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Neo vs. Marketing

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The car swerved onto the freeway entry, two police cars giving chase. Neo had to grab the window frame to counter the centrifugal force. The feeling was exhilarating.

“Whoa!” He let go to turn towards Trinity. “You’ve still got it.” She briefly looked up from the freeway traffic to smile at him. “Like riding a bike, they say.”

He leaned in closer. “I sometimes miss this version of us.”

“Me too,” she said wistfully.

They drove on in silence, Trinity moving the car through traffic with practiced ease and Neo settling back to admire her. They weren’t in any real danger, he knew. This was obviously a training sim. Trin could easily handle it. And he liked to watch.

“Huh”, she huffed after a few seconds. “I think something’s off.” She swerved around a truck and reached across him to retrieve a handgun from the glove compartment. Neo examined the code around them, but he couldn’t detect any anomalies. “You sure?”

“Pretty sure something was supposed to happen back there. Lean back!” He did, and she fired twice through his window, dropping the agents that had manifested in the police car next to them.

“Hm?” He was distracted by the way her gloved index finger curled around the trigger. It was coded poetry.

“Something was supposed to happen, I think. After I agreed with you. Can you take the wheel for a second?” He did, so she could turn around and shoot the tires of the police car behind them. It careened into the concrete wall on the side of the freeway and went up in a ball of fire. Neo appreciated the way the flames made her cheeks glow.

“Oh. Sorry. I was distracted. You mean like this?” He waited for her to shoot two more agents on motorcycles and recharge, then pulled her in for a kiss.

Even jacked in, kissing her was perfection. He felt her soft mouth open under his as he buried his hand in her gelled-back hair, holding tight to the back of her neck. He wished he could have let go of the wheel to caress her face, but after all, the car wouldn’t steer itself—at least not unless he put a great deal of focus on it that he was currently devoting to sucking Trin’s lower lip. He made a sharp turn to shift lanes and avoid another collision and the motion made Trinity’s chest press into his. He could feel her heart beating fast. He could sympathize. His palms were starting to sweat. Even his RSI wasn’t immune to her effect on him. Probably because he didn’t want it to be.

“No,” she mumbled as they came up for air and she took back the wheel with her left. “I don’t think that’s what they had in mind.”

Three agents had jumped onto their car while they had been busy. Trinity shot one through the front window and then bent back in her seat to empty the rest of the gun’s magazine through the roof.

“They specifically told me no kissing,” she shouted over the noise of the bullets and screeching tires. “Not their target audience, they said.” She threw the empty gun onto the backseat. “Did I get them all?” Neo nodded and handed her a Micro Uzi.

“What about sexy action?” he asked. She shook her head and a tiny strand of hair came loose. Neo was itching to tuck it back for her, maybe let his fingers linger, slip under the collar of her coat for a bit and press under her vertebra, where he knew she was sensitive. He shook his head to clear it and adjusted his sunglasses instead.

“I think that was strictly in reference to shooting and blowing stuff up.”

Neo watched as she calmly took out the agent that had just replaced the driver of the car next to them, causing an accident that blocked the road for the remaining police cars still pursuing them. He considered the way the muscles in her upper arm clenched under the vinyl of her suit whenever she pulled the trigger. “You are sexy when you do that.” Maybe those marketing people had a point.

A helicopter appeared from behind a building in front of them, immediately opening fire. Trinity swore under her breath, slammed the brakes, forced the car into third gear and made a sharp turn for an exit ramp that led them under the freeway for better cover. “Apparently, this demo is supposed to be rated Teen.” She was going against traffic now to shake off the cars that had followed them off the freeway.

“When have we ever been?” he shouted over the din of the rotor blades.

She shrugged. “I told them it wasn’t going to work, but you know—”

He sighed. “Marketing.

She gave him a smirk that resonated somewhere deep below his navel. “Got it in one. You notice how the agent count increases exponentially every time you touch me?” Neo experimentally placed a hand high on her thigh and three more helicopters appeared while the first one kept launching grenades at them.

“Christ,” she muttered. “We’ll need the big one for that.” Neo slid into the back seat to get it for her. Trinity slammed the breaks so that the car turned around and skidded neatly into an empty space left between two overturned cars on the side of the road. He handed her the rocket launcher and crouched behind her seat. It was a convenient location to continue massaging her upper thigh muscles.

He leaned in to whisper in her ear. “You thinking what I’m thinking?” She stole a glance at his hand that had moved to caress the crease between her thigh and lower belly and bit her lip before aiming the rocket launcher at the nearest helicopter. “Fuck marketing.”

Neo nipped her earlobe. “I’m going to take back full creative control.”

She cocked her chin at him. “Are you sure you’re up to that?”

He gulped. “Change of plans: You get full creative control.”

She shot at the second helicopter, the rebound rocking through both of them. “Ready to take us out of here?”

He smirked. Kissed her again, because why not? “Thought you’d never ask.”