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Sebastian groans against the bottle mouth when there is a knock on the door of his trailer, then closes his eyes tight for a moment as though he could just wish his visitor away and postpone the most awkward conversation of his life a little longer. When he opens his eyes again, it is with a tired sigh because that only seems to make his visitor more insistent, so he reaches up to run his free hand along his face. "One second," Sebastian calls out before taking another swig of his beer and walks over to answer the door, knowing he has no choice but to face the woman he has been avoiding for the last couple of days. "Hey," Sebastian says in greeting, pulling on the most cheerful smile he can manage when his eyes fall on the one and only Jessica Chastain.

"Hey," Jessica returns with what must be the sweetest smile in the entire world before a frown settles on her brow, and Sebastian furrows his own brow in response to the strange pang that assaults his heart at the sight. "I was hoping we could talk," Jessica says with more than just a hint of uncertainty, and Sebastian bites his lip before stepping aside to let her in.

"C'mon," Sebastian says with a nod towards the inside of his trailer and swallows past a knot forming in his throat when his heart skips a beat as he watches Jessica walk in. "So . . . what's up?" Sebastian asks, closing the door behind himself as he turns to look at Jessica before his cheeks grow warmer when she sends him the most no-nonsense look he has ever seen.

"I should be the one asking that," Jessica counters with eyes narrowed for a moment, and Sebastian can't help a nervous chuckle as she crosses her arms in front of her chest. "You are the one who's been acting weird around me," Jessica says in clear hurt and with a hint of accusation, and Sebastian runs his fingers along his short hair before looking away when his cheeks grow even warmer.

"I . . . don't know what you're talking about," Sebastian says once he can trust his voice again and takes a small step back with another nervous chuckle when Jessica starts to walk closer. "Jessica . . ." Sebastian says his friend's name almost under his breath when her delicate fingers come up to hold his chin.

"C'mon, Sebastian," Jessica starts with the warmest smile, and Sebastian gasps when his heart starts to race inside his chest much to his confusion because he is decidedly not in love with the woman in front of him — or is he? "We are friends, aren't we?" Jessica asks, and Sebastian nods when his voice fails him again.

"We are friends," Sebastian says a moment later, and a shiver runs down his spine as he does his best not to lean into Jessica's touch.

"That means you would tell me if you were upset with me," Jessica says before moving her hand away, and Sebastian bites back a groan of protest against the loss of her warmth. "Right?"

"I'm not upset with you," Sebastian counters with a warm smile of his own before remembering that he is still holding a bottle of beer and taking another swig.

"Then why have you been avoiding me as best as you can?" Jessica asks in clear frustration, and Sebastian swallows past another knot forming in his throat as he looks around his trailer for a way to change the subject.

"Uh . . . do you want something to drink?" Sebastian asks the moment his eyes fall on the mini-fridge and walks over to the appliance, grateful for the chance to look somewhere other than into Jessica's piercing green eyes.

"That's not gonna work, Sebastian," Jessica says in such a stern voice that Sebastian stops just as his hand touches the mini-fridge door.

"What is not gonna work?" Sebastian asks with a tight jaw and turns to look at Jessica as a way to pretend he is not trying to avoid the conversation only to be met with an almost mischievous grin.

"You're trying to distract me," Jessica says while crossing her arms in front of her chest again. "That's not gonna work," she insists with a shaking of her head before narrowing her eyes again in a way that Sebastian realizes doesn't look dangerous but definitely feels that way. "You're not upset about that footprint on your shirt, are you?" Jessica asks, raising both her eyebrows as though she has just realized something important, and this time Sebastian doesn't have time to suppress his groan.

"That's not the word I would use," Sebastian says almost under his breath before taking another swig of his beer as his cheeks go from warm to burning hot under Jessica's frown of confusion.

"What word would you use?" Jessica asks, her eyes still narrowed as she lets her arms relax, and Sebastian shakes his head in near exasperation.

"Can you just leave it alone?" Sebastian almost hisses before setting his now empty bottle down on top of the mini-fridge, and the moment of silence that follows makes him almost hopeful that she will.

"Sebastian," Jessica says his name while clearly trying not to laugh, and for a moment Sebastian wishes a hole would open under his feet and swallow him whole because of course he wouldn't be lucky enough for this conversation to be over so easily. "You were turned on by me leaving a footprint on your shirt?" Jessica asks despite clearly knowing the answer already, and Sebastian finds that it is his turn to narrow his eyes.

"I never said that," Sebastian counters before turning towards the mini-fridge again, and this time he opens the appliance and reaches down for another long neck before Jessica's hand comes to rest over his own.

"You don't need to," Jessica says as she takes the bottle from his hand and puts it back in its place with the most infuriating grin before closing the fridge, and Sebastian finds himself opening his mouth to argue with her before closing it again without a word. "I didn't know you were into me," Jessica teases, and Sebastian pulls his hand from her grip as though her touch burned and looks away because this conversation was awkward enough without her figuring him out.

"I'm not into you," Sebastian argues before Jessica's fingers come under his chin again, and he tightens his jaw when he is forced to look into her eyes.

"So you just like getting your ass kicked?" Jessica teases again, and Sebastian shakes his head because that is not exactly true.

"I mean . . . you are a beautiful woman," Sebastian starts with the softest smile, reaching up to wrap both his hands around Jessica's wrist in the most gentle way possible before placing a kiss on her fingers, "and one of the smartest I've ever met, and that's not even going into how dedicated you are to your craft," Sebastian continues and his eyes flutter closed as he nuzzles Jessica's palm and breathes her in.

"So . . . you like getting your ass kicked by beautiful and smart women who are dedicated to their craft?" Jessica asks, throwing Sebastian's words back at him in a way that makes it obvious she is not making fun of him while pulling her hand from his grip, and Sebastian opens his eyes again when she reaches for the button of his jeans. "That works for me," Jessica says, and Sebastian's eyes widen when she starts to unbutton his jeans.

"You know we don't need to do anything just because I'm attracted to you, right?" Sebastian says in protest that isn't even strong enough to be half-hearted before Jessica leans up to place a gentle kiss on his lips that he promptly responds in kind, and moans deep in his throat when the initial gentleness is replaced with urgency.

"Ouch," Sebastian hisses as he pulls back, and he can't help a small moan when his half-hard cock twitches as he brings his fingers up to touch his lips. "You bit me," Sebastian says, and though he means it as an accusation his voice betrays his awe.

"Don't pretend you didn't like it," Jessica says with an almost devilish grin, and Sebastian gasps when he is pushed down onto the sofa. "You know . . . the fact that you like getting your ass kicked only makes me like you more," Jessica comments as she moves to straddle one of Sebastian's thighs, forcing him to keep his legs apart.

"Really?" Sebastian asks as he reaches up to cradle Jessica's face in his hands before leaning up for another kiss that Jessica is glad to give him only for a moment. Sebastian doesn't even try to suppress his whimper when she pulls back, and he cries out in surprise when Jessica wraps one of her hands around his cock without warning. "Jessica . . ." Sebastian moans when she starts to stroke him, the movement so torturously slow at first.

"Don't get me wrong," Jessica starts as she leans in to place kisses along Sebastian's jaw and neck, and Sebastian promptly tilts his head back to give her more room. "I've never seen you as an alpha male," Jessica continues, and Sebastian lets out a shameless whimper under her touch as her hand starts to move faster, "but this new layer . . . is just so fucking fun," Jessica says before taking Sebastian's earlobe between her teeth, and Sebastian finds himself rocking into her hand at last as a series of moans escapes his lips. "Not to mention so fucking cute," Jessica almost whispers into his ear, and Sebastian draws a sharp intake of breath.

"Jessica . . ." Sebastian says the woman's name under a shaky breath, this time reaching around her to hold onto her back for dear life. "I-I'm so close," Sebastian says through a long moan as Jessica gives his cock a squeeze that is definitely gentle but that feels like torture.

"Oh, you're not gonna cum now," Jessica says with a positively devilish grin as she teases the tip of Sebastian's cock with her thumb. "I know you can hold back . . . just a little longer . . ." Jessica teases as she resumes stroking Sebastian's cock, and Sebastian tenses as he does his damned best to follow her order and hold back.

"For you . . . Ma'am," Sebastian says through gritted teeth as he tightens his grip on Jessica's shirt.

"For me, my darling," Jessica agrees as she brings her free hand to Sebastian's neck, and Sebastian can't help wishing she would squeeze just a little bit.

"Jessica, please . . ." Sebastian almost cries out when it becomes nearly impossible to hold back, and he has the feeling that the woman on top of him will insist in continuing to torture him when Jessica leans into his ear.

"Cum for me, my darling," Jessica says instead, and those words are all it takes for Sebastian's climax to wash over him, and he buries his face into Jessica's chest as he releases all over her hand and both their clothes. "There you go . . ." Jessica whispers, and her voice is even more soothing than usual as she places a kiss on his cheek. "There you go . . . good boy . . ."

"Jessica . . ." Sebastian whispers back, leaning up to place a kiss on her neck. "I'm sorry for avoiding you," Sebastian says as he finally eases his grip on Jessica's shirt before leaning back against the sofa with a sheepish smile. "I just . . . didn't think you would feel like I was upset with you," Sebastian explains before his lips are captured in a slow and gentle kiss that makes his eyes flutter in bliss.

"That's okay," Jessica says when she breaks the kiss, and Sebastian blinks when she finally moves from on top of him. "I . . . clearly didn't think this through," Jessica says with a small chuckle as she looks down at her shirt, and Sebastian runs his fingers along his short hair in near embarrassment, "but this was fun," Jessica adds as she looks up to meet Sebastian's eyes again.

"It was amazing," Sebastian agrees before swallowing past a knot forming in his throat as he gazes at Jessica because he should have seen the moment she would leave coming.

"We can do this again another time," Jessica says with a smile that could rival the sun before leaning down to place another kiss on Sebastian's lips. One that is far too quick. "My darling," Jessica says with a wink before turning to leave, and Sebastian groans in protest as he lets himself collapse on the sofa.

"Another time," Sebastian whispers to himself before running both his hands along his face, figuring that though Jessica couldn't stay, this conversation still took a much better turn than he was expecting.