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National Stadium
Tokyo, Japan
1915 Local Time

“Do da da follow me, do da da love me do,” Liella sang as they did their final pose.

Yuigaoka Girls’ School Idol Group, Liella, was performing for a football game’s half-time show in the middle of the National Stadium’s field with all the spot lights shining on them.

Finishing up with “Nonfiction!!” as their last song of the night, Liella got into their last pose while Sumire points toward the crowd in front of her in the center of the formation.

After their performance, Liella went over to spectator benches while still in their costumes to cool down after being exhausted from their performance.

They have a decent view of the field sitting at the west side of the stadium.

The blonde Sumire sits next to Keke, her short gray haired girlfriend.

“Here, drink some before you end up gassing out,” Sumire said as she hands her Chinese girlfriend the bottle of water.

“Oh, thank you Isopod-chan!” Keke thanked teasingly.

“We’ve been dating for a year and you still love calling me that,” Sumire said annoyed.

“Haha, it’s how I show my love towards you!” Keke said before kissing Sumire’s cheek.

Sumire couldn’t do anything other than blush, dating her for a year and her Chinese girlfriend can still make her heart race.

“Ehh, whatever give me some of that popsicle,” Sumire said. “It’s hot over here!”

Chisato and her girlfriend, Kanon, witness the two love birds share their ice cream together the next two chairs down.

Ren also witness the ordeal as she sits behind Chisato and Kanon.

“Man, those two get along well don’t they?” Chisato pointed out.

“Yes, it’s hard to tell when they don’t get along,” Ren added.

“Cool stuff but who are those guys over there?” Kanon asked as she disregards the lovebirds as she points out a couple of guys in camouflage uniforms at the side of the field.

The men in uniform were on their knees next to a radio as one of them held hand mic to his ear.

“Hmmm, looks like the American Soldiers that are here helping out with the performance that’s suppose to start after us,” Chisato pointed out.

“I wonder what performance it’s gonna be, we never seen them rehearse at all over here,” Ren wondered.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please be ready to welcome our next set of performers that will be making a grand entrance!” the public announcer put out on the loudspeaker. “I will now hand over the mic over to the ground team’s radio, so prepare yourselves as they will be coming in from the sky!”

The girls of Liella started to wonder what’s going to be happening for the next performance.

Sumire and Keke even stopped what they’re doing to also pay attention to the open field as they still continue to let their fingers intertwine on the armrest.

“Mongoose Three-Two, this is Big Bird Two-One we are on approach to the stadium,” the helicopter pilot’s voice can be heard on the stadium’s loudspeakers as they play out the ground controllers radio traffic.

“Big Bird Two-One, Mongoose Three-Two here you are cleared to approach and insert at this time,” the controller gave the pilot clearance to enter the stadium.

“Roger that, Big Bird is coming in for approach,” the helicopter pilot acknowledges.

“Wait what, are they bringing a helicopter into this stadium!?” Sumire asked in shocked.

Sumire has seen and done a lot of things in the show business but not as big as bringing a military helicopter to a large stadium.

“Seems like it,” the Chinese girl answered. “Is that not normal for you, I thought it was normal for you being in the showbiz.”

“Of course not idiot, I didn’t do anything that big!” Sumire said as she pinched her girlfriend’s cheek.

“Hmm, a helicopter huh?” Kanon said intrigued. “That’s hell of a way to make an entrance.”

“Seems like the American Military always love to do things at this scale,” Ren pointed out.

“Big Bird is coming in hot,” the helicopter pilot announced.

The sound of rotor blades start to get closer until a helicopter started to get within view right above the stadium.

A U.S. Army CH-47 Chinook, a twin-bladed heavy-lift helicopter, starts to descend down towards the field in the middle of the stadium with its nose facing the north side of the stadium.

One of the soldiers went onto the field to safely guide the helicopter onto its landing spot.

The girls of Liella were amazed at the sheer size of the helicopter as it blows strong velocity winds in its surrounding area.

“Woah, that thing is so loud!” Chisato screamed out through the loud sound of the rotor blades.

The CH-47 touches down, starts to reduce its power and opens the ramp.

“Hey look, the ramp is opening!” Kanon shouted out.

“Galaxy!” Sumire said as she amused by what’s happening.

“I see people coming out!” Keke shouted in excitement but no one understand as she shouted it out in Chinese.

A group of men in U.S. Army Service Uniform short sleeve Class B shirts, trousers and blue berets while holding M1903 Springfield rifles at port arms exit out of the helicopter sprinting south in two columns of six.

Two of the men in the front mid and rear mid of the column can be pointed out as the one in the front was holding a saber and the other was holding a guidon or military standard flag.

They got into their proper spacing as they marched in place before coming to a halt.

The men holding the rifles went into order arms standing in the position of attention with the butt of the rifle resting on the ground.

The girls of Liella were amused at the men in uniform that just exited out of the helicopter.

“Woah, those uniforms look so nice on them!” the Chinese Fashion Designer finally shouted back in Japanese for the rest of Liella to understand.

“And the way they put the guns down was so in sync!” Chisato exclaimed.

“Let’s not forgot they just exited out of a military helicopter!” Ren added in.

The Chinook helicopter started to power back up and lifted itself off the ground until it gained enough altitude above the stadium.

The helicopter can be seen flying away from the stadium heading northeast.

After the helicopter left, the noise level start calming back done leaving it back to the crowd and the uniformed men on the field.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome U.S. Army Cadets from the island of Guam,” the PA started to introduce the performers in both English and Japanese. “George Washington High School’s Aces High Armed Drill Team!”

“Woah, these guys are high schoolers as well!?” Keke said excited.

“They look really sharp as well, not bad!” Sumire admired.

“PORT ARMS!” the cadet commander commanded as the loudspeakers project his voice with the microphones that are set up near by.

“Woah, he has a loud and deep voice!” The Kanon started to speak as she got amused.

The riflemen went into exhibition port arms with the barrel facing upwards while giving the rifle some loud taps.

The guidon also followed suit.

“And really coordinated too, wow!” Chisato reacted and starts to pay better attention to the team of newcomers.

“They’re hitting that thing hard, I wonder how heavy those things are,” Ren spoke up as well.

“FORWARD!” the cadet commander commanded as he held onto his saber.

“FORWARD!” The rest of the team shouted out.

Liella just gazed in amusement after hearing their voices, even without the help of the loud speakers the riflemen’s voices can still be heard from where they are at.

“MARCH!” the cadet commander ordered.

The team of rifle man proceeded to march forward heading south while executing order arms and bringing it back up to port arms forming a rhyming beat to it.

And not only they are marching, but they stomp at each step they make as they march forward.

After each rifle slam to the ground they scream out a very loud and proud chant to express who they are and what they want to do.




“WE’RE THE WARRIORS, HOOAH!” the rifle team went back to port arms as they continued to stomp forward.

“Woah, those guys are so cool!” Keke said while being amused. “I bet the showbiz hasn’t taught you how to do that, huh Isopod-chan?” She asked her girlfriend smugly.

“Not ever and those rifles look really heavy just by hearing the way it sounds when they slap their hands against them!” Sumire admitted.

“And again, they sound off really loud!” Kanon pointed out. “It’s almost like they’re screaming a war cry!”

“Dancing may be hard but performing with heavy rifles in a coordinated sequence is something else!” Chisato said.

“PRESENTATION MOVE!” the commander shouted.

“SET!” the rest of the team acknowledged.

“MARCH!” the commander ordered.

The eastern column pivoted 180 degrees to face the north side of the stadium.

After the east column turned opposite of the west column, the entire team stomped three times before the riflemen started to throw their rifles up to perform a side double aerial toss spinning two times in the air before catching it by the barrel facing down.

Guidon and commander followed suit and they proceeded to spin their respective weapons.

The riflemen caught their aerials, slammed the butt to the ground then grabbed the small of the rifle to whip it up and catch it by the barrel again.

After that, they turned to their right so the formation can face towards the spectators and executes a front double aerial before catching it barrel down and reversing it back to a port arms catch.

Catching it back to port arms, the riflemen all went down to one knee saluting the rifle diagonally with the barrel down while giving a loud chant of:

“SIR!” the entire teamed shouted as they posed.

The commander saluted his saber before spinning it back to the position of attention.

“Woah, they are spinning and throwing it so fast!” Keke said in excitement. “That’s so awesome!”

“Yeah, I never seen anything like this before!” Chisato agreed. “It’s like they’re dancing with the rifles!”

“And the one calling commands is spinning a saber while the other person is twirling his flag!” Ren pointed out.

Kanon and Ren was amazed how loud they could sound off while Sumire was shocked at how skilled they were and even her time in the show business never took her to that level.

“GALAXY!” Sumire screamed out.

Keke looks over to see her amused girlfriend, she admires how cute she looked before she continues to watch the rifle team.

“REFORM!” the cadet commander ordered.

The rifle team stood back up while going back to port and dipped their barrels down.


The rifle team did a single front spin before reverse it back to a dip then tossing another double aerial and about face as they caught it.

With the two columns of riflemen facing each other, they reverse their rifles back to a port catch and executed order arms to slam the butt of their rifles two times into a rhythmic beat.

After the second beat, they bring the butts back and the riflemen in the two columns started to throw their rifles towards each other.

“WOOOOAAAAAAHH!” Liella screamed out amused.

The two columns were 15 feet apart as they threw their rifles at each other, once the riflemen caught their adjacent partner’s rifle they brought the rifles down to their left hip with the butt facing forward.

“Wow, they just totally threw those rifles at each other and caught it at such a distance!” Keke shouted.

“And they were also in sync as well!” Sumire shouted.

“That must’ve taken a lot of practice!” Chisato added.

Everyone in Liella was shocked after seeing that, who knew how much practice the cadets had to go through in order to execute their movements perfectly.

“ARMY WHAT!?” the commander shouted in question.

“ARMY STRONG!” the riflemen replied back.

After the command, the rifle men brought their rifles to execute a reverse double spin back to port arms.

The team started to stomp and march while executing order arms butt slam up to right shoulder arms as they march into their spots to form a single file line with everybody facing the spectators at the west.

The commander stands at the front while the guidon stands at the back.

Liella watches as the rifle team faces directly towards them.

The rifleman on the edge of the line executes a side double aerial which triggers the rest of them to execute the same move causing a ripple effect down the line.

“That’s an amazing ripple effect,” Chisato pointed out.

The last rifleman caught his aerial spin and reverses it back to grasp the rifle with the butt of the rifle facing forward as the rest of them follow through.

The starting rifleman reverses his spin and spins his weapon back up to right shoulder arms and executes a double shoulder toss before the rest of the line follows suit.

Liella was once again amazed at the display that the rifle team was giving out on the field.

Keke continues to tease her girlfriend on how the show business never taught her those moves.

“GECKO!” the cadet commander called.

“WARRIORS!” the team responded.

The riflemen executed a side double spin and went back to port arms, the entire team got back into a platoon formation of a three man front with four cadets in each squad facing south.

After getting back into platoon formation, the team continued to march in place.

“TEAM HALT!” the commanded called.

The rifle team halted and started to stomp march forward as they execute an order arms, the last rank of the platoon pass their rifles forward as the squad leaders in the front proceed to throw their rifles back to the last rank for them to catch it.

The riflemen in the first and third squad caught their rifles decently, while the middle rifleman had to to step five feet back as his squad leader up front threw it a bit too far.

The second squad catcher managed to catch the rifle to the point of almost falling over himself until he regained his balance.

He went back to join the platoon as they march off the field.

Before the rifle platoon steps off the field, the guidon runs to the back of the formation to perform a turning roundhouse kick and finishes with a kneeling salute with his flag.

“WOOOOAAAAAAHH!” Liella all screamed out after they watch the entire exchange.

“Wow, one guy almost dropped that rifle!” Keke said excitingly. “And that guy in the flag just did a really cool kick too!”

“As a person in the show biz, that display those guys did was amazing!” Sumire admitted again.

“I mean, I don’t know if you can handle those heavy rifles Sumire,” Chisato pointed out.

“Shut up!” Sumire said as she glared at Chisato.

The rifle team continued to march off the field and went into one of the exits until they got out of view leaving behind the entire stadium cheering for them.

“Their voices were so deep and they were able to keep their volumes up for the entire performance!” Kanon stated.

“These Americans are filled entirely different type of people,” Ren said.

After the performance, the football teams went back onto the field to continue the game.


After the game, Liella changed out of their costumes and got into their casuals.

The group split up with Ren heading her own way home while Kanon and Chisato make their way to Kanon’s family cafe then that leaves to Keke and Sumire.

Sumire walks out of the stadium with Keke latching onto her right arm, she tries to make sure they don’t bump into anyone as the rest of the other spectators proceed to exit out of the stadium as well.

They got out of the crowded area and proceed to walk their way home.

“Hey, what do you want for dinner?” Sumire asked softly.

“Ehh I don’t know, maybe something from my hometown since you’re good at cooking those!” Keke answered as she continues to latch onto Sumire.

“Haha, okay then,” Sumire said before putting a warm smile on her face.

Even though Sumire would still have her episodes with Keke in front of the rest of Liella, she really tries her best to cherish her girlfriend as much as possible.

Keke suddenly stops themselves to a halt at the bottom of the steps and looks around to see if anyone else is nearby and saw exactly what she expected.

She lets go of Sumire’s arm and slides both of her hands down to her girlfriend’s own.

“Hey, since we’ve been with them all day I wonder if I can get a kiss after our hard work today,” Keke asked flustered.

Sumire’s heart beat started rising through the roof and she frantically looks around to check if the coast is clear.

“It’s okay there’s no one here,” Keke reassured. “You just looked so cute in that outfit I made you for your center and your bangs looked hot too.”

“Ehhh, o-okay but let’s make it fast then!” Sumire said nervously. “You looked really cute back there as well.”

The two embraced each other, joined their lips together and enjoyed the feeling of how soft and tender each other’s lips are.

Chinese girl and Isopod girl released themselves from the kiss but continued to embrace each other.

“I love you, Keke-chan,” Sumire said.

“I love you too, Sumire-chan,” Keke replied.

They broke off and joined hands instead to get ready to make their trip back to Keke’s apartment.

“Alright, I feel better now,” Keke said. “Let’s head back home and-“

“FILES FROM THE LEFT, COLUMN LEFT!” the cadet commander shouted.

Sumire and Keke both hopped away from each other and looked over to where the loud voice came from, it was at the stairs leading down to the bus parking lot where they saw the team of riflemen still carrying onto their weapons at carry arms.

With them was an older man wearing his black U.S. Army Cadet Corps Instructor polo shirt and khaki pants as he watches the team continue with movement.

“COLUMN LEFT!” the first squad leader commanded.

“STAND FAST!” the other two squad leaders commanded.

“MARCH!” the cadet commander ordered.

The first squad walked down the stairs while being followed by the other two squads, the commander and guidon forming a single file line.

“Woah, that scared me!” Keke stated.

“They popped out unexpectedly and they were loud as well,” Sumire replied. “But good thing they didn’t see us or who knew what would’ve happened.” Sumire said as she glared and pinched her lover’s cheek.

“Ahhh, I’m sorry!” Keke apologizes.

“Hmmph, whatever I’ll make you pay for it when we get home,” Sumire said before she grabs her girlfriends hand again. “In the bed.”

“Hah, I’ll show you!” Keke said with a smug face.

The two laughed among themselves after making some dirty comments.

After they calmed down they gave each other some warm soft smiles before they continued to make their way home.