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The Contract

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"Good morning honey."
"Good morning." Diana spoke, still groggy in her sleep. The moving in work had tired each muscle in her body.
"Are you going to eat breakfast or starve till lunch?" Grandma's voice was soft but taunting enough to make the blonde girl spring from the mattress.
"Yes, I will."
"Today's your first day. You can't be ruining the first impression."
Diana rubbed her scalp. As her fingers caressed the tips, a few strands of hair entangled into them.
"Won't grandma." she spoke low, peeking from the window.
"Okay then, take care dear. Grandpa went for groceries. We'll call after your lecture."
"Take care, Gran." Diana sighed before her eyes went to the sun outside. I am here now. Here it's safer to record than it was in San Francisco. That life was beautiful no doubt. But that was not her city. Not her place. It could never be her home.
"Are you missing San Francisco now? Please don't tell me that..." a squeaky sound interrupted her thoughts. There stood Ashley - brunette, green eyes and petite. She met her in the second year at the Bachelors programme and never left.
"No," Diana began arranging the bed.
"Then? Did someone say anything...." she could sense the violence in her tone.
"No, please.... I'm just feeling nostalgic."
"Just get over with it fast or feel it during the drive cause its already seven." Ashley pointed to the clock.
Diana realised in a second and immediately rushed to the bathroom. She did have time. About an hour. If she did everything fast, she could manage it.
Somehow she got through. It took her half an hour to do her makeup since the outfits were already chosen the night before. As she rushed downstairs, Katrina greeted her. Thankfully the rainbow dyed haired woman already kept her bowl and cheerios and milk ready.
"Thank you so much." Diana sat down and poured the cereal in.
"Your shoulders don't hurt or what?"
"From carrying the boxes yesterday. You carried twenty five out of the thirty we had."
"It's okay. Got my daily workout." Diana smiled, munching on the food.
"You didn't register for the gym yet?"
"Nope... Will once everything settles down."
Katrina nodded as she went to the kitchen to wash the bowl. Ashley joined soon with a glass of shake.
"How does it taste?" Diana asked.
"Weird. Like its not sweet but still manages to give a flavour. Here, take a sip...." She handed it. Her friend took a sufficient amount in her mouth as she made a weird face. Diana felt her taste-buds wither in pain.
"Only you can drink it..." Diana gobbled down her remaining milk in order to soothe her palette. Ashley grinned.
"I guess we should be going now." Katrina slung her bag over her shoulder. The other two rushed to the kitchen immediately to clean their utensils.
Fifteen minutes later and those same two people were now on the backseat of a Corolla, looking at the same city they both left behind all these years.
"Maybe its not as huge as San Francisco but its still huge you know. Easy for anyone to get lost."
"Why are you sounding like a true crime narrator? Easy for anyone to get lost. Easy for anyone to break the law." Diana spoke in a reporter tone.
"It's the Flo voice." Ashley chimed in. "Something which unfortunately more than half of the country can recognise."
"Can't argue that. Since you've come to hide from the press, you can't use it publicly, don't forget that."
"I won't. And thanks for reminding."
"What if they call you upon to sing?" Katrina stopped at a red light
"They won't."
"How are you planning to avoid that?" the brunette played with her hair.
"Do you want an answer or example?"
"The latter."
Diana began a discordant tune with the lyrics of a known song. The sound was enough to attract people from even the nearby cars. Katrina said "Ash, you know her. Never ask her to demonstrate."
"Okay, okay, we got it. Calm down now."
The driver and the woman breathed in relief when the echoes stopped. Thankfully the light turned green and before more unwanted attention gathered, they left.