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Making a Miracle

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Mirabel felt her heart drop watching her family members all pass her in a frenzy, Isabela said she hated her, her Tía Pepa clearly blamed her, she always caused bad things to happen. Before leaving the dining room she had managed to get the pieces of the vision, and she then rushed to the nursery as quickly as possible. She entered the nursery and practically slammed the door; this startled Casita who manipulated the window to show its concern and worry for her. For the first time, she ignored Casita, grabbed the biggest bag she had, and started to back. Casita realized what she was doing and would try to hide her clothes and nudge her bag to places she wouldn't be able to reach, unfortunately, she still managed to find what she needed and grab her bag before Casita could move it away.


She packed essentials: clothes, any money she had saved, the vision, food, and water she had convinced Casita to, reluctantly, bring to her. She also packed her small sewing/embroidery kit, who knows what will happen on her trip, and her smaller embroidered side bag, after double - even triple-checking her things to make sure she had everything she needed. She threw on the bag; Mirabel knew that things were too much of a frenzy to go out any other way, so she'd have to use her window. Though it was at this moment looking out of her window, which Mirabel paused, behind her Casita used the floor tiles to try to talk her out of leaving. She looked back, staring at the nursery door for a moment, almost hoping someone would come in, stopping her. But after staring for a minute or so, she looked down at the floor tiles that seemed to plead her to not go. It made her feel as though she were leaving a child, so she decided to leave Casita with a bit of an explanation. 


"I'm sorry Casita, I have to go... I've only brought trouble and pain to my family; besides you saw the vision, I'm the reason for all this. If I leave, maybe things will be better for everyone, I'm sure they won't even notice anyways, especially not with everything that's going on." Mirabel said gently. Casita seemed to attempt to rebut her argument, moving the tiles slightly angrily. Mirabel sighed softly before reaching into her drawer, pulling out a simple handkerchief. It had only been embroidered with two things, a yellow butterfly and a small M in the corner. "Fine Casita, I'll make a deal with you: I'll leave this handkerchief behind if my family cares enough to try and find me, then I'll come back," Mirabel promised. This somewhat calmed Casita, though it was still upset. "I'll miss you to Casita, thanks for being one of my only friends here." Mirabel then gently slid out the window and managed to get down, thanks once more to Casita, she then began off sure to avoid any seeing eyes. Her biggest problem would be the mountains, though she was sure she'd somehow figure things out. She didn't particularly know where she was heading, but upon spotting a yellow butterfly, she followed it somewhat allured by the sight. 




Casita was not pleased in the slightest, one of its favorite family members had just run away and for real this time. Though it also knew that tonight would not be the best time to do anything, it still didn't stop from occasionally being a bit of a nuisance every now and again, however it didn't do it so often that the family seemed to notice anything. Abuela had gone out to talk and comfort the townspeople, Camilo was looking for Mirabel walking around calling for her. Casita was aware of every movement of the family member, it sometimes did its best to distract them, while its favorite continued to travel away. It tried to use a bit of the last of its magic to guide her towards a different town. Casita's magic spread much further than anyone knew, reaching barely past the mountains, with it, Casita tried to always keep in touch with its favorite charge. It could feel her every step, her every breath, her conflicted thoughts which went through a constant loop of questioning her decision to determination. The town it was guiding her towards, was only a bit further past the mountain range, enough so that Casita could still feel her though it had no real power there. And from what Casita could tell, there was a good place that would take Mirabel in, especially for her seaming and embroidery abilities. It was the perfect place for the girl to stay while she found herself and her worth again


For now, Casita settled with letting one person know of her disappearance, tactically moving the handkerchief to the one other person who had run away, Bruno.




Bruno was just sitting in his red chair; he had been slightly nervous after the dinner he had just overheard happen in the room over. Next thing he knew he opened his door to his living room and there on the planks laid a handkerchief with a yellow butterfly on it. At first, he was slightly confused as he picked up the handkerchief, but upon further examination, he saw the M and immediately knew something was up. Why had Casita put this in front of his door? 


"Casita? What's up, did something happen to Mirabel?"


Casita gently used the planks he was staring out to try to explain to him, but he didn't have the same affinity for understanding the house as his niece, he did get a general sense. 


"She... ran away?" Bruno asked to make sure he had understood the house correctly, this was strange enough as it is, after all this was his first interaction in a long time. 


Casita seemed to give him the positive.


Bruno stared at the embroidered handkerchief, his sobrina's work was beautiful, but he was trying to digest the fact that she had run away. Had things truly gotten so bad for her? Where would she even go? He was very panicked and worried as he weakly sat himself down in his red chair once more, gently caressing the handkerchief to try to calm himself down.


"What are we going to do?" he asked no one in particular. He was hit with the memory of his vision the night his dear niece didn't get her gift; he was sure that everything came down to Mirabel, so he wasn't sure what would happen now that she'd left. Though he honestly was more worried about her well-being, her ability to survive outside the Encanto. "Try to take care of her Casita, we'll figure something out to bring her back." Casita once more gently moved the planks to agree, before seeming to have left him to just think and allow the fact that his niece had run away to really sink in.