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Oh hell

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Saki checked herself in the mirror one last time and was suddenly hit with a wave of anxiety. If only there was makeup in the house. If only she knew how to make herself look presentable. If only...

Ugh. All of this was so stupid. Worrying over something so meaningless. And anyway, hadn't she seen Miyoko at school just today? In fact, Miyoko was used to seeing her look far worse. Even knowing this her heart wouldn't stop pounding. Her new dress didn't help matters. Not that it was uncomfortable, but made it feel self-conscious in a way she wasn't used to. and of course Miyoko had picked it out for her, so there was that…

But she was going to do it! She just had to step out the front door, feign interest for a couple of hours or so then sneak attack like she always did. It was a full proof plan. Then again, all her other plans had been "fool proof" and Miyoko always won. Still, no harm in trying. And even if she failed. It's about experience right? Every failed attempt is an opportunity to learn. Or something.

Saki knew she could keep going back and forth in her head like this, or just walk out the door.

Only one problem.


Oh no.

"Yes mom?"

"What are you doing?"

Saki's mom tended to stay out of Saki's business, except to remind her that hunting should be her no. 1 priority at all times.

"I'm going out... to hunt." said Saki. Well, it wasn't really a lie. Still, why did she feel like she was doing something wrong?

"You're really going to hunt wearing this? It's impractical! And the blood will show up too well, you'll attract too much attention. Go change."

How did she tell her mom that this was the entire point? The dress was effectively bait. But explaining that would mean explaining that she went shopping with a vampire who had a taste for her blood. So.

"I'm....trying to blend in, mom. This kind of dress is very fashionable right now. My prey will be hiding in a densely populated area. Wearing my school uniform would mark me as suspicious and if I fail, they'll track me to school right away"

It was a terrible excuse. After all, she was only a novice liar.

"But you're not going to fail, are you Saki?"

"No. But still. I want to keep school out of this, I think some people are getting suspicious of me"

Saki's mom frowned. No, it was going all wrong! If her mom kept her any longer, she'd be late. And Miyoko was impatient.

"Strange. I thought I taught you better than that. Remember, it’s vital to eliminate the target as quickly and efficiently as possible. You really shouldn’t be dwelling on details for this long. Still, I appreciate your tactical thinking. Good luck tonight"

Just like that, her mom walked away. Saki grabbed her knives from the drawer, strapped her gun to her leg, then wasted no time in exiting the house.


Outside, it was just starting to get dark. It was a mild evening and the perfect weather for a date. Everything should have been going fine, but the conversation with her mom left Saki's insides unsteady. She hated lying. Almost as much as she hated her sigh of relief at seeing Miyoko run across the street towards her.

"You wore the dress! You look so beautiful!" Miyoko yelled loud enough for the whole city to hear.

As usual, Saki went bright red, but Miyoko wasn't done with the torment yet. She threw her arms around Saki and drew in close like always.

"Saki… you look good enough to eat ❤️"

In kind, Saki jumped back like always. no matter how many times Miyoko tried to cling to her, she'd never get used to it. Plus, why did she always have to say such embarrassing stuff?

"Saki, you're so funny! I wouldn't bite you in public you know."

"I wouldn't put it past you." Saki snapped back.

That was perhaps unfair. Still, anything to get Miyoko off of her. Her clinginess was a danger and what if another hunter saw them like that? Ever since the Chiharu incident, it had been a worry.

"Don't be mean! We're here to have fun, remember?" Miyoko replied.

Saki smoothed down her dress. "Sure."

Now that Miyoko was here, she'd calmed down a little. But she still felt her heart beat too fast.


During the film Saki couldn't concentrate. She hoped this would be her chance to formulate a plan or if that failed, just take her mind off all that had happened lately. But really, there was no way that was happening. The source of all her problems was right next to her, laughing at the horror film.

"Don't worry. Zombies aren't REALLY like that." Miyoko whispered as she leaned in close.

Saki blushed again and was grateful for the dark theater. Looking up at the screen was painful though. She normally didn't mind horror movies but this one was particularly unpleasant. Maybe Chiharu had been right. She really was losing her edge.

Miyoko seemed to sense that something was wrong.

"Hey, is everything ok, Saki?"

There was a pause, with only the screams of the characters on screen to fill the void.

"...I think I'm going to be sick"

Stepping back onto the pavement outside, Saki was grateful for the dim lighting. It didn't encourage nausea and also hid her face, which was getting redder by the second.

"I'm sorry, Miyoko," Saki mumbled. She really meant it. "We had to leave because of me."

"That's ok! Whatever we do together is fun. I love you, remember?"

Miyoko giggled like it was an obvious joke, yet Saki's heart still jumped. Miyoko had proclaimed her love for Saki so many times at this point that it should be meaningless, but it truly was hard to fight Miyoko when she was saying those kinds of things…

It was suddenly apparent just how off course her plan had gone. Now wasn't the time to be apologetic! The cinema was pretty much empty and could have been the perfect situation for a sneak attack. She no longer felt sick, just angry. What was wrong with her? It didn’t help that Miyoko was being so understanding and… sweet. She didn't deserve the kindness. Really, she preferred it when Miyoko just tried to bite her and-


Grabbing Miyoko's arm, she pulled her into an alleyway. Saki looked Miyoko straight in the eye.

"Miyoko, you need to bite me"


"I can't kill you when you're nice to me!"

"Saki, you're so morbid, we were having a nice conversation just now."


For a second, uncertainty flashed across Miyoko's face. It was quickly replaced with anticipation.

"Well, your blood is my favourite. If you insist..."

At this, Saki realised something. No matter how many times Saki would try to trick her with blood, Miyoko would take the opportunity to bite her every time. Even if she knew it was a trap. Which this was.


She stealthily unfastened her revolver from her leg and gripped it in her hand as if to reassure herself. She braced for the usual prick that came when Miyoko bit her. It hurt more than usual but this was quickly replaced with a dull, familiar ache. If it was bad, why did she feel… warm? Like this was the most normal thing in the world.

It just felt right. She couldn't help it.

She let out a sigh as her gun fell to the ground.

Really, her insides should be screaming that this was wrong. She was betraying not just her family, but herself and her own morals. Actually though, everything was still. The only sound was her own blood trickling onto the white collar of her dress. Her mom and Miyoko were right. Blood really did show up well on the fabric.

"Allll done!" Miyoko said it like she'd just taken her temperature. "Saki, I thought you were going to try and kill me?" She then asked in mock concern, barely suppressing a grin. "Here, you dropped your gun, that's dangerous!"

Hearing this, the warm fuzzy feeling wore off instantly. Saki snatched back the revolver. Miyoko was right. She hated being bitten, even if it was meant to be a trap. Why had she not even resisted? Every time Miyoko had done that in the past she'd fought back. What was happening to her?

"You were so sweet to think of me, I love you!"

Miyoko tried to kiss Saki's cheek but Saki anticipated the attack and dodged backwards. She had fully snapped back to her senses.

"Tch. You're so mean, Saki!"

"You know I only let you bite me to trick you. I'm going to kill you no matter what!". She pointed her gun at Miyoko's head to emphasise the point. For once, Miyoko didn't say anything. She only smiled. Somehow, this was more infuriating. Both girls knew Saki's excuse was hollow. It was an even worse lie than the one she'd told at the beginning of the night. Her face turned bright red and she was forced to turn away from Miyoko. She just couldn't look her in the eye. As usual, nothing about her plan had gone right. It was time to face facts: as soon as Saki saw Miyoko running across the street towards her, she'd lost.

Saki fired a shot at a nearby garbage bin. Whether this was a half hearted warning or to let off anger, neither of the girls were sure. "I'm leaving now." she announced to no one in particular. With that, Saki escaped. Her face burned as she ran out of the alley.