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The Whitest Porno U’ Know

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It was early on a Sunday morning when Trevor arrived at Zach’s apartment in a panic.
“Zach!! We’re broke!” He exclaimed.
“What are you talking about?” Zach asked, exasperated.
“Timmy took all our money and made a run for it! We need to do something to raise money - QUICKLY. Twitch streams ain’t gonna cut it this time buddy.” Trevor explained, stumbling over his words in his panic. They needed this money to make Mars, the greatest film that would ever be made.
Sam came out of the bathroom, emptying a can of Febreeze as Trevor explained the situation to him.
Darren was in London.
After sitting around for a while, wondering what to do, Sam suddenly had an epiphany.
“Eureka!!!” He exclaimed excitedly, “I know just what we can do to raise our money back in only a few days!”
Sam’s idea was bold and sexy - a porno.
“It would make us back our money quicker than you can say urethra!”
Zach and Trevor took some convincing, especially since the porno idea Sam proposed involved Trevor fucking Zach.
“I don’t know about this,” Zach said worriedly. Trevor was less indecisive.
“C’mon,” he said, “It’ll be funny!”
Sam went on to describe the act he envisioned for several minutes. It was extremely graphic, and he had obviously spent a long, long time thinking about it.

3 hours later, Zach, Trevor and Sam were at Sam’s place, with the camera, toys and lube. Sam set the camera up and the sat in a recliner in the corner of the room.
“Go ahead, guys,” he said, “Just pretend like I’m not even here.”
Zach looked at Trevor.
“This is weird.” He said pointedly.
“Shut up, you gorgeous hunk!” Trevor replied and ripped his pants off, revealing his normal sized cock. The next thing he knew, Zach’s clothes were gone, and he and Trevor were laying on the mattress in front of the camera. Trevor lowered his head to Zach’s and kissed him deeply. Sam made a weird noise that sounded weirdly gorilla-ish but they both ignored him. Zach rolled onto his front and kneeled with his head pushing down onto the pillow, propping his ass up for the camera to see. Trevor lathered lube generously over his dick and his circumcised head to Zach’s entrance. Sam was whining incoherently from the corner. Trevor began sinking deliciously into Zach, as the man’s tight warmth enveloped his solid cock. Zach cried out in pleasure, having never had anything this far in his ass, slightly surprised by how pleasurable it truly felt.
“Take it, bitch!” Trevor shouted, plunging his cock all the way, his balls slapping into Zach’s. Trevor began fucking him in earnest, and Zach was noted that he himself was hard and leaking, and he snaked a hand under himself to jack off while Trevor absolutely destroyed his prostate.
Sam was continuing to make very strange sounds, and all of a sudden he let out a roar. Finally, Trevor looked over to see Sam transforming into a huge gorilla!
“WHAT THE FUCK” Trevor screamed. Zach orgasmed and was too preoccupied to notice anything outside of Trevor’s cock deep inside him. Sam the gorilla charged forwards and leapt onto Trevor, pushing him down on the mattress over Zach. Without even looking at the lube, Gorilla-Sam thrust his huge, 10 inch, uncut gorilla dick into Trevor’s ass. He began pounding vigorously, the camera catching every detail of the beastiality/rape.
Trevor, stimulated by Zach’s tight ass squeezing his cock, and the unbelievably thick gorilla cock in his ass, could no longer contain himself and experienced the best orgasm of his life.
Just then, Gorilla-Timmy and Gorilla-Darren charged into the room, their huge cocks already harder than steel.
“What?” Zach asked, finally paying attention to his surroundings, “I thought you guys were aw-“ Gorilla-Darren shoved his cock into Zach’s mouth as he was mid-sentence, forcing his length past his gag reflex and into his throat. Gorilla-Timmy advanced on Trevor and plunged his gigantic cock deep into Trevor’s throat, making it visibly bulge.
The huge orgy went on for hours, and once it was over, Trevor had to hobble to the bathroom to squat over the shower drain, letting the buckets of Sam’s gorilla cum gush from his asshole like runny mayonnaise.
He returned to the bedroom to find Zach lapping eagerly at Gorilla-Timmy’s asshole, making graphic squelching sounds as he stuck his tongue in Gorilla-Timmy’s hole as far as he could reach.
Trevor felt a deep sense of satisfaction, having finally been able to fulfil his secret desire of being gang raped by gorillas. This sex tape was going to be a hit, and with their earnings, they would be able to fund many more.