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Karl Needs a Sugar Daddy

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Karl was running out of money. He could no longer live off his friends because they hated him nor the divorce settlement money from his ex wife. He was scared that he might actually resort to getting a job that wasn’t complaining about capitalism for small leftist newspapers.
On top of all of this he was depressed. Everyday was a blur to him but he had one thing: Life in the World to Come. He loved listening to this clever comedy podcast about the end of the world. He loved their well put together responses and consistent upload schedule.

Today was an amazing day because today a new episode was out. Karl was slightly anxious because he submitted a question and really hoped they would answer his. He put on the podcast.
“Now the next question” Chris, the funny one said. “Will the bourgeoisie still exist in the world to come? If so, how will I plan a revolution to overthrow them?” Karl paused the podcast scared to hear what came next. Would they hate his question? They often hated their listeners' questions. Karl unpaused it and took a deep breath.
“This is an amazing question.” Will said, making Karl’s heartbeat ten times faster than normal. Karl went to his fridge in order to get himself something to eat while enjoying the podcast but there was nothing in the fridge.
“Fuck, I guess I have to got grocery shopping.” Karl said to himself.