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Your Lovesick Melody

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“I’ve gone too far to come back from here, but you don’t have a clue, you don’t know what you do to me.” - Stop this Song (Lovesick Melody), Paramore.


“No way! Not happening.” I huffed, turning my head towards the sky, shutting my eyes in the process. The afternoon sun was beaming on my face without a cloud in the sky to block its heat wave. Naturally, my arms crossed as I pressed my back foot into the short grass, while my other foot lazily stretched out in front of me. I knew her too well to know what kinda face she was making; I just didn’t want to look at it.

“Sonic you promised!” She yelled as I still faced away from her. “You promised we would spend the day in Ocean’s Field Park and I get to pick the activity...” She trailed off. I roll my eyes, turning to face her, my stance remaining the same. A warm breeze passes between us, making our quills move with it, as we start our silent stare down. I finally take in how she’s dressed. Her red two piece ruffle bikini flowed with the wind, passing through us. Her floral designed swim robe hanging on her shoulders danced with the breeze as well. Her stance is exactly how I expected her to be. Her hands balled into fist on each side of her, leaning forward digging her sandals into the grass. Her long pink bangs swaying over her face, uncovering the pout on her muzzle.  

Typical… this is her usual posture to challenge me, whenever we are in a disagreement. Yet despite myself, I feel the heat rise to my cheeks. My heart started to pace a bit faster. It’s not like I get a kick out of making her mad, but the outfit, the wind playing upon her natural features, and the fiery passion in her emerald eyes when she really wants something, had me staring a bit longer than I intended to. I felt my previous frown falter into a jaw drop. She must have noticed the change on my face as she stared to look at me curiously, her body finally relaxing. I ignored what I felt inside and composed myself.

“Look Amy…” I said, uncrossing my arms, intertwining my hands together behind my head. “We’ll still have the afternoon picnic you planned right here, right now, on the field, like I said I would.” She starts to look hopeful, clasping her hands together in front of chest. “But I’m NOT going to Oceans Field beach, no way. I’m not gonna try to swim.” I told her seriously. Her shoulders dropping as she sighs. I look away from her to get a glimpse of the nearby beach she’s been talking about. With the sun shining bright against the sea, it made the water sparkle as if it had diamonds floating among the small waves. It’s been awhile since I’ve been here. This park was different from most, as it was set up to have many fields of grass for people to have their activities to host. Other areas of the park had hedges and flowers sculpted into works of floral art along the paved pathways for joggers and cyclists. What gave the park it’s name of Ocean’s Field was the beach right next to it. I’ve had a few runs here, with a book in hand lying by a nearby tree admiring the view. It’s the natural beauty of the view that makes this one of my favorite spots to run or relax. I hate to admit it, but Amy knew exactly how to pick a natural setting to admire. I felt a smile form on my lips as I felt my mood start to feel better.

“Ohhh! You're so stubborn!” She flustered. I snapped out of my thoughts, looking back to her. Amy's challenging posture returns, but this time I chuckle in response. “ Look who's talking?” I smirk at her, trying to lighten the mood. Her nose scrunches up as she stands up straighter. “I’m not saying you have to swim, I just thought maybe we could wet our feet in the water a bit or relax in the sand after our picnic....” She rambled. Amy started looking down towards her feet, her hands together, twiddling her thumbs. I raised my eyebrow at her, was she…. nervous? Then I heard her mutter so softly against the light breeze saying “ I just… wanted to look… nice…” I immediately feel a lump form in my throat, the heat rising to my muzzle again. Is that what all of this was about? She wanted me to comment on her new outfit?

“She does look cute today doesn’t she…” I hear my thoughts say, though I can’t bring myself to say them out loud. I feel more confused in my mind. She looks at me to see my response, only to find me staring at her, totally stiff. Geez… I hate this, I usually feel calm, cool and collected but when she says things like that, I feel anything but that. It’s at that point I see her start to giggle. She stepped closer, leaning in to examine my face with a big grin, hands behind her back.

“ You do think I’m cute today don’t you?” she stated, her smile widening. Without thinking, my jaw dropped. “How could she…?” I thought as I felt the panic sinking to my stomach. Amy just started to giggle more. “Oh Sonic.. you're so shy…”  in an instant, she grabs my arm and links it with hers, pulling me across the field. " Whoa. Amy…” I blurted out  “Come on, we can talk where the picnic is, I don’t want the food to get cold” 

Without another word between us, she brings me 5 feet away from where she set up our planned picnic. It’s still on the grassy field closer to the beach, enhancing the amazing view from before, with tropical floral sculptures nearby. Her brown picnic basket sat on top of a yellow and orange striped blanket, where she placed a small oval vase with a dandelion in the middle, alongside two empty cups. Once she let go of me, Amy moved towards the corner of the blanket where she sat on her knees, next to the basket. She started to pat her hand on the floor. “Have a seat!, I have a surprise for you!” She sang, clasping her hands together in excitement before opening the basket. I laughed, shaking my head at her antics, only Amy can go from being annoyed to being bubbly again in no time flat.

It was at that moment the smell hit me. I immediately knew what the smell was as my nose started to sniff the air. As if on cue, Amy pulled out a container from the basket and the smell got stronger. My stomach started to grumble as I haven’t eaten anything since earlier today, before my usual morning runs. “ I made your favorite.” Amy smiled holding the container towards me. She finally opened the lid revealing the food I so desperately wanted right now. “You made chili dogs... Ames you didn’t have to” I eagerly took my seat next to her on the blanket, crossing my stretched out legs in front of me, ready to chow down. She playfully slapped my shoulder “Of course I did silly, what kind of picnic date would this be if I didn’t bring your favorite food.'' Amy batted her eyelashes, with a huge grin on her muzzle. I blink at her, grabbing one of the chili dogs “A date” I thought as I took my first bite. This wasn’t the first time Amy has called our time together “dates”. Before I would correct her or anyone else for that matter, who assumed we were on a date. But as the years went by, including everything that we have been through, I didn’t mind her calling them dates. Not that I would admit it to her, but I no longer had the heart to correct her these days. I was starting to think, deep down I didn’t want to correct her as I realized it just didn’t bother me anymore. I couldn’t pinpoint when I started to feel like that. As time passed by, I became totally cool with being called her date, and that feeling kinda scared me. Were we really passing the threshold beyond friendship? 

Not wanting to think about it any longer, I attempted to change the subject as she happily poured  sparkling apple cider into the empty cups. “Did you change the chili recipe? It tastes different.” I said, still chewing my food. She looked shocked before answering. “Well... I made the chili from scratch this time. Instead of using chili powder, I used fresh herbs from Vanilla and Cream’s backyard garden.” A look of worry set on her face. “Why? Does it taste bad? I tasted it before packing it.” I sport my devilish grin at her, shaking my head. “ No, not at all, I’m saying it tastes better than last time you made me chili dogs. I might have to ask Vanilla or Cream for some herbs next time.” Amy gasps in surprise. ``  You really mean that Sonic?” I nodded back. “Seriously Ames, these are probably one of the best chili dogs I’ve had in awhile.” I say to her as I grab two dogs from the container. I gesture for her to take one of them. Amy sweetly smiles at me, before taking the other chili dog.

For awhile, we sat there silently enjoying each other's company as we ate our food, admiring the view of the beach from our picnic site. I knew Amy admired the natural beauty of the world as much as I did, as she looked to the waves crashing near the shore. She had a dreamy stare and small smile upon her. Her light green eyes sparkled with the sun beaming in her face. Her pink hair slowly moved along with the wind dancing around us. She didn’t notice, I couldn’t help but stare at her. I felt my heart pick up speed as I realized Amy was a natural beauty all on her own. She wasn’t like Rouge, whose beauty style came from her makeup and flirtatious manner. Amy's beauty came from her compassion and her thoughtfulness of others, despite herself. It seemed like it was etched into her features because it came so naturally to her. Anyone can trust her as she is always honest with how she’s feeling, good or bad. Her bluntness to how she feels, even towards me, has caught me off guard a few times. It is something I secretly admired about her. I don’t know if I’ll ever tell her…

She finally turns to me, catching me looking her way. I don’t turn away this time. I don’t care that I got caught. I grin at her. At first she looked at me curious, until she finally realized the manner I was looking at her. She smiled back at me, her muzzle turning a shade of pink to match her fur. She started leaning closer to me as we sat together. My cheeks started to feel like it’s burning at this point but I can’t move. My body refuses to move. She finally leans into my side, softly grabbing my nearest hand on the blanket. It feels like an electric shock throughout my hand. I didn’t know I could feel weird and happy at the same time. I couldn’t make sense of any of this. If my heart wasn’t throbbing out of my peach fuzz chest before it was now, Amy gazed up at me.

“Sonic…I..” before she could finish talking, my quills started vibrating. She must have felt it too as she pulled away from me, looking at my quills. I pulled out a mini version of the Miles Electric that functioned like a small smart watch. It was an upgraded version by Tails to accommodate my running habits. I take a glimpse at Amy, who curiously stares at the device in my hand. I looked down to see why it’s vibrating

“It’s a call from Tails…” I say out loud, without another thought, I press the button to pick up the call.

“Talk to me buddy, what’s up?”  I say coolly.

“Sonic!” Tails yelled frantically on the communicator. “Eggman just launched an attack in Myshunia City a few miles far east from Spagonia. I was visiting Professor Pickle at Spagonia University, when we heard loud boom noises and picked up high radioactive activity in the lab. We went to investigate where it was coming from and found…,” Tails rambled quickly. growing impatient, I cut off his speech.

“Tails, save me the details for later,  just tell me where you are now and are you okay?” I said, getting up from the blanket, on to my feet. I put on the mini Miles Electric on my wrist.

“Yeah! I’m okay!” I’m calling you from the Tornado, leaving Spagonia. I’m headed towards Myshunia City to hold off the attack from advancing any further into the city. I’ll send you the coordinates of the Tornado, to your Miles Electric, so we can meet up.” Tails said. As if on cue, my watch-like device started to glow light green, showing me a map to where Tails was located.

“I got it buddy! I’ll see you soon. I’m sure I’ll get there before you anyways.” I smirk into the device as if he could see me. “Hah! you're on!” Tails challenged. I chuckled at his response, a determination and excitement flooded through my veins. They're the only feeling I get when I know I’m about to clash with Eggman and his mechs.

I heard the clanging of plates. It was then I realized that Amy was still in front of me, but her back was turned to me as she put various items back in the picnic basket. Her usually perky ears are now flat on the side of her head. It was obvious she knew our afternoon together was about to be cut short, thanks to Egghead. The scene before me made my cockiness fade away instantly. My own ears flatten against my head. I talked into the communicator again. “Hey Tails, I’ll call you back, when I’m on my way.” Before Tails could say anything, I hung up the call, looking at Amy’s back. I scratched the back of my head trying to think of what to say next.

“Amy, I’m sor…” I start to speak but she cuts me off. “ Don’t worry about it Sonic, dealing with Eggman is more important, you have people to save, it’s fine” She said flatly, refusing to look my way as she continued to put away items. I know I’m not the best when it comes to reading people’s emotions, but I’ve gotten to know Amy so well. I know she is anything but fine. In the past I would have easily taken her word for it and left without any thoughts about it. Heck there were times when I didn’t even apologize for leaving her behind. Yet something changed between us over the years. Her feelings were somehow getting connected to my own feelings. Her current sadness suddenly felt like my sadness. I hated this feeling as I knew deep down what this might mean. Feelings beyond friendship that somehow got in without my permission. I might not be ready to go down that path with her just yet but I’m not gonna ignore them today. I just can’t.

Without another thought, I take off in a rush from our picnic spot, dashing towards the sandy beach beyond the grassy fields of the park. I dash across the coast line, looking for something, anything to change Amy’s mood. People and trees blur as I pass them, as I look for some inspiration to cheer her up, until I finally see an ice cream vendor selling sculpted ice cream looking like various items, from flowers to seashells. That’s when an idea pops in my head. 

I head over to the plump racoon vendor and tell him exactly what kinda sculptured ice cream I want. Wasting no time making the ice cream, I pay him and dash back towards Amy. When I finally reach her, she has already put everything away, including the blanket, now neatly folded, hanging from one of her arms as she carries the basket in her other hand. She moves to walk away off the field but I abruptly stop in front of her, keeping my small gift in one hand, behind my back.

That’s when I notice her eyes are a bit wet as she stares at me wide eyed. “ I thought you left?” she stated. “Nah, I’m not gonna leave like you like that.” She looks confused for a moment, until I reveal what's hiding behind my back. She gasped when she saw it. It’s strawberry ice cream in the shape of a rose with 3 leaves made of ice cream on the sides, on a waffle cone. I gesture for her to take it as I grin at her.

“I’m sorry I have to go now but take this as a preview for the next time we spend time together” She looks at me still in shock but I continue “ You treated me to my favorite food, so I’ll treat you to yours, soft serve ice cream.” She blinked at me. Before I knew it she dropped all of her items on the grass and launched herself at me with one of her bone crushing hugs. I almost lost my footing. Luckily, I maintained the ice cream from being knocked over as I still held on to it.

“Thank you Sonic, it means so much to me to hear you say that! she said excitedly. I can’t believe you knew my favorite food, I can’t wait for our next date!” she gushed, her cheeks turning another shade of pink.

“Alright Amy, I have to go” I choked out in small breaths. “Oh right!” she said quickly, immediately letting me go. She grabbed the ice cream from my hand as I gestured to her again. I started to walk backwards from her to leave, giving her a two finger wave from my head. She starts waving with her other hand. “See you later Sonic! Teach that egg brain a lesson!” I give her my signature grin and thumbs up. “You know I will!” I yell to her before finally taking off towards Myshunia City. I can’t help looking back at her one more time as I left, still waving at me with a huge smile. I knew right then and there it was only a matter of time before that line of friendship would be crossed…