, thus protecting Mills.
- Do you really think you can stop me, pathetic beta? - Kathryn said.
She grinned wickedly and threw the guy aside with a wave of her hand, as if he were lighter than air. Graham hit the wall with his whole body, slid to the floor and passed out.
- Graham! - Regina exclaimed and looked at the blonde. - You're crazy?! What do you need?
- Weird question. - Kathryn said. - You.
And she moved towards Regina, who was numb with fear and seemed to even stop breathing. The sweet smell of apples pervaded the police station.

- No. It is not right. - Emma said aloud and turned to the cafe. - Let's run to the cafe, wait for me there. The owner is a sweet old lady. She will look after you.
- And where are you going? - The boy was surprised.
- Back. To the police station, your mother shouldn't have been allowed to go alone. And something tells me: she needs my help.
- Emma, do you love her? - Henry said.
- In a cafe, running. - Emma frowned. - We're wasting time!
The boy got out of the car and barely had time to slam the door, as the car immediately turned around and drove back towards the site. And the happy child nodded in the affirmative.
- She loves her. Definitely loves!

Emma braked near the door so hard that there were footprints on the ground. She ran into the police station when Kathryn was already a step away from Regina and raised her hand to remove a strand from her head.
- Moved away from her! - Emma ordered.
- You again. How did you get me. - Kathryn sighed. - You don't understand the first time, do you? Well! But remember, I warned you.
- Regina, you better go. - Emma said and grabbed Mills by the hand.
The palm was cold, and Regina seemed to be in a trance, but at the touch of the girl, she woke up and stepped towards her.
- None. Nowhere. Doesn't leave. - Kathryn said.
- This is our fight. - Emma replied harshly. - Let the lady go.
- I want the lady to see who's in charge here. - Kathryn slowly approached and squeezed Emma's left forearm so that the bones crunched. - Let him watch.
- Okay, I'll stay! - Regina said. - Leave the girl alone.
- Well done! - Kathryn nodded, agreeing.
She literally pushed Regina into the office and closed the door, breaking the handle so she couldn't get out.

- However, let's get started. - Kathryn said. - And I've been putting up with you for so long.
Kathryn grabbed a chair and, tearing off a leg, threw it away without looking. The leg broke obliquely and resembled a sword. The chair landed on the table, exposing the sharp remnant of a leg forward.
- No! Emma! Stop it! Emma! - Regina tapped her hands on the glass, but she couldn't be heard.
- Really: it's time to finish with this. - Emma took off her jacket and moved to Kathryn.
Kathryn twirled the stick and intercepted it in the manner of a knife. Meanwhile, Graham woke up, shook his head and approached Kathryn from behind, trying to grab her from the front and make it impossible to swing her arms. But Kathryn noticed him with peripheral vision and waving her chair leg, stuck it right in his heart. The guy fell down.
- Graham!!!! - Regina put her palms to the glass and looked dumbfounded at what was happening, tears streaming down her face. - Graham .... No ....
Emma, getting really angry and growling loudly, hit Kathryn in the jaw with all her might from below. Kathryn flew off to the bars. But after a couple of seconds, she got up and went to Emma, clenching her fists. Emma got into a boxing stance, and as Kathryn approached, she threw her left arm forward. Kathryn grabbed her, between the wrist and elbow, and began to squeeze with all her strength. This time the bone could not stand it and crunched. The pain was such that Emma's eyes darkened. The girl closed her eyes and put her right hand on Kathryn's sternum, she pushed it away from her, with all the power she was capable of. The grip loosened, Kathryn's hand slid over Emma's arm, and she suddenly began to wheeze. Emma opened her eyes and saw that Kathryn had a chair leg sticking out of her chest. The one she casually tossed on the table. A trickle of blood flowed from the girl's mouth, her eyes slowly glazed over. Emma pressed her broken arm to her chest and walked towards the office. She took out a pistol and shot at the lock. Regina rushed out of the office and hugged Emma. Emma let out a short cry.
- Get out of here. - Wearily said the girl.
- We can't leave them here! - Regina pointed to the two lifeless bodies.
- You need to leave and I'll take care of everything. - Emma said.
- But... - Regina began.
- Without "but"!- For the first time, metal was heard in Emma's voice. - You need to go home. To your son. Your car is at the entrance. The key is in the ignition.
- Good. - Regina went to the exit, but turned around, taking Emma's face in her hands, kissed her. Emma returned the kiss. Regina broke the kiss as suddenly as she started.
- Thanks. - She said to Emma and left the police station.

Chapter Text

Regina left the police station and got into the car and burst into tears. She was a strong person, but too much had fallen on her in the past few days. Calming down, she looked in the mirror: Emma is right, she should not become limp - she still need to go home to Henry. He must be bored there alone. Suddenly her phone rang and she picked up the receiver.
- Mum! - The receiver said in Henry's voice. - How long are you going to be? I want to go home.
- Henry? - Regina nearly dropped her phone in surprise. - What do you mean, 'home'? Are you not at home?
- Not. I'm in a cafe. "Granny's Diner". - The child explained.
- I'm on my way to you. - Regina said and started the engine. - Don't be bored.
Regina turned off her phone and went to her son. She was at the cafe in ten minutes. Henry saw through the window how a car drove up and immediately jumped out. Before he could get into the car and sit down, Regina immediately hugged him.
- Mom, what are you doing? - Henry surprised. Mother was usually stingy with affection.
- I love you baby. - Regina said.
- And I you. - The boy answered. - But you will strangle me now.
- Sorry. - Regina sniffled and started the car. - Let's go home.
Henry looked at her and noticed small streaks on her face.
- Something happened? Have you been crying? - Said the boy.
- No, it seemed to you. - Regina tried to smile.
All the way, Regina bit her lips and thought. About what had happened, about what might have happened to Katherine, and what Henry would need to be told about Graham's death. And not just Henry. She was so engrossed in thought that she ran a red light. "Emma will forgive me, but Graham won't blame anymore... God, Graham.... He was certainly a creepy klutz, but he didn't deserve to die." And tears welled up in her eyes again.

Emma called paramedics to take the bodies to the morgue after taking everything out of their pockets. The set was standard for both: keys, mobile, wallet. Only Kathryn had another strange white bag. The paramedics who arrived looked around the area, exchanged glances, and carried the bodies out. One of them, at the exit, looked closely at the girl and how she was holding her.
- I could be wrong. - He turned to Emma. - But I think your arm is broken. We can take you to the hospital.
- No. - Emma smiled. - Thanks. I'll get there myself.
When they finished their work and the girl was left alone, she looked around. "Hmm! Well, what a mess... It needs repairs, at least. It's good at least the windows are intact." It was necessary to fill out a report on the incident, but ... Firstly, I didn’t want to, and secondly, to whom? Emma took Graham's keys from the bag and turned them over in her hand. She held them in her hands a few days ago: one from the house, the second from the precinct, the third from the car, a keychain in the shape of a sheriff's star ... "Wait, what's that key?" And with some unhealthy excitement, Emma began to pick up the key to all the locks. And when the girl was already exhausted, she simply put it in the lock, on the top drawer of the archive. To Swan's surprise, he approached and even turned around, she slowly opened the drawer, looked inside and she was dismantled by a nervous, slightly hysterical laugh - there was an almost full bottle of whiskey. Emma unscrewed the lid with one touch and took a sip right from the neck: the alcohol pleasantly burned her throat and trickled down to her stomach. It got a little easier.
The girl sighed and decided to go home. Or to the hospital? The broken arm reminded of itself with pain. Emma grimaced and ... heard the muffled trill of the phone. She went to the table - the sound was coming from the package. Kathryn's phone flashed "MAY".
Emma took out her phone.
- Kathryn. Hello. - Said the voice on the phone.
- No. That's not her. - Emma answered. - Who are you and who are you calling?
- I'm calling my cousin - Kathryn Nolan. My name is May Drill. And who are you?
"May Drill... How do I know that name? May Drill! Of course! The owner of the car! So that's who she came to! Wait... Cousin? ."
- Hello?! - Voiced the tube. - Hello! Do you hear me?
- Oh sure. I'm a deputy sheriff. My name is Emma Swan and I have some sad news for you: Your sister has died. You could not come to the identification?
- My sister what?! Oh, I don't... God... Is that really her? Are you sure?! - May was asking questions.
- Well, you call her ... - Emma answered softly. - This phone was with ... a dead person. You must come and identify her. When will you be in Storybrooke?
- God! - May sobbed. - I'll try tomorrow.
- I'll dictate my number to you now, call when you get there. - Emma dictated number to the girl and turned off the phone.

Regina twirled the spoon in her cup thoughtfully until she felt warmth on her hand.
- Mom. What are you doing? - the boy asked.
Regina looked into the cup - the cup was empty. She set it aside and looked intently at the child.
- Son. I have something to tell you. - Regina ran a hand through his hair.
- Is it about Emma? - Asked the boy.
- No .... The fact is that ... Graham died.
- What? - Henry smiled incredulously, and then suddenly got angry - you're lying! You are all lying! I do not trust you!
He took off and ran to his room on the second floor.
- Henry, wait! - Regina rushed to catch up with him, but the door to the room slammed right in front of her. - Henry! Baby, let's talk. I feel sorry for him too...
- No! - It came from behind the door. - You don't give a damn about me or Graham. And I don't believe you at all!
Regina sighed and turned around and went downstairs. There she poured herself a cider and drank it in one gulp. The son does not trust, Graham died and in a relationship with Emma it is not clear what. Tears welled up in Regina's eyes again. She took the bottle and poured herself another cider. She drank the next glass more slowly, her hand dialing Emma's phone on its own.
- Swan. I need your help. Can you come? - Regina asked when she heard the phone was picked up.
- Oh sure. It will only take some time.

Emma was at the mansion an hour later. When Regina opened the door for her, the girl realized from the sparkle in her eyes and slight discoordination that Mills was drunk. Although Regina spoke in an even voice, some kind of light, intimate hoarseness mingled with him.
- Finally. What's taking so long? - Mills said and lingered on her hand. - Oh, your arm is... broken. I forgot... You need to get to the hospital urgently.
- I cant. I don't have time to lie down. - Said Emma, entering the house. - Tomorrow I have an important meeting. For work.
- Are you going to work? With a broken arm? Maybe an ambulance?
- Madame Mayor, you asked me to help you. - Emma reminded.
- Yes. It's about Henry. I told him Graham was dead, but he doesn't believe me. Can you talk to him? Tell him what happened at the police station? Just leaving out a few details. And maybe adding some...
- What for? - Emma asked in bewilderment.
- I, as mayor, need to somehow inform my son and all the other residents that their beloved sheriff has died. Help me with this.
- That is, you are asking me ... to lie? - Emma asked.
- I understand that you do not care! But I still have to live and work in this city.
Emma thought about it - Regina was right: she needed some kind of tale about what happened at the police station. She can’t tell the truth, because May will come tomorrow. It will come as a shock to her if she finds out that her cousin has suddenly turned into a "beast".
- I think you're right. - Emma nodded. - Let's say that it was a criminal, not from the locals. He killed Graham and accidentally Kathryn when he escaped from the precinct. And hurt me when I tried to stop him.
- Good,- Regina said. - What was Kathryn doing there?
- I arrested her for speeding. We went together to the police station, and he ran away at that moment.
- Plausible. - Regina muttered and added louder. - Only the vase is a pity.
- What vase? - Emma frowned.
- This one. - Regina took a vase from the table and with all her strength brought it down on the young girl's head.
Emma, before passing out, managed to throw a full of incomprehension look at Mills.

Emma woke up in the ward. She head hurt a little and hand was somehow heavy. The girl groaned slightly and tried to sit up.
- Woke up? - There was a very close voice. - How do you feel?
Emma turned her head, Regina was sitting beside the bed. She looked at Swan with slight concern. The girl let out a light laugh.
- Originally! First hit on the head, and then ask "how are you?" Madame Mayor...
- Regina. - Mills nodded. - Call me Regina. Forgive me for what happened, but you yourself are to blame - you never agreed to go to the hospital. You had surgery and a plaster cast.
Emma looked at her hand. The arm in the cast looked a little menacing, but now it was clear why it was so heavy.
- I have an appointment today! How will I go?
- Yes, that's how you go, with plaster. You just need a bandage and that's it. By the way, where is your meeting? I can take you.
- In the morgue. - Emma snapped and rubbed the top of her head. - May Drill is coming to identify Kathryn.
- Exactly. - Regina whispered. - They're sisters.
- Did you know? - Emma stared at Regina. - Did you know everything? Is there anything else I should know?
- We... Kathryn and I date. Earlier. - Regina replied reluctantly and bit her lip. - And she's ... alpha. Was.
- I know that. - Emma said and got out of bed. - Anything else? Important?
- No! It's all. - Regina said coldly.
Emma's reaction jarred her a little. It was as if the girl didn't care about Regina now, as if something had changed in Emma's attitude towards Regina.
- Then could you talk to the doctor to let me go?
- Sure. - Mills said.
She left, and Emma sank down on the bed, exhausted. Swan, of course, saw how difficult it was for Regina to confess and it was unpleasant for her to hear it, so she pretended that she did not care. She was also a little mad at Mills for hitting her with a vase.

May called at noon and twenty minutes later her car was pulling up outside the morgue. She recognized her sister at once and nearly fainted. Emma helped the girl out into the street, holding her by the waist with her good hand. In the street, May burst into tears leaning against Emma's shoulder. Swan comforted her by stroking her back. Emma looked ahead and did not notice how a black Mercedes drove past the building. Regina, picking up the boy from school, drove him home. Henry looked out the window and his mouth dropped open in surprise. Regina, on the contrary, only clenching her teeth tighter, looking at this.
- Listen, Miss Drill. - Emma gently pushed the girl away from her. - You must take the things that were with her. Under the protocol of course.
- Do I have to go to the police station again? And meet the sheriff there? - May wiped away her tears.
- No. - Emma felt sad. - The police station is being repaired, and the sheriff ... died. I am temporarily taking over his duties. And her things are in the car. Let's go.
They approached the patrol car, Emma took out a package and handed it to the girl.
- Here. By the way. Do you know what this bag is? - Emma nodded at the plastic.
- Oh. This is my medicine. I needed it before the operation. Now I don't know if I should start again...
- What operation? - Emma perked up.
- It does not matter. - May replied. - Where to sign?
- Right here. - Emma handed the paper to the girl. - Her car is in the impound and... sorry about that.
- Nothing. - May put a flourish. - It's not your fault.

Regina scrubbed the plate furiously. She replayed over and over in her head what she saw on the street. "The meeting means! At work! Oh, we need to take our minds off this Swan and get down to business. Graham's funeral, for example. By the way, does he have any relatives?" Regina suddenly realized she didn't know anything about him. Although they worked together for five years. Mills lowered her plate into the sink. "Yeah... Good mayor..." Regina thought sadly.
- Mum. - Her son called.
- What, baby? - Regina wiped her hands on the towel.
- Are you going back to work now?
- If you want me to stay, then I will. -Regina sat down next to the boy.
- Really want to! - Henry wrapped his arms around her neck. - Stay at home today.
- Agreed. - Regina stroked the child on the back. - What's the plan?
- I do not know. - The boy is happy. - We can play tic-tac-toe. I was taught by... Graham.
- Baby. - Regina lifted the boy into her arms. - Tell me about him. Does he have brothers, sisters? Where are his parents?
- Nobody. - Henry nuzzled his forehead into Regina's neck. - He was all alone. And dreamed of having a wolf. Like a pet. You know, instead of a dog.
- Wolf? - Surprised Regina. - Why didn't the dogs please him?
- I do not know. - Henry answered. - But we once talked about dreams. I said that I dream of driving a train, and he that he dreams of living in the forest. And that he would definitely get himself a wolf.
- How interesting... - Regina said.
- Mom, who will be the sheriff now? - Henry looked his mother straight in the eyes.
- I don't know. - Mills replied. - Haven't thought about it yet. Henry, can you watch cartoons for now?
Regina put the child on the floor.
- And where are you going? - Henry made an offended muzzle. - You promised to be with me. Today.
- I will! Certainly! - Regina took her son by the chin. - I just need to make arrangements for his funeral. A couple of calls and I'll be back. Truth.

Emma entered the police station and looked around. "That's all. My work here did not last long. I'll have to go to Regina to say goodbye." Her unhappy thoughts were interrupted by a phone call. "REGINA" flashed on the screen. "Does she feel me?"
- Miss Swan. Do you happen to know where the keys to Graham's apartment are?
- I know. - Emma answered. - I have them.
- Fine. Could you bring them to me?
- I can. Why do you need them?
- I'm taking care of his funeral. I want to see if he had a decent suit. Or at least dress uniform.
- Oh yeah. I will come soon.
Emma ended the conversation, took out the keys and tossed them on her arm. "Now let's say goodbye." Emma thought, but her heart hurt so much, at the thought that she involuntarily clutched her left side. She approached the house and noticed the boy on the porch.
- Henry, hello! - The young girl was delighted.
- I hate you! - The boy replied without looking at her.
- What?! - Emma sat down beside him. - Henry... it's me.
- I see you. - He looked up at her full of anger. - How could you? I believed you, did you? Why did you come to our city at all?
The boy got up to leave, but Emma grabbed his shoulder.
- Stop! - She said. - Henry, what's the matter?
- Like you don't know! I saw everything. I thought you loved mom! - Henry broke free and went into the house.
- I love ... - Emma said after the boy, but Regina was already standing in the doorway.
- What do you love? - She said. - But it doesn't matter. Did you bring the keys?
- I wanted to tell you something ... - Emma said, gathering her courage. - I'm leaving town. Forever.
- That's how? - Regina went out onto the porch. - Well, yes, you are not local. With Miss Drill, I presume? You hugged her so sweetly...
- Regina, stop it! She felt bad - her sister died ...
- Her sister, for a second, killed Graham! And tried to kill you! - Regina's voice slipped notes of tears. - Keys.
- So you're so upset about Graham? - Emma handed the bundle to Regina. - Or that Kathryn was killed? Do you miss her?
- What a fool you are, Swan. - Regina said quietly, looking at the floor and added louder, looking up at the girl. - Graham's funeral will be the day after tomorrow. At noon, if you're still in town by then. Now, leave me alone. Please.
Emma flexed her jaws, turned around and left. Outside the mansion, standing near the car, she in all the dope hit the wood with plaster.

The news of the sheriff's death traveled around Storybrooke instantly. And almost the whole city gathered for his funeral. But no matter how much Regina peered, she could not make out Emma among the mourners. “It’s unlikely that I will see her, the whole city is here! But there’s not even her smell, I would have felt her. She probably left and didn’t even come!” Regina thought sadly and a little angrily. The commemoration was arranged in the cafe "Granny's Diner". Regina, tired of the number of people, of sympathetic looks, said goodbye to the owner of the cafe and went out into the street. It was fresh, it was drizzling, and for a second she thought she could smell a tart, woody smell. She looked around, but found no one. Regina walked over to the car and smiled - Henry was sleeping in the back seat. "The two of us are fine. And we don't need anyone else." Mills drove the car to the mansion, but she herself did not notice how she arrived on the coast to the white house. "The light is off. She must have left after all." Regina got out of the car, walked up to the porch, and pushed open the door. "Not locked..." The woman slowly entered and stood in the middle of the living room. Suddenly a light came on and a surprised voice asked:
- Regina? How did you enter?
- Swan? - Regina turned around. - Your door was open... I thought you were out of town!
- I forgot to close. Me need went out to ... - Emma suddenly ravenously flared her nostrils and greedily sucked in the air. - Regina. Go away! Fast!
- Are you driving me away? - Regina frowned.
- For your own safety! - Emma clutched the back of the couch with all her might. - You have about thirty seconds to go out the door, get into the car and drive away from here as far as possible.
Regina didn't react at all to the girl's words. Emma walked over to Regina and kissed her. The kisses were insistent but gentle. Regina, taken aback in the first five seconds, began to return her kisses and even slightly bit Emma's lip. The girl pressed Mills against the wall and began to kiss her neck. Regina groaned and felt a wild desire. And the smell, it turned on, drove her crazy and there was only one thought in her head. "How I want you." She reached under Emma's shirt herself, while Emma took off Regina's jacket and sharply pulled the edges of the blouse, opening it up. Buttons fell on the floor...

Regina opened her eyes and smiled. She turned her head and looked at Emma. The girl frowned and bit her lips. Regina propped herself up on her elbow and kissed Emma on the shoulder. Emma just sighed.
- Hey. - Regina's finger traced the girl's cheekbone. - What happened to you? Do you want me to lift you ... "mood"?
Regina's hand brushed over Emma's belly and slid down to her groin. Emma caught her hand and pulled it away from her. She turned to face Mills.
- Regina. My "mood" rises from one of your kiss. Look, I... That's not how I envisioned it.. this. Sorry.
- Again. Emma, why do you apologize every time?
- Regina, listen. - Emma sat down. - I don't want you to think that I took advantage of the situation. I love you. Truth. And I'm ready to marry you if...
- Stop, stop, stop! - Regina placed her hand on Emma's lips. - Hold your horses, cowboy. What are you on about now? What situation?
Emma gently removed Mills' hand from her face.
- I understand that the last week has been a wild stress for you. But. - Emma arched an eyebrow. - You really didn't notice that you were in estrus?
- Estrus ? - Regina chuckled, and then became serious. - And now we ... Lord! Swan!
- What? That's why I didn't come up to you during the funeral!I was in the car, at the gate! And I was near the cafe... And I tried to kick you out when you felt like coming to my house!
- Wait a minute. - Regina looked straight at Emma. - What? What did you say?
- About the funeral? I was there.
- No. - Regina shook her hair. - Before this? When you say what ready to marry me...
- I love you. - Emma said.
- How a long time? - Regina pushed a stray lock of hair out of Emma's face.
- From our first meeting. - Emma answered. - When you came in, it was like an electric shock hit me.
- I agree. - Regina said.
- For what? - Emma was surprised.
- Marry you. I agree. - Regina smiled.
And Emma reached out to her, slightly bit her earlobe. Regina laughed. Emma leaned over and kissed her. Regina returned her kisses and pulled her close to her. And then suddenly she pulled away.
- What? - Asked Emma, with a smile. - Changed your mind?
- No. - Regina answered and looked Emma straight in the eyes. - I just remembered: I have Henry in the car. Asleep.


- Miss Swan! - Regina entered the police station. - How is the repair going?
- It's all over, madam mayor. - Emma went up to Regina and put her hand on the outlined tummy. - Why did you come here? It stinks of paint in here.
- We missed daddy. - Regina placed her hand over Emma's.
- What did Dr. Whale say? - Asked Emma and kissed Regina. - Why did you decide that there will be a girl? Maybe it will be a boy? Henry needs a brother. By the way, where is he?
- Henry? With Grandma Lucas. She attached herself to him as if she were her own. Honey, let's go home. Well, what are you doing here? A new grate was installed, the lock was repaired, new furniture was brought in, the walls were repainted.
- I'm going through the archive.- Emma nodded at the boxes on the table.
- What for? - Regina sighed. - Give it to the main storage.
- So that’s what I’m sorting out for. - Emma smiled. - Something quite fresh, some quite antiquity.
- Let's help. - Regina reached for the edge of the box.
- Do not even think!- Emma jerked the box in her direction and couldn't hold it. The box overturned, several folders flew out. - Crap.
Emma leaned over and started picking up the folders.
- Here's another one.- Regina said.
A folder fell at her feet and opened. There were newspaper clippings and some papers. Emma rushed to her and immediately slammed it shut.
- Don't look, you shouldn't! - Emma exclaimed.
- I don’t look. - Regina laughed and handed her a newspaper clipping.
But she accidentally glanced at the photo and froze.
- Oh. I know her. - Regina said. - This is...
- "Oracle." - Emma rolled her eyes and took the clipping. - It was said that she was supposedly a psychic.
- Was? - Regina sank gently into her chair. - She is dead?
- Yes. Her name was so strange…- Emma snapped her fingers.
- Alana. - Regina replied.
- Exactly! - Emma rejoiced. - Stop. How do you know that?
- I saw her. In Boston. Five years ago, maybe a little more. Maybe six.
- Can not be. I just graduated from the academy - five years ago. It was my first business. A hopeless case was handed to a newcomer. And by the time her body was found, she had been dead for a couple of years. The poor thing is frozen. She fell into the cellar, sprained her leg, and could not get out.
- And the daughter? - Deafly asked Regina. - She was supposed to have a daughter.
- Her daughter was hit by a car. To death. Crossed the road, listened to music on headphones. - Emma looked at the pale Regina. - Honey, forget it! Let's go up in the air.
Emma tossed the folder on the table, helped Regina up, and together they went outside.
- How are you? - Emma hugged Regina and patted her back. - Sorry. I am bad husband?
- Normal. - Regina smiled weakly and rested her head on Emma's shoulder. - But the sheriff is great.
- I haven't taken office yet. - Emma replied.
- Soon we will open a police station and you will take office. In the meantime, you're my sheriff, personal.
Regina lifted her head and kissed Emma. Emma responded with tenderness.
- Moms, aren't you tired of kissing? - There was a child's voice. - You have been married for a month.
Regina pulled away from her beloved and looked back. From the car, with the emblem of the cafe, climbed out Henry.
- Henry. Who would you like, sister or brother? - Emma asked as he approached them.
- Wolf. - The boy answered seriously. - I would call him Graham.