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You wander around in an unknown world. It isn't the first time where you are in a strange colorful world. You experienced many dangers and horrors, so you are prepared for whatever you will stumble next. Actually, you are now standing on the top of a tree trunk with a hole inside. You are curious what there is inside the trunk, so you look in the hole, and see a giant yellow cat staring at you. You startle, and immediately run away, because the cat looks quite dangerous. You are now looking at the path where you see trees, and an entrance.


You walk towards the entrance, and you are now in the playground, where children are playing with the toys in the playground. You see a picnic blanket, where a girl is sitting, and you see... CANDIES!!! You immediately run towards the candies, only to be taken away by the girl that was sitting there. You feel sad, since the candies looked delicious. Why goes something always wrong when you want to eat a candy? Why is the world so cruel towards you?


"Hello, you seem a bit hungry, so do you want to eat some candies? Sorry for taking the candies away from you, because you wanted to eat all of them, and eating too much candy is not good for you. I don't know if I saw you earlier, because you look much different than the creatures that are in the forest. Anyways, here is your candy. Do not eat too much, okay?"


You are ecstatic when the girl gave you some candies. Maybe she wasn't that bad as you thought. You eat the candies, and they taste DELICIOUS!!! You have never eaten tasteful candies as these. You want more, but the girl seems to disagree with you.


"So you are still hungry? I can't give you even more candies. You know that eating too much of them can make you sick, sorry for that. Wait, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Mari. I am sitting here and watching the playing children. They have fun, don't they? I wish there were more children. This place isn't as fun when there are not so many children. So, do you want to eat anything other than candy? I have some sandwiches, too. Do you want to eat some of them?"


You accept the offer from the girl that is apparently called Mari, and eat some sandwiches. They are not as delicious as candies, but they are still tasteful. You have now filled your belly. You thank the girl by making happy sounds, and you leave the picnic blanket to discover this colorful world.






While you are walking in the forest, you notice that you are not alone. You see bunnies and, weird sprout mole creatures? Whatever, they don't seem dangerous to you. You continue with your walk, but suddenly notice three humans staring at you, weapons readied. You try to run away, but the monochrome one slashes his knife towards you, but you luckily dodged it. You search for an escape route, but a girl in a teal dress blocks your way. She comes towards you, and cuddles you? But why did she point her bat towards you?


"Omori, I think this creature is harmless. Look at how scared it looks. We were just attacking an innocent creature! Poor thing, did we scare you? Don't be afraid, we won't hurt you."


"Yeah Omori, even though he looks weird, that doesn't mean he is dangerous. He is actually nice and sweet, even sweeter than the bunnies we met."


"Hey, I have an idea, why don't we just go to Mari? I am pretty sure she knows who this creature is."


You are being carried back to the playground, where you met that Mari girl earlier. Apparently, she is the nicest of this group. The monochrome one that is Omori is the scariest one. He could've murdered you if you didn't escape.


"Hi Mari, look at what we found! We found an innocent creature. Omori accidentally attacked it, because he thought it was dangerous, so don't be angry at him."


"Oh, I know this one, Aubrey. He likes to eat candies. He even tried to eat all of the candies that is laying here."


"Wow, do you know this, Mari? Seems like you were the fastest one. Not fair! I wanted to be the fastest one to meet him!"


"Kel, it doesn't always matter who the fastest is. The only thing that matters is that we met this creature. Wait, we don't even know its name! Do you know what it is called, Mari?"


"I don't know Hero. He doesn't know how to talk. Maybe we can call him Om Nom? Since he likes to eat candies."


"That is an amazing name! You are so good at names Mari!"


"Yeah, even I agree with Aubrey about that."


So, the girl in a teal dress is called Aubrey, the boy who wears colorful squared shirt is Kel, the boy in pyjamas is Hero, and the monochromatic psycho is Omori. You kinda wish he was less psychotic. You are still scared from him. You wonder if he ever attacks you again. You don't trust him, and try to hold distanche from him.


"Are you scared from Omori? Don't worry, my little brother never harms anyone, unless he is being attacked. I think he did that for self-defense, so don't be scared from him. Trust me, he won't hurt you."


You find it quite ironic that a sweet girl's little brother is psychotic and terrifying, but you trust Mari, so you get closer to him. He gently pats you with his hands. You actually like him. From now on, you will never trust anyone's appearance, because he looks scary, but is gentle and nice.


You are having a picnic with your new friends, and you eat together some delicious food. You always like to eat, since it is your favourite activity. But soon enough, you know that you need to explore this world, since there are more mysteries hidden in this world...