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A Very Mockery Christmas

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Christmas 1989

Dear Diary,

At last, its CHRISTMASSSS whoo-hoo!

Well, it’s the night after Christmas but you get me, this week has been so busy I haven't had a chance to breathe. Never mind sitting down and writing an entry, but I'm doing it now and that's the main thing, yeah!

Bette and I surprised everyone with our return for the holidays well “surprise” is a bit of a stretch, Margo sent a letter to the return address from when I sent her a birthday card back in October, with some money for myself and Bette to buy flights back for a week for Christmas, and from there myself and Bette started planning.

We arrived at the manor on the 21st, in fairness how Davina had organized that we would be allowed to sneak into the park after it had closed you should have SEEN the look on Parker's face when we arrived, he was thrilled.

Sonia got the fright of her life when she heard Bettes voice, even coming over to poke her arm to make sure Bette was really there, without a word the two kissed, which I was like “oh god this is awkward” but also Bettes like Freddy Mercery, so whatever but it was strange to see my sister kissing someone- enough about Bettes love life , this is my diary and since the incident a few weeks I swore not to make this all about Bette, back to my actual friends , Parker was so delighted to see me, my gosh even though I'd never admit it I did miss sneaking out for fags with him, and his cheeky smile.....

We spent the few days on the run up to Christmas exploring the park, it felt like being home, I even made sure to go on the exorcist after my lunch just to make the poor sod working the ride to clear up my vomit for once, but I'm great on rides so it didn’t happen – what a SHAMEEEEEE


Last night (Christmas Eve) itself was fantastic, we all sat around the manor tree, which was in the main room of the manor, Margo had decorated it with beautiful twinkling lights and Jenkins had turned on the television for us all to watch top of the pops, it was the first time I had stepped foot in the manor since the mess during the summer, however it did make my nerves shake like never, they were easily distracted by beer and good laughs, so nothing much changes there, Davina was there and so were most of the staff from the summer, it was so strange and nice to see them again like had all been through the same things during the summer and despite everything that happened to all of our separate lives, here we are again .

But, one thing that stood out to me was that all of the staff either had a present or a gift from their parents to mark Christmas, even Matty despite being missing had something here waiting for him, Bette had a card and a bracelet for her from our mum and Dad and they didn’t leave anything for me, which made me feel really sad but in fairness I still haven't spoken to them in a long time, so I tried my best not to take it too harshly, but it did stink nonetheless. Being the only one without something to open on Christmas Eve.

Today pretty much everyone was acting like children waking up in the middle of the night to be the first into the main room, despite all of us being adults being still on the lookout for Father Christmas and to all our shock, there were presents waiting for all of us under the tree, Jenkins and Margo must REALLY feel guilty about the summer shenanagins,huh. I was on the verge of tears when I saw that there was something left for me, and from Matty, OF ALL PEOPLE, but it was this, this brand-new diary, I guess he must have felt bad from stealing my last one, and I've promised myself that ill avoid doodling knives in this one. The rest of the evening I share drinks with Parker and Davina, for a someone who looks like Pop-eye she can drink some lot for a woman of her...age (Davina if you ever get your hands on this I'm so sorry)

For the next few days, the rough plan is to take in all of Mockery while we are still here, rumor has it that Mr,Crackles has a special Christmas outfit or some sorts which I'll need to keep my eyes out for.

However, I guess this trip was bittersweet as on December 29th myself and Bette return to our journey around the world, we are fishing where we left off over In Thailand, gosh I'm so excited to leave this place (and this year) behind me.

Right, I'm off, myself and Parker are going out for a fag and Jenkins hates us smoking inside,

Until next time diary,