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Chapter 1: Refined


When Rin had first come across Sesshomaru in the woods when she was ten years old, she told herself that one day, she was going to marry the beautiful and stoic yokai who had the ethereal beauty of a god. 


At first, it was merely childish adoration and veneration. Sesshomaru-Sama was a powerful being who made everyone tremble in his power. Rin knew that he hated humans. Well, all humans except her. 


“Sesshomaru-Sama, would you like to try some of the berries that I picked?” 


No response. But Rin hadn’t expected one. Even though her companion and protector didn’t say much, he always spoke volumes with his actions. When Rin looked away, three of her ten plump and juicy strawberries were gone. 


She beamed at the powerful demon, who was looking away from her; but Rin could tell that he was looking away on purpose. She giggled before swiping up a berry and breaking into its juicy skin with her teeth. The juice splashed across her mouth like blood. Was that what Sesshomaru-Sama looked like when he killed his foes?


No, Rin shook her head emphatically.


Sesshomaru-Sama was much too refined for such base and messy killing. 

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Chapter 2: Comfort


Storms frightened Rin. It was storming the night the bandits killed her parents and brothers. In her short time with Sesshomaru-Sama and Jaken-Sama, Rin felt relieved that there were no nighttime thunderstorms. 


Unfortunately, luck seemed to have run out for her. 


It was a muggy spring night and the search for Naraku had been at a standstill, which made Sesshomaru-Sama slightly more irritable than usual. 


Rin had learned quickly that when Sesshomaru-Sama was in one of these particular moods, then it was best to just leave him be. 


Which would be fine on any other night. 


Except that it was getting ready to storm. 


Rin watched as lightning flashed over the tree lines of their woodland camp, as dark ominous storm clouds gathered over the full moon. 


Rin shivered but it had nothing to do with the warm unusually stuffy spring evening. 


Where was Sesshomaru-Sama? He usually came back at night. Rin turned to Jaken to ask him, but to her great frustration, he was sound asleep. She watched him for a second, momentarily distracted by the large snot bubble that ballooned up when he let out a particularly large snore. If it were any other time she would have teased him about it when he awoke, or perhaps she would try to pop the bubble with a stick. Just to see what would happen. 


But not tonight. 


A large clap of thunder cracked and Rin let out a small whimper. 




She whirled around. “Sesshomaru-Sama!” She cried, running to him and jumping into his arms. Cuddling into Moko-Moko (a lovely habit of hers which Master Jaken had always tried to discourage), she breathed in the comforting woodland scent of her Sesshomaru-Sama. 


Picking her up gently, Sesshomaru made his way to the large oak tree by the fire and sat down, keeping her nestled in his lap. 


She looked up at him, biting her lip, tears forming in her eyes. 


“What ails you, Rin?”


“Rin is scared of storms.” she whispered. 


Sesshomaru furrowed his brows in slight confusion. “Why Rin?” 


She ducked her head, feeling embarrassed as hot tears welled in her eyes. “Because it was storming when the bandits killed my mama and papa…” she hiccuped,  her hot tears now falling freely. “And brothers.” 


Sesshomaru said nothing, but rather he tucked her tightly into his Moko-Moko. 


“Sesshomaru-Sama?” she looked up at him questioningly. He had never been so tender with her before.


“You needn’t cry anymore, Rin.” His expression was as serene as ever as he gazed off at the flashes of light before them. 


Rin understood. Sesshomaru-Sama will always protect me. 


She didn’t have to cry anymore, because Sesshomaru-Sama was here. And that was enough for Rin to doze off in his arms, her dreams free of night robbers and her dead family. 


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Chapter 3: Simple Girl 


“Jaken-Sama, let’s race!” 


“When are you going to grow up, Rin!” Jaken squawked. 


It took everything in Rin not to grow annoyed at Sesshomaru-Sama’s retainer. Unlike Sesshomaru-Sama, Jaken-Sama could be downright annoying. 


“Huh?” Rin blinked. “But I am growing up, Jaken-Sama. Didn’t you see the new kosode that Sesshomaru-Sama gave to me?” She twirled around in the lovely magenta coloured kosode, its fabric moving as graceful as wings on a butterfly. 




“Where is Sesshomaru-Sama anyway?” she asked, as she plopped down into the tall grass of the flower field that they were in. 


“Probably trying to shake off that useless wind witch that keeps following us.” Jaken grumbled. 


“Oh…” Rin looked at the white daisy in her hand. “Jaken-Sama, do you think that Sesshomaru-Sama likes Kagura?” 


Jaken jumped up. “Don’t be stupid, you simple girl! Our Lord Sesshomaru would not bother with a being that has the same stench as Naraku. Don’t let our Lord hear you ask such silly questions!” 


Rin wasn’t sure why, but she smiled at that. 


"Right...I'm sorry, Jaken-Sama!" 

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Chapter 4: Honey 



The first time that Rin noticed Sesshomaru-Sama’s Most High Mother,  she was very taken aback by just how  beautiful the demon who spawned Sesshomaru was. The female Daiyokai had eyes that were so eerily similar to her Sesshomaru. However, while Sesshomaru’s eyes were noticeably a softer gold, The Great Mother’s eyes were what seemed to be made of a golden material that was thawed from ice.  


Rin looked over at Jaken, who was looking particularly nervous about being in the presence of such a powerful being as their Lord Sesshomaru’s High Mother. 


As Sesshomaru stepped up, he murmured a soft request into Rin’s ear, that cause goosebumps to ravage her body. “Stay close to me, Rin.” 


From the intense look in his eyes, Rin figured that it was best to not question her Lord during such a tense family meeting. 


“Step closer, dear.” The Most High Lady purred, as she motioned to Rin. “I mean you no harm.” Rin, to Sesshomaru’s immense pride, moved forward in small dainty steps towards his Lady Mother. 


The Most High Lady touched Rin’s cheek with cold but gentle fingers, as she turned Rin’s cheek from left to right. 


“Well, Sesshomaru. It appears as if you have proven that you are more like your Great and Terrible Father in more ways than one.”


Sesshomaru said nothing. The preceding Lady of the West let out a world-wear sigh, as a giant portal opened up, much like it did when the Old Sword smith Demon, Totosai, embedded the new powers into the Tenseiga. 


As Sesshomaru gazed in awe at his somewhat perfect sword, Rin felt the fierce jaws of some sort of beast that was not her Sesshomaru-Sama grip tightly around her waist like she was getting hard bones jammed into various parts of her body, including her neck. Before Rin could cry out for help, her mind went into the dark abyss of nothingness. 


Rin had imagined death since she first witnessed her parents brutally cut up, her mother raped, and her brothers beheaded. If this was death…well, she was relieved that it was a damn reprieve from what her poor family had to go through. 


Darkness covered her, and Rin, the next thing that Rin became aware of was….




Awareness had evaporated and so had Sesshomaru-Sama, Jaken-Sama, and the Lady Mother. 


Rin ceased to exist. 


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Chapter 6: Wishes


In the days that followed Rin's second untimely death, Sesshomaru-Sama had remained close to her, his posture and stiff expression more like a vigilant guard dog than the most powerful Demon of Edo and of the West. 


Even Master Jaken had been unusually kind to her, even going so far as to bring her an assortment of her favourite mushrooms and some out of season berries. 


It was all very confusing to Rin. 


At night, Sesshomaru-Sama had made sure that she was tucked tightly into his Moko-Moko while he stared up at the stars, his golden eyes deep and thoughtful. 


Sometimes, when Rin couldn’t sleep due to her nightmares, she stared at the midnight sky with him too. Sometimes, she would even see a shooting star. 


Not that she would point that out to Sesshomaru-Sama. 


But still ever the child, Rin leaned against the strong body of Sesshomaru-Sama and made her wish; the same wish that she had always made upon every shooting star that she could possibly see with her weak human eyes:


To be with her Sesshomaru-Sama forever and ever.

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Chapter 6: Dangerous


As time passed, it was hard for Rin to not become annoyed with the Wind Witch, Kagura. Kagura, who had always found a way to use Sesshomaru-Sama to suit her needs in one way or another. 


Was she jealous? Rin looked down at her still developing body. She didn’t have hips, or breasts or even a bottom like Kagura. 


“Master Jaken?” Rin asked one day as they were out of earshot of their Lord (or so they had thought). 


“What is it now, Rin?” Jaken’s voice was world-weary and quite frankly, cranky. 


“Will I ever become a woman like that Kagura?” 


Far ahead, Sesshomaru-Sama answered, and while his voice was flat, Rin knew that his eyes were telling a different story. 


“Rin, you do not carry the stench of that Wind Witch.”


Rin could have almost cheered. So Sesshomaru-Sama did like her better!


Smiling, Rin continued to ride on A-Un, singing various made up songs, just like she did as a child. 


Maybe one day she would have hips, and breasts, and a large bottom, and Sesshomaru-Sama would desire her. 


She squirmed a little in her seat. 


As much as she hoped so, Rin knew that hope was a dangerous thing for a girl like her to have. (1). 






1: Paraphrased from a Lana del Rey song “Hope is a Dangerous Thing for a Woman Like Me to Have. 

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Chapter 7: Defiance


Though she was but a human, Rin felt that she was a demon at heart. There was no camaraderie between her and, as Master Jaken liked to annoyingly remind her, her kind


That is why Rin sat apart from the other children in the cave. Was she really meant to be a part of their group at all? Rin hated herself for feeling this way, but had any of them suffered the way that she had suffered? Did they all have mothers, fathers, and grandmothers at home worried sick because a “big bad demon” kidnapped them? 


A demon who, by the looks of him, was no match for her Lord Sesshomaru.


Let the children mock her. Rin knew that her Lord would come. 


Her Lord Sesshomaru always come. 


She was his, and she knew that he did not take kindly into sharing his possessions with others. 


Rin's lip curled slightly, yet another habit that she had picked up from her Master. “ Low and weak humans who thought that they could best her Lord…


She was broken out of her rather dark reverie when a non-descriptive and unremarkable boy cried out to the head Monk that she had encountered in the forest the day before. 


“It’s her! She said that she is friends with a Great Demon!” 


Rin took a deep breath and stood defiantly. They would have to kill her to keep her away from her Lord. 


She was his


And now, looking at the Monk’s foolish face, Rin had a sudden realization: 


Her Sesshomaru-Sama was hers, too. 

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Chapter 8: Foolish


Gravestones and memorial markers always held a special place in Rin’s heart. She thought that it was absolutely wonderful that the living could pay tribute to their loved ones, either through the earth or through a shrine. 


For Rin, she had none of that. 


Her parents and brothers…their remains were most likely becoming part of the soil by now; the soil that nourishes the flowers. 


The flowers that Rin so very much loved. 


As she and Sesshomaru-Sama stopped at the top of a lonesome hill with three desolate grave markers, Rin quickly rushed over to them, hoping to see a story on them. Unfortunately, time, as always was not on her side.  Looking up, Rin was surprised to see that Jaken was gone. Looking up at her Lord, she was also surprised to see that he was observing her with an unreadable expression on his beautiful face. 


She decided to take the bait.


“Lord Sesshomaru?” she asked, keeping her large brown eyes determined focused on one of the more withered away headstones?


“What is it?” 


She was surprised that he had answered so quickly. That was quite unlike him. Looking up at him, she connected her brown eyes with his golden eyes. 


“Will you remember me when I die?” 


Rin had expected a scoff, a rebuff, or even Sesshomaru ignoring the question all together. None of those reactions were out of the ordinary for him. 


Instead, he looked at her with…anguish? It was a look that Rin had never seen upon her Sesshomaru’s face. It was as if he  just had a realization. An epiphany, as Master Jaken would call it. 


Finally, he answered, before looking determinedly away. “Don’t say such silly things.” 


Rin gave a small smile. “Yes, I guess it was a silly question, Lord Sesshomaru.” 


After all, one day, you will find and marry a beautiful demoness to help you rule your land, while I am forever sullied as a spinster or worse, alone in an unhappy marriage. 


“Rin?” Sesshomaru’s stern voice broke through her depressing thoughts.


“Don’t think such foolish things.” 


Rin’s face heated up. Had he heard her…her innermost thoughts?


Nevertheless, she smiled. “Yes, my Lord!” 


And it could have been her imagination, but Rin thought that she could see just the tiniest smile graze her impenetrable Lord’s features. 

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Chapter 9: Fury

Seeing a powerful being such as Sesshomaru brought Rin down to her knees. Her Lord, her Savior, her—her reason for living was engulfed by Magatsuhi. 


The whole situation made Rin furious. 


She was furious for being a human, furious that she wasn’t strong enough to help her Sesshomaru-Sama, and furious at herself, for not being able to do anything but cry, as her Savior—her protector—her everything was engulfed into Magatshi’s body.


Rin screamed and it took both the Monk and the Demon Slayer to hold her back. Jaken was beside himself, but Rin was thirsty for revenge. That being who hurt—not ki—no, Sesshomaru-Sama was still alive, she held fast and pressed out every piece of her heart and her soul, pushing it towards Sesshomaru-Sama.


Rin had never really believed in miracles. After living a rough and dangerous life, she saw no need for them. 


But when she saw her Lord burst out of Magatsuhi with not only a new sword, but his new arm, as well, Rin quickly changed her opinion.


The only miracle that existed for her was her Sesshomaru-Sama. And he just proved that he was stronger than anything that Naraku could send at him.


His clothing was singed and he was bleeding, but he was alive. As she ran towards him, they said nothing to one another, but they didn’t need to. 


Brown met gold and it was at that moment, that they both, more than ever, understood each other.

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Chapter 10: Tears


He had said that she must first learn to live among humans before she chose to live among demons. Rin didn’t understand his logic and she was feeling rather betrayed by Sesshomaru- Sama’s command to her. 


As tears ran down her full and still childish cheeks, she begged for Sesshomaru-Sama to change his mind. 


She never expected him to. He was much too set in his ways. She always knew this about him. She always knew how kind he could be—


This kindness emerged when he gently brushed her many tears away with the surprisingly soft pad of his thumb—soft, despite the many battles that he had fought and the many swords that he had handled. 


“Rin.” Sesshomaru-Sama had such a beautiful and commanding voice. She would never fail to be enthralled by it. “Grow and prosper, little Rin. I will be here—” he placed his hand on her heart, surely feeling the fast beating rhythm of it. “---For as long as you need me to be, Rin.”


Rin threw her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly. His eyes were gentle as he returned her embrace, though his arms were careful and uncharacteristically gentle. 


“Always, Sesshomaru-Sama.” she declared.


“But you must choose, Rin.” His voice was firm and bid no arguments. 


Rin nodded. “Rin will choose.” 

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Chapter 11: Cold


Fall quickly fell into winter and despite Rin’s early protestations, she fell into village life with a rather quick ease. 


However, nothing prepared her for the cold and harsh nights of winter. Last winter she was curled up in Moko-Moko; her futon from Sesshomaru-Sama, however soft and plush, was a pale comparison to the warmth that her Lord provided. 


Rin shivered and held her knees tightly to her chest, willing herself to become warm. It must have worked, because she suddenly felt a warmth. 


A very familiar warmth. 


Opening her eyes, she smiled, feeling not only a warmth of her body, but a warmth in her heart, as well. 


Rin closed her eyes once again, pulling his Moko-Moko around her tightly. Somehow she knew Sesshomaru-Sama was near. 


And that was enough. 

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Chapter 12: Tired

Rin let out a frustrated sigh. All this week she had been tired. Wait-no-tired wasn’t the right word. She had been outright exhausted. 


Even when Sesshomaru-Sama came to visit her a few days ago, she laid her head on his shoulder, dozing off against him. 


But she couldn’t shake off the facial expression that he had made when he first saw her. It was unlike any expression that he had ever made before. Although stoic, his deep golden eyes held two distinct emotions: 


Relief and Dread. 


She just wished she knew why. 

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Chapter 13: Dying


Rin felt terrible. For the past several days, her lower stomach felt as if it was going to fall out. Was she getting sick? She wasn’t sure. Her barely budding breasts were sore and she felt hungry and nauseous at the same time.

She needed to ask Kaede.

What if she was dying?

No, Lord Sesshomaru wouldn’t let her die. Would he? Or was she just stuck in some foolish human fancy.

Rin felt hot tears sting her eyes.

“Lord Sesshomaru, will you remember me if I die?”

“Don’t say such silly things.”

For the first time in her life, Rin felt a certain existential dread.

Now she just had to find Kaede; hopefully the wise old priestess would be able to ease her grief.

But it didn’t stop the hot tears streaming down her face as the pains of her lower stomach raged war against her body.

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Chapter 14: Talks


“Rin, whatever is the matter?” Kaede’s eye widened in slight surprise at her ward’s almost hysterical expression that was unlike anything Kaede had ever seen on Rin before. 


“Kaede, am I dying?” Rin’s voice was hushed as if she were talking amidst a funeral. 


“Dying?” Now Kaede’s brow was furrowed in confusion. “Rin, why ever do ye think that ye are dying?” 


Hot tears were now streaming down Rin’s cheeks and the pain in her lower abdomen was now unbearable. Not to mention she felt something odd and wet between her legs. Did she wet herself? Rin flushed. How embarrassing. 


“Rin!” Kaede’s firm voice shook Rin out of her thoughts. Then, before Rin could answer, Kaede saw a small but rather noticeable dark spot that covered the lower front of Rin’s summer kosode. 


Trying hard not to chuckle, Kaede asked: “Rin has Lord Sesshomaru or the Little Imp ever talked about a Moon Cycle with ye?” 


At Rin’s blank look, Kaede sighed. 


Indeed, it would have been borderline madness to imagine Lord Sesshomaru giving a talk to Rin about her inevitable monthly bleeding. 


Such was life. 


So Kaede gathered that it would be up to her and her alone to give Rin the talk of blossoming womanhood. 


And she needed to write Lord Sesshomaru a letter. 

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Chapter 15: Red


Rin sighed as she ran the old hemp cloth against her sore body, wincing slightly when she ran it between her legs. She brought the fabric back up to see the cloth now soaked with her Moon’s Blood. 


Whoever said womanhood was fun!


Moving to the edge of the riverbank, Rin laid her head down against the soft grass and closed her eyes. She wondered what Lord Sesshomaru would think when he read Kaede’s letter about her Moon’s Blood. Would he be disgusted? How did demons react toward a human woman’s Moon Cycle? 


Would he leave her? Deem her too old to follow him? 


Rin felt her breath become shallow in her panic.


So caught up in her panic, she did not hear the rustle that was coming from a nearby berry brush.

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Chapter 16: Blood Lily 


“My, my what a lovely flower we have here.” His cold and smooth voice sent tremors through her body and she began to shiver. His pale skin and dark blue hair were ethereal, but Rin could tell right away that this demon was not as honourable as Lord Sesshomaru was. 


Rin opened her mouth to speak—to tell this demon to back off or to call for her Lord, but she couldn’t. Her mouth had gone dry and she found herself unable to make even a sound. 


Rin backed away from the demon and moved further into the riverbank. Unfortunately at that precise moment the wind changed directions and to Rin’s horror, the demon sniffed the air and his eyes had gone blood red. 


“It seems that I have found not just a lovely and innocent lily,” he hissed as his yokai energy took over. “But a rare blood lily. A maiden on the cusp of womanhood.” 


She had to call Sesshomaru-Sama. 


In a flash, the demon was in the river and only a mere few feet from her, his fangs bared. His face had turned hideous and gaunt. He was so unlike her Lord. 


“I shall mark you as mine!” The demon made a lunge for her and Rin, fueled by her months as her old village’s scapegoat managed to jump back. 


Seizing the demon’s surprise to her advantage, Rin raised two fingers to her lips and let out the loudest whistle that she could produce. 

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Chapter 17: Vicious


It was almost frightening at how quickly Sesshomaru-Sama had appeared after she whistled. One moment, the frighteningly pale and blue haired demon was advancing quickly toward and the next minute there was Sesshomaru-Sama, standing in front of her, staring down at the inferior demon, his eyes as red as blood and his marks erratically jagged across his fine cheekbones. 


Rin had never seen her Lord in a state of primal viciousness. Her Lord did not even deign himself to speak to the demon; in fact, the only noise coming from him was a low and ominous vibration that sent goosebumps up and down Rin’s body. 


Apparently, the demon who accosted her could hear the vibrations as well. His face had a look of abject terror on it and Rin watched as a yellow stream of liquid trickled down his pale leg. 


“L-Lord Se-Sesshomaru!” he gasped. “My Lord, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize this g-girl was yours! Have mercy, my Lord!” 


But Rin knew that her Sesshomaru-Sama would show him no mercy and Rin knew better than to step in on the poor wretched  demon’s behalf. 


Her Lord did not even bother to draw Bakusaiga. Instead, he lunged forward and with his sharp claws he dug into the demon’s chest cavity. 


There was an awful screech as the demon’s life fled from his body and there was a moist squelching noise as Sesshomaru moved his hand around the dead demon’s chest cavity. Finding what he was looking for, Sesshomaru pulled back, letting the body drop unceremoniously into the river. 


Rin watched in numb fascination as the river slowly melded from clear blue to a rust red. Looking up, Rin met the red demonic eyes of her savior and watched him with bold abandon as he brought up the large and juicy heart to his lips, his fangs pressing into it as his lips curved into a rather sinister smirk.  


Rin let out a breath that she wasn’t aware of holding.


She had never seen a more beautiful sight than her vicious Sesshomaru-Sama.

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Chapter 18: Modesty


It seemed as if an eternity had passed before Rin broke her eye contact with Sesshomaru-Sama. His eyes had long gone back to golden and his expression to her was soft and almost tender, as he dropped the now dried up heart into the river, as if it were no more than a castoff thing. 


Walking up to Rin, Sesshomaru ran his clawed hand along her cheek and neckline, stopping right at her collarbone. Resting his right hand on her shoulder, he looked down at her body, his face blank and unreadable. 


With a growing flush, Rin realised that in the commotion and excitement, she had forgotten that she was still wearing her white bathing yukata. 


She barely had time to flush in embarrassment when she felt something soft and dry drape around her. 


Sesshomaru stood tall and proud in front of her now only in his hakama. 


Rin felt herself grow hot for a completely new reason, but she found herself smiling as she drew the fine silk that was Sesshomaru-Sama’s closer to her body. 

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Chapter 19: Impending


They stood quietly in the clearing, the only noise being the river trickling steady in the background. 


While being covered with Sesshomaru’s kimono was still better than being naked, it still left room for Rin to feel self conscious. After all, the same fabric that was against her bare skin was also pressed against Sesshomaru’s naked body. 


Finally, Sesshomaru spoke. 


“Your moon cycle started.” It wasn’t a question. 


Rin found no need to lie to him or to pretend to possess fake modesty. Sesshomaru despised liars. 


“Yes, my Lord.” her voice was steady and unwavering. 


“You must stay with the priestess.” 


Rin furrowed her brow in confusion. 


“Forever.” he amended, looking away. 


From a distance, Rin could hear the cry of a whippoorwill.  

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Chapter 20: Silent


Rin stared at the roof of the hut despising that she was born both human and female.  Both of which were the reason that Sesshomaru-Sama had turned her away. 


Closing her eyes, Rin willed herself to float away. It had been days since she had eaten but she felt no hunger. Just vast emptiness. 


Even Kaede was at a loss on how to heal such a devastating heartbreak. 


Rin felt her chapped lips melded together and it was as if she were mute again. Somehow this loss felt more devastating than her parents and brothers. 


They were her family but Sesshomaru-Sama was her life. 


Outside the world was silent. 

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Chapter 21: Tangles


She had laid there for days. Her once soft silky hair had become full of tangles and knots; she couldn’t help but compare those tangles to her life. 


Finally, on the fifth day, Kagome took her to the nearby river. Easing her in as gently as she would a newborn, Kagome got in behind her and began washing her hair, gently running a comb through her tangled locks, making them smooth once more. 


She had even used various ointments that she had saved from when the well was open. 


“This will make your hair nice and smooth, Rin.” Kagome explained, holding up a white bottle of floral smelling ointment. “It will also help heal your hair from the tangles.” 


Rin tried to speak. She tried to thank Kagome. 


But all she could think about was that the jade comb that Kagome had run through her hair…


It was the very same jade comb that Sesshomaru had given her. 

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Chapter 22: Grief 


“You gave her a knife!?” She heard Kagome hiss from the futon next to hers. It had been an especially trying day for Rin–one where she especially missed Sesshomaru-Sama extra. It had been six long months. 


She still couldn’t speak. 


Kagome had insisted that Rin stay the night with her and Inuyasha. Rin had overheard her telling Inuyasha that she was worried Rin might bring harm to herself.


“Her grief is taking over her completely.” Kagome had fretted. 


“Inuyasha!” Kagome’s voice was trill. “Why did you give her that knife!? What if she—”


“Kagome, she needs to learn how to stand on her own feet without my asshole brother. That means protecting herself. She can’t yell–so what are we supposed to do?” 

“I hate your brother!” hissed Kagome vehemently. “What was he thinking!?!” 


Inuyasha didn’t respond. 


And Rin understood why. 


He didn’t know how to.

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Chapter 23:Regrets 


He was full of blood red fury. And he knew that this kind of indiscriminate fury could only be tamed by one—


He couldn’t even say her name. 


He regretted leaving her, but she was not only human—-she was also a woman now. 


He had no choice.


So he told himself as he lifted his Bakusaiga, shredding a large and dim-witted ogre. He relished in the pools of blood that poured through the beast’s thick neck. 


Sesshomaru could drown in this madness— his madness. 


The hideous demon fell to the hard ground with a resounding thud and Sesshomaru turned away. 


He was on the hunt for another unsuspecting demon. 


He wanted blood to flow. 


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Chapter 24: Euphoria


The adrenaline was the first positive emotion that she had coursing through her body since He had left her. 


Legs burning, Rin ran like she had never ran before. Not that she ever needed to. Unfortunately, after a year since the incident , it seemed more and more likely that the only person that she could rely on was herself. 


Which hurt her. 


But now, Rin found a new form of pain.


When her legs burned. When Inuyasha threw her down on the ground during their training sessions. The cuts that she had received from the rocks, the branches, and even her knife. Seeing her blood flow. 


It reminded her of what a disgusting human she was. 


Though he was stronger than she had ever hoped to be, as time progressed, there were times when Rin bested Inuyasha. 


Straddling him with the very knife that he had gifted her pressed to his neck. 


A small smile met his proud smirk. 


But no matter how many times that she succeeded, Rin knew that it would never be good enough. At least not for…not for the demon she craved every night as she nursed her various cuts and bruises.


After all, the physical pain was so little and inconsequential to the mental anguish she felt. But if one good thing had come about from this, it was that she was physically stronger. 


And she would continue to grow stronger. 


He would see one day. 


She was no weak human girl. 


Not anymore.

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Chapter 25: Benefactor


It was a hot summer day. Her birthday to be exact, or rather the day that He had saved her and brought her back to life. 


Like the god that he was. 


Kagome wanted to throw her a birthday, but after much pleading from Rin and a rare adamenish from Kaede, Rin was allowed to enjoy her birthday in peace. 


Peace for Rin these days was hard to come by. As she had blossomed into a girl of fourteen years, marriage was on the table for her. And it wasn’t just simple peasant boys, either. Rather human Lords, as well as Demon Lords sought out Kaede for her hand. 


None of it mattered to Rin.


None of these Lords were the one that she was waiting for. 


Hadn’t she promised those many years ago that she would always wait for him? 


She meant it. 


That evening, when she arrived back at her and Kaede’s hut with a large bounty of fresh berries and fish from that day, Kaede thanked her, but Rin immediately knew that something was off.


“Lady Kaede?” 


Kaede’s face was pinched and held an aura of disapproval as she handed Rin an elaborate jade box.




There was only one being in this entire world who could afford such luxuries. 


Opening it up, Rin was surprised to see the finest knife with a smooth ivory handle, as if it were carved from the bone of an exotic animal tusk. The blade was sharp and Rin felt immense power pulsating from it. 


Swallowing thickly, refusing to let her emotions get in the way, Rin shut the box and shoved it in the wardrobe that was also the bane of her existence. 


The kimonos, kosodes, and fine daggers…what did they matter if she didn’t even get to see him? 




It meant nothing. 


He was no longer Sesshomaru-Sama, but a nameless benefactor who seemed to assuage his guilt for abandoning her through presents. 


And Rin was not his little girl anymore. 


That was her birthday wish.

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Chapter 26: 


She couldn’t sleep that night. A thunderstorm was fast approaching, filling Rin with dread and longing. She remembered all of those months—or maybe they were years— when Sesshomaru-Sama held her in his arms. Knowing that she was frightened by the storm and the memories that it brought. 


Was she scared now? It was hard to say—lately though, it seemed like the only thing that she had been scared of losing forever had come to pass. So what use were bandits, thunderstorms, and murders as compared to betrayal? 


Stepping out the hut, Rin barely jumped when a large clap of thunder followed by fork lightning lit up the sky. 


Still she pressed on to the forest. 


Perhaps not the wisest place to be, but neither was life here. And yet, Sesshomaru-Sama didn’t seem to care. 


Finding the tallest tree in the forest–the Tree of Ages—Rin scaled it easily; her training with Inuyasha had clearly come in handy. 


As she reached the tallest branch that she could, Rin felt the branch swinging dangerously. A wild thrill of danger ran through her body, tickling her spine. 


Then she heard something–a rustle—a rustle that was clearly made for her to hear. 


Golden eyes mixed in with just the slightest green and brown met hers. 

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Chapter 27: Ai 


The being stepped out of the shadows and Rin was once again, in awe of her beauty. Were all Daiyokai this impossibly beautiful? 


The girl was petite, her eyes a mixture of green, gold, and small flecks of hazel. What struck Rin the most was that she had a crescent moon on her forehead–the same one that He and His Lady Mother adorned. The female had small purple stripes adorning her high cheekbones, but she did not carry herself in the dignified way that most Daiyokai of Sesshomaru’s calibre did. And oddly enough, her hair was a dark brown. 


“Are you Rin?” the young demoness called out, seemingly unbothered by the wind. 


Rin opened her mouth, but no words came out. 


The young demoness nodded, as if expecting this particular development. “Sesshomaru wishes to see you, Rin.” 


Funny that he never came to the village. Rin thought savagely. But she continued to sit on the tree branch, despite the wind and despite the lightning. 


The girl sighed—for she seemed to be nothing more than a girl—perhaps 12 in human years. “I knew it would come to this…” she muttered under her breath. 


Looking up at the rain soaked girl, who looked so frail, thin, and sick-- Sesshomaru’s sister  did the last thing that she could think of. 


“It’s getting rather late. Can I stay with you tonight?” Rin gave her a suspicious look, but the demoness held up her hands in an innocent gesture. “Just to dry off. I can’t fly like… the others. ” 


Rin nodded, jumping down from the tree branch, with an ease that amazed the demoness. 


“You’re Rin.” she said cheerfully. 


Rin nodded cautiously. 


Ai beamed; a total juxtaposition from her older brother’s mannerisms. “Well, Rin. I’m Ai. Sesshomaru’s only full sibling.”

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Chapter 28: Tea


“I haven’t had human tea in years!” Ai enthused as she sipped the mug that Kaede gave her gratefully. 


“Pray tell child, does your brother…”Kaede cast a careful look at a quiet Rin. “Does he know that you are here.” 


Ai sat down her cup, looking forlorn for the first time that night. “Sesshomaru is facing dilemma after dilemma. Our Mother means well, but…” 


She trailed off, looking determinedly at her tea. 


Rin’s voice, soft and rather hoarse from being unused, spoke in a rather uncharacteristically sharp voice. “Just tell us, please.” 


Ai gave a painful look at Rin. “Our Lady Mother is trying to force my brother into getting married.” 


The only sounds in the hut were Kaede calmly  sipping her green tea and Rin’s crashing on the floor as she stepped quickly out of the hut. 

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Chapter 29: Unwilling




“Sesshomaru, I understand the feelings that you have for this mortal girl, who has now become a woman. But look what happened to your Father. Do you honestly want the same fate befalling you.” 


“If it’s for Rin, then yes, Mother.” He sighed, looking away, showing his Mother the first sign of vulnerability in centuries. “I love her, Mother.” 


InuKimi sighed. “And I care for you, Sesshomaru. I want you safe and our kingdom comes first. Ai is taking care of your mortal girl for you.” 


Faster than even a demon’s vision could comprehend, Sesshomaru had his Mother around her throat, who looked simply…. bored. 


“She’s not going to hurt her.” 


“You both will pay for this.” Sesshomaru said, his voice barely above a whisper. “I will make sure of it.” 


InuKimi shrugged. “If that’s the way you feel about it, Sesshomaru. Keep her as a concubine. But keep this in mind son—will you choose your kingdom or her?” 


Without a further word, Sesshomaru took flight to Edo.

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Chapter 30: Reunion


It had only seemed like yesterday that Sesshomaru had just arrived to visit Rin in Edo, but one look at the village told Sesshomaru that time had passed by. New huts were built, while old ones that Sesshomaru vaguely remembered were torn down or crudely patched up. 


How did he ever allow his Rin, yes, his Rin, to live in a hovel such as this. It was disgraceful. 


As he predicted, as soon as he landed, his younger sister came out of the old priestess’ hut, looking at him furiously. 


But not as furious as he was at her. “What are you playing at Ai?” he snapped.


“What about you, Sesshomaru!” she screamed. It took all his will not to roll his eyes. Aristocracy could never seem to be hammered into Ai. 


Sesshomaru looked coldly at her and Ai returned the look. 


The two siblings would have probably spent the entire night baring their teeth and glaring, had a small and rather sickly girl walked out of the hut, clutching a thread worn yukata tightly to her thin frame. 



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Chapter 31: Second

Sesshomaru could only stare at just how sickly Rin looked. It was as if she was a little girl again, with bruises and broken teeth, finding a majestic Demon Lord in the woods—who was perhaps as bruised and battered as she, only in different ways. 


Time seemed to stand still as they stared at each other. 


Finally, Sesshomaru felt an emotion that he had only felt one other time:




He fell into Rin’s arms. 

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Chapter 32: Why


It seemed like a moment and then eternity before he spoke a simple word: 




She hesitated. 


“Why did you neglect yourself so, Rin?” 

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Chapter 33: Shame


“You…” her voice felt hoarse from being unused. “You hurt me, Sesshomaru-Sama.” 


For the first time in his life, he felt shamed by his actions. He felt as if he were a passive victim instead of the mighty Lord that he knew he was—or at least once was. 


“Rin…” his voice was low and tender as it had never been before. “If I could go back and fix this, I would.” 


She paused, her tiny frame seeming almost ghostlike. “You said if you could…which implies that you will not act, My Lord.” She gave him a small and bitter smile. 


Such bitterness was out of place on her and he felt ashamed that he had been the one to cause such an expression on a pure being. 


Could implies weakness, My Lord.” she said at last, turning away from him as if it hurt to even so much as glance his way. 

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Chapter 34: Number


“You really did a number on her, Big Brother.” Ai said as she and Sesshomaru sat on the roof of the old priestess’s hut. Rin had long since gone to sleep. 


Sesshomaru said nothing. 


Ai sighed. “If you’re going to win her back, then you’ll have to court her.” She gave her older brother a mischievous look. “Say the word and I’ll help you.” 


“This one needs no help.” 


She rolled her eyes. “You are annoying. I don’t know how Rin puts up with you. Or choose to.” With those final words, Ai jumped off of the roof and into the night, leaving Sesshomaru to his thoughts.


Choose To…

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Chapter 35: Both


“Good morning, Rin. Tell me, child. Do you know why Sesshomaru is on my roof?” 


Rin frowned, slowly chewing her morning rice. “I’m afraid I don’t know what is on Sesshomaru-Sama’s mind.” she paused, picking up her bowl of miso and daintily sipping like a lady. 


“Regardless, does he have something to do with you gaining your appetite back?” Kaede gave a rather uncharacteristic mischievous look at her. Rin scowled. 


“I’m sure he’ll leave any day now. After all, I’m just his ward. Not his fiance.” Rin said coolly. “Anyway, do you have any chores for me this morning, Lady Kaede?” 


“Mn, perhaps Sesshomaru and you can shell the peas for me? My joints are rather stiff.” 


Rin nodded. “I’ll shell the peas,” she said rather pointedly. 


“Both of you are a great help, Rin.” 


Rin frowned, grabbing the bucket of peas by the door. This was going to be harder than she thought. 

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Chapter 36: Peas


It surprised Rin that he wanted to go with her to shell peas—clearly a chore only held by peasants. 


He didn’t offer to help, but instead he watched quietly, watching her delicate hands carefully shell each and every peapod. 


After an hour, the silence once again grew comfortable.

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Chapter 37: Dread


When the all too familiar cramps decided to make an appearance, Rin felt a sense of dread and despair. 


When her breasts began to ache, she felt as if her anxiety was sitting on her chest, in order to keep her from breathing properly. 


If only that were the case. 


Would Lord Sesshomaru leave her again?

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Chapter 38: Fear


“Rin is afraid, Sesshomaru.” The old priestess said as she casually sipped her green tea. She had offered some to Sesshomaru, who refused. 


“Of what?” 


“That you will leave her alone again.” 


Sesshomaru gave pause. He had sensed that Rin’s cycle was about to start. Perhaps he did need to have a talk with her, to reassure her…


Of what, he wasn’t sure. 


“I will talk to her.”

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Chapter 39: Wildflower


He found her in the meadow picking wildflowers. He watched her for several minutes completely awestruck by the beauty that she presented. 


He found a purple wildflower that had been separated from the patch of them. A wayward wind must have blown its seed away from all of the others. 


In a way, it reminded him of Rin. 


Leaning down, he picked up the flower and walked over to a surprised Rin, slipping the purple flower behind her ear. 

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Chapter 40 Afraid


A pretty blush came across Rin’s face after he slipped the flower behind her ear. If he wasn’t so concerned for her well-being, he would have found it humorous. 


He sat down in the flowers, pulling Rin down with him, causing the colour of her blush to spread even deeper. 


“You are afraid,” he simply said. No embellishments. No pretty flowery words. No. Just a statement. 


She nodded. 


“Rin is afraid.” she whispered, slipping into her old third person form of speech. “Rin doesn’t want Sesshomaru-Sama to leave her again.”

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Chapter 41: Remember


The guilt made him quiet. He had no idea just how much his foolish decision had destroyed her. Sesshomaru knew that the body could heal on its own, but the mind was another story. 


They sat in silence for several minutes, letting the soft early summer breeze caress their skin. Finally, Sesshomaru spoke. 






“Remember when you were a child and you asked me if I would remember you when you die?”


Rin nodded, confused as to where this was going.


“What did I say to you?”


She thought quickly, trying to remember exactly what he said. “Ah…you told me to not say such foolish things.” 


Sesshomaru nodded. “Yes. The same goes here. You are worried about me leaving again…well, do not think such foolish things.” 

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Chapter 42: Bitter


Rin smiled a somewhat bitter smile. “Is it foolish for me to think that, My Lord? After all, you have left me before.” 


Sesshomaru stared at Rin. Never had she shown such insolence. If she were any other human, he would have been sore tempted to strike her down. 


But no, it was Rin and he knew what she said was truthful.


He had betrayed her.

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Chapter 43: Amends


Sesshomaru stood up. “This one will make up for his betrayal to you.” His voice was somewhat stilted and overly formal. 


Rin sighed. “Sesshomaru-Sama, I—-” 


But he was already gone. 


Rin closed her eyes and fell back into the field of wildflowers. 


“Does he truly care?” she asked herself aloud as the wind blew her hair. 


Despite the gust of the wind, the purple wildflower stayed in place.

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Chapter 44: Mad


One of Sesshomaru’s greatest fears was slowly coming true. He was falling for a mortal girl—no, now she was a woman. 


He was as mad as his Father. 


But Rin wasn’t Izayoi. 


Rin was different. She was special, sweet, breathtakingly beautiful. She didn’t care if he had power or what his station was; she loved him for him. 


By damn he was mad. 

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Chapter 45: Kagome


To further support his theory of madness, he did the last thing he would have ever pictured himself doing. 


He went to Kagome.


“Sesshomaru?” She blinked, looking confused as ever. 


Maybe that’s why she liked his brother…


It took all of the willpower that he had ever possessed to ask the next question.


“Will you help me?” 

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Chapter 46: Unusual 


She blinked once again as if she were not hearing him correctly. 


“Yes or no?” he snapped irritably. 


“Well yes, of course, but please understand Sesshomaru…it’s just…very unusual for you to come to me for help.”


Sesshomaru stared at her. 


She was right. Rin was making him do absolutely mad things. 


But why?

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Chapter 47: Promises


Kagome smiled at him with such a maddening smile. “So what’s your question, Big Brother?” 


Sesshomaru gritted his teeth. “I told you not to call me that.” 


She waved her hand dismissively while laughing.  “Since when do I ever listen to you ?” 


Sesshomaru decided to just cut to the chase so he wouldn’t have to tolerate Kagome one second more. “How does this one reassure Rin that he’s not going anywhere?”


Kagome frowned. “Why did you leave in the first place?”


“Never you mind.”


Kagome shrugged. “Alright then.” Her facial expression was serious. “Sesshomaru, Rin was really hurt last time. I thought…well we all thought…she was going to do something.” She took a deep breath. “Just promise that you won’t hurt her again. Promise me this and I’ll help you.” 

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Chapter 48: Intentions


“It is not my intention to hurt her again.” 


“Not good enough, Sesshomaru.” Kagome snarled. “You weren’t there. She needed you. She needed to feel loved by you.” 


Sesshomaru all but scoffed at his brother’s mate. Going to her had clearly been a mistake. 


One that he had no intention of repeating. 


He turned to go, only stopping when she called out to him. 


“At least listen to this, Sesshomaru! If you don’t take any other piece of my advice, at least take this one—” 


Sesshomaru listened. 

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Chapter 49: Sweet


“You need to talk to her about why you left.” Kagome’s face softened slightly. “Sesshomaru, she hates herself because she is a woman. She associates having her moon cycle with you leaving her.” 


Sesshomaru said nothing. He figured as much. 


“I’m usually the same week as her.” Kagome flushed. “Which means both of us will probably be starting next week.” 


The last thing Sesshomaru wanted to know was when his brother’s mate was fertile. 


“How do I broach the topic?” he asked delicately.


Kagome smiled. “That’s on you. But it’s Rin, so make it sweet.” 


“Sweet…” he murmured. 


Sweet like his Rin. 

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Chapter 50: Remembered


But he wasn’t sweet. Not like she was. 


He was boorish and standoffish. 


He felt even that was being kind. 




Rin deserved better. 


Better than him. 


But when he was about to leave he remembered—

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Chapter 51: Sweet Face


He remembered her sweet smiling face. 




He had nearly destroyed her the last time that he left. 


Could he do it again?


The pain in his chest told him that he could not. 


He would never hurt that sweet smiling face. 


Never Again. 

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Chapter 52: Stain


He found her by the riverbank, washing one of her kimonos and humming a sweet song under her breath. 


She smiled when she saw him, but then, as if suddenly remembering what had happened, she frowned. He sighed. 


“I will beg for your forgiveness until the end of time, Rin.” he told her soberly. “This one promises that he will never hurt you again.” 


Rin gave him a small smile, but it did not quite meet her eyes. 


She scrubbed harder at the blood stain that had gotten on her kimono.


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Chapter 53: Astonishment 


Sesshomaru walked up beside his former charge and knelt down next to her. He took the kimono from her delicate hands and began to wash it himself. 


Rin looked at him in astonishment. 

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Chapter 54: Common


“Why are you doing that, Sesshomaru-Sama?” she watched as he scrubbed his thumbs and forefingers  gently at the blood stain on her kimono, effectively taking it out. 


He quirked an eyebrow at her. “Doing what?” 


She pointed at the wet garment in his hand. “That.” She bit her lip. “You shouldn't’t be doing that for me. You aren’t common.” 


“Nor are you,” he said shortly.

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Chapter 55: Yes


“You don’t think it’s shameful?” They sat against a large tree, much like the one that she had first found him by. 


He looked at her disapprovingly and she quickly looked down. 


“Sorry. I guess that’s a silly question.” She sighed looking down at the grooves from the tree roots, running a stick along them. 


They were quiet for a few moments before Sesshomaru spoke. “I don’t understand the concept of shame,” he admitted. “I wasn’t taught that.” 


Rin perked up at this. Rarely had Sesshomaru-Sama ever talked about his past. “What were you taught?” she asked. 



Without thinking, she asked: “Will you teach me, Sesshomaru-Sama?” At his blank look, she added. “How to fight.” 


She was sure he would say no; sure that he would say that such things were not suitable for a human woman. 


He looked thoughtful for a brief second, before responding; “Yes.”

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Chapter 56: First Lesson


“Really!?” she jumped up and clapped her hands. 


He closed his eyes and leaned back. “You have just earned your first lesson, Rin.” 


She jumped up and down. “I’m ready, Sesshomaru-Sama!” 


“Calm yourself.” 


She stopped, her face falling. Was he admonishing her? 


He opened his eyes and peered at her. “To be successful at combat one must first learn to be mindful of one’s own actions.” He paused. “Unless of course you choose to be a foolhardy warrior like my idiot of a brother.” 


Rin shook her head. “No, Sesshomaru-Sama.” 


He paused looking at her up and down. “Good. Now we sit and we meditate.” 

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Chapter 57: Concentrate


They sat in silence for what felt like hours. Rin began to feel antsy and restless. She chanced a glance at Sesshomaru who was sitting cross-legged beside her, his eyes closed in perfect serenity. 


He is so beautiful…


“Rin.” Sesshomaru-Sama’s voice broke through her reverie. “Concentrate.” 


Oh right.


But he’s still so beautiful…

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Chapter 58: Speechless


“So…” Kagome said with a sly grin. “You were with Sesshomaru for a long time today.” 


Rin felt her cheeks heat up and she reached up and slapped them—a lifelong childish habit of hers that it seemed like she would never grow out of it…even with meditation. 


“So did you two do anything? Like kiss? ” 


“Kiss?” squeaked Rin. 


“Yeah, Inuyasha and I kiss all the time in those woods…as well as do other things.” Kagome gave her a secretive wink, causing Rin to practically combust. 


“Kagome, I…Lord…Sesshomaru…ughhhhh…” she buried her head into her hands to hide her heated face. 


“I remember being speechless.” Kagome said with a sigh.

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Chapter 59: Anticipation

“The first thing that you have to learn,” said Sesshomaru-Sama. “Is to anticipate your enemy’s every move. Without the anticipation as well as keeping mindful, you are doomed to failure.” 


The only thing that Rin felt very mindful of was just how powerful Sesshomaru-Sama looked; normally, he’d be in full dress, but today, he wore only his hakama. Rin swallowed as she watched his muscle cords pulse with power. 




Was it just her imagination or did her Lord seem exasperated? 




“What did I tell you about mindfulness?” 


“That mindfulness and anticipation are crucial to defeating your enemy.” 


“So my pupil does listen to me every now and again.” Sesshomaru said sardonically. “Now…left step…Forward—--”

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Chapter 60: Equals 


She was bone tired. She had foolishly thought that Sesshomaru would have been gentle with her. After all, she was human, she was a woman, and most importantly, she was Rin. 


But no. 


He had tackled her, thrown her, parried with her until she could no longer move her arms. Never had she been more aware of their weakness—


Of their complete and utter humanness. 


“I will see you tomorrow, Rin.” he had said before flying off into the stars. 


Then it occurred to Rin…Sesshomaru-Sama had no longer viewed her humanness as a weakness or as a deficit. She was no longer less than a person to him. 


No, Rin thought as she stared up into the very stars that Sesshomaru-Sama had taken flight in. My humanness does not anger or frighten Sesshomaru-Sama now. 


For the first time, she and Sesshomaru were equals. 

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Chapter 61: Laundry Day


“So Rin, are you going to invite Sesshomaru to the village festival?” Kagome asked her with a sly smirk. 


It was a warm spring day and she and Kagome were busy washing their kosodes and kimonos in the nearby creek. The water was mild and the birds were chirping, which naturally put Rin in a good mood. Spring had always called to her. 


“I thought about it but I figured that he would say no.” Rin said honestly. “After all, it is a human festival.” 


“I think his answer might surprise you, Rin.” Kagome lifted one of her kosodes out of the water and straightened it, letting the water drip off of it. 



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Chapter 62: Hunt


Rin crouched in the bushes, waiting for her prey. It had to be the right kind of rabbit. Large and plump. A good enough gift for her Lord. 


Hearing a rustle she looked up and her breath caught. What she saw was a large wild boar. Would her Lord accept such a gift? 


There was only one way to find out. 


Looking down at the dagger in her hand, Rin frowned. This wouldn’t do; The beast would impale her before she ever had a chance to land the killing stab. 


That left the bow. Kagome had taught her how to shoot and Rin was shaky at best.


But she had to do this! For her Lord. 


With trembling hands, Rin took aim.

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Chapter 63: Unbelievable


“You’re unbelievable, Rin.” Inuyasha groused as he followed the petite girl through the woods. “That thing coulda speared you. And then what would I tell Ice Prick?” 


“Oh Inuyasha,” Rin said airily. “It all turned out okay.” 


“A boar,” he repeated. “A boar. You killed a boar for Sesshomaru of all people.” 


“Yes. Do you think he’ll enjoy it?” 


Inuyasha paused, looking at her appraisingly. “I think that asshole would like anything coming from you, Rin.” 


Rin blushed. 


She was satisfied.

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Chapter 64: Full Moon


It was a full moon that night and Sesshomaru had always visited on the night of the full moon. Rin sat patiently upon the roof of the hut, waiting for him. 


Sure enough, as soon as the sun set and the bright moon was high in the sky, he appeared. He looked ethereally beautiful as the moonlight kissed his pale skin and his golden eyes flashed. 


“Rin.” he greeted. “I hope you fared well.” 


She nodded eagerly. “Sesshomaru-Sama, will you accept my gift?” 


He raised a brow in slight confusion. “Gift?” 


Rin gestured down to the dead boar at the foot of the hut. “It’s for you, Sesshomaru-Sama. It’s Rin’s gift to you.”

Chapter Text

Chapter 65: Sliver 


He stared at her long and hard; it almost made Rin wilt from anxiety. Perhaps this was too much to ask for. 


After all, she was human. She was limited by her humanness. 


An impossibility to a being such as Sesshomaru. 


She was about to excuse herself and leave, when Sesshomaru stopped her in her tracks. Reaching his long claws out, he peeled back a piece of meat from the boar. 


The blood dripped as Sesshomaru placed the sliver of meat in his mouth, chewing slowly and almost thoughtfully. After several long seconds, Sesshomaru deigned himself to speak. 


“This Sesshomaru accepts and appreciates your gift, Rin.” 

Chapter Text

Chapter 66: Good Shot


Rin beamed, feeling extraordinarily happy that Sesshomaru-Sama was eating her gift to him. Swallowing another sliver of meat, Sesshomaru studied Rin. 


“Tell me Rin,” he said at last. “How did you ever kill such a beast? You wouldn’t have been able to do it in hand combat only.”


Rin trembled with excitement. “Lady Kagome taught me how to shoot a bow, Lord Sesshomaru.” She blushed slightly. “Rin still has a lot to learn.” she added modestly. 


“Hm.” Sesshomaru looked at her thoughtfully. “You’re a good shot.” 

Chapter Text

Chapter 67: As Such


“Such deserves a reward.” he murmured to her, causing Rin’s face to gather heat. Perhaps there was some truth to what Kagome was telling her. 


Motioning Rin to follow him, Sesshomaru headed off into the dark woods. 


Most would say she was mad for following a Great Demon into the woods and during nightfall, no less. 


But Rin knew that she would follow Sesshomaru-Sama anywhere. 

Chapter Text


Chapter 68: Reward


They wandered around the forest for about an hour. Were it anyone else, Rin would have called it aimlessly, but since it was Sesshomaru-Sama, there had to be a reason. 


Finally, they stopped by a thicket. Sesshomaru gestured for Rin’s silence, as he stalked into the thicket. Seconds later, he returned with a plump rabbit. He held it out to Rin and she understood. 


It was Sesshomaru-Sama’s reward and thank you for a job well done.

Chapter Text

Chapter 69: An Occasion 


Rin hummed as she plaited her hair in her and Kaede’s shared hut. Lady Kaede had left earlier to help deliver a baby to a village woman named Kama, so Rin was blissfully alone to think about her Sesshomaru-Sama. 


Rin blushed at the realisation that she thought of Sesshomaru as hers. She wasn’t sure how he would feel about that. 


He was so fiercely proud. Would he care if he belonged to her as much as she belonged to him?


“Rin! Are you home?” Kagome’s voice broke through her thoughts. 


“In here, Lady Kagome!” she called. 


Kagome stepped through the door of the hut, raising an eyebrow at Rin who must have looked so silly with her normally wild hair pulled into a sophisticated plait. 


“What’s the occasion?” Kagome asked curiously. 


“IHaveACrushonLordSesshomaru!” Rin blurted out before turning a deep red. 


Kagome grinned. “Now THAT is certainly an occasion, Rin-chan.” 

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Chapter 70: Banzai 


“And there!” Kagome held up an object called a mirror brought back from her world that she called a mirror. “What do you think, Rin-Chan?” 


Rin stared at the girl—no, the woman —in the mirror. No longer was her long hair wild; rather it was braided into a neat plait. Her suntanned face was now pale with Kagome’s pressed powder and her lips were lined lightly with a red rogue. Kagome had even lined her eyes with a stick of kohl–making them appear more cat-like than they already were. 


“And you don’t even need mascara!” Kagome lamented. “God, I’d kill to have lashes as long as yours, Rin.” 


Rin blushed, unsure what mascara was, but pleased all the same that she didn’t need it. 


Her waist was cinched tight with her yellow obi and she wore her purple kimono with the butterflies that Lord Sesshomaru seemed so fond of. 


“I’m ready to call him.” she said, trying to keep her voice steady. 


“Knock him out!” Kagome cheered


Rin stared. 


“It’s a saying.” Kagome said hastily. “It means good luck. Ehm, Banzai!” 


Rin giggled. “Okay, I’m ready.”

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Chapter 71: The Summoning


As soon as Kagome was done with her ministrations, Rin wasted no time in running to the clearing that was hers and Lord Sesshomaru’s meeting place. 


Raising two fingers to her mouth, she let out her summoning whistle, calling her love—her Sesshomaru—to her. 


She only hoped that he felt the same way…


In less than ten seconds, he was there, his eyes wide at the beauty before him.


“Rin…” he said softly.

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Chapter 72: Forte 


“Rin, you know that I care for you…perhaps more than I should.” Sesshomaru said, seeming to add the last part for his own benefit rather than for hers. 


Rin knew a rejection when she heard one. Turning away, she made her way back to the village, refusing to spare tears for a man—a powerful demon—who did not want her. 


“Rin.” he called out. “Aren’t you willing to hear the rest?” 


“Rejection is not my forte, my Lord.” she said a little more coldly than she intended. 


“Is love your forte?” Sesshomaru said softly. 

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Chapter 73: Courtship


“I can’t pretend that love is within my scope of knowledge, Rin.” Sesshomaru said. “But what I do know is that I care for you more than any demoness or human that I have ever come across.” 


RIn couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Lord Sesshomaru loved her ! Her! A once poor and abused village orphan. 


“That is enough for me, Sesshomaru-Sama.” she said softly, as she felt the heat rise to her cheeks. She smiled shyly. “So can we kiss.” 


Sesshomaru’s expression changed imperceptibly. “I want to do this right, Rin.” 


Rin blinked. “Huh?”

Sesshomaru did smirk this time. “Courtship Gifts , Rin.”

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Chapter 74: Guardian


Rin blinked. “You’ve given me so many gifts already, Sesshomaru-Sama.” 


He shook his head. “Those were practical gifts. You were becoming more of a woman each and every day; you needed kimonos and combs.” He gently brushed his fingers against her cheek and Rin felt the blood of a blush rise to the tips of his fingers. “These will be wedding gifts.”


Rin smiled. She had never seen Sesshomaru-Sama so elated. “Can I tell the others?” she asked him curiously. 


Sesshomaru studied her thoughtfully. “Let’s tell Lady Kaede first. She is your proper guardian.” 


Rin practically jumped up and down from excitement and elation. Lord Sesshomaru was going to be her husband! “Can we go now?” 


“Eager?” Sesshomaru teased, but then he straightened up. “Yes. Let’s head there right away.” 


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Chapter 75: Unexpected


Rin didn’t know exactly how Kaede would respond to her engagement. Would she be happy? Angry? A deep thread of fear began to weave in Rin’s heart. 


What if Kaede refused to let her marry Lord Sesshomaru. 


Rin shook her head. No. Even if she did refuse, no one told Lord Sesshomaru what he could and could not do. 


As they approached the hut, Rin saw that Kaede was outside, snapping peas. 


“Lady Kaede.” she called. “I have some news.” 


Kaede took one look at how close Sesshomaru was standing to Rin before nodding her head in satisfaction. 


“About time,” was all she said.

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Chapter 76: Silly Questions


“About time?” Rin repeated weakly. 


Instead of looking at her, Kaede eyed Sesshomaru with a mix of respect and suspicion. “While I knew that this day would happen, Sesshomaru, I must say that I’m a bit surprised that it happened so soon.”


“You knew that this would happen?” Rin asked, amazed. 


Kaede shrugged. “Anyone could see that you were in love with Sesshomaru. Why, even Sesshomaru himself could probably tell that you were, Rin. You aren’t exactly skilled in the art of subtlety, dear.” 


Rin shrugged off the slight. 


Sesshomaru was getting slightly impatient with the priestess. “So Kaede, what say you?” 


“Do you truly love her, Sesshomaru?” Kaede’s voice lost all traces of teasing as she met his equally intimidating gaze with her own. Rin’s throat caught. What if he said—-


“I do. More than anything. Don’t ask me silly questions that you already know the answer to, Priestess.” 


“Ah, but love is never silly, Sesshomaru.” She turned to Rin. “What of you, Rin? Do you agree to this union?” 


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Chapter 77: All I Ever Wanted


Was that an actual question that Kaede was asking her? Rin couldn’t believe that Kaede actually had to ask her, but another part of her knew that Kaede was merely letting her revel in the warm glow that was Sesshomaru-Sama’s love. 


“I love Sesshomaru-Sama more than anything, Kaede.” She beamed at the Priestess and then at her newly intended. “Of course I agree to this union.” 


Kaede nodded. Again, she was clearly not surprised. “Very well, Rin. When shall we plan on your ceremony?”

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Chapter 78: Talk


“So are you nervous?” Kagome asked Rin one sunny spring afternoon. It had been a few days since the engagement, and Kagome seemed to still be reveling in the excitement of it. Not that Rin could blame her; she was pretty excited, too. 


“Mn, not really.” Rin said as she tucked a wayward strand of hair behind her ear. “Sesshomaru-Sama and I have known each other for years, Kagome. There’s nothing that I’m particularly nervous about.”


Kagome waggled her eyebrows suggestively. “Not even…say…the wedding night.” 


Rin felt herself turning red and her skin began to grow hot. “Well, I, uhm…” she stumbled. 


Kagome smirked. “I’m taking that as a yes.”

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Chapter 79: Normal


“All of this is normal, Rin-chan.” Kagome reassured her. “In fact, I’d be more concerned if you weren’t worried.” 


“I don’t know anything about…about…” Rin struggled.


“Sex?” Kagome supplied.


“Oh yes, isn’t that terribly sad, Kagome? Lord Sesshomaru deserves someone more worldly than—” 


“But he doesn't want anyone worldly, Rin.” Kagome said, smiling slightly. “He wants you.” 


“Me…” Rin repeated, almost dazed.


“Rin? This is all normal. And it will become normal.” 






“Thank you.” Rin said, a small smile on her face. “You’re the best.”

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Chapter 80: Intended


Rin met him in the small meadow near the Tree of Ages. It had quickly become their spot. Rin found it relaxing and Sesshomaru must have, too, for he was often there, resting quietly against the tree, his eyes closed. 


That was how Rin found him. 


His golden eyes opened at once at the alert of her presence. “Rin.” he said, as was customary greeting. 


“I was trying to surprise you,” she said with a slight pout. 


“Consider me surprised.”


Rin giggled before walking over next to him and settling down. She had always done this, but the atmosphere was different now that she was his intended. 


Intended. She did like that word. And if she and Sesshomaru-sama were intended, did that mean that she could kiss him?


“What are you thinking about?” Sesshomaru-sama’s voice broke through her thoughts. 


She smiled up at him. “Kissing you.” 

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Chapter 81: Quiet


He looked surprised. “You wish to kiss me?” 


Rin loved Sesshomaru-sama dearly, but sometimes he just didn’t think outside of a battle. She pouted slightly before a blush overtook her face. “I mean…we are going to be…you know, married, Sesshomaru-sama.” 


When he didn’t respond, Rin backtracked a little. “I understand if you don’t want to, I—-”








She fell silent, and he used that moment to lean across and gently brush his lips against hers. 

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Chapter 82: First 


Rin gasped slightly at the contact of Sesshomaru’s lips on hers, but then leaned forward and deepened the kiss. 


Sesshomaru broke apart. “Have you done this before?” he asked. 


Rin blushed. “No, you’re my first.” 


“You’re my first, as well.” 


“Your sister mentioned a fiancee.” 


Sesshomaru shook his head. “No. I rejected her. It’s only you; it only has been you.” 


Rin’s eyes welled up with unshed tears of happiness. “Oh, Lord Sesshomaru. I wish this moment would last forever.” 


“There will be more moments of this, my sweet Rin.” Leaning into her, Sesshomaru kissed her once again, only this time it was a deeper kiss. He sucked her bottom lip gently before running his tongue across hers.


They both broke apart, panting. 


“I want you—” He murmured. “In more passionate ways such as this.” 


Rin leaned forward, eager—--

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Chapter 83: Titles


“However, I think that we should wait until our wedding night for such a consummation.” 


Rin deflated slightly. Their wedding was a fortnight away; surely such a short amount of time was inconsequential. 


Sesshomaru must have observed Rin’s argument and he even smiled slightly. “Please do me this honor, Rin. I only want to take you as a husband. You deserve that much.” 




Rin had never paid much heed to the title before, but now it was different; Lord Sesshomaru was going to be her husband. 


“I understand,” she said.


“However,” her Lord said. “We can still do this.” He leaned forward and captured her lips once again. 


Rin was content.

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Chapter 84: Friends


Kagome wanted to throw Rin something called a bachelorette party. Rin had no idea what a bachelorette even was, leading Kagome to explain to her as best as she could. 


“Basically, it’s your last free night before you’re married,” she explained. 


Rin already saw a problem with this. “Yes, but Sesshomaru-sama and I aren’t due to be married until next week. So it’s hardly my last night.” 


Kagome wasn’t one to be deterred, so she pressed on. “Yeah, but think of it as a big party with your female friends.” 


“Friends?” Rin cherished the word. It felt warm on her tongue. She had friends. Not only friends, but she had a soon-to-be husband as well. She was no longer the hated orphan in the village; people loved and cared for her. Feeling her eyes sting, Rin wiped away any trace of a tear. 


“Oh no, Rin, we don’t have to do it if you don’t want to!” Kagome said, taking Rin’s tears as distress. 


“No, no, Kagome.” Rin shook her head. “I want to do it.” She smiled. “After all, I have friends now.” 


Kagome smiled back. “Yes, you do.”

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Chapter 85: Best Future Husband


When Rin told Sesshomaru about Kagome’s plan to throw her a bachelorette party, Sesshomaru nodded as though he were pleased (though Rin had to explain to him what a bachelorette party was). 


“So you approve, Lord Sesshomaru?” she asked anxiously. “I don’t want to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.” 


“You need female friends, Rin.” Sesshomaru said simply. “Go to your party and I will wait here in our clearing should you need me.” 


“Have I told you that you’re the best almost-husband ever?” Rin told him playfully, before kissing him gently on the lips. 


Sesshomaru snorted. “Hardly. But call me if you need me, Rin” 


“Yes, Lord Sesshomaru.”

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Chapter 86: Sake 


“We have sake!” Sango announced cheerfully, waving a rather large flask around, causing Kagome to cheer out loud. Rin gave a nervous smile.

“I’ve never had sake before.” She confessed. 

“Well, then, Miss Soon-to-be-Bride, you get the first dibs.” Kagome poured her a hearty helping. “Now it may burn a little but trust me, it’ll be worth it!” 

“Kagome also bought some of these confections from her world.” Sango said, holding up a bag of sweets. 

“They’re a bit of a special treat,” Kagome said with a wink at Rin. “They have an aphrodisiac quality to them, which will---”

“Make you crave Sesshomaru in new ways,” Sango said with a mischievous wink. 

Rin popped one of the pieces that Kagome called chocolate, and took a swig of her oversized sake. 

Life was good; she had friends and she had a soon to be wonderful husband. 

She didn’t need an aphrodisiac to tell her that. 

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Chapter 87: Doggy Style

“He wants me to remain pure until our wedding night.” Rin ate another piece of chocolate and took another large drink of her sake. The bottle was now almost empty.


“Ooooooh, who knew that Sesshomaru was so honorable?!” Kagome laughed, her face red from the alcohol. “Say Rin, I’m gonna just give you a sisterly word of advice, okay?”


Rin nodded happily, the effects of the alcohol making her body feel warm and toasty.


“Do it doggy style.”


Rin choked.

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Chapter 88: Long Night 


Sesshomaru leaned against a tree in his and Rin’s thicket that they frequented. He knew that this human female bonding time was necessary, but that didn’t mean that he was going to leave his future mate alone and unguarded. 


For the most part, Sesshomaru had tried to tune out the girls’ chatter; it had the tendency to be annoying, and it was one of rather private matters that he would rather not know about. For instance, he didn’t need to know about Kagome and Inuyasha’s love life, but he supposed his future mate might find it sweet. 


“Say Rin, I’m going to give you a sisterly word of advice, okay?”


Sesshomaru’s eyes narrowed, wondering just what the priestess was going to tell Rin. 


Do it Doggy Style.” 


Sesshomaru’s eyes widened, his skin felt hot, and his hand darted to the sudden tightness in his pants. 


He looked over at Jaken who was snoring deeply and sighed inwardly. 


It was going to be a long night.

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Chapter 89: Nerves


“Are you nervous, Sesshomaru-sama?” Rin asked suddenly. It was the day before their wedding, and so Sesshomaru didn’t need to ask Rin what she was nervous about. 


“No.” he said truthfully. “Are you?” 


“Well, Kagome said it’s bad luck for us to see each other the day before the wedding.” Rin said as she continued to thread a long chain of clovers. 


“Human superstitions.” Sesshomaru said dismissively. 


“So I won’t get cursed or anything?” Rin giggled. 


Sesshomaru leveled Rin’s gaze with his. “This Sesshomaru would never allow a curse to even come near his Rin.” 


Rin blushed. “T-thank you, Sesshomaru-sama.”

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Chapter 90: The Night Before


That evening, Rin found herself unable to sleep. She couldn’t stop thinking that tomorrow evening at this time, she would be in Sesshomaru-Sama’s arms. 


Rin trailed her right hand down the front of her yukata, cupping her breast. Kaede was out for the evening tending to an overnight birth, which meant that Rin had the hut to herself. Outside, insects of the night chirped away, giving her a peaceful lullaby for the evening. 


Rin pinched her nipple hard and rolled the pointed pebble between her two fingers. “Sesshomaru-sama…” she breathed. “I’ll be yours tomorrow night, Sesshomaru-sama.” 


As she ran her fingertips down to her soaked slit, she didn’t notice the pair of familiar golden eyes watching her with a deep unseated lust.

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Chapter 91: Big Day 


“It’s your big day today, Rin!” Kagome cried out as she placed the white wataboshi on Rin’s head, adjusting it carefully. Sesshomaru had both the wataboshi and the shiromuku handmade and spun with the finest demon silk available. 


Rin gazed at herself in the mirror, unable to take her eyes off of herself. Normally, she wasn’t so vain, but today Kagome had lined her lips with her special red rouge and her eyes with kohl. 


She looked beautiful. 


“Sesshomaru is going to be a lucky man tonight,” Miroku commented waggling his eyebrows. “If I weren’t a happily married man, I’d be after you myself, beautiful Rin.” 


Rin blushed, right as Sango hit her husband over the head. 


“This is supposed to be a private women’s affair, Miroku.” Kaede said pointedly. 


“Alright, alright!” Miroku held his hands up. “I shall see you all at the ceremony.” 


As he was heading out, Jaken was heading in, with an uncharacteristically soft look on his face and something hidden behind his back.

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Chapter 92: Jaken


“Master Jaken!” said Rin in surprise. “What are you doing here?”


“Silly girl!” he squawked. “It’s Lord Sesshomaru’s wedding day! Of course I’d be here!” 


“Oh…” Rin’s voice trailed off, disappointed. 


Jaken, noticing the disappointment, quickly added. “And for you, too, Rin. In fact…” he handed her a small wrapped package. “As you have no father…I took it upon myself to—-” 


He was quickly caught by Rin, who embraced him fiercely, tears stinging her eyes and running down her cheeks. “Oh, thank you, Master Jaken! Thank you so very much!”

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Chapter 93: Comb


“That’s enough, Rin! Now open your present, you flighty girl.” Jaken chided. 


With eager and nimble fingers, Rin unwrapped the cloth around the present, only to find a beautiful butterfly hair comb with pearls. 


“Master Jaken…” Rin trailed off. “It’s so beautiful…” 


“Wow Jaken, you are nice.” Kagome grinned. 


“Shut-up, priestess!” Jaken squawked again, only to have Rin’s arms around him once more. 


“Oh Master Jaken, thank you!!” Rin said, her voice full of emotion. “Kagome, can you put it in my hair please?” 


Kagome nodded, and lowering Rin’s wataboshi , slipped the comb in her loose bun. 


Rin touched the comb. “Perfect.” she whispered. “Today is perfect.” 


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Chapter 94: Sight


The day was finally here. As Sesshomaru stood by the tree of ages, alongside the Monk, his thoughts wandered to his Father. As much as Sesshomaru detested it, nowadays his thoughts often went to his Father. Would he be happy? Would he be proud? Would he love Rin as a daughter? 


He never thought that he would marry a human, but as each day passed on, Sesshomaru found himself falling more and more for the small girl who he had defeated death twice. 


Who had now evolved from a small and talkative girl to a graceful and beautiful woman. 


Those were his thoughts as he first laid sight on his bride. Walking toward him, looking impossibly beautiful, her brown eyes glistening with tears of happiness. 


What a beautiful sight.

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Chapter 95: Soon


The ceremony was over in a matter of minutes; they drank purified sake that Miroku had provided, made an offering to the gods, and even kissed in front of their friends (well, Rin’s friends…Sesshomaru’s acquaintances ). 


Now they sat at a low table around their small group of guests, as a toasty fire burned behind them. 


Despite the fun and good cheer, Rin found herself rather anxious to leave. She was ready for Sesshomaru. 


Brown eyes connected with golden and Rin knew that her husband understood. 


“Soon,” he whispered. “Soon you will be mine.” 

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Chapter 96: Husband


After the wedding ceremony and reception, Sesshomaru wordlessly stood and waited for Rin to thank their guests. 


As she was hugging Kagome, Kagome whispered: “Get ‘em, Tiger.” in her ear, before dissolving into tipsy giggles over Inuyasha. 


Rin felt her face turn red and turned to face her husband who was watching her with an impassive expression on his face. 


He turned to go and Rin eagerly followed.

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Chapter 97: Home


“Where are we going, Lord Sesshomaru?” Rin asked as she followed him into the deep forest. 


“It’s a surprise.” he said looking down at her, a slight smile on his face. Rin grinned. 


“I didn’t know my Lord liked surprises.” 


“I don’t.” said Sesshomaru. “But you do. Close your eyes.” 


Rin obeyed, as he led her through winding trails and long grassed thickets. Finally he stopped, and Rin waited on her dancing tiptoes. 


And then…


“Open.” Sesshomaru ordered. 


Rin’s sight was greeted by an ornate minka , surrounded by various shrubbery, flowers, and koi ponds. It was beautiful, nestled into the deep woodland. 


“Welcome home, Rin.”

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Chapter 98: Belonging 


“Lord Sesshomaru…” Rin said, her eyes beginning to film with tears. “Our home?” 


He nodded. “Yes. Our home.” 


Rin stood there for several seconds, just taking it all in. She had been an orphan…an orphan who was abused and utterly alone in the world. Then came Lord Sesshomaru, who had saved her in more ways than one…now…she was with her husband and a place that she could call her own home. 


Rin stood on her tiptoes and wrapped her arms around her Lord husband. “I love you.” she whispered with full devotion. 


He leant down and picked her up, before whispering in her ear,


“Let me show you just how much this Sesshomaru loves you.”

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Chapter 99: Confessions


Sesshomaru wasted no time in laying her down on the futon, ravishing kisses upon her body. He gently peeled off her wedding apparel and bindings, looking down in awe at Rin’s breasts and her glorious, glistening sex. 


Rin blushed. “I-I’ve never done this before.” she said nervously. 


His inner-beast roared with triumph. Sesshomaru reached down and stroked her cheek—their love language. 


“Nor have I.”

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Chapter 100: Request


Rin arched her back in glorious ecstasy as Sesshomaru trailed kisses down her breasts and to the glistening folds between her legs. Taking his long tongue, he took artful strokes—much like an masterful painter—to her swollen sex. Rin sighed, her voice shaky. 


“S-Sesshomaru-s-sama…” she moaned. “Make me yours…” 


How could he ignore such a request? 


Sesshomaru pulled her up by the waist. “Dog demons mate a certain way. Do you trust me?” he murmured in her ear. 


“Rin always trusts Sesshomaru-Sama.” she said with the same sweet smile that she always had. 


He almost smiled back. Almost. “Good. On all fours, Rin.”

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Chapter 101: Entrance


With shaking hands and a dripping core, Rin obeyed, getting down on all fours. She heard Sesshomaru hiss with his intake of breath behind her. She shivered as a clawed hand stroked her core, coating a finger with her dripping wetness. 


“Will it hurt?” she asked nervously. 


“Just breathe.” he answered her calmly. “Breathe and trust in me. I will make it pleasurable for you, Rin.” 


Pulling his swollen cock from the confines of his hakama, he ran the tip over Rin’s soaked folds, coating it in her wetness to better ease himself into her with. 


Sesshomaru moved his cock away from the folds, lining it up at Rin’s entrance, and then he pushed in.

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Chapter 102: Thrust 


Rin let out a slight whimper as Sesshomaru pushed in her tight channel as her body worked to adjust to Sesshomaru’s large size. 


He hissed out loud as his cock was enveloped with the tight, juicy heat that was Rin’s sopping cunt. 


He allowed her several seconds to adjust, and then he began to thrust in earnest.

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Chapter 103: Ownership


Rin let out a low hiss when Sesshomaru thrusted into her. It felt like her insides were stretching out and expanding to better accommodate Sesshomaru’s massive size. 


She pressed her ass into him to allow his cock to go deeper within her channel. When he began to thrust in earnest, Rin let out a low keen as she pressed her face against the soft downy mattress of the futon. 


“You’re mine, Rin. My beautiful wife,” he growled. “My Rin.” 


Rin loved the ownership and possessiveness of Sesshomaru’s growls. She playfully shook her ass against him, as he wrapped his hand around her long hair, pulling it. 


Finally, Rin felt the most peculiar sensation; a shiver ran up her back and she felt a passion cresting from within her core. 


“Lord Sesshomaru…” she whispered desperately. “Please…”

Chapter Text

Chapter 104: White Light


“Cum for me, Rin,” he whispered, his voice full of unsaid passion. “Cum for me, my precious girl. Let it all go.” 


Suddenly, the most powerful sensation hit Rin. She began to shake as tremors of passion ran up and down her spine, paralyzing her with pure pleasure. She shook and fell forward, only to be supported by Sesshomaru’s strong arms, as he continued to drive in and out of her, which only served to heighten the intense passion that she was feeling. 


She shook and a white light hit her eyes as she slumped into Sesshomaru’s strong arms.

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Chapter 105: Knot


Sesshomaru held off for as long as he could, but he couldn’t take Rin’s hot and soaking folds any longer. He came in a violent gush, sending strands of his seed into Rin’s awaiting womb. 


The strange sensation of his knot forming took over, stretching Rin to her breaking point. She let out a small whimper, to which he brushed her sweaty hair out of her face and held her slumped form in his arms, to which he whispered the words: 


“I’m here.”

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Chapter 106: Braids


“Lord Sesshomaru?” 


They were sitting in a flowery meadow, with Sesshomaru’s head resting in Rin’s lap. His eyes were closed and he looked peaceful, but Rin knew that he wasn’t asleep. 




“May I please braid your hair?” 


Sesshomaru said nothing, but he sat up in front of Rin, who squealed in excitement, as she began to run dainty fingers through Sesshomaru’s silken strands. 




“Yes?” Rin stopped her petting and looked at Sesshomaru. 


“That feels good.”

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Chapter 107: Mark 


“So has he marked you yet?” Kagome asked one summer night as she and Rin were watching the fireflies dance around the darkened village. 


Rin paused. “Marked?” 


“As his mate!” Kagome reached over and pulled back Rin’s hair. “Hm. Not yet. You’ll have to get on to Big Brother about that.” 


I’m not his mate? Why?

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Chapter 108: Why?


“Rin. Is something troubling you?” Sesshomaru asked her that evening. 


Rin flushed, taking the hand down that was touching the place on her neck where her mark ought to be. She knew better than to lie to Lord Sesshomaru, though. 


“Kagome was telling me about demon marks today.” she started. 


Lord Sesshomaru’s face remained impassive. 


“And I was wondering why you haven’t…why you haven’t marked me yet?”

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Chapter 109: Silence


Sesshomaru gave pause before answering. “I was afraid—” 


Rin’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. Lord Sesshomaru afraid. 


“I was afraid,” he continued. “Of hurting you.” 


“Lord Sesshomaru could never hurt me—-” Rin started passionately, until her Lord cut her off. 


“Cease your defenses of me, Rin. Yes, I absolutely could hurt you.” 


“So you don’t want me as your mate?” Rin said miserably. 


“You’re my wife, are you not?” 


Rin was silent.

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Chapter 110: Alone


When Rin didn’t answer, Sesshomaru repeated, “You are my wife, Rin.” 


Finally, Rin answered. “Then why do you deny me what others share? Inuyasha and Kagome—” 


“Inuyasha is a neanderthal and  has no concept of what a consequence is,” Sesshomaru flared in a bout of rare anger at Rin. 


Rin shrank back. “Forgive me, my Lord Husband. I spoke out of line.” 


Standing up, she left their tree, leaving Sesshomaru alone.

Chapter Text

Chapter 111: Forgiven




Rin flinched as Sesshomaru came over to her in the flowery meadow. She kept her focus on the glowing of the fireflies, expecting Sesshomaru to chastise her again. 


When no chastisement began, Rin chanced a look up at him. 


Sesshomaru was looking at her with the most tender look in his eyes. “Forgive me, Rin.” 


She smiled up at him. Her smile, while radiant, was very soft. “Of course, I do.”

Chapter Text

Chapter 112: Apologies 


He gently kissed her lips as she clung to him tightly. Breaking away, he looked down on her, concern evident in his face. “So you’re not upset with me?” 


She shook her head. “I thought that you were upset with me.” 


Sesshomaru almost laughed. “Rin, you say the silliest things sometimes.” His expression sobered. “I promise that I will mark you soon. I need you as my true mate.” 


“And I need you, Sesshomaru.” she whispered. “All of you, my love.” 


“And you shall have me,” he growled lowly as he pulled her down into the tall grass of the meadow.

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Chapter 113: Greedy 


The soft grass of the meadow grazed her skin gently as Sesshomaru lowered himself between her legs. 


“My precious wife,” he murmured. “My Rin.” He lowered his lips to her wanting sex, licking the slick folds of her pussy, loving the sweet taste of it. 


Rin keened underneath him. “Lord Sesshomaru…” she murmured. “More.” 


“Now, now,” he chided, as he continued to lap at her sex. “Don’t be greedy, Rin. What if I want something, too?”

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Chapter 114: Desire 


She looked at him, almost shy in her gaze. “What would my Lord desire?” she asked. 


Sesshomaru all but leered down at her. “I want you to take me into your mouth.” 


She smiled sweetly at him. “I would enjoy having Lord Sesshomaru take his pleasure in my mouth.” 


Sesshomaru growled. “And you shall,” he declared, pulling Rin up and pulling down his hakama. Rin looked at him in awe, stroking his dick like she would a pet dog. 


“My Lord is so big.” 


His inner demon preened. 


The next thing that he felt was his cock being enveloped into a moist and tight cavern.

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Chapter 15: As she should 


Sesshomaru grunted as he felt Rin’s mouth envelope his cock into her hot, tight mouth. Taking a handful of her hair, he began to guide her head forwards and backwards. Rin was quite malleable in his hands. 


As she should be. 


Sesshomaru looked down at her, into her pretty tear-stained brown eyes, and he all but groaned. Rin’s mouth fit him like a glove. He could do this all day, but he felt the crest of his passion rising up. 


“Rin,” he said a little hoarsely. “I’m cumming.”

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Chapter 316: White Hot


Rin nodded, her tear-stained eyes locking on to Sesshomaru’s. With one final thrust, he came with a roar into her hot cavernous mouth, spilling his seed deep into her. 


Rin obediently swallowed his white hot load, willing it all in her, not willing to waste a drop. 


She broke apart. “Sesshomaru-sama…” 


He focused his gaze onto her, his eyes still demon-red, his marks jagged.


 “Tonight,” he said. “Tonight you will become my mate.”

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Chapter 117: Peach


“Lay back,” he commanded. “I wish to taste you, my Rin.” 


Rin obeyed and several waves of excitement coursed through her. Lord Sesshomaru’s lips were going to be on her dripping wet cunt…sucking the sweetness out of her as one would do a peach. 


Just the thought of that sent another wave of intense arousal through Rin; Something that Sesshomaru did not fail to notice.


“Excited, are we?” he asked with a small smirk.

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Chapter 118: Call me by my name


“I’m always excited when my Lord touches and kisses me,” Rin said sweetly. 


Sesshomaru practically purred at the compliment. “Ah yes, and you smell especially sweet tonight.” His lips descended on her dripping wet cunt and she let out a gasp of both desire and surprise. 




“That’s it,” he ordered. “Call me by my name, Rin.”