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My personal sheriff

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Regina left the police station and got into the car and burst into tears. She was a strong person, but too much had fallen on her in the past few days. Calming down, she looked in the mirror: Emma is right, she should not become limp - she still need to go home to Henry. He must be bored there alone. Suddenly her phone rang and she picked up the receiver.
- Mum! - The receiver said in Henry's voice. - How long are you going to be? I want to go home.
- Henry? - Regina nearly dropped her phone in surprise. - What do you mean, 'home'? Are you not at home?
- Not. I'm in a cafe. "Granny's Diner". - The child explained.
- I'm on my way to you. - Regina said and started the engine. - Don't be bored.
Regina turned off her phone and went to her son. She was at the cafe in ten minutes. Henry saw through the window how a car drove up and immediately jumped out. Before he could get into the car and sit down, Regina immediately hugged him.
- Mom, what are you doing? - Henry surprised. Mother was usually stingy with affection.
- I love you baby. - Regina said.
- And I you. - The boy answered. - But you will strangle me now.
- Sorry. - Regina sniffled and started the car. - Let's go home.
Henry looked at her and noticed small streaks on her face.
- Something happened? Have you been crying? - Said the boy.
- No, it seemed to you. - Regina tried to smile.
All the way, Regina bit her lips and thought. About what had happened, about what might have happened to Katherine, and what Henry would need to be told about Graham's death. And not just Henry. She was so engrossed in thought that she ran a red light. "Emma will forgive me, but Graham won't blame anymore... God, Graham.... He was certainly a creepy klutz, but he didn't deserve to die." And tears welled up in her eyes again.

Emma called paramedics to take the bodies to the morgue after taking everything out of their pockets. The set was standard for both: keys, mobile, wallet. Only Kathryn had another strange white bag. The paramedics who arrived looked around the area, exchanged glances, and carried the bodies out. One of them, at the exit, looked closely at the girl and how she was holding her.
- I could be wrong. - He turned to Emma. - But I think your arm is broken. We can take you to the hospital.
- No. - Emma smiled. - Thanks. I'll get there myself.
When they finished their work and the girl was left alone, she looked around. "Hmm! Well, what a mess... It needs repairs, at least. It's good at least the windows are intact." It was necessary to fill out a report on the incident, but ... Firstly, I didn’t want to, and secondly, to whom? Emma took Graham's keys from the bag and turned them over in her hand. She held them in her hands a few days ago: one from the house, the second from the precinct, the third from the car, a keychain in the shape of a sheriff's star ... "Wait, what's that key?" And with some unhealthy excitement, Emma began to pick up the key to all the locks. And when the girl was already exhausted, she simply put it in the lock, on the top drawer of the archive. To Swan's surprise, he approached and even turned around, she slowly opened the drawer, looked inside and she was dismantled by a nervous, slightly hysterical laugh - there was an almost full bottle of whiskey. Emma unscrewed the lid with one touch and took a sip right from the neck: the alcohol pleasantly burned her throat and trickled down to her stomach. It got a little easier.
The girl sighed and decided to go home. Or to the hospital? The broken arm reminded of itself with pain. Emma grimaced and ... heard the muffled trill of the phone. She went to the table - the sound was coming from the package. Kathryn's phone flashed "MAY".
Emma took out her phone.
- Kathryn. Hello. - Said the voice on the phone.
- No. That's not her. - Emma answered. - Who are you and who are you calling?
- I'm calling my cousin - Kathryn Nolan. My name is May Drill. And who are you?
"May Drill... How do I know that name? May Drill! Of course! The owner of the car! So that's who she came to! Wait... Cousin? ."
- Hello?! - Voiced the tube. - Hello! Do you hear me?
- Oh sure. I'm a deputy sheriff. My name is Emma Swan and I have some sad news for you: Your sister has died. You could not come to the identification?
- My sister what?! Oh, I don't... God... Is that really her? Are you sure?! - May was asking questions.
- Well, you call her ... - Emma answered softly. - This phone was with ... a dead person. You must come and identify her. When will you be in Storybrooke?
- God! - May sobbed. - I'll try tomorrow.
- I'll dictate my number to you now, call when you get there. - Emma dictated number to the girl and turned off the phone.

Regina twirled the spoon in her cup thoughtfully until she felt warmth on her hand.
- Mom. What are you doing? - the boy asked.
Regina looked into the cup - the cup was empty. She set it aside and looked intently at the child.
- Son. I have something to tell you. - Regina ran a hand through his hair.
- Is it about Emma? - Asked the boy.
- No .... The fact is that ... Graham died.
- What? - Henry smiled incredulously, and then suddenly got angry - you're lying! You are all lying! I do not trust you!
He took off and ran to his room on the second floor.
- Henry, wait! - Regina rushed to catch up with him, but the door to the room slammed right in front of her. - Henry! Baby, let's talk. I feel sorry for him too...
- No! - It came from behind the door. - You don't give a damn about me or Graham. And I don't believe you at all!
Regina sighed and turned around and went downstairs. There she poured herself a cider and drank it in one gulp. The son does not trust, Graham died and in a relationship with Emma it is not clear what. Tears welled up in Regina's eyes again. She took the bottle and poured herself another cider. She drank the next glass more slowly, her hand dialing Emma's phone on its own.
- Swan. I need your help. Can you come? - Regina asked when she heard the phone was picked up.
- Oh sure. It will only take some time.

Emma was at the mansion an hour later. When Regina opened the door for her, the girl realized from the sparkle in her eyes and slight discoordination that Mills was drunk. Although Regina spoke in an even voice, some kind of light, intimate hoarseness mingled with him.
- Finally. What's taking so long? - Mills said and lingered on her hand. - Oh, your arm is... broken. I forgot... You need to get to the hospital urgently.
- I cant. I don't have time to lie down. - Said Emma, entering the house. - Tomorrow I have an important meeting. For work.
- Are you going to work? With a broken arm? Maybe an ambulance?
- Madame Mayor, you asked me to help you. - Emma reminded.
- Yes. It's about Henry. I told him Graham was dead, but he doesn't believe me. Can you talk to him? Tell him what happened at the police station? Just leaving out a few details. And maybe adding some...
- What for? - Emma asked in bewilderment.
- I, as mayor, need to somehow inform my son and all the other residents that their beloved sheriff has died. Help me with this.
- That is, you are asking me ... to lie? - Emma asked.
- I understand that you do not care! But I still have to live and work in this city.
Emma thought about it - Regina was right: she needed some kind of tale about what happened at the police station. She can’t tell the truth, because May will come tomorrow. It will come as a shock to her if she finds out that her cousin has suddenly turned into a "beast".
- I think you're right. - Emma nodded. - Let's say that it was a criminal, not from the locals. He killed Graham and accidentally Kathryn when he escaped from the precinct. And hurt me when I tried to stop him.
- Good,- Regina said. - What was Kathryn doing there?
- I arrested her for speeding. We went together to the police station, and he ran away at that moment.
- Plausible. - Regina muttered and added louder. - Only the vase is a pity.
- What vase? - Emma frowned.
- This one. - Regina took a vase from the table and with all her strength brought it down on the young girl's head.
Emma, before passing out, managed to throw a full of incomprehension look at Mills.

Emma woke up in the ward. She head hurt a little and hand was somehow heavy. The girl groaned slightly and tried to sit up.
- Woke up? - There was a very close voice. - How do you feel?
Emma turned her head, Regina was sitting beside the bed. She looked at Swan with slight concern. The girl let out a light laugh.
- Originally! First hit on the head, and then ask "how are you?" Madame Mayor...
- Regina. - Mills nodded. - Call me Regina. Forgive me for what happened, but you yourself are to blame - you never agreed to go to the hospital. You had surgery and a plaster cast.
Emma looked at her hand. The arm in the cast looked a little menacing, but now it was clear why it was so heavy.
- I have an appointment today! How will I go?
- Yes, that's how you go, with plaster. You just need a bandage and that's it. By the way, where is your meeting? I can take you.
- In the morgue. - Emma snapped and rubbed the top of her head. - May Drill is coming to identify Kathryn.
- Exactly. - Regina whispered. - They're sisters.
- Did you know? - Emma stared at Regina. - Did you know everything? Is there anything else I should know?
- We... Kathryn and I date. Earlier. - Regina replied reluctantly and bit her lip. - And she's ... alpha. Was.
- I know that. - Emma said and got out of bed. - Anything else? Important?
- No! It's all. - Regina said coldly.
Emma's reaction jarred her a little. It was as if the girl didn't care about Regina now, as if something had changed in Emma's attitude towards Regina.
- Then could you talk to the doctor to let me go?
- Sure. - Mills said.
She left, and Emma sank down on the bed, exhausted. Swan, of course, saw how difficult it was for Regina to confess and it was unpleasant for her to hear it, so she pretended that she did not care. She was also a little mad at Mills for hitting her with a vase.

May called at noon and twenty minutes later her car was pulling up outside the morgue. She recognized her sister at once and nearly fainted. Emma helped the girl out into the street, holding her by the waist with her good hand. In the street, May burst into tears leaning against Emma's shoulder. Swan comforted her by stroking her back. Emma looked ahead and did not notice how a black Mercedes drove past the building. Regina, picking up the boy from school, drove him home. Henry looked out the window and his mouth dropped open in surprise. Regina, on the contrary, only clenching her teeth tighter, looking at this.
- Listen, Miss Drill. - Emma gently pushed the girl away from her. - You must take the things that were with her. Under the protocol of course.
- Do I have to go to the police station again? And meet the sheriff there? - May wiped away her tears.
- No. - Emma felt sad. - The police station is being repaired, and the sheriff ... died. I am temporarily taking over his duties. And her things are in the car. Let's go.
They approached the patrol car, Emma took out a package and handed it to the girl.
- Here. By the way. Do you know what this bag is? - Emma nodded at the plastic.
- Oh. This is my medicine. I needed it before the operation. Now I don't know if I should start again...
- What operation? - Emma perked up.
- It does not matter. - May replied. - Where to sign?
- Right here. - Emma handed the paper to the girl. - Her car is in the impound and... sorry about that.
- Nothing. - May put a flourish. - It's not your fault.

Regina scrubbed the plate furiously. She replayed over and over in her head what she saw on the street. "The meeting means! At work! Oh, we need to take our minds off this Swan and get down to business. Graham's funeral, for example. By the way, does he have any relatives?" Regina suddenly realized she didn't know anything about him. Although they worked together for five years. Mills lowered her plate into the sink. "Yeah... Good mayor..." Regina thought sadly.
- Mum. - Her son called.
- What, baby? - Regina wiped her hands on the towel.
- Are you going back to work now?
- If you want me to stay, then I will. -Regina sat down next to the boy.
- Really want to! - Henry wrapped his arms around her neck. - Stay at home today.
- Agreed. - Regina stroked the child on the back. - What's the plan?
- I do not know. - The boy is happy. - We can play tic-tac-toe. I was taught by... Graham.
- Baby. - Regina lifted the boy into her arms. - Tell me about him. Does he have brothers, sisters? Where are his parents?
- Nobody. - Henry nuzzled his forehead into Regina's neck. - He was all alone. And dreamed of having a wolf. Like a pet. You know, instead of a dog.
- Wolf? - Surprised Regina. - Why didn't the dogs please him?
- I do not know. - Henry answered. - But we once talked about dreams. I said that I dream of driving a train, and he that he dreams of living in the forest. And that he would definitely get himself a wolf.
- How interesting... - Regina said.
- Mom, who will be the sheriff now? - Henry looked his mother straight in the eyes.
- I don't know. - Mills replied. - Haven't thought about it yet. Henry, can you watch cartoons for now?
Regina put the child on the floor.
- And where are you going? - Henry made an offended muzzle. - You promised to be with me. Today.
- I will! Certainly! - Regina took her son by the chin. - I just need to make arrangements for his funeral. A couple of calls and I'll be back. Truth.

Emma entered the police station and looked around. "That's all. My work here did not last long. I'll have to go to Regina to say goodbye." Her unhappy thoughts were interrupted by a phone call. "REGINA" flashed on the screen. "Does she feel me?"
- Miss Swan. Do you happen to know where the keys to Graham's apartment are?
- I know. - Emma answered. - I have them.
- Fine. Could you bring them to me?
- I can. Why do you need them?
- I'm taking care of his funeral. I want to see if he had a decent suit. Or at least dress uniform.
- Oh yeah. I will come soon.
Emma ended the conversation, took out the keys and tossed them on her arm. "Now let's say goodbye." Emma thought, but her heart hurt so much, at the thought that she involuntarily clutched her left side. She approached the house and noticed the boy on the porch.
- Henry, hello! - The young girl was delighted.
- I hate you! - The boy replied without looking at her.
- What?! - Emma sat down beside him. - Henry... it's me.
- I see you. - He looked up at her full of anger. - How could you? I believed you, did you? Why did you come to our city at all?
The boy got up to leave, but Emma grabbed his shoulder.
- Stop! - She said. - Henry, what's the matter?
- Like you don't know! I saw everything. I thought you loved mom! - Henry broke free and went into the house.
- I love ... - Emma said after the boy, but Regina was already standing in the doorway.
- What do you love? - She said. - But it doesn't matter. Did you bring the keys?
- I wanted to tell you something ... - Emma said, gathering her courage. - I'm leaving town. Forever.
- That's how? - Regina went out onto the porch. - Well, yes, you are not local. With Miss Drill, I presume? You hugged her so sweetly...
- Regina, stop it! She felt bad - her sister died ...
- Her sister, for a second, killed Graham! And tried to kill you! - Regina's voice slipped notes of tears. - Keys.
- So you're so upset about Graham? - Emma handed the bundle to Regina. - Or that Kathryn was killed? Do you miss her?
- What a fool you are, Swan. - Regina said quietly, looking at the floor and added louder, looking up at the girl. - Graham's funeral will be the day after tomorrow. At noon, if you're still in town by then. Now, leave me alone. Please.
Emma flexed her jaws, turned around and left. Outside the mansion, standing near the car, she in all the dope hit the wood with plaster.

The news of the sheriff's death traveled around Storybrooke instantly. And almost the whole city gathered for his funeral. But no matter how much Regina peered, she could not make out Emma among the mourners. “It’s unlikely that I will see her, the whole city is here! But there’s not even her smell, I would have felt her. She probably left and didn’t even come!” Regina thought sadly and a little angrily. The commemoration was arranged in the cafe "Granny's Diner". Regina, tired of the number of people, of sympathetic looks, said goodbye to the owner of the cafe and went out into the street. It was fresh, it was drizzling, and for a second she thought she could smell a tart, woody smell. She looked around, but found no one. Regina walked over to the car and smiled - Henry was sleeping in the back seat. "The two of us are fine. And we don't need anyone else." Mills drove the car to the mansion, but she herself did not notice how she arrived on the coast to the white house. "The light is off. She must have left after all." Regina got out of the car, walked up to the porch, and pushed open the door. "Not locked..." The woman slowly entered and stood in the middle of the living room. Suddenly a light came on and a surprised voice asked:
- Regina? How did you enter?
- Swan? - Regina turned around. - Your door was open... I thought you were out of town!
- I forgot to close. Me need went out to ... - Emma suddenly ravenously flared her nostrils and greedily sucked in the air. - Regina. Go away! Fast!
- Are you driving me away? - Regina frowned.
- For your own safety! - Emma clutched the back of the couch with all her might. - You have about thirty seconds to go out the door, get into the car and drive away from here as far as possible.
Regina didn't react at all to the girl's words. Emma walked over to Regina and kissed her. The kisses were insistent but gentle. Regina, taken aback in the first five seconds, began to return her kisses and even slightly bit Emma's lip. The girl pressed Mills against the wall and began to kiss her neck. Regina groaned and felt a wild desire. And the smell, it turned on, drove her crazy and there was only one thought in her head. "How I want you." She reached under Emma's shirt herself, while Emma took off Regina's jacket and sharply pulled the edges of the blouse, opening it up. Buttons fell on the floor...

Regina opened her eyes and smiled. She turned her head and looked at Emma. The girl frowned and bit her lips. Regina propped herself up on her elbow and kissed Emma on the shoulder. Emma just sighed.
- Hey. - Regina's finger traced the girl's cheekbone. - What happened to you? Do you want me to lift you ... "mood"?
Regina's hand brushed over Emma's belly and slid down to her groin. Emma caught her hand and pulled it away from her. She turned to face Mills.
- Regina. My "mood" rises from one of your kiss. Look, I... That's not how I envisioned it.. this. Sorry.
- Again. Emma, why do you apologize every time?
- Regina, listen. - Emma sat down. - I don't want you to think that I took advantage of the situation. I love you. Truth. And I'm ready to marry you if...
- Stop, stop, stop! - Regina placed her hand on Emma's lips. - Hold your horses, cowboy. What are you on about now? What situation?
Emma gently removed Mills' hand from her face.
- I understand that the last week has been a wild stress for you. But. - Emma arched an eyebrow. - You really didn't notice that you were in estrus?
- Estrus ? - Regina chuckled, and then became serious. - And now we ... Lord! Swan!
- What? That's why I didn't come up to you during the funeral!I was in the car, at the gate! And I was near the cafe... And I tried to kick you out when you felt like coming to my house!
- Wait a minute. - Regina looked straight at Emma. - What? What did you say?
- About the funeral? I was there.
- No. - Regina shook her hair. - Before this? When you say what ready to marry me...
- I love you. - Emma said.
- How a long time? - Regina pushed a stray lock of hair out of Emma's face.
- From our first meeting. - Emma answered. - When you came in, it was like an electric shock hit me.
- I agree. - Regina said.
- For what? - Emma was surprised.
- Marry you. I agree. - Regina smiled.
And Emma reached out to her, slightly bit her earlobe. Regina laughed. Emma leaned over and kissed her. Regina returned her kisses and pulled her close to her. And then suddenly she pulled away.
- What? - Asked Emma, with a smile. - Changed your mind?
- No. - Regina answered and looked Emma straight in the eyes. - I just remembered: I have Henry in the car. Asleep.


- Miss Swan! - Regina entered the police station. - How is the repair going?
- It's all over, madam mayor. - Emma went up to Regina and put her hand on the outlined tummy. - Why did you come here? It stinks of paint in here.
- We missed daddy. - Regina placed her hand over Emma's.
- What did Dr. Whale say? - Asked Emma and kissed Regina. - Why did you decide that there will be a girl? Maybe it will be a boy? Henry needs a brother. By the way, where is he?
- Henry? With Grandma Lucas. She attached herself to him as if she were her own. Honey, let's go home. Well, what are you doing here? A new grate was installed, the lock was repaired, new furniture was brought in, the walls were repainted.
- I'm going through the archive.- Emma nodded at the boxes on the table.
- What for? - Regina sighed. - Give it to the main storage.
- So that’s what I’m sorting out for. - Emma smiled. - Something quite fresh, some quite antiquity.
- Let's help. - Regina reached for the edge of the box.
- Do not even think!- Emma jerked the box in her direction and couldn't hold it. The box overturned, several folders flew out. - Crap.
Emma leaned over and started picking up the folders.
- Here's another one.- Regina said.
A folder fell at her feet and opened. There were newspaper clippings and some papers. Emma rushed to her and immediately slammed it shut.
- Don't look, you shouldn't! - Emma exclaimed.
- I don’t look. - Regina laughed and handed her a newspaper clipping.
But she accidentally glanced at the photo and froze.
- Oh. I know her. - Regina said. - This is...
- "Oracle." - Emma rolled her eyes and took the clipping. - It was said that she was supposedly a psychic.
- Was? - Regina sank gently into her chair. - She is dead?
- Yes. Her name was so strange…- Emma snapped her fingers.
- Alana. - Regina replied.
- Exactly! - Emma rejoiced. - Stop. How do you know that?
- I saw her. In Boston. Five years ago, maybe a little more. Maybe six.
- Can not be. I just graduated from the academy - five years ago. It was my first business. A hopeless case was handed to a newcomer. And by the time her body was found, she had been dead for a couple of years. The poor thing is frozen. She fell into the cellar, sprained her leg, and could not get out.
- And the daughter? - Deafly asked Regina. - She was supposed to have a daughter.
- Her daughter was hit by a car. To death. Crossed the road, listened to music on headphones. - Emma looked at the pale Regina. - Honey, forget it! Let's go up in the air.
Emma tossed the folder on the table, helped Regina up, and together they went outside.
- How are you? - Emma hugged Regina and patted her back. - Sorry. I am bad husband?
- Normal. - Regina smiled weakly and rested her head on Emma's shoulder. - But the sheriff is great.
- I haven't taken office yet. - Emma replied.
- Soon we will open a police station and you will take office. In the meantime, you're my sheriff, personal.
Regina lifted her head and kissed Emma. Emma responded with tenderness.
- Moms, aren't you tired of kissing? - There was a child's voice. - You have been married for a month.
Regina pulled away from her beloved and looked back. From the car, with the emblem of the cafe, climbed out Henry.
- Henry. Who would you like, sister or brother? - Emma asked as he approached them.
- Wolf. - The boy answered seriously. - I would call him Graham.