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Women of Hogwarts

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Ginny stood on the other end of the Ministry, watching from afar as her bespectacled girlfriend sold copies of the Quibbler to passersby. Her lips curled into a smile as she watched Luna’s dream-like voice float across to potential buyers. Many stopped and bought their copies, thanking her endlessly. When Ginny was sure the crowd had lulled, she walked over confidently to where Luna stood.

Luna caught sight of Ginny walking over to her. Her heart soared as her girlfriend beamed at her from afar. She put the copies she had in her hand on a nearby table and pranced over to her. They embraced tightly, red hair and blonde mingling together. Ginny’s hands dropped to her waist to hold her. Ministry workers weren’t perturbed in the slightest. They carried on with their business, only glancing briefly at the two women in their embrace.

They made their way over to the stack of copies and Ginny started to help her with selling. Really, Ginny Weasley should have been making her way to her office, but she knew that could wait. There was no better way of spending her time before 9am than to help her girlfriend.

“You’re in an exceptionally good mood this morning, Ginny.” Luna smiled dreamily.

“Of course I am.” Ginny said. “After last night...”

Luna’s cheeks showed a tinge of red. “Why yes, that was... particularly wonderful.”

Ginny wanted them to repeat the night before right then. She saw the clock strike 9 and sighed in frustration for having to leave the sexual tension hanging between them.

“I’ll see you later.” Ginny winked, giving her a kiss.

Luna blushed, wishing her farewell, even more eager to see her sooner rather than later.


Ginny hadn’t stopped thinking about Luna all day at work. Hermione had noted her best friend phasing out at pivotal moments during the day’s meetings and asked her if she was alright.

“Desperate to get home, Mione.” Ginny sighed.

“Oh? For any reason in particular?” Hermione asked.

Ginny winked. “I don’t kiss and tell.”

Hermione was thrown back to her night with Pansy Parkinson. “Hmm... I suppose I better had not too. Alright, Gin, I’ll let you off half an hour early today – but this is not to be repeated.”

Ginny beamed. There were certainly perks for having her boss as her best friend. As promised, Ginny was let out half an hour earlier and disapparated immediately back home. Luna was still at the office, probably finishing up her editorial for the next issue of the Quibbler. Ginny stripped naked and opened a drawer, picking out her favourite red lingerie. She put on a lacy bra and a red thong to match, admiring her figure in the mirror. She couldn’t wait for Luna to get home.

Ginny lit some candles in the bedroom and lay on the bed, surveying the new copy of the Quibbler. She heard a pop nearby in the next half hour and looked up to see Luna standing there. Luna gazed down at her girlfriend wearing the red lingerie with red cheeks. Luna put her things aside and walked over to Ginny, transfixed. Ginny put down the Quibbler and winked at Luna suggestively.

“Ginny, you look... incredible.” Luna said, flushed.

“And, you...” Ginny said, standing up to meet her, starting to unclothe her already. “You are so hot, Luna. Don’t make me wait any longer.”

Luna, still wearing her work clothes, started to kiss Ginny’s bare skin. Ginny tore away at her clothes as she kissed her, running her hands along her curves and up to run through her red hair. Ginny lay Luna down on the bed and straddled her hips. Luna reached out for the drawer beside the bed, grabbing onto the first item there. Ginny took the dildo from Luna’s hands and placed it beside her. Ginny undressed her completely, and swept her fingers along her thighs. Luna moaned in response and opened her legs, urging Ginny to her folds. Ginny kissed the inside of her thighs, and Luna jumped up to meet her. Only after teasing her further did Ginny start to lick along Luna’s folds. She inserted a finger into her and started to curl them, loving the warm wetness she met there.

Luna’s desire for Ginny had been building up all day and she knew she wouldn’t last long. Ginny’s fingers worked their magic and her tongue moved frantically along her. When Ginny sucked her clit, Luna cried out her orgasm and Ginny drank her juices. Luna, delirious with pleasure, wanted to take away Ginny’s lingerie – but Ginny kept her perfect girlfriend at bay and proceeded to put on the strap on dildo. Luna groaned in anticipation, flipping over to be on her hands and knees. The sight of Luna’s rear hanging in expectation for her was almost enough to make Ginny orgasm herself. She was truly exquisite. Ginny lined up the dildo to her pussy and started to push into her, holding Luna’s hips in her hands. When Ginny got all the way to the hilt with the huge dildo, Luna groaned in completion after having Ginny fill her.

Ginny bent down and whispered into Luna’s ears. “Tell me what you want, Luna. Tell me.”

Luna moaned. “Take me, Ginny. Please.”

“You’ll have to be a tad more specific, my sweet.” Ginny said, still filling her.

“Gin! Fuck me! Fuck me now!” Luna pleaded. Ginny chuckled and pulled out, before immediately slamming back into her. Luna’s blonde hair tumbled over her body and Ginny gathered it in her hands, pulling it. It only made Luna moan even more.

Ginny, whilst pulling Luna’s hair gently, thrust into her fast and hard. Luna was lost in pleasure as Ginny pounded into her.

“Ginny, please, please.” Luna pleaded, and Ginny knew exactly what she wanted. Ginny’s hand came down with a firm smack on her bottom as she thrust into her to the hilt. Luna groaned out and pushed back to meet Ginny’s frantic thrusts.

“So close, so close.” Luna moaned. Luna reached one hand down to touch herself, circling her clit. Ginny, with all of her might, slammed into her and Luna screamed out her pleasure.


Luna, with the force of her orgasm, collapsed onto the bed. Ginny, exhausted, lay down to meet her. They held each other in rapture.

“Ginny.” Luna whispered. “I want to fuck you.”

Ginny’s core started to heat up immediately. “You do?”

“Yes. So badly.” Luna whispered back. Her whispers, husky, made Ginny’s pussy burn with desire.

Luna took the dildo from Ginny, still coated in her juices, and put it on herself. Ginny thought she might orgasm by just seeing Luna wearing it.

“Fuck, Luna, you’re so hot.” Ginny moaned. “Look at you, with your massive dick.”

Luna moaned. “I’m going to fuck you so hard, Ginny.”

Ginny went on her hands and knees, her pussy dripping for her. She’d never been so turned on in her life.

Luna held her hips, but didn’t move, building the anticipation between them.

“What do you need, Ginny?”

“Fuck, Luna, now. Fuck me now, please.” Ginny begged, now the one to be out of control.

Luna started entering her slowly, inch by inch, and Ginny moaned. Luna moved her hands to grab onto Ginny’s full breasts and squeezed them, making Ginny moan out in rapture.

Luna started thrusting into Ginny, slowly and then frantically. Ginny’s breasts swung with the impact, and Luna was merciless in her thrusts. Luna smacked Ginny’s arse, once and then twice, making Ginny yell in pleasure. Luna grabbed her hips hard and kept up her inhuman pace. Ginny knew she was close, and only had to touch her clit once before she came around Luna. Ginny thought she would pass out from the pleasure wrought from her body. Her head fell on the pillow, buried in it, and she sighed out long.

“Bloody hell, that was worth the wait.” Ginny said, still delirious.

Luna smoothed out her girlfriend’s frazzled hair. “I would wait an eternity for you, Ginny.”

Ginny wrapped her arms around Luna, kissing her. “I love you, Luna.”

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Hermione had been watching Pansy Parkinson for a while. She recalled how they’d slept together in the Leaky Cauldron after a night of drinking. Hermione couldn’t quite remember what had happened, but knew they’d both gone down on each other and done a few other things that had made her arse and pussy sore the next day. She could only conjecture that the same could be said for her.

Whenever Pansy looked up from her desk, Hermione dipped her head and blushed. She’d thought that by watching her, she might be able to piece together Friday night. It was Monday, and she was no closer to the truth than she had been over the weekend.

The work day was drawing to a close and everyone was readying themselves to go home for the evening. Hermione made sure she put her things away as slowly as possible, which was precisely what Pansy found herself doing too.

Hermione put the last of her things away and looked up to find Pansy standing in front of her desk.

“Granger.” she said, as though unimpressed.

“Pansy, how are you?”

“Don’t play dumb with me, Granger. You know exactly why I’m here.”

“Yes, I do, but that doesn’t excuse your manners, does it?”

Pansy huffed. “How am I? I can’t remember a thing from Friday night besides licking you up. And you? How are you?”

Hermione tried not to smirk. “I’m well. Quite well. As a matter of fact, I’m in the same... predicament as you. But why does it anger you?”

Pansy’s hands balled up into fists.

“I’m angry because I wish I could remember every second of sleeping with you.” Pansy said.

Hermione’s head shot up in surprise. Pansy smirked at her. The fire in Hermione’s stomach was already starting to intensify. Hermione grasped onto Pansy’s wrist and dragged her to the nearest Ministry office. It was, thankfully, empty, and so Hermione locked it and muttered all of the silencing charms she knew. Pansy was already ripping her own clothes off and Hermione went over to help her.

“Fuck, Granger, I’ve wanted this since Friday night.” Pansy groaned. Hermione whispered a spell and a strap-on appeared on her bare torso. Pansy moaned and Hermione cleared the desk and bent her down on its surface. Pansy’s breasts pressed against the wood and Hermione made haste to start fucking her. She slid into Pansy so easily, so fluidly. Hermione pounded into her, and her thighs hit the edge of the desk brutally.

“FUCK! Like that, Granger, you fucking whore. Fuck me.” Pansy yelled as Hermione pounded into her desperately.

“Tell me what you are, Pansy. Tell me.” Hermione said huskily.

“Your slut. Your dirty slut.” Pansy yelled. “Your pureblood slut.”

Hermione drove into her and Pansy screamed out her orgasm. Pansy’s breasts were red and sore from the desk and her pussy was sore. Pansy pushed herself up and took Hermione’s arms brutally.

“God, Granger, I could fuck you for the rest of my life.”

“Then do it. Fuck me.” Hermione moaned. Pansy magicked her own strap on and pushed Hermione to the wall. Pansy lifted Hermione from the ground and rested her against the Ministry wall.

“Pansy, do it, do it.” Hermione groaned as Pansy pushed her up to the cold wall. Pansy let Hermione lower onto the strap on and Hermione was instantly filled. Pansy thrust in and out of her, letting the weight of Hermione’s body slam back down onto the strap on.

“YES! YES!” Hermione yelled.

Pansy squeezed Hermione’s arse cheeks and moved her mouth to her exquisite breasts. Pansy licked a breast and nibbled on it as she fucked Hermione relentlessly. The sensations from her breast shot straight down to her pussy. Pansy bit down on her nipple and Hermione screamed out her orgasm.

They both collapsed to the floor together, utterly delirious with their orgasms coursing through their veins. They’d barely started. Pansy and Hermione knew they could go all night.

“Fancy carrying it from here, Granger?” Pansy whispered.

Hermione and Pansy summoned their belongings and disapparated to Hermione’s place to carry on their passion for one another.

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Luna took off her blindfold at the same time as Pansy Parkinson and they gaped at each other in shock.

“You?!” Pansy said.

“Why, hello, Pansy.” Luna smiled.

“Does this not surprise you? God, these blind dates get crazier and crazier.”

“I am mildly surprised, but quite overjoyed to see a familiar face.”

“I didn’t know you liked women.”

“I wasn’t aware that you did either.”

“Well, that makes the two of us then. Anyway, what happened between you and Hermione? I thought you both were tight.”

“We had a wonderful relationship, really, but you see, her rational, logical mind is so different to my own. So much of what I believe in and practice goes against rationality and logic, as you well know.”

“Hm. Makes sense." said Pansy. "Look, before you jump to any conclusions, I’m not the same bitch you knew at school, OK?”

“I try not to hold any preconceptions of anyone, if I can. We’re ever evolving, are we not?”

“True. So what you looking for, Luna? Something casual, long-term?”

“Well, seeing as Hermione and I were in quite a long-term relationship, I was thinking of keeping things quite casual for the moment, if the right woman would come up.”

“Oh, I see? Looking for a quick fuck?” Pansy smirked.

Luna blushed. “Well, no ... well, I wouldn’t say – “

“Don’t act coy with me, Luna. I bet you’re a real beast in the sheets.” Pansy teased.

Luna kept blushing. “Pansy! Alright then, tell me what you’re looking for?”

“The same. Something casual, nothing committed. I’m down for a one-night stand, friends with benefits – that sort of thing. I’m pretty new to dating women, so I want to test the waters. It wasn’t even that long ago that I broke up with Draco.”

“I see.” Luna said. “So... you’ve never kissed a woman before?”

It was Pancy’s turn to blush now. “No. I haven’t. But it can’t be any different to kissing a man, right?”

Luna smiled knowingly. “I’m not here to tell you anything. You are here to discover.”

Pansy felt a warmth around her stomach and core. “You look really pretty tonight, Luna.”

Luna blushed again. “And you, Pansy, look breath-taking.”

Pansy stood up from the table and Luna stood up after her. Pansy held onto Luna’s hand, feeling like a flame, and went up to the bar to ask for a room for two. They were led up to a room and Pansy’s legs started to wobble. Luna faced her and moved closer to press their bodies together.

“Let’s take things slowly.” Luna whispered in her ear.

Pansy shivered. “Yes.”

Pansy moved her hand to curl the stray strand of blonde hair behind Luna’s ear. Luna responded by kissing her wrist, which made Pansy’s warmth even greater. They hadn’t even unclothed each other and Pansy was more turned on than she’d ever been when sleeping fully naked with Draco. She’d denied her sexuality for so long and now she was allowed something wonderful: freedom.

Pansy was the one to initiate the kiss. Luna responded and their tongues flitted out to meet one another. Their tongues danced together and they slowly started to unclothe one another. Bit by bit, their bodies were revealed to each other. Pansy felt a rush of wetness at seeing Luna naked in front of her. Luna led Pansy to the bed and Pansy lay down, watching as Luna separated her legs gently. Pansy felt her pussy dripping with her juices and she thought she would come before Luna had even touched her.

Luna laved her tongue along Pansy’s folds and fingered her. Pansy didn’t last long the first time – her orgasm shattered over her and she was left in a million pieces on the bed. Luna kissed along her thighs and Pansy blearily looked up at her.

“Let me taste you.” Pansy whispered.

“And I’ll drink you again.” Luna whispered.

They manoeuvred each other into a sixty nine position. Pansy licked Luna’s pussy and went frantically at her clit. Luna came in seconds. They kept licking and suckling each other, their orgasms only becoming more and more frequent as they went, their clits and folds sensitive to the touch as time went on. They lost count of how many times they brought each other over the edge.

They came apart and kissed each other, tasting each other’s juices on their lips.

“And how was it, Miss. Parkinson?” Luna whispered teasingly.

"You, Luna Lovegood, are exquisite." she said, enveloping her in another kiss.

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Hermione had arranged to meet up with Ginny at a coffee shop in muggle London. They’d been meeting up regularly outside of work, and Hermione was eager to carry it on. She enjoyed spending her time with Ginny so much. She enjoyed it so much that she would almost immediately look forward to their next outing after having only just seen her.

“Where next, Mione?” Ginny would ask with a wink.

At first, Hermione went on the basis that they were very, very close friends. But as time went on, the lines were beginning to blur between them. Hermione found herself falling, slowly but surely, into a quiet crush on Ginny. It happened slowly, but then all at once. Her realisation that she’d fancied Ginny came naturally. It dawned on her that what she felt for her went beyond friendship.

Hermione didn’t dare say a thing. Ginny was, as far as she was aware, a straight woman – and she hated to think that, by admitting her feelings, she might risk ruining their friendship. She knew how understanding Ginny would be, but it would hang like a dark cloud over them if Ginny didn’t reciprocate her feelings. Rather, Hermione kept to herself and found pleasure in spending every weekend with Ginny, wherever they decided to go.

Hermione arrived at the coffee shop and saw Ginny immediately. She’d saved a table for two. Hermione waved at her enthusiastically before going over to sit opposite her.

“Mione! You look radiant. Where did you get your blouse?”

Hermione blushed at the compliment. “Ginny, you know I buy clothes second hand. I must have picked it up at a charity shop.”

Ginny smiled at her. “You’ve always got an eye for the good things!”

The young witches made their order of coffee and a cake.

“It’s a wonderful day. Great for taking a walk. D’you fancy it, Mione?”

“Yes, that’d be wonderful.” Hermione said, taking a big bite out of her cake. They chattered about work, and their colleagues mostly.

“Goodness, I can’t seem to get Harry off my case. Always snooping. You’d have thought he’d leave well alone after I broke it off with him!” Ginny said.

“You know what he’s like, and Ron too. Nosy.” Hermione winked.

Ginny laughed. “Hm. You’re right. I just hope he isn’t thinking that I’d ever give him another go... you know, relationship wise.”

Hermione hadn’t gotten down to the details of Ginny’s break up with Harry. Ginny hadn’t said, at the time, any more than that it was a mutual decision, a split because they didn’t see eye to eye on things. Not ‘compatible’, as Ginny had phrased it.

Hermione and Ginny finished their drink and cake. Hermione insisted on paying for them both, but Ginny was quicker. She slapped her credit card down on the machine before Hermione had even got out her purse.

“Ha! Not bad for someone who didn’t know the first thing about muggles.” Ginny grinned.

They made their way out of the cafe and out into the bustling streets of London. They took the bus to a nearby park and started strolling along the paths. Hermione tried not to think about how wonderful it would have been to have taken Ginny’s hand and walked along with her. She shook the thought out of her head.

“Mione, I know we barely ever talk about it... but I’m curious. Are you dating?” Ginny asked.

Hermione wanted the ground to swallow her whole.

“Er... no. I’m not. I’ve seen some people since breaking up with Ron, but not... dating, no. Nothing serious, just the odd... fling.”

“Oh! Do tell.”

“Ginny! You have to tell me about you, first.”

Ginny’s face turned red. “Alright. Alright, fine. I have. But... it never felt right. Like I was escaping something.”

“Escaping what?” Hermione asked.

Ginny reddened more. “Your turn!”

Hermione huffed. “Ginny, you know you can tell me anything.”

“I’m not quite sure about this one.” she said.

“What do you mean?” Hermione said. She stopped dead in her tracks, which made Ginny stop with her. They stood across from one another, gazing silently.

“You know why I split with Harry...”

“You said you weren’t compatible.”

“Yes... because I didn’t... feel that attraction to him. I saw him as my best friend, but anything more than that just... wasn’t right. I thought if I tried, it would work – but I didn’t... didn’t feel attracted to him.”

Hermione waited for her to continue, not wanting to stop her flow of speech.

“But I... I feel this burning, this attraction, romantic and... well, you know, sexual... towards women. I don’t quite know how to explain it, but it’s like this realisation dawned over me. That what I felt for men wasn’t romantic at all, it was out of some sort of obligation. But with women, I feel this... burning.” Ginny said, her eyes lowered.

Hermione couldn’t quite believe what she was hearing.

“Ginny, why didn’t you tell me any of this before?” Hermione whispered.

“Because what I feel... this burn... is what I feel for you. How could I have ever confided in you when I could have risked losing what we have?” Ginny whispered back.

Hermione looked at Ginny, her beautiful round face and flowing red hair, as though she looked at her anew. Hermione moved her hands to hold Ginny’s and she sighed out with a laugh.

“Ginny... you have no idea... no idea how that makes me feel. I... I have loved you... loved you for so long.” Hermione said, squeezing Ginny’s hands softly.

Ginny’s eyes widened, watering slightly. “Really? You feel... feel the same for me?”

“Of course I do. But like you, I didn’t want to say anything... because I was scared of what you’d think and say. Because I thought... I thought you only liked men...”

Ginny silenced Hermione’s words with her lips. Hermione’s entire world spun as Ginny pressed her lips against hers. Hermione felt shock waves ripple over her body, and she deepened the kiss. They stood in the middle of the muggle park without a single thought in the world but for each other.

Their tongues flitted out to one another, making their desire build further. Ginny pressed her body against Hermione’s, desperate to feel her body against hers. They held each other tenderly, and when their lips parted, they saw the passion in each other’s eyes.

“Let’s go...” Ginny whispered against Hermione’s lips.

Hermione disapparated them both to her apartment. They continued their kissing and felt daring enough to start unclothing each other. Their flesh was revealed to each other and they revelled in each other’s touch. Ginny and Hermione gazed in wonder at the other’s body. They touched, felt, traced each other’s bodies.

Hermione led Ginny to the bedroom and they fell together on the bed. Ginny lay down and Hermione moved to top her. Hermione slipped her fingers into her slick pussy and fingered her, moving her lips and tongue to her core. Building up slowly, she then went frantically at her sodden core. Ginny shrieked out the hardest orgasm she’d ever had.

“Ride me, Hermione, please.” Ginny pleaded.

Hermione positioned herself and felt her aching pussy touch Ginny’s wetness. Hermione started grinding on Ginny and felt her pleasure building. Ginny moved to cup Hermione’s heaving breasts and Hermione sighed out in pleasure. She went harder and faster, grinding into Ginny for all she was worth. Hermione came first, yelling out Ginny’s name before Ginny joined her.

They’d only just started. Ginny went down on Hermione, sucking the juices from her previous orgasm. Ginny drank her and Hermione came a second, third time. Hermione whispered a spell and Ginny groaned in anticipation as she saw the strap-on appear on Hermione. Ginny went on her hands and knees, thrusting out her rear. Hermione positioned the pink dildo between Ginny’s folds and edged herself into her. Ginny groaned as Hermione stretched her. Hermione pulled out before thrusting back in, hard. Ginny moved up the bed from the impact and yelled out in pleasure. Hermione fucked her with the strap on and Ginny blurred.

Throughout the night, they swapped positions and brought each other countless ecstasies, until they lay together, sated, in each other’s arms.

“Hermione, had you ever thought...?” Ginny started, and Hermione silenced her with her lips.

“Never.” Hermione whispered, having never imagined this could be.

“Neither had I.” Ginny smiled. “Does this make us... lovers?”

Hermione smiled back at her tenderly. “I hope it does!”

They sealed it with a deep, long kiss and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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Pansy Parkinson would never have admitted to anyone that she’d fancied her ex-boyfriend’s aunt for months. Draco Malfoy had been an admirable lover, but nothing compared to what she’d experienced with the Slytherin women. She looked back with fondness on her Hogwarts days, when she’d slept with all of those wonderful women – Millicent Bulstrode, Daphne Greengrass, Tracey Davis. But they’d all gone on to marry men, and bear children, leaving Pansy alone and achingly single. She would go out some nights, down to Knockturn Alley where she’d sleep with some of the women there and would wake up in their arms.

Little did she know that she would see a familiar face in that very alley. She went into a pub she hadn’t been in before, called the White Wyvern, on Knockturn Alley. She knew it was dangerous but had gone passed the point of caring. She was sick of her life being so bland, that she wanted some action, even if it meant some danger. Anything to bring her back to life again.

When she entered the pub, she strode over to the bar and ordered herself a beer. She was sipping it silently, surveying the curious pub, before she froze in her place, almost spluttering her beer across her clothes.

Bellatrix Lestrange, Draco’s infamous aunt, was stood on the opposite end of the bar. She caught Bellatrix’s eyes and immediately lowered them, her heart thumping in her chest. She knew and had heard of how dangerous this woman was, and couldn’t believe that she was there.

Before she knew it, Bellatrix was stood beside her.

“Pansy, is it?” a whisper reached her. Pansy turned her head and looked at Bellatrix. “Draco’s... girlfriend?”

Pansy shook her head nervously. “Ex-girlfriend.”

She thought for that she might get hexed, but Bellatrix seemed to like this very much.

“Good for you, girl. What was it? Couldn’t keep up with you?” she winked. “I don’t mean to be crude.”

Pansy reddened and didn’t reply.

“I’ve embarrassed you. I apologise.” Bellatrix said.

“It’s alright. Turns out I don’t like men.” Pansy said, gaining her confidence. “So, do you live here?”

Bellatrix grinned at how casually the woman spoke. “No. But I frequent this pub often. I haven’t seen you before, dear.”

“I was curious, so decided to come in for a quiet drink.”

“Quiet? You won’t get that here. Curiosity too.. dangerous thing.” Bellatrix winked. “For a beautiful woman such as yourself.”

Pansy’s heart started to beat harder as she felt Bellatrix’s hand on the side of her thigh. The pub was filled with people, and so their actions went unnoticed. Pansy felt Bellatrix’s hands stroking her body, and she thought she’d pass out with desire.

“I didn’t know you – “

“Bit like you, dearie.” Bellatrix whispered. “No time for men, but plenty of time for women.”


“Call me Bella.”

Pansy turned her head to her and looked deep into those black eyes. She dipped her head immediately and caught Bella in a kiss. They were seemingly oblivious to the people around them.

“Eager.” Bella teased.

They slipped out of the pub and onto the alleyway. Bellatrix pushed Pansy up against the alleyway wall and started tearing at her clothes.

“Here?” Pansy sighed out in desire.

“Where else?” Bellatrix whispered against her ear. Pansy’s core was on fire as she felt Bellatrix’s fingers slither down her trousers and find her pussy. Pansy groaned out as Bellatrix inserted one, then two fingers into her.

“So gloriously wet.” Bellatrix hissed, starting to finger Pansy against the wall. The alleyway was empty, but the risk of being found was a very real one. It only heightened their desire. Pansy came quickly, and Bellatrix grunted in response. Pansy was desperate to grind on her, to take her completely.

Pansy grabbed Bellatrix’s arm and disapparated them both to her bedroom. Bellatrix reeled in shock, but only responded positively to Pansy’s thinking. They stripped each other naked and explored each other’s bodies. Bellatrix threw Pansy on the bed and joined her, their naked bodies positioning. Pansy thought she’d come just from having Bellatrix’s pussy pressed against hers.

Bellatrix assumed dominance and sat on Pansy’s core. Pansy groaned as their pussies met. Bellatrix wasted absolutely no time in grinding against Pansy and bringing her to her first, cataclysmic orgasm. Bellatrix shrieked in triumph and came, making Pansy come shortly after from the woman on top of her.

Pansy was determined to taste her. In a power move that impressed Bellatrix, Pansy flipped their positions and brought her head down to Bellatrix’s dripping pussy. Pansy licked the entire length of her folds and only touched her clit lightly. Pansy inserted her fingers into Bellatrix and pumped her, fast, whilst her tongue circled her clit. Bellatrix shrieked again and Pansy drank her come, sucking her juices.

Both witches lost count of how many times they brought each other to their edge. They went at it all night, relentlessly, never tiring of bringing each other pleasure and receiving it. They fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Pansy woke up in her bed, and her arm reached out. There was nobody there. Pansy looked up blearily and the other side of the bed was empty. Had she dreamt the whole thing?

On the other pillow, there was a note and something dark behind it. Pansy picked up the note and found a key behind it.

Come to me later, Miss. Parkinson. -B x

It was the key to the Lestrange Manor.

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Luna Lovegood had spent all morning trying to find a novel in Flourish and Blotts. The shopkeeper didn’t seem to know if they had it, and even Hermione admitted she’d never heard of it – and she’d read almost everything. It was a rare novel about not-yet-discovered magical creatures from a wizard who inspired Luna. She was desperate to find the copy and write an article, or a review on the book about it for the Quibbler. Since her father’s death, she had taken over the Quibbler along with her team. She was chief editor and oversaw every article. It felt like a huge responsibility, but one that brought Luna pleasure.

Just when Luna was about to give up, she felt a new energy enter the room.

Luna turned her head slightly and saw a woman stand a few metres beside her, surveying the books. She realised, after scanning her from her feet to her head, that it was none other than Narcissa Malfoy. Narcissa hadn’t seemed to have seen her, as Luna was tucked away in the corner of the bookshelves. Luna watched as she surveyed the books, her long black robes swaying around her ankles. She dressed completely in black, the only colour being the section of blonde in her hair.

Luna watched her silently, wondering when Narcissa might catch sight of her. She was totally immersed in the books she met, taking out the odd copy to survey.

Luna herself been imprisoned in Malfoy Manor during the war. She hadn’t seen much of Narcissa Malfoy but had felt her presence in her house. She remembered peering through the bars of the basement and looking up at the towering lady looking down at her before scurrying away. She seemed very different to how she was back then.

Narcissa Malfoy, since divorcing her husband, had been eager to start her life afresh. She’d travelled, slept with new people, particularly women, and eaten good food. Now, she was back in the country, and enjoying her new life. She’d popped into Flourish and Blotts to renew her love for reading. She hadn’t the time to read when she was bringing up Draco, but now he was a fully grown man she could start to live for herself again. She felt as though she’d lost a part of herself over the last decade or so, particularly during and in the immediate aftermath of the war.

Now was the time to live again.

Narcissa Malfoy picked up a book that interested her and almost jumped out of her skin when she heard the floorboards creak. Her head shot up in shock and she saw the source of the noise. It was Luna Lovegood.

Narcissa Malfoy hadn’t seen her since her imprisonment in the Manor. She was as dream-like and ethereal as she’d always been, if not more so.

“Miss. Black.” Luna said, bowing her head slightly, careful to refer to her by her maiden name after hearing about her divorce.

“Miss. Lovegood.” Narcissa said, still recovering from the shock. “I trust you are... well?”

“Very well indeed, Miss. Black. And yourself? Are you searching for a particular volume?”

Narcissa Malfoy warmed to her words. Even after her imprisonment in what was once her home, she could still regard people with kindness.

“I am well, and no, I am browsing at present. Are you in search of a book, Miss. Lovegood?”

Luna started to explain to her in detail what she was doing. Narcissa found herself completely taken in by her, and asked Luna for the name of the volume.

“It is The Unimaginable Creatures by Ogilvy. Though it seems that nobody I know is in possession of it, not even the Ministry.”

“Miss. Lovegood... I may be of assistance. The copy you are searching for was burned long ago, with only a few rare ones remaining. There is a copy in Norway, and another in Russia, but I happen to know where another one is. There is one copy in Malfoy Manor.”

Luna’s eyes brightened, then shadowed over.

“I see, Miss. Black. I do not believe I would receive... a warm welcome at Malfoy Manor.” Luna said sombrely.

“Not to fear, Miss. Lovegood. I still have access to Malfoy Manor, and have been informed by Draco that my ex-husband is away in France. If it does not pain you to do so, would you like to accompany me to the Manor to retrieve the book?”

Luna was overjoyed. “Really, Miss. Black? Even if... if Mr. Malfoy is away – he may note the book’s absence.”

“I will take care of it all, Miss. Lovegood.”

“And when shall we... go?”

“There is no time like the present.” said Narcissa, extending out her arm. Luna took it.

Luna felt her feet land on new ground. She had held Narcissa Malfoy’s arm in hers and felt the remarkable warmness of it. They moved away from each other shyly and Luna exhaled in wonder.

“The house feels very different from last time.” Luna said.

“I should hope it does, after all of these years.” Narcissa said.

Narcissa led Luna over to the Manor’s library and her eyes widened in shock. Narcissa smiled silently at her reactions and led her to where the copy she sought was.

Narcissa pointed it out to her and Luna took out the volume. She smiled broadly at seeing the name and author printed on the side, and on the first page. She hugged the book to her chest and said ‘Finally!’. Narcissa couldn’t suppress a small laugh at her reaction.

“Miss. Black, I cannot thank you enough...”

“Please, call me Narcissa.”

“Only if you’ll call me Luna!”

“Very well, Luna.” Narcissa smiled.

They gazed at each other briefly, and something felt like it had clicked into place. Narcissa had felt her desire building up for this young woman, but had tried to ward it off – she was her son’s age, for heaven’s sake. Not that she hadn’t slept with men nor women that were her son’s age – but nevertheless, it wasn’t something she wanted to make a habit out of. She shook the thoughts out of her mind.

“How will I return the book to you, Narcissa?”

“Send an owl to this address.” Narcissa took out some parchment and scribbled down the address for her flat in muggle London. “And I will respond with how I may take the book back from you. Who knows, perhaps Lucius won’t even be back by that time.”

Luna thanked her and they parted ways. Narcissa left almost immediately after Luna did, not wanting to spend any more time in Malfoy Manor than she had to.


Luna had devoured the book in no time and written her article for the Quibbler that would be included in the next issue. From the response of her team, she had no doubt that it would be a great success. Now, all there needed to do was to return the book to its rightful owner. She owled the address on Narcissa’s piece of parchment and received word in a matter of an hour – Luna was welcome to return the book to the address that she’d owled whenever was most convenient for her.

No time like the present, Luna thought. She disapparated to the approximate location and walked towards the block of flats with the address. She knocked on the door, before realising there was a bell system and rang the doorbell for Narcissa’s flat. She heard the door unlock automatically and practically pranced up the stairs, clutching the book to her chest. She’d read it at least a dozen times since receiving it, as there was little chance of her obtaining it ever again.

Luna knocked on the apartment door and Narcissa Black opened it. She was dressed casually now, with a loose white blouse and a pair of muggle jeans on her legs. Luna was taken aback by her appearance but made sure not to show it. Luna came in and placed the book down on the kitchen table.

“It’s a pleasure to see you again, Narcissa.”

“And you, Luna. I take it the book was useful?”

“Useful! It was extraordinary. I cannot thank you enough... I really can’t. I wrote up the article I told you about and it is being prepared for publication in the Quibbler. Did you... speak... to Mr. Malfoy?”

“Lucius wasn’t the least bit concerned. In fact, he said you could keep it. He clearly didn’t have an ounce of care nor interest in it – so now, it is yours.” Narcissa said.

“What? Truly?” Luna said, gazing down at the volume. She may end up reading it at least another dozen times.

“Yes.” Narcissa chuckled. “It is yours.”

Luna, without thinking, threw her arms around Narcissa in an embrace. To say that Narcissa was taken aback was an understatement. Her eyes widened as if attacked, but when the shock subsided, she found herself wrapping her arms around Luna’s waist and returning her embrace.

When they parted, they were remarkably close to one another.

Luna caught Narcissa’s eyes flit to her lips, and she blushed. Their eyes met, and within seconds their lips met. They kissed, and their bodies were aflame with desire. They moved their bodies against one another. Narcissa led Luna to her bedroom and they tore at each other’s clothes fervently. They unclothed each other and fell in a tangle onto the bed. Narcissa ran her tongue along Luna’s body and Luna was burning with desire. Luna’s head went down to Narcissa’s breast and started to lick, pinch and squeeze. Narcissa’s entire body froze in pleasure as Luna’s mouth and fingers worked on her breasts. Luna brought her hand and mouth down to Narcissa’s sodden core and she licked and laved, fingered Narcissa until she yelled out in completion.

Narcissa moved and left a trail of fire in her wake, manoeuvring herself atop of Luna. Narcissa whispered a spell and a vial appeared in her hand. Narcissa poured the lubrication over Luna’s pussy and then she sat on her, sliding her own pussy against hers. The warmth and lubrication sent them both immediately over the edge. Luna moaned and let the orgasm rip through her body. They ground against each other and came spectacularly.

Narcissa whispered another spell and her genitalia started to change. Luna moaned in awe as she looked down at Narcissa’s penis. Narcissa lubed Luna’s arse and manoeuvred her on her hands and knees. Narcissa started to slowly thrust into her arsehole, and Luna’s eyes shot open in bliss. They built a steady pace, Narcissa starting to fuck her as their breasts swung with the impact. Luna came after touching herself and Narcissa burst into her arse from Luna’s tightening around her.

They collapsed together, and Narcissa’s genitalia returned to her again after the spell faded out. They continued on into the night, fucking each other until they were both spent. Narcissa had not, and didn’t think she would ever have better sex again in her life, unless it was with Luna Lovegood.

Chapter Text

Hermione Granger wasn’t one to usually frequent a place as sordid as Knockturn Alley. She avoided it at all costs, even it the odd occasion meant that she needed to go there. There were some rare ingredients that were absolutely essential for her next potion and there was no time to lose. She heard about a kind of black market of ingredients that operated in Knockturn Alley and she had a mind to go and discover it herself. There were whispers but Hermione didn’t believe them. She refused to believe it until she saw it. And she really did need these rare ingredients.

In some ways, this was the most dangerous part of the job precisely because the Ministry were not aware of it. Sure, she made dangerous potions before, but mostly with the Ministry’s stamp of approval. This time, it was different. She would be walking straight into expressly illegal activity on this black market. The Ministry would be none the wiser, she hoped.

Hermione arrived in the alley and noticed how it never failed to show her the worst of wizarding society’s areas. It was dodgy at best. From these whispers, she had figured out where and when this black market operated. The Ministry clearly didn’t have a clue. Hermione, on the other hand, had an ear for illegal whisperings and proper research. Sure, she worked for the Ministry but it didn’t mean she had to run back to it and report back every little detail of what she discovered. Besides, the potion would be used for her own personal use.

She found a little square just off where the Wyvern pub was and uttered the proper incantations. Suddenly, stalls and people started to appear. She suddenly drew up her black cloak across her head to avoid detection. She went around observing with the cloak firmly over her head and concealing her features.

“Goods! Goods! Get your best goods here!” An old witch yelled.

“Shut your gob, you old cow. Nobody wants your tatty goods.”

Hermione’s ears pricked up at the voice. A voice she knew to be very, very familiar in her past. She snuck a look to see exactly who she expected to see: Bellatrix Black, formerly Lestrange.

“Oh, shut it, Bella! Jealous you’re not making any earnings.”

“Everyone wants my stuff!” she snapped. “Everyone! At least I don’t shag my customers for some sales.”

“Ha! You’re one to talk.” The old lady bit back. “Who wants some old useless ingredients? What do you do? Eat them? Bloody useless crap.”

“Useless?” Bellatrix snapped. “Useless? They aren’t useless! Everyone wants my ingredients! They’re the rarest in this godforsaken pit of rubbish! I have customers coming from abroad to get my ingredients.”

Hermione’s heart sank. So that was the stall she needed. It was exactly those foreign customers who had told her about where the black market was and the ingredients that were sold there. It was unfortunate that they hadn’t told Hermione exactly who would be selling them.
Their bickering quietened down and the customers went about to collect their goods. Hermione feigned browsing and bought the odd trinket, but found that the stall she needed was being guarded by a woman she had hoped never to see again. Draco’s mad aunt Bella.

Hermione edged nearer and nearer to her stall. She wondered whether she could conceal her voice and appearance enough to avoid detection. She cursed herself for not having thought about polyjuice potion. In truth, she didn’t think she would even get this far.

“And how can I help you?” Bellatrix said when Hermione dipped her cloaked head to look at her ingredients.

“I am in search of some rare ingredients.”

“Well, you’ve come to the right place... sir... or Miss? Or Mrs? Whatever. What you after?”

Hermione described, in great detail, the exact ingredients that she needed. Bellatrix, listening, thought she could hear the lilt of a familiar voice. She tried to look behind the cloak of this mysterious figure but could only see darkness.

“Yes, I can accommodate to those ingredients. That would be fifty galleons, please.”

Fifty was quite steep, but Hermione acknowledged the rarity of the ingredients and handed her the money without question. Bellatrix started to package the ingredients silently and handed them in a bag to Hermione. She took the money gratefully and Hermione left before she could arouse further suspicion. Bellatrix watched her anonymous customer leave before moving on to the next.

It carried on in that way for weeks. Hermione returned, time and time again, to take these rare ingredients from Bellatrix anonymously, use them and then return again for more. The results of her potions were outstanding and she was able to devise some new potions for the purposes of healing and much more. She even managed to create a potion for sexual arousal from one of the ingredients.

On one of her visits, Bellatrix started to become curious about her new regular.

“So, where you from, Mr.. or Missy?”

“Not these parts.” Hermione said gruffly. She hoped she had kept up the act so far.

“Oh? What parts?” Bellatrix thought she could hear a lilt to her voice that suggested she might be a woman.

“Are you accustomed to questioning paying customers?” Hermione said gruffly.

Bellatrix laughed. “Of course. It keeps them coming back for more.”

Hermione tried to suppress a titter. She continued to browse the ingredients and half-waited for Bellatrix to continue talking. She, of course, did.

“I’d started to think you were a Ministry spy. I haven’t yet ruled it out.” Bellatrix smirked.

“You need not concern yourself with that.”

Bellatrix chuckled. “And how could I believe you on that? A spy’s not a spy if they reveal themselves.”

Hermione decided against replying. She’d spoken too much to her already. She paid the galleons required for her new batch of ingredients and made her way out of the market. Once she reached the far end of Knockturn Alley, she knew it was safe to take off her cloak. She took deep gulps of air and tried to steady herself. Her breathing had become irregular and she tried her best to regulate it again. What was this? Was this her reaction to Bellatrix? She needed to get a hold of herself.

Before she disapparated, she felt something grab her arm. She reeled in shock and then found herself staring deep into the eyes of Bellatrix Black. She’d followed her out and Hermione had been foolish not to have been more vigilant.

“Oh, how delicious.” She drawled. “Granger.”

“Let go of me.”

“What would your little Ministry minions think about this? Purchasing rare, indeed illegal magical ingredients?” Bellatrix whispered.

Hermione didn’t even think about what she did next. She grasped onto Bellatrix’s cheeks and dove in for a kiss. Bellatrix, shocked at first, almost staggered, until she let Granger do what she would with her lips. Hermione pressed into her and pushed her back against the wall of the alley. Bellatrix was in utter shock but couldn’t say she wasn’t enjoying this. Indeed, it was quite the opposite. She wanted more.

Hermione, realising really what she was doing, pulled away quickly to gauge her reaction. She may well be dead in this alley in a matter of moments. She stared into Bellatrix’s eyes and her breathing quickened.

“I – I’m sorry, I didn’t –...” Hermione started

Bellatrix grabbed onto her and continued the kiss. She hissed into her ear that they needed to find somewhere more private. Hermione couldn’t believe what was happening – she was reciprocating. She disapparated them both to her apartment and they landed in a frenzy there with their lips locked and their hands scrambling to unclothe each other. Hermione wrenched her own as well as Bellatrix’s clothes away and they started to devour one another.

Hermione, knowing exactly what she was doing, splayed Bellatrix out on the bed and went down on her. She admitted in her mind that she had imagined this moment far too many times since she’d started frequenting her stall.

“Drink me, witch, I beg you...” Bellatrix hissed

Hermione kissed the insides of her thighs and Bellatrix almost screamed with the anticipation. Her pussy and clit were throbbing and she needed her there. Hermione, thinking she may well come from the sight, started to lick her folds. She dipped her fingers inside and pumped her relentlessly. It was only when Bellatrix almost cried that she finally directed her attention to her clit. In a few strokes, she came undone. Bellatrix, emboldened now, swung Hermione onto the bed and started to suck on her breasts. Hermione’s breasts swayed and Bellatrix, with one hand, pinched one nipple and sucked with her mouth on the other. She went down her body until she started her ministrations on Hermione’s pussy. Having wanted this moment for so long, Hermione came undone in no time at all.

“Bellatrix!” she screamed into the walls of her flat.

They thought their orgasms would tire them, but instead they were energised for more. They went at each other for hours and didn’t tire of exploring each other’s bodies. It was only when they were completely spent that they lay next to each other, panting.

Hermione lay her head beneath Bellatrix’s neck and their limbs tangled together. Hermione felt like she’d had enough sex to have last her a lifetime with this one woman. Who knew what could come after this? What more could be done? Much more, she knew, but for now she was more than content. She dared not hope, either, lest this delightful woman slipped out of her fingers.

“My, my, Miss. Granger.” Bellatrix said in a drawl. “My, my.”

“Yes, Bella, yours.” Hermione smiled secretly

“Is this what you would do to escape the Ministry’s detection?”

Hermione realised that Bellatrix thought this was all to escape being reported to the Ministry. The timing of the kiss must have told her as much.

“I would have done it anyway.” She said truthfully. “I have wanted to for some time.”

Bellatrix was taken aback, but then winked at her. “You need only have asked.”



Chapter Text

Pansy didn’t have any time to spare. She was in a hurry and needed to fetch the paperwork for the release of some magical creatures before she was fired for incompetence. The Ministry were fond of keeping former deatheaters, or anyone associated with them, on their toes.

Pansy made her way through the Ministry in a terrible hurry. She had no idea who would have this paperwork but knew the office number and the floor. The lifts were all full to the brim so she needed to take the stairs and be quick about it. There was no time to lose. They needed the document by 4pm sharp.

Reaching the office huffing and puffing, she knocked the door as casually as she could whilst she tried to catch her breath.

The last person she thought would answer answered the door. The flaming red hair met her first and Pansy noted that the Weasley girl had changed... and changed a lot. She’d seen glimpses of her in pubs here and there but never up close. She was often with her friends and laughing away. Now, Pansy was face to face with her. And she couldn’t shake the thought of how beautiful she looked.

Ginny tried to conceal her shock of seeing Pansy Parkinson right outside of her office door. In a matter of moments, she surveyed her and saw the lump of papers in her hands.

“Ah, Miss. Weasley.” Pansy said. “How are you?”

“Well, Pansy, and yourself? Please, do come in.”

Pansy noted the use of her first name. “I’m well, Ginny.”

Ginny held the door open for her and insisted that she take a seat. Pansy did so and noticed how clean and tidy her office was. It had shelves and shelves of books and some of them even danced in the hair, half open.

“What can I help you with?” Ginny asked as she sat on her end of the desk.

“I was sent by Aladar Trench to fetch some important paperwork for the release of a cluster of Cornish Pixies into the wild.”

“Ah, yes, I’ve been working on that one for a while now. I’ll get them for you now.”

Ginny opened one of the drawers of her desk and took out the required papers. Pansy watched her expectantly and completely forgot the trouble she would be in if she wasn’t sharpish about it. No, she was completely enchanted by Ginny Weasley’s beauty.

Ginny placed the papers on the desk. “Here they are. I presume they need signing?”

“Yes, please.”

Ginny took out her magical quill and scrawled her name across the papers. The quill sparkled and Pansy watched entranced as she watched her name swirling across the page. Even her handwriting was stunning.

Pansy gratefully took the papers from her hands and their hands briefly touched. She felt electrified by the warmth of her hands but tried hard not to show it. Ginny flinched slightly and Pansy noted it. Was it from disgust? Pansy’s eyes dropped and she rose to take the papers.

“You will let me know how it goes, won’t you?” Ginny said as Pansy headed to the door.

“Yes, of course.”


Pansy, after a long day of work, found herself with her friends in the Leaky Cauldron. She’d successfully handed over the papers that she’d obtained from Ginny Weasley earlier and the meeting had gone well. She hadn’t had the chance to report back to Ginny but she expected she would be able to do so on Monday. Besides, now was the time for fun, not thinking about work. It was Friday after all.

Draco walked in to meet them and squeezed through the crowds of witches and wizards at the bar.

“Alright, Pans? It’s so flaming busy in here.”

“It is a Friday, Draco.” said Blaze from beside her.

“No chance of a drink, I suppose?”

“Not likely. You’ll have to wait for one. I’ve been savouring this pint for ages.”

Draco plonked himself beside Pansy and sighed. “I’m gagging for one as well. Oh, and I wanted to tell you both something...”


“I’ve invited Potter and his friends to join us tonight. We’re getting on like a house on fire and I thought I’d fan the flames a bit more.”


“Yeah, yeah, I know.” sighed Draco. “Honestly you don’t need to worry. They don’t see us as bullies like back in Hogwarts anymore. Let bygones be bygones, y’know?”

“This is mad.” Said Blaze.

“I’m afraid I’ll have to agree.”

“Come on, lighten up. Don’t you want a bit of excitement? How many Fridays have we spent, just us three, at this old dump? Time we mingled, my friends.” Draco laughed.

Blaze and Pansy looked to each other with a half grin. They couldn’t fault him on that.

“When they joining us?”

Just as the question was asked, Harry Potter walked into the Leaky Cauldron. He was bombarded at once by people but he managed to get pushed to the front of the bar. Draco made his way over straight away and managed, just by being near him, to get himself a drink.

Pansy didn’t start feeling hot and bothered from seeing Potter. No, it was when Ginny Weasley walked in behind him. Her and Luna, Neville, Ron and a few other faces she recognised from Hogwarts and the Ministry.

Draco and Harry had their arms around each other and were laughing like there was no tomorrow. They made their way over to where Blaze and Pansy sat.

“I’m afraid Millicent couldn’t make it tonight, Potter, I know you’ve got a thing for her.” Draco joked.

“Hey, steady on, Malfoy.” Harry laughed.

Harry greeted them and Pansy half smiled and asked him how he was. She quickly moved her eyes to see that Potter’s friends were joining the table and exchanging looks and glances. Everyone seemed to be in a good enough humour and they started talking. Pansy caught Ginny Weasley’s eye and they held each other’s gaze for longer than the other expected. It was Pansy who tore her eyes away and laughed along with whatever rubbish spewed from Draco’s mouth.

Ron and Blaze got into their own conversation about Auror duties and Neville and Luna were too caught up in one another to really converse with the others.

They chattered to Blaze and Pansy out of politeness and included Ginny whenever they could. But from the looks of things, Ginny was very much the spare part. Hermione, she noticed, was one of the only people out of the group that wasn’t there at all. Pansy inquired casually where she was.

“She’s off on her honeymoon with Rodriguez. You know, that Spanish bloke that joined the Ministry all those years ago. It’s all low key because they don’t want the Prophet after them. Of course, you all understand. We all get it ourselves.” Harry explained.

“I, uh, if you’ll all excuse me, I’m sorry! I need to go to the loo.” Pansy said suddenly, feeling that the drinks had gone through her already. She dashed off through the crowd to find the toilet.

When she went in, it was surprisingly empty of any witches and she made haste to relieve herself. What she hadn’t noticed was that Ginny had excused herself almost immediately after her.

When she came out, she found her washing her hands by the sink. Her jaw almost hit the floor.

“Hi, Pansy. Sorry, didn’t mean to shock you.” Ginny said, smiling at her reaction.

“Oh, hi! It’s good to see you again, Ginny.” Pansy said quickly. “I just wanted to say that the meeting on the release of the Cornish Pixies went incredibly well and your report was invaluable to them.”

“Thank you, Pansy, but don’t you worry about work right now. It’s time to relax, right?” Ginny smiled at her. “Though I thank you for letting me know anyway. It is, I admit, a relief.”

“Yeah... yeah. It’s mad out there, isn’t it?” Pansy said, trying to make light conversation.

“Truly. Just as I was coming in here, they were starting to dance on the bar.”

“Ha! Can’t fault a Friday night at the Cauldron.”

Ginny smiled at her and took out a lipstick from her bag. She started applying a deep red coat on her lips and Pansy tried not to watch, mesmerised by her and fuelled by desire.

“So, you’re well, and everything good at home?” Ginny asked as she pucked her lips.

“Yeah... well... I live alone, so as good as they can be.”

“No.. boyfriend?”

“No. Erm... no girlfriend. Sorry, I don’t mean to...”

“No, no. My apologies. I... hadn’t realised...” Ginny said, looking at her through the mirror.

“It’s OK. Not many people know.” Pansy said, breaking eye contact with her. “So... what about you?”

Ginny smiled. “No boyfriend or girlfriend either. And I live alone too, so I know exactly what you mean.”

Pansy tried not to dare hope. “Yeah.. it’s, erm, interesting. So, shall we make ourselves out again? I guess they’ll be wondering what on earth we’re up to in here.”

Pansy blushed, realising how what she had said truly sounded. She turned around and suddenly felt Ginny grasp onto her wrist. She turned in shock and revelled in the feel of her.

“Pansy, look, ever since you walked into my office today, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you.”

Pansy couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“I... don’t want to shock you, but it’s true.”

“And I’ve been thinking about you... all day... since I saw you. And since we’ve been sat across from each other on that table.” Pansy said.

They heard the door open to the bathroom and Ginny dropped Pansy’s wrist quickly. A few witches, giggling from their drink, ran into the toilets. Ginny and Pansy looked at each other in pain. They were burning for each other and didn’t know what on earth to do next.

They ended up going back to the table and, luckily, not having aroused much suspicion from their absurdly long absence. Everyone had drank a few more since they’d been in the bathroom and they casually dismissed their queries by saying they’d had some much needed ‘girl talk’ catch up in the bathroom.

“Women!” Ron rolled his eyes and Ginny hit the back of his head.

Pansy’s core was burning and she felt self conscious about whether she was dripping straight through her trousers and onto the seats. When they became seated again, Pansy and Ginny stole quick glances at one another and managed to hold each other’s gaze for much longer than they should have dared. It only made them burn for each other more.

Pansy couldn’t take it any longer. She downed the rest of her firewhisky and went quiet for a bit. The others started to ask if she was okay and she said her stomach felt funny.

“Bloody hell, Pans, how many of those firewhiskies have you had?”

“She had a few before you lot had even arrived.” Blaze said.

“Look, it’s fine. I’ll head off home and make myself a potion.”

“I don’t think you should go home alone.” Blaze said.

“I’ll be fine –...”

“I’ll go with her.” Ginny piped up. They turned to her. “So you lot can stay out for longer. Come on! It’s only half ten. We had such a nice chat in the bathroom that I would want to make sure she’s alright.”

The others certainly didn’t want to leave the Leaky Cauldron, especially with the night being so good. There were some live performers starting to arrive and nobody wanted to escort Pansy home with a bad stomach.

“If you’re sure, Gin.” Ron said. “You can always come back after you’ve made sure she’s alright –..”

“I’m certain. Let’s go, Pansy.”

Pansy couldn’t believe her luck. They left the seats and exited a bit quicker than they should have. Luckily, the others had already started returning to their conversations.

They found an alley directly beside the Leaky Cauldron and crashed their lips against each other.

“God, Ginny, please. I’m desperate.” Pansy moaned against her lips. Ginny took out her wand and disapparated them away.

They landed in the doorway to Ginny’s apartment and she opened the door much quicker than she ever had. They practically ran, hand in hand, to the bedroom and laughed at the absurdity of the situation.

Ginny found herself pushing Pansy’s head into her pussy and she was groaning uncontrollably from the sensation. Pansy stopped her ministrations and raised her head to the flame haired witch.

“Put your hands behind your head.” Pansy commanded.

Ginny did as she was told and Pansy carried on licking her up. Ginny instinctively, at one point, tried to put her hands to Pansy’s head but found she couldn’t. Pansy had tied her hands to the bed.

“Fuck.” Ginny whispered.

“You like that?”

“Mhm. I like anything you do.”

“Keep telling me what I’m doing to you, witch.”

Pansy continued to lick her and finger her. Ginny moaned and groaned what she liked and what she wanted. Pansy could only oblige and Ginny shrieked out her orgasm. It had been building up all day.

“What do you want? Let me give you what you want.” Ginny groaned.

Pansy opened Ginny’s legs and positioned herself between her. She gave her a look for consent and Ginny nodded enthusiastically. Pansy lowered herself onto her and they rocked back and forth in unison. Pansy wanted to scream just from the sensation of feeling Ginny’s pussy connected to her own. Pansy held onto one of her legs and rocked mercilessly hard on her. She yelled out her orgasm and they collapsed into one another on the bed.

“Good Merlin.” Ginny sighed when they held one another again.

“Good Merlin indeed.”

“Stomach feeling any better?” Ginny asked, smirking.

“Oh, miles better.” Pansy winked.

Chapter Text

Narcissa Black hadn't expected her blind date to have gone so wrong. She knew that dating women would be hard, but hadn't realised the extent of it. Being who she was, most of the women knew her history from the Prophet and didn't hold back on offering their opinions on her history. They knew more about her than she knew about herself. The conversation would never steer to the other party and she quickly realised that it could never work. How could these women understand? They were ordinary witches who knew everything about her and she knew virtually nothing about their perfectly normal lives.

She stood beside the bar and ordered another pint. Many of them were only interested in sleeping with her, which she was happy to oblige to. However, all of the love-making lacked what she truly desired: companionship. They were flings and no more. None of the flings turned into anything more because each of those women were after the novelty of sleeping with Narcissa Black, formerly Malfoy and no more.

The other blind dates behind her were drawing to a close and she wondered how well any of the other women had gotten along. Maybe there would be some success stories. She heard enough about witches wanting to move into each other's apartments after a single date and devoting themselves to each other before they realised they had moved far too quickly. The breakups were a catastrophe and Narcissa hadn't yet heard of a single one that had ended well on both ends.

Narcissa took sips out of her pint and made small talk with the bartender. The lesbian bar was her only comfort in this tumult and she did find a community in this chaos. After divorcing her husband and discovering her sexuality, she wasted no time in expressing herself and how she felt. Her son supported her and that was all that mattered, really. Lucius was another story. She had lived her entire life living for others and, finally, here she was living for herself. She hadn't quite realised how difficult it would be to live the life she wanted.

"Another bad one?" The bartender asked.

"Yea -" Narcissa started, until she realised the bartender spoke to another woman.

"Terrible. I've never felt so humiliated in my life."

Narcissa knew that voice. It rang in her head and she noticed it from years and years before. She heard it during the war and she had heard it in the Ministry. She turned her head and found Hermione Granger ordering herself a drink at the bar.

"Humiliated? What happened, Mione?" The bartender asked.

"It was so... awkward. I kept saying the wrong things at the wrong time and failing completely to captivate her. She also wouldn't stop talking about the war." Hermione said.

"Bad one over here too." The bartender inclined his head to Narcissa.

Hermione turned her head and looked at her. Her eyes widened until they relaxed into a gaze.

"Miss. Granger. How wonderful to see you again."

"And you, Miss. Black. I am sorry to hear your... date... has not gone well either."

"I suppose it's the price we pay." she replied.

"The price we pay?"

"For being who we are." Narcissa said. "I find that my position in society has somewhat clouded these women's perception of me."

"That is exactly it! Sometimes I think it'd be easier to date muggle women."

"I have thought as much too. However... there is the question of eventually revealing our identities as witches." Narcissa replied

"Yes, I suppose"

"Unless you are feeling... deceptive."

"Never! I don't think I could ever lie to a woman. Fine! Call me a sexist! But it is far easier to lie to a man than it is to a woman, if you don't mind a bit of sexism."

"Not at all. I found lying to Lucius an easy sport during our marriage. I find it harder to do so with the sex that I desire the most."

Hermione's cheeks reddened to hear her words. So raw and real. No holding back. Narcissa sensed the shift and took a long sip out of her pint. As she did so, Hermione took her in. She was wearing a black suit and her hair was tied back. If there was a definition for butch, Narcissa Black fit the bill. She, on the other hand, wore a red dress and a pair of heels. Perhaps she would fit the bill for a typical femme.

"Can I buy you a drink, Miss. Granger?"

"Oh no, don't trouble yourself. And please, call me Hermione."

"Only if you call me Narcissa in return, naturally."

"Of course, Narcissa."

Narcissa felt something shift in her when she heard her name trip from her lips. It was different. It didn't feel flat like the way Lucius would say it, but long and drawn out as though she savoured the name on her lips.

"So, Hermione, I take it you are at the Ministry?"

"Yes. Still there. Though I'm looking to find another job, preferably."


"Just something a bit more... me. Like writing, translating... archiving perhaps. I have far too many ideas."

"You have the talent for it, doubtless."

Hermione cursed inwardly for blushing again. She took a gulp from her drink and tried to rationalise whether Narcissa was flirting with her. Surely not?

“And you? What are you doing at the moment?”

“Still working at the Ministry, too. I’m in the Department for Magical Creatures.” She replied. “Strange that I don’t see you more often.”

“I’m usually locked away with piles and piles of paper to sift through. I have caught a glimpse of you every so often... but no, not often.”

“You really should have stopped me for a chat.” Narcissa smirked

“Oh? And you wouldn’t stop me for one?” Hermione grinned above her drink.

“I suppose what stopped us is that people would inevitably... talk. I cannot imagine putting you in such a difficult situation.”

“Oh, let them all talk. I’m well used to it by now.” Hermione laughed.

“At least we are... safe... here.”

Hermione turned her head to smile at her. “Yes, I suppose we are.”

The bartender was smiling as she cleaned the drinks at the bar. She did not dare interrupt the witches conversation, unless she was invited to contribute. She couldn’t quite believe that she was listening to two of the most well-known witches of the wizarding world conversing at a lesbian bar. The bar was thinning out and they were the last ones by the bar. It was approaching midnight.

“I hate to interrupt, ladies, but I’m afraid I may have to throw you both out at closing time.” Said the bartender.

“No problem at all.” Said Hermione. “Sorry to have kept you.”

“Not at all! I just hope you’ll both carry on the conversation.”

Narcissa and Hermione smirked at each other before finishing off the last of their drinks. They walked out of the lesbian bar and navigated the dark streets that met them. Hermione shivered and Narcissa offered her three quarter length black coat.

“No! I couldn’t. You’ll be cold yourself.”

“Thick skinned. Here, take my coat.” Narcissa said and wrapped the coat around Hermione’s shoulders.

“Like a true gentleman.” Hermione joked. Narcissa laughed and they continued down the street. They navigated the cobblestones and Hermione tripped over one. Narcissa grasped onto her and held her up from the ground.

“Oh god. I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t be, dear. Are you alright?” Narcissa said.

Hermione grasped onto Narcissa’s arms and found herself very, very close to her. Narcissa took in the sight of the witch before her and tried not to audibly gulp. Hermione wondered if Narcissa could sense the desire in her eyes. She had been dripping for her since their conversation at the bar.

Hermione felt her liquid courage rising from the drinks at the bar and she held onto Narcissa’s cheeks with her hands. She kissed her deeply and Narcissa staggered back. Hermione deepened the kiss and Narcissa answered with equal fervour in the dingy little alley they found themselves in.

“Yours or mine?” Hermione whispered into her ear when she started nibbling on her neck.

“Oh. Mine. Definitely mine.” Narcissa moaned.

They disapparated together to Narcissa’s apartment and fell immediately into a four poster bed. Hermione tore at Narcissa’s clothes and Narcissa, regretting ruining a good dress somewhat, tore Hermione’s red dress into shreds. They unclothed each other in a frenzy and took their bras and underwear away. Hermione was desperate and crashed her lips onto Narcissa again.

“I’ve been wanting this all... night... at that bar.” Hermione moaned.

“And you think I haven’t?” Narcissa hissed into her ear. Hermione thought she would sob from the sound of her raw voice against her ear. It sent shivers and tingles down her spine.

“Fuck me, Cissa. Fuck me please.” Hermione begged. “I’ll do anything, anything.”

Narcissa was throbbing for her but felt that she wanted to make her come more than anything else imaginable. She reached for the strap on beneath her bed and covered it in lube from a bottle beside the bed. Hermione writhed on the bed and was desperate to be filled by Narcissa.

Narcissa put on the strap on and lined herself to Hermione. Hermione thought she’d come from the anticipation. She entered her deliciously slowly and Hermione was intoxicated by her scent. She developed a steady pace and Hermione felt like a teenage boy for how overwhelmed she was becoming.

It only took a few extra drives from Narcissa and the words ‘Come for me, Hermione’ to be whispered in her ear for her to scream out her orgasm. When Narcissa came out of her, she dipped her head to drink the remnants of Hermione’s orgasm and taste her on her tongue. Honey. Pure honey.

Hermione, emboldened, recovered quickly from one of the best orgasms she’d had in a long time and dipped to the place between Narcissa’s legs. She removed the strap on and found Narcissa was utterly sodden and needed no lube at all. Hermione was desperate to taste her and dipped her head to the place between her legs. She placed one, then two fingers inside of her and developed a steady pace. She deliberately avoided her clit and Narcissa almost screamed with need. She pumped her fingers in and out of her before finally turning her attention to her engorged clit. Narcissa came undone within seconds.

“Hermione... Hermione...” she yelled.

They carried their lovemaking well into the early hours. They only stopped when they were utterly exhausted and had drawn out countless orgasms from each other. Once the first domino fell, they were coming undone for each other all the easier after that.

When they awoke the next Sunday morning, they were hungover from their lovemaking.

“Incredible.” Narcissa smirked when Hermione turned to look at her. “Quite a revelation, Miss. Granger.”

“Quite the revelation yourself, Miss. Black.” Hermione grinned.

“And I may see you frequent that bar again, perhaps?”

“Oh, you most certainly will.”

Chapter Text

Bellatrix Lestrange was taking clients. She took men, women, the non-binary and more. As long as they came for pleasure or to give it, she would happily relieve them. Her days as a death eater were over and, released from Voldemort’s grip, she let loose.

She embraced the prostitute that had been locked firmly away and found that she wanted to step into this new era of her life. News about her exploits spread far and wide, and she received plenty of anonymous clients. Stuck up men or women who didn’t want revealing but were desperate to get fucked by Bellatrix.

Tonight, she’d been offered a hell of a lot of money to keep quiet about this one. She was only happy to oblige. She’d had Potter, Weasley and even Granger at her mercy and she wasn’t going to stop at that. Usually, the highest payers were the ones who were the most high profile and wanted to make sure they gave a lump sum to ensure discretion.

Bellatrix didn’t have a clue who would walk through the door but it filled her with so much dread and excitement that she needed to masturbate before they arrived. The anticipation was the thing that turned her on the most and she was desperate to know who would walk through those doors next. She wondered whether it was possible to go through half of wizarding society in London, or even all of them. She’d have them all if she could.

Bellatrix almost squealed when she heard a knock at the door.

“Enter!” Bellatrix called.

It was the red hair that got her first. A Weasley, no doubt. But how... delightful. The Weasley girl, she thought.

Ginny Weasley walked through the door, all in black, and closed it behind her. She stood awkwardly at the door and gazed down at Bellatrix with desire burning in her eyes.

“Don’t be nervous, my darling, come here. Leave your coat by the door.”

Ginny was already soaking up from the sight of Bellatrix laying out in her black lingerie on the double bed. She left her coat and took away her shoes.

Bellatrix, whilst she did this, crawled over to her and knelt in front of her. Ginny’s eyebrows creased when she saw Bellatrix gazing up at her from the floor. Bellatrix rose, cat-like, and captured her lips. They kissed by the door until Bellatrix slid to her ear.

“Tell me exactly what you want, kitten.” Bellatrix whispered.

“I want you to fuck me with a strap-on against the wall.” Ginny groaned.

Bellatrix was ecstatic. They never failed to unload their dirtiest, most delectable fantasies.

“Anything else?” Bellatrix nibbled her ear.

“I want you to... finger me anally too.” Ginny said. “Whilst I touch myself.”

“Anything... else?” Bellatrix hissed.

“I want you to be dom the whole time. Don’t let me come until I’m absolutely begging for it. I’ll say stop if we go too far. That’s everything.”

“Perfect, my sweet.” Bellatrix whispered. “Just perfect.”

Bellatrix continued to kiss her and lead her to the bed. Ginny started to pull at Bellatrix’s lingerie and they kissed and felt each other’s breasts. Bellatrix reached for the strap-on beside her and started to put it on. Ginny hopped out of bed and put her back against the wall. They’d been doing foreplay for what felt like hours and she’d been sodden since coming through the door.

Bellatrix approached her with the huge strap on and started to lube it up. She lifted her against the wall. Ginny started to wrap her legs around her. She was remarkably light for a fully grown woman.

Bellatrix lined herself with Ginny and looked up at her for confirmation.

“Please.” She whispered.

Bellatrix slid the lubed strap on into her and Ginny’s eyes widened from how big she was inside of her. Bellatrix built a steady rhythm and Ginny was undone in seconds after rubbing her own clit. The force of Bellatrix pounding her against the wall was enough to send her over the edge. She came a second time and slackened against Bellatrix.

Bellatrix carried her to the bed and lay her down again. Ginny was in utter bliss. This had clearly been a very strong fantasy for her to have come twice so quickly.

Ginny instinctively flipped over and stuck out her rear towards Bellatrix. Bellatrix lathered her arsehole with lube and took it that she’d cleaned herself up before coming to her appointment. Thankfully, she had. Bellatrix started with a finger inside of her arse and Ginny jolted with pleasure. She entered another finger and Ginny was delirious when she started pumping in and out of her. Ginny reached for her clit with her own hand and Bellatrix joined her with her other hand. Ginny, again, didn’t last long at all. Bellatrix felt her juddering around her and she shrieked into the room.

Ginny was emboldened by her exploits with Bellatrix. Bellatrix thought she’d slipped into a dream when Ginny fucked her with a strap-on and held her tits. Bellatrix came just as quickly as she did and shocked herself at how quickly she’d done it. She didn’t think she’d ever come as quickly as that with anyone in all her time as a prostitute.

They went on for hours and drew out exquisite pleasure from one another. Bellatrix was completely delirious and realised she would have paid Ginny to have done all of this to her. She felt like giving her all of her money back and telling her she would have done the whole lot for free. She might end up doing just that.

Eventually, they almost passed out with exhaustion and dizziness. Ginny asked to be cuddled by her and Bellatrix thought she needn’t have asked. They held one another and concentrated on the other’s breathing for what felt like days, not hours.


“Yes, Bellatrix?”

“Thank you.”

Ginny looked up at her. “No, it’s me who should be thanking you.”

“I’ve... never said this to anyone before, my dear. I... it’s highly unprofessional, but quite frankly I couldn’t give a shit. I want to ask you if you would like to see me again, but without the money? It would essentially be the same, but you would come to my apartment and it would be... more of a regular thing. I would have done all of that for free, you see, darling.”

Ginny couldn’t believe her ears. “Yes. Yes. I want that so, so much, Bellatrix.”

“My darling Ginny, I think you’ve earned your right to call me Bella.”

Chapter Text

Pansy Parkinson had been dating Draco Malfoy for quite a while now. On the surface, their relationship was great. They supported one another and tended to each other whenever they needed. The only problem was that Draco couldn’t make her come.

Draco was himself hard to please. He found it difficult to come inside of her and instead pumped himself and sprayed all over her bare breasts. Pansy, on the other hand, was impossible. She’d masturbated in front of him before and came easily, but when trying to mirror her movements Draco failed miserably. She’d come mainly from the act of him watching her, not her actual movements. No matter how many times he slammed into her, spanked her, choked her and pulled her hair, she was impossible to please. With him, she didn’t know what she liked.

It was, inevitably, a point of contention in their relationship.

“What about a threesome?” Draco would offer in bed some days. “Maybe that’d help.”

“Draco, there’s no need to be obsessed about it. I enjoy having sex with you.”

“Yes, but not enjoying it enough to come. Look, you know how important this is for me.” Draco sighed. Pansy wanted to laugh. You don’t think it’s not important to me? she thought.

By a threesome, Pansy knew he meant bringing in another man for her benefit. But secretly, she had thought about bringing in another woman. Draco would love the idea, but it would only mean that Pansy would direct her attentions exclusively to the woman and effectively ignore Draco in the process, which wasn't the point of adding a third to their relationship. She also didnt think it would do Draco’s ego any favours if she came with another man or woman but not with him. He seemed to think that if someone was watching them then she might finally come with him.

The relationship didn’t last. Pansy was the one to break it off and Draco could only agree that it was for the best.

Draco was out on the morning that she was packing away her stuff from the Manor. She took away her clothes and a few other things she’d had over in his room over the year they’d been together. There really wasn’t much here at all.

Pansy heard a knock on the door and she whirled around in shock. Stood there was none other than Narcissa, Draco’s mother.

“Need a hand with packing, dear?” Narcissa asked.

“Oh, no no I’m fine thank you.”

Pansy looked away and hoped she hadn’t seen her blush. For the better part of the year she’d been trying to suppress her woman crush on her boyfriend’s mother.

“I insist! Here, let me help you.”

Narcissa came in and reached for one of Pansy’s shirts. Pansy reached out for it quickly and their hands touched. Their eyes met and Pansy knew her cheeks were burning hot.

“Apologies, dear.” Narcissa said.

“No, no. You’re just helping me, I should apologise.”

“You have nothing to apologise for.” Narcissa said. “I’ve come here on false pretences. I’m happy to help, yes, but I was also hoping we might talk?”


“I was curious to know... what it was that broke off your relationship with Draco, if you don’t mind me asking?”

Pansy’s cheeks burned hot. “Um, well, we really loved each other... I mean, maybe not love, just passion... but things just didn’t quite... work out...”

“Don’t be embarrassed, dear. You don’t have to say if you aren’t comfortable. I just can’t understand why Draco fails to keep a relationship going.”

“Mrs. Malfoy...”

“Please, call me Narcissa.”

“Narcissa. I... I found that he couldn’t quite... please me... in the bedroom, if you see what I mean...” Pansy wanted the ground to swallow her whole.

Narcissa nodded. “I see, I see. He couldn’t quite... pleasure you?”

“No, he couldn't.”

There was a silence between them.

“Do you think you know why he couldn’t?”

Because I wanted him to be you, she thought.

“I... couldn’t possibly say.”

“Right.” Narcissa said. “Pansy, I can’t thank you enough for talking to me about such personal matters. I hope you know that I would never compromise our trust, regardless of whether you are with or not with Draco.”

“Thank you... Mrs... I mean, Narcissa.”

“The truth is that I completely understand.”

Pansy hadn’t expected this.

“Lucius was... yes... wonderful in the bedroom, but he could never ever quite get me... going. I hope you don’t think me crude.”

“No! No! Never. I... I find comfort in you sharing that with me.”

“I always found that I could only get myself to that... place. Without him.”

“I... completely relate to that. Completely.”

“You do? Then, my dear, we are far more similar than we must have thought.”

Pansy caught her eye and they gazed at one another for a moment.

“Narcissa... if you don’t mind me asking, and of course, you do not need to answer...”

“You can ask me anything.”

“What... what was it that... got you there... eventually?”

Narcissa smiled at her. “I imagined that Lucius was a woman making love to me, and not a man.”

Pansy was almost floored by this.

“I... Is that true?”

“Honestly. Yes, it sounds cruel I suppose, but it’s the truth. Strange what arouses the mind and what does not. I have known for years that I am attracted very strongly to women.”

“Narcissa... seeing as I’m about to leave... and may not see you again... I want to tell you something.”

“Fire away.”

“When I... when I did orgasm, I was thinking about... about you.”

There was a silence between them that felt like years had passed. Pansy knew she’d gone a step too far.

“Is that so?”

“Yes.” Pansy said. “I’m... sorry.”

“Me? You thought about me?”

“I know how wrong it is... I know. You’re my boyfriend’s... well my ex-boyfriend’s mother. But as you say, it is strange what arouses the mind...”

Narcissa did not think about what she did next. She kissed Pansy and the clothes were dropped onto the floor. Narcissa waved her hand and the door slammed shut behind them. Merlin, and this was Draco’s room, she thought. But with Narcissa’s lips against hers, she couldn’t have cared less.

They ripped each other’s clothes off with abandon and fell into Draco’s double bed. The boxes fell over onto the floor and Pansy’s things clattered onto the floor but she didn’t care a bit. She was living out her wildest fantasy and she was high on life.

They brought each other’s lips to their pussies and manoeuvred into a sixty nine. They drank each other and brought each other into endless orgasms. The pent up tension had been enough. They’d never orgasmed with anyone else before and it was a revelation that it was possible at all.

They fingered each other, drank each other and scissored. They remembered themselves only when Narcissa felt a presence in the Manor. Draco was back and they were fully naked and fucking on his bed. Narcissa said ‘Draco’ and they both sprung out of bed. Narcissa cast a spell that would clothe them again and Pansy cast a spell that would clear up the mess of her things into the boxes again. Narcissa cast another spell that would put Draco’s bed back to exactly how it had been before they’d fucked on it.

They could hear Draco’s footsteps towards his room and they panicked. They both looked utterly shagged out and no amount of spell could conceal that.

Pansy mouthed to Narcissa ‘I’ll make myself cry’. It was really the only way she could see they could get out of this.

Pansy made herself sob into her hands and Narcissa went straight to comfort her. Draco walked into the room and couldn’t believe what he found. His mother was actually comforting his ex-girlfriend, who was uncontrollably crying.

“What’s wrong? What’s happening here?” Draco asked, reeling.

“Draco, Pansy is clearly very upset from having to move out her things. Could you leave the room, please? Don’t worry, she’ll be right as rain in no time.” Narcissa explained.

Draco held up his hands and left the room. The last thing he expected was to find her crying about him and moving out, especially after she’d been the one to call it off. Perhaps it had hit her more than she thought. But he had no ideas about getting back with her, especially after he’d just got back from a rendezvous with Hermione Granger.

Pansy leant into Narcissa and, once Draco was gone, she quietened down. She looked up at Narcissa and leant into her neck.

“Is this real?” Pansy whispered.

“As real as you believe it to be.” Narcissa smiled down at her.

“I better go. But you’ll... you’ll owl me?” Pansy said, nervous.

“Yes, my darling, of course I will.”

Pansy took her things away and farewelled Draco and Narcissa at the door. She hugged them both and tried her best to look despondent when, in reality, she couldn’t wait until she saw Narcissa again.

Chapter Text

It was far too late at night for Luna Lovegood to be searching for thestrals. The forest was dark and the only light she had was that of a candle inside of a glass case. It didn’t take her too long at all to find some of them deep in the forest and she held up the basket of apples she’d collected for them. Two of them approached her and she patted them as they nibbled on the apples.

Luna heard a rustle in the trees and she dropped the basket from shock. The apples scattered and the thestrals went to eat some from the floor. Luna pointed her candle around quickly, her heart beating fast.

“Anyone... anyone there?”

She heard the rustle again and she thought her heart would jump out of her mouth.


Luna almost screamed when she saw Bellatrix Lestrange in front of her candle. Bellatrix put her hand over her mouth.

“Now, now, we wouldn’t want to scare our thestrals would we, Miss Lovegood?”

Bellatrix, when convinced she wouldn’t scream, let go of her mouth.

“What... what are you doing here?” Luna whispered.

Bellatrix started collecting the apples from the ground and returning them to Luna’s basket. The thestrals gathered around her and ate out of the basket.

“You think you are the only one who has lost?” Bellatrix asked. Bellatrix turned to her and locked her eyes with hers.

Luna saw the humanity behind her eyes and admitted to being shocked. Her perception of Bellatrix had completely stopped her from opening up to the possibility that she might feel too.

“I find comfort in them. They are beautiful creatures, don’t you think?” Bellatrix said before she handed Luna the basket. Luna shook her head and let her carry on feeding the thestrals herself.

“Yes. They are wonderful.” Luna smiled. “Do you do this... often?”

“Quite often. I hadn’t expected a visitor, I must admit.” Bellatrix said. “I apologise sincerely for having... shocked you.”

“It’s... OK. Um.. do you want to talk about it?”

“You mean the grief? Who’s loss do you grieve for?”

“I lost my father.” Luna said.

“I’m sorry about that.” Bellatrix said.

“And... and you?”

“My wife.”

“Your... wife?”

“I was married to a muggle woman for five years. She died, as muggles do, in a car accident on her way to work. I did everything I could to try and revive her, but even in our power as witches we cannot raise the dead back to life.”

“I’m... so sorry, Bellatrix.” Luna said. “Is there anything I can do?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact there is. Give me your hand.”

Luna held out her hand and Bellatrix took it. She gently pulled Luna into an embrace and they held one another. The thestrals continued to eat the apples behind them.

“Thank you.” Bellatrix said.

Chapter Text

The Ministry library would be quiet at this time of night. Hermione went mainly to get all her thoughts out of her head so that she might finally be able to concentrate on her work. She could not and almost would not forget the kiss she’d shared with Luna Lovegood last week at the Ministry Ball. Everyone had a few drinks and loosened up a bit, but the last thing Hermione expected to be doing was snogging Luna’s face off in the girls bathroom.

Hermione, since then, had been avoiding the blonde-haired witch and hoped she might be able to avoid her for the forseeable future. She didn’t even know whether she remembered it or not. How embarrassing it would be if she were to mention it and Luna didn’t even remember it herself.

Hermione settled down into a corner of the library with one of the lamp lights on. She started scribbling away with notes and reading some Ministry legislation which made her want to fall asleep.

Feeling so tired, she didn’t hear that someone had entered the library.

Luna Lovegood thought she might find Hermione Granger in here. She had been thinking about the Ministry Ball ever since it had happened and the kiss they’d shared was seared into her lips. She found her, eventually, amidst a pile of books and papers.

Hermione’s head shot up when she heard movement and their eyes locked. Hermione’s heart was hammering against her chest and Luna’s was mirroring her.

“Luna! How are you?”

“The ball.” Luna said simply.

“The ball.” Hermione repeated, realising she’d known all along.

Luna walked over to where she sat and grasped onto the lapels of her blazer jacket before kissing her fully on the lips. Hermione pushed her chair back and let her straddle her whilst they kissed. She muttered a concealment charm around where they were before starting to unbutton her skirt. Luna let Hermione pull away her skirt and underwear and push her fingers inside of her sodden core. Luna was practically bobbing up and down her fingers and Hermione sat back in her chair entranced. She was dripping wet for her and on the verge of coming around her fingers in a matter of seconds.

Luna came on her fingers and Hermione took them out to lick them. Luna stood on wobbly legs and swung Hermione onto the papers on her desk. She was rough, and Hermione loved it.

“Merlin, Luna. You really do know how to make an entrance.” Hermione moaned.

“Only for you.”

Luna tore at Hermione’s skirt and pulled away her tights and underwear. Hermione spread out her legs and let Luna drink her. Hermione had grown wetter and wetter since seeing Luna coming all over her fingers. Luna took her time with her, which put Hermione in agony. She built up to a steady pace until Hermione begged her for more. She pumped her fingers and, with her mouth on her clit, Hermione came. She muffled her scream, despite there being a concealment charm around them. She felt that her scream would have broken through any magic.

“Care to carry on elsewhere?” Luna breathed into her ear.

“Now. Now.”

“I'm not pulling you away from your paperwork here?”

“Fuck that. Actually no, fuck me. Let’s go.” Hermione said quickly and grabbed her jacket, abandoning her work. Luna laughed and they disapparated out of the Ministry library.

Chapter Text

Narcissa Malfoy, for the first time in her life, felt free. Though she had not divorced her husband, they’d come to the mutual agreement that they might ‘open up their relationship’ and pursue their desires in however capacity they wished. For Lucius, it meant going to brothels and shagging whatever had a hole. For Narcissa, it meant finally exploring her sexuality with women. From day dot she had known she could only burn for women, but found that her life path, her family’s expectations and everything else had prevented that possibility from ever solidifying.

In short, she was in search of a female companion. Perhaps not companion, strictly, but to just be able to taste a woman. In dances, in gatherings and in all sorts of functions, she had yearned to kiss a woman’s lips, to feel the mounds of her breasts and envelop herself in her softness.

Narcissa found that she could only realistically do this in muggle London. Exploring this side of her in the wizarding world was quite simply out of the question. On a Friday night, she sought out a lesbian club in muggle London and dressed the part. She went alone and hoped she might be able to at least dance with some women and meet other likeminded people. She knew she was older, and feared that all the other women would be, but she liked to think that she looked much younger than she was.

Narcissa was met with a throng of people when she entered the lesbian club. There were drag queens everywhere and women that seemed to stretch out for miles. Narcissa grabbed a drink at the bar and got talking with some women that might have looked around her age. They insisted that she joined them on the dancefloor and she accepted their offer.

As she danced, Narcissa felt freer than she’d ever been in her life. The music was good too and the women she’d met acted like they’d known her for years and not a matter of a couple of hours.

In the middle of the crowd, she spotted a girl with a hair full of fire. Narcissa stopped still in the midst of the dancing muggles and saw the last person she expected to be there.

Ginny Weasley was dancing in the club with some other girls, who she presumed were muggles. Narcissa was utterly transfixed by the way she danced in the club, her hips swaying and the way she ran her hands down her body. She wore black high heels and a short black dress that was incredibly revealing. It hugged her body in all the right places. She hadn’t realised she had been staring until Ginny caught her eye and stopped just as still as she did.

They stared at each other for what felt like an age. Ginny pointed to the bathroom and Narcissa nodded. She excused herself from her female friends, who insisted on going to the bathroom with her.

“No! Keep dancing – I’ll be just fine.” Narcissa shouted into one of their ears.

Narcissa watched Ginny Weasley weaving through the crowd of women and she followed her from a distance. She watched her entering the bathroom and went in after her. As soon as she went through the door, she felt a hand on her arm. Ginny pulled her into a vacant cubicle and closed the door behind her. They stood squashed in the cubicle and Narcissa’s heart was thumping with the adrenaline that coursed through her veins.

Ginny hissed a concealment charm around them to stop any muggles from hearing them. She doubted anyone would hear them anyway given the noise.

“What on earth? Narcissa Malfoy?”

“Ginny Weasley.”

“You’re... lesbian?! Are you joking? I thought you were still married to Lucius Malfoy who, as far as I believe, is a man?!”

“I... I think so, yes. I... I’m attracted to women... very much, but haven’t been able to express that. I.. I don't label it.” Narcissa stuttered, still in shock. “But might I ask you the same question? The last I heard of you was that you’d broken up with Potter.”

“Yeah, why’d you think? Break up with Potter and find me in a lesbian club.”

Narcissa laughed. “Look, I don’t want to cause you any trouble. I’m just here to... finally have some fun.”

“And here I was thinking you were an uptight bitch.”

“That’s what you were led to believe.” Narcissa chuckled.

“HEY! Stop shagging in there! I need a fucking wee!” A girl screamed from behind the door.

Narcissa turned red and Ginny dropped the charm. She hauled the door open.

“Alright, darling, take it!” Ginny said and pulled Narcissa out with her.

“So, are you with anyone?” Narcissa asked.

“Yeah some mu- I mean some friends. Nobody... you’d recognise.” Ginny said, mindful that there were muggle ears around. “Yourself?”

“I just met some women at the bar who invited me to dance.” Narcissa said.

“We should get all of us together. Say we know each other.” Ginny smirked.

That was precisely what they did. The older lesbians were having the time of their lives with Ginny’s friends and vice versa. A few of them were getting a bit carried away with themselves and snogging each other senseless. Ginny laughed and found herself stealing a glance at Narcissa. Narcissa tried not to stare at them snogging but found it hard to pull her eyes away. She felt a twinge of jealousy. Could she ever?

“Dance with me.” Ginny said into her ear. The music was deafening but she heard her voice over the music.

Narcissa and Ginny danced together, getting closer and closer together. They didn’t touch each other, but found as the music went on they were slowly getting to it. It was Ginny who put one of her legs near Narcissa’s and they started to press against one another. Narcissa couldn’t believe any of this was happening. The whole room disappeared and it was only her and Ginny’s bodies that were pressing together. She was so warm, so soft.

The music was unlike anything Narcissa had ever heard. The bass rang through her ears and she felt herself loosening to the sound. She moved her body in ways she’d never done before and felt the liberation she’d craved her entire life.

Amid all the dancing, Narcissa and Ginny kissed. So slowly, they had been inching closer and closer to each other until they slowed their movements into a kiss. They did not rush into one another but slowly inched their lips, bit by bit, to the other. They held each other and their lips danced together along with their bodies.

When they broke away, Ginny dipped her head to her ears and whispered if she wanted them to leave together. Narcissa nodded to her and Ginny smiled. They carried on dancing until the club started to throw them out. The friends Narcissa had made handed over their numbers and begged her to come out again. Ginny’s friends were firmly in their hands like putty and they gave Narcissa a look of thanks. Narcissa felt like she should have been thanking them. This is the complete opposite to how she’d expected the night to go.

When Narcissa and Ginny left the muggles, they felt like they could breathe again. They found a discreet backstreet alley to disapparate together. Narcissa had offered they go to the Manor and Ginny raised her eyebrows.

“Won’t your husband be there?” Ginny asked.

“No. He’ll be out himself tonight.” Narcissa said.

They disapparated to the Manor and they fell immediately into each other’s arms. The fireplace was lit and the front room was nice and warm to welcome them in. They fell immediately onto the couch and started to undress one another. They were remarkably slow about it, but their slow, langorous undressing of one another was so passionate that it almost made Narcissa cry with joy. Ginny felt her own eyes watering as Narcissa was revealed to her, garment by garment.

Ginny opened her legs and dipped her head to drink her. Narcissa, having held back her orgasm for so long, came slowly into her. Narcissa lifted herself slowly, letting her hair fall behind her, before meeting her lips. She could taste herself on Ginny’s lips and it only fired her passion even more. They led each other near the fire, completely bare, and almost instinctively lay tangled together. They dipped to each other’s core and licked each other beside the light and warmth of the fire. Their limbs twisted together, as though they were trying to meld into one another.

After going into a steady rhythm of making each other come, they were delirious. They were dragged out of their delirium when they heard the distinctive ‘pop’ of someone arriving by apparition.

“Fuck, fuck, now!” they heard a voice reach them.

“Steady on, my dear.” The all-too familiar drawl.

Narcissa and Ginny raised their heads from each other’s pussies to look at the intruders. To Narcissa’s relief, it was only Lucius with his new piece. She didn’t think Draco would take kindly to his parents’ new exploits. He simply wouldn’t have understood.

Ginny gaped openly at the scene. Lucius heard movement and broke contact immediately. He looked down and saw his wife, naked, entangled with an equally naked Ginny Weasley. He smirked down at them and commended his wife for following her fantasies.



“You know what? I’m not even going to ask.” Ginny said.

“Neither am I.” Hermione replied, holding onto Lucius’ shoulders.

“Neither will we, I suspect.” Narcissa eyed Lucius.

“Miss. Weasley. Cissa.” Lucius inclined his head. “Care to join us?”

Narcissa and Ginny laughed almost simultaneously. Hermione’s eyes widened and they laughed even harder. Lucius raised his eyebrows at them. He wasn’t joking.

“No, I don’t think we will, Lucius.” Narcissa said, eyeing Ginny. “Not after we have just discovered each other.”

Hermione found herself smiling down at them. Lucius lifted her from the floor and carried her up the stairs. Ginny and Narcissa laughed as they watched Hermione squeal and quickly returned to their own ministrations.

They finally made their own way to Narcissa’s bedroom and, thankfully, didn’t hear another peep from Hermione and Lucius. They carried on well into the night and could only assume that Hermione and Lucius had finished their fit of passion and fallen asleep.

Ginny and Narcissa were another story. They could have made slow, passionate love to one another all night and not tired from it. It was only in the early hours that they made eye contact. They fell into each other’s arms in the bed and slept, skin on skin, together.

When they woke up the next day, they simply smiled at one another.

“Now this is a sight I wouldn’t tire of seeing in the mornings.” Ginny winked as she looked down at Narcissa.

Chapter Text

Pansy still couldn’t believe she’d said yes to him. Everything happened so quickly and she started to wonder whether she’d made the right decision. How could he have sprung that on her like that? How could he, in such a boring moment, spring out a ring and get on one knee to ask if she’d marry him? How embarrassing. How embarrassing that she hadn’t seen it coming nor had she been able to gather her wits about her to give him a clear answer. She’d just blurted out a yes from the sheer shock of the situation.

He made love to her that night. He fucked her long and slow, and ate her out for a bit longer than he usually would. She pretended to come on his face and then she got up to blow him off.
“Pansy, Pansy... my wife... my wife...” Draco chanted as she deepthroated him.

She pumped him and thought... I’m not your wife yet. He came all over her and he fell to his knees on the bed. Pansy got up and started wiping away his come. She didn’t have the heart to tell him that she didn’t like the taste of his come.

Why had she said yes? Because she loved him? Or was it out of some strange sense of duty?

The next morning, Draco was out with his friends, who were all delighted to hear the news. Finally, their Draco was settling down.

Pansy didn’t tell anyone. She didn’t even tell Millicent Bulstrode. She sat near the fire and read until her eyes hurt. She wasn’t usually a reader, but she found that this was the only way she could empty her mind.

She couldn’t say no to him now. No. She kept rereading the same lines over and over and over again.

“Pansy, my dear.”

Pansy raised her head and responded immediately to the voice. She saw the soft face and the black clothes hanging from the small body.

Narcissa Malfoy didn’t ever seem to age. She was, by definition, ageless.

“My love, congratulations.”

“Thank you.”

Pansy closed the book in her hand and placed it to the side. She went to Narcissa and wrapped her arms around her slight form in an embrace.

“How are you feeling, truly?”


“Mhm. I understand completely.” Narcissa replied.

“But I feel ready, at the same time.”

“Oh, you do?”

Narcissa pulled away from her and traced her fingertips over Pansy’s face.

“My dear – it takes a toll. Submitting to a Malfoy.”

“It feels that way already.” Pansy said.

“Already? Then, my dear, you have no chance.”

Narcissa pulled away from her but Pansy grasped onto her wrist.

“What do you mean?”

“Submission, my dear. If you cannot handle submitting to him now, then you will crumble.”

“You had to submit to Lucius?”

“Of course.” Narcissa said. “Completely.”


“You’d like me to show you?” Narcissa smirked.

“Yes. Show me.” Pansy dared.

She had nothing to lose now. No dignity, no pride. Nothing.

Narcissa returned her fingers to her face and traced her lips and cheeks.

“Open.” Narcissa said and Pansy opened her mouth. “Tell me to stop if you would like for me to stop.”

Bizarrely, Pansy wanted her to do absolutely anything but stop what she was doing. She desperately wanted her to carry on.

Pansy sucked on Narcissa’s finger and waited for the other to enter. She coated her fingers in spittle and sucked on them. Narcissa moved her fingers away and told Pansy to unclothe herself.

Pansy removed all her clothes, bit by bit, as Narcissa watched her.

Naked, Pansy held Narcissa’s gaze as best as she could.

Narcissa started at her lips before descending down Pansy’s body with her tongue. She lingered at her breasts and Pansy was in heaven.

“Tell me I should stop.” Narcissa whispered, almost inaudibly.

“Do not stop.” Pansy said firmly.

Narcissa pushed her fingers into Pansy’s sodden core and started to pump her slowly, before touching her clit slightly. Pansy jerked at the contact and Narcissa pulled her fingers away.

“Please.” Pansy whimpered.

“So soon? My, my, my dear. You are in real need of submission.”

Narcissa led her, naked, away from the fireplace and upstairs. Pansy could barely walk.

“I want to see you.”

“You aren’t used to this, are you?” Narcissa smirked “Surely Draco does anything you want. He is used to submitting to you.”

Pansy couldn’t argue with that.

Narcissa lay her down on what must have been her double bed and spread out her legs. She spent an agonising amount of time on her thighs before starting to linger around the lips of her pussy.

“Your pussy is incredible.” Narcissa whispered.

Pansy couldn’t believe she was hearing these words from none other than Draco’s mother.

Pansy tried to take away Narcissa’s clothes but she pulled away. Anytime she tried to initiate anything, it was withdrawn. Everything was going by Narcissa’s pace and her’s alone.

Narcissa chose when to take away her clothes and she chose the pace at which Pansy was brought to her pleasure.

Pansy wanted to tell her to sit on her face but she knew that it wouldn’t happen if she said it. Instead, she completely submitted to what was happening.

Pansy came over and over again and was left edging for longer. Pansy wanted to make her come but Narcissa was left unsatisfied. It was only in the delirium of having came so many times that she turned blearily to Narcissa.

“I need to make you come. Please, please.”

“Are you asking nicely?”

“Yes. I’m asking you nicely if you’d let me make you come.”

Narcissa smiled down at her, almost tenderly. She undid Pansy’s bonds and her wrists were red and raw from what Narcissa had been doing to her.

Pansy knelt to Narcissa’s open legs as if she were praying to God. She took her own sweet time and let Narcissa grab her head to push her further in. Narcissa didn’t last long at all and she came squirting all over Pansy’s tongue. Pansy was between her legs for what felt like hours drawing out ceaseless pleasure.

“Fucking hell.” Narcissa moaned as she came again.

She got a hold of herself and got up again. Narcissa got out her wand and pointed it at Pansy. Pansy froze for a second before realising what she was doing. Narcissa pointed the wand at her pussy and she watched as a cock started to form between her legs.

Pansy lay down on the bed and spread out her legs. Narcissa had magicked up a huge cock, much bigger than Draco’s, and Pansy wondered whether it would fit the whole way. She relaxed her muscles with deep breaths and watched as Narcissa knelt over her.

Narcissa lifted her legs and put them on her own shoulders. Pansy felt her legs on Narcissa’s shoulders and she moaned in anticipation.

Narcissa started pushing her head into Pansy and she could already feel how huge she would be. Narcissa could feel everything from this new body part and she closed her eyes in rapture. She pushed further in and Pansy was welcoming her in from how sodden she was.

Narcissa took a bottle of lube from having magicked it up with her wand and started to lube her up. Pansy felt her pushing in further and she creased her eyebrows. She was stretching her out and she loved it.

Narcissa was fully inside of her and Pansy exhaled in wonder.

Pansy looked down at where they were joined and then up at Narcissa. The sight of her breasts and her cock inside of her was almost enough to make her come then and there.

Narcissa developed a steady pace and started pounding into her. Pansy watched as her huge dick pounded into her and her breasts swaying as she did so. She came with one sweep of her clit and Narcissa almost came herself. She restrained herself and carried on pounding into her. Pansy rode out her orgasm before they switched positions.

Pansy went on her hands and knees and Narcissa was behind her. She entered her from behind and started pounding into her again. Pansy felt Narcissa grasping onto her hair and she started fucking her relentlessly. Pansy shrieked out her orgasm as Narcissa pulled her hair and Narcissa, overcome by this, came in huge spurts inside of her.

Pansy collapsed and Narcissa lay beside her.

“That was submission?” Pansy exhaled.


“He could never have done that to me. It was you.” Pansy said.

“Yes, I know.”

“I can’t marry him.” Pansy said, looking dead into Narcissa’s eyes.

Narcissa met her eyes and smirked. “No, I don’t think you can after that.”

Chapter Text

Hermione and Narcissa were sat by the fireplace in each other’s arms and started, quite naturally, to discuss their sex life.

“Tell me what you’ve fantasised about.” Hermione said to her.


“Please.” Hermione pucked up her lips and raised her eyes to her.

“I... I’ve imagined seeing you with other people. Nobody specific, just voyeurism.”

“Oh? So seeing me get off with other people?”

“Mhm. I didn’t want to say anything much... of course, I want you all to myself, but I’ve wondered recently what it’d be like to have a third in our midst.” She said.

“That’s hot.” Hermione smirked. “It seems we’re on the same page.”



“You’re making me wet now. Feel.” Narcissa said. Hermione dipped her fingers into Narcissa’s core and she was sodden.

Hermione started to pump her and whisper about having someone else sucking her. Narcissa came in moments and this was satisfaction enough for Hermione.

Narcissa led Hermione to beside the fireplace and they completely removed each other’s clothes. They lay down and dipped their heads to each other’s pussies. They started to drink each other and they noticed that they were both noticeably wetter than usual. All this talk of fantasies was helping their love life already.

“Well, well, what do we have here?” A voice reached them.

Narcissa and Hermione lifted their heads from each other’s pussies and came eye to eye with none other than Bellatrix Lestrange.

“Well, what is this, ladies? Care to explain?” Bellatrix tutted.

“Bella, I can explain.” Narcissa said.

“You’re here, eating some mudblood cunt, and I’m out there slaving away trying to redeem myself in front of those Ministry idiots?” Bellatrix laughed. “I suppose all I needed to do was eat some myself and I’d be fine.”

“I don’t work for the Ministry.” Hermione said.

“Ha! I suppose not now. You want each other so much?”

“Yes.” Narcissa said.

“Admirable. Well, Narcissa, I’m rather offended you didn’t ask me to join you.”

Hermione’s jaw almost dropped to the floor.

“Join you?”


Hermione could barely admit now that she’d fantasised about this for far longer than she cared to say. Hermione locked eyes with Narcissa and their eyes lit up.

“Care to join us now?” Narcissa piped up.

Bellatrix laughed. “At long fucking last.”

The three women came together and both Hermione and Narcissa started to take away Bellatrix’s clothes. They were already delirious from bringing each other to their orgasms but they felt even more so by coming face to face with their ultimate fantasy of a third, and that being Bellatrix now.

Bellatrix smirked from one woman to the other and couldn’t quite believe what was happening to her. She was loving every second. They tore away at her clothes and she let them all fall. They made their way upstairs, naked, to the bedroom.

Hermione hauled out all of their sex toys and Bellatrix grinned widely at them. Bellatrix, having not come yet, lay down on the double bed and spread out her legs. Hermione and Narcissa both went to behold her dripping wet pussy and Hermione dipped her fingers to feel her. Bellatrix jolted at the touch and Narcissa started rubbing her stomach gently. They felt her up for a while before Bellatrix was practically begging them for more. She was so verbal in her need that they couldn’t deny her anymore.

Narcissa dipped her head to taste her and Bellatrix moaned. Hermione started moving her fingers inside of her and Narcissa was circling her clit with her tongue. It was in no time at all that Bellatrix came loudly for them.

Hermione went back to Bellatrix again and they started to kiss. Narcissa watched them, entranced that her fantasy was coming to life. Bellatrix took one of the dildos on the bed and lay Hermione down. She spat on it and ran it through her fingers before pushing it up inside of Hermione. She started pumping it and pressed it on to vibrate.

“You like that, Granger? You like that?” Bellatrix whispered. She turned blearily to Narcissa but Narcissa urged her to carry on without her. She yearned to watch them only. Hermione came around the dildo and shrieked out her orgasm.

Hermione pulled Narcissa in and begged her to be with Bellatrix. Narcissa took a strap on and strapped it around her torso. Bellatrix was delirious and lay down to be fucked.

“Granger, sit on my face.” Bellatrix said.

Narcissa smirked before pushing open Bellatrix’s legs. Hermione positioned her pussy above Bellatrix’s face and descended. At the same time, Narcissa started to push into Bellatrix. She developed a steady pace and rubbed along her clit with her fingers.

Hermione ground herself against Bellatrix’s face and Bellatrix, combined with being fucked, came around Narcissa. Hermione felt her contracting beneath her and she came all over her face.

“Let’s not forget our Cissy.” Bellatrix said blearily after Hermione came off her face.

Hermione and Bellatrix directed their attentions completely to Narcissa. They lay her down on the bed and Bellatrix started sucking on her. Hermione played with her breasts, pinched them and suckled them as Bellatrix drank her. She came as Hermione was kissing her and Bellatrix was sucking her.

Bellatrix took another strap on and wrapped it around her torso. Narcissa was delirious with desire and couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Bellatrix ordered her to get on her hands and knees.

“And suck Granger, hard. You know how she likes it.” Bellatrix said.

Narcissa flipped over onto her hands and knees and Bellatrix approached her from behind. Hermione spread open her legs and Narcissa dipped her head to her pussy. Hermione was already sodden again and sensitive from the amount of times she’d already come. She watched as Bellatrix started entering Narcissa from behind and Narcissa groaned against her.

Narcissa felt Bellatrix entering her and then develop a steady pace. Hermione had already come once from the sight and the feel of Narcissa against her. Bellatrix fucked her harder and harder and slapped her arse as she did so. Bellatrix reached for Narcissa’s clit beneath her and rubbed. Narcissa barely needed it and she came strongly around her. She came and groaned hard onto Hermione’s pussy. Hermione came again and Bellatrix watched them, satisfied, slumping down.

Bellatrix took away the strap on and started to touch herself. She rubbed herself hard and both Hermione and Narcissa were at her again. They lay her down and Hermione spat on her sodden core. Narcissa took the strap on and put it back on. She brought it to Bellatrix’s throat and she started pushing it into her. Bellatrix opened her mouth and Hermione was already starting to push into her with another strap on. Hermione started fucking her and Narcissa was pushing the strap-on deep into her throat.

Bellatrix came and Narcissa took it out of her throat. Hermione made room for Narcissa to push herself into Bellatrix’s other hole and they both fucked her in both holes. Bellatrix was delirious by how much they filled her and they rubbed along her clit as they did so. She screamed out the strongest orgasm she thought she’d ever give and they came out of her.

The women lay down together on the huge bed and Bellatrix lay between Narcissa and Hermione. Their sweating naked bodies tangled together and they shared a laugh. It was one of release and also disbelief. They took the covers and snuggled together. They would trace circles across each other’s bodies and kiss each other tenderly. The three witches held each other tightly and knew that they would never be able to let go.