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Making a Miracle

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Mirabel had left the bakery; Daniel saw her out and made sure she got back to the shop safe. She carried with her half of the cake they'd made together. She quickly placed the box on the counter, heading back to her room. On one of the moved desks lay her new skirt, it was a bit odd, it was still a similar blue but now she’d made it so that when she spinned there were certain blobs of yellow which caused the shape of a butterfly. Scattered everywhere were yellow butterflies. Warm pink sewing items for her Tía, a beautiful blue cake for Daniel, every color accessible to her was on her new skirt. She simply added her finishing touches to the skirt, she changed into it and gently folded her old skirt hiding it away in her bag.


She then laid down on her bed and thought about everything that had happened that day, the story Mr. Calvo’s story resurfacing to her mind once more after her rushed journey back to the shop. Now that she thought about it it was actually strange that she had run into a girl right after what she could only assume as a warning. It was a bit suspicious that she’d happened to run into Nina right after receiving said warning. 

Though she also noted that it could have simply been a coincidence, a strange coincidence but a coincidence nonetheless. It was all so strange and so much happened in that small amount of time. But Mirabel decided to shake it off, she’d be wary of Nina but still give her a chance. She laid down and tried to sleep.




It was time to get up early as usual and María headed to go open the shop. Her darling sobrina appeared to still be sleeping and she didn’t feel like waking the girl up early. She began simply fixing a few details and was surprised to hear the bell open so soon after the opening of the shop. She turns to see a strange man enter with a shy look on his face, she simply raised an eyebrow and the man gave her a small smile.


“Um… Hello, I -uh I was wondering if there happened to be a girl in this town named Mirabel?”


This caused María to freeze.


“Uh, if you don’t know it’s okay. I was just wondering because well you see I’m sort of looking for her and-”


“Who are you?” She asked, cutting into his ramble. 

“I’m her Tío.”




Bruno hadn’t expected this honestly, he had managed to safely navigate himself down the mountains and the butterfly had led him to this shop just as it happened to open. A woman had answered the door and had told him to sit himself down before disappearing into the back of the shop.


He took the time to look around the shop, examining the different pieces of clothes and works placed proudly around on shelves and displays. It seemed that this shop was one that worked with embroidery and other similar methods.




Mirabel was surprised to wake up to her Tía knocking on her door. She dragged herself out of bed and over to her door.


“Good morning mija, I apologize for waking you up so early but there’s someone looking for you.” Tía Vargas said she also noticed her new outfit. “So this is the project you were working on.” 


A smile spread proudly across her face and Mirabel smiled back giving her a tiny spin.


“Who is looking for me, Tía?” Mirabel asked, leaving her room, following her as they walked back to the main area of the shop.

“He claims to be your Tío” They arrived in the main section where Mirabel paused, immediately spotting who she was talking about.

“Tío Bruno?” she exclaimed.

“Hi…” he replied with an awkward chuckle as he scratched on the back of his head.




The three were sat at the table, with Mirabel and Tía Vargas on one side and her Tío Bruno on the other side. An awkward silence filled the air, Tía Vargas stared at the man with a sharp glare and Tío Bruno couldn’t meet her gaze, sending a questioning look at Mirabel. The girl looked between him and her Tía.


“Tía, can you go get us some drinks?”

“Of course mija!” Tía Vargas responded with a smile, giving Bruno a settled glare before going. 

“Thank you Mirabel.” Tío Bruno quickly thanked the girl and she smiled in response.

“What are you doing here Tío?” She asked.

“Well, I’m actually here for you. We’ve all been looking for you, Mirabel.” he responded softly.


“You have?”

“Of course sobrina! I know that what happened really hurt you, but it’s gotten better Mirabel. And if you want to come home, you can. If not, I’ll pretend like I never saw you.”

Tía Vargas gently placed a cup of tea in front of him and also put a cup of water in front of Mirabel. She grabbed her own cup and sat down.

“So, that’s why you’re here.” she mused while drinking her tea.


“The choice with yours Mirabel, I’ll support you either way.”

Mirabel shifted uncomfortably, rubbing her arm slightly.

“I- I’m not ready to go back Tío… I don’t even know if I want to. I just, I can’t not now not when I’ve only started to feel better about myself.”

“It’s okay, mi sobrina, there’s no need to explain yourself I understand.” He replied gently. 

“I do have some questions for you though…”

He looked at her with a questioning gaze.

“It’s about your vision of me… why was I in it?”



Bruno sat up hearing her ask this.


“How do you know about that?”


“I actually found it before I ran away. It was one of the reasons


Bruno sighed when his sobrina asked him about that vision. He should have figured that she’d be curious about it, so he sat himself a little taller.


“I… I still don’t exactly know. But what I had gathered was that the fate of the miracle had laid on your shoulders.”


“Oh, right you don’t know… Mirabel not too long after you left, Casita fell and the candle went out. The miracle is no more, at least not for us.”

He could she her visibly freeze after hearing this.


“It’s not your fault, you didn’t cause any of this. It was bound to happen eventually, the family just wasn’t a family anymore.”

Mirabel still looked confused. Suddenly the woman next to her put her cup down with a loud clack. Bruno and Mirabel both turned to look at her. 

“Mirabel mija, can you go get something for your Tío?”

Mirabel nodded and quickly went off. She turned her attention back to him.

“Thank you for taking care of her so far. She’s told all about this family, and of all of them you aren’t the worst.”

“Thank you?”

The woman smiled at him and extended her hand.

“My name is María, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Bruno, it’s good to meet you too.” He replied gently, taking her hand and the two shook.


“Thank you for taking my sobrina in, I was worried about her, but seeing how you treat her… I know she’ll be safe in your care.”

The two had a moment of silence pass between them.

“I’ll have Mirabel show you around town, and whenever you leave I’ll pack something for you.” She said simply. 


He stared at her in shock and with a questioning gaze.

“I figured you could use a bit of time to catch up with your sobrina.”

“Thank you.”

“Here Tío.” Mirabel said, putting a plate of cut fruit in front of him.

“Thank you Mirabel.”

“Mija, I was just telling your Tío that you’d show him around for a bit.” María told the girl with a smile.




Mirabel simply smiled in response. She was confused by the different air that she had returned to, but she didn’t mind.

“Go ahead mija, show him around.”


With that the two left the shop.

“How is everything?”

“Well it’s actually going better. Everyone has adjusted to being unable to use their gifts and it’s slowly gotten better. There’s still some leftover signs of the gifts having existed.”

Mirabel nodded slowly and the two continued to walk.

“How are you doing?”

“I’ve really found my place here, Tío. I like it.”

“That’s good.”

“There’s actually someone here with a similar gift to what you had.”

He raised an eyebrow hearing that.


“Yeah, let me introduce you to him.”

With that Mirabel led her Tío to Mr. Calvo’s house. While going there she saw all the different colors and decorations being put up everywhere from shops to houses, everything had flowers of sorts. 


“Is there something big happening here?”

“Apparently there’s a festival happening during the upcoming week.” Mirabel responded casually.


He gave a hum and nodded.

The two soon arrived at Mr. Calvo’s house.

“Ah Mirabel! Why are you here?”

“Sorry to intrude Mr. Calvo, I actually wanted to introduce you to my Tío.”

He looks over at Tío Bruno and gives him a smile.

“A bearer of a similar gift ay?” He then steps to the side, opening the door wider. “Please, come in.”

The two entered and sat down.

“What can I do for you today?”

“Oh, I was simply curious and wanted to meet someone with a similar gift,” he responded.

Mr. Calvo nodded in response.

“Ah!” Mirabel exclaimed sitting up, “I’m sorry Tío, I just remembered I promised a friend I would meet them to hang out.”

“It’s okay Mirabel.” Tío Bruno responded with a small understanding smile.

“Don’t worry about him Mirabel, I’ll entertain him and be sure to bring him back to your Tía’s shop.” Mr. Calvo promised.


Mirabel gave a nod and quickly left the house heading to where she told Daniel she’d meet him for the day.




“Your sobrina is quite a person.” Mr. Calvo stated to Bruno. “She has a strange energy about her.”


“A strange yellow glow right?” He asked, sitting up slightly and the man nodded back in response.

“I do fear for her though, I sense that something wishes to cause her harm.”

“It’s like my vision from all those years ago…” Bruno mumbled to himself.

“Don’t worry too much though. I doubt anyone in this town will sit still should anything happen to her.”


Bruno looked back at him.


“She’s had an impact on this town.”

“Do take care of her.”

“We will.”


With that the conversation and Bruno was led back to the shop.




Daniel was waiting at the corner for Mirabel to show up, she was usually early for these types of things.


“Sorry I’m late Daniel.” Mirabel said as she ran over to where he was.

“It’s okay Mirabel, I wasn’t waiting that long.”

“Still, I feel sorry for making you wait.”

The two laughed a bit and started to walk about.


“Oh, there’s another bakery around here apparently, the girl who works there is absolutely delightful.” Mirabel started leading the boy to the other bakery.

“Is there? I didn’t know there was another one, though I’m not surprised.” Daniel responded following the girl.


With that the two entered a small shop and Nina was there at the counter to greet them.

“Hello Mirabel! It’s a pleasure to see you here!” She greeted her happily.

Daniel immediately took the time to study the girl, he hadn’t ever seen her before. He made sure to take particular note of whether or not she wore any jewelry, specifically a necklace. He was pleased and set at ease when he saw none, but he knew better than to let his guard down.

The two girls chattered and the boy tried to gently roll his way into the conversation.


“It’s a pleasure to meet you Nina, I’m Daniel.”


“Oh yes, I’ve heard about you. You’re the boy who runs the other bakery shop, oh it’s an absolute inspiration to me.”

“Really?” He asked surprised.

Nina quickly nodded in response.


“I could only dream of having a shop half as big or popular as yours. I can barely keep this shop afloat.”


“So you struggle with finances? Is that why you don’t have any jewelry?” Daniel asked and he felt Mirabel slightly elbow him.

“Oh no, I could never dream of buying any jewelry, I focus on keeping this shop alive.” Nina replied simply.


This put him at ease, at the least he knew that there was no chance she had it, sure she could be lying but he usually had a good affinity for sniffing lies out. After some time the two left and Daniel was sure to walk the girl home.


“Why did you ask her about jewelry?” Mirabel asked.

“I was simply curious is all.” He responded curtly.  

“Mhm, if you say so.” She replied.

The two continued to walk in silence.




Upon reaching the shop she turned to Daniel.

“Well, today was fun.” Mirabel said. 

“It was.” He replied. 

“Ah mija, Daniel.” Tía Vargas said, opening the door to the shop. “You’re just in time mija, your Tío was just planning to leave.”


Right on que Tío Bruno walked out of the shop behind her.

“You’re leaving already Tío?” Mirabel asked, she didn’t particularly want him to leave yet.

“Yeah, the family will be worried.” He responded with a sad smile. “I’ll try to visit occasionally though.”

“Alright, Tío.”


“This is your Tío?” Daniel asked.

“Oh right, Tío Bruno this is Daniel, Daniel this is my Tío Bruno.”

He seemed to study Daniel for a minute and gave him a smile.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Daniel, such a shame that we met so late.” And with that Mirabel hugged her Tío and he was off into the sunset. Daniel too left, Mirabel and her Tía headed back inside the shop.


“Your Tío isn’t such a bad man.”

“Yeah he’s not.”


The two continued to work around the shop for a bit and talk about the festival and the different decorations.




Nina was cleaning up and planning to close shop, it had been another long day. The bell rung, a signal that someone was entering her shop. She looked up and it was a girl, she had long black hair and wore a beautiful pink dress.


“Welcome! What can I do for you?”

“I’d like a Roscón, please.”

“Sure can I get a name for that?” Nina asked as she got the desert the girl asked for. 

“Isabela.” Nina nodded and handed over the small bag to the girl.

“Thank you, here.” She looked at her and