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Diana stomped off the snow on her boots on the door mat, and stepped into the warmly lit home, a sweet aroma already drifting from the kitchen. She hung her bag on the rings near the door, and shook her hair out of its ponytail, allowing the silky brown curls to bounce in the air. She stepped out of her boots, and called out while loosening her coat. “Barbara Ann, darling? I’m home!”

“Hello, love. How was your day?” Barbara materialised seemingly out of nowhere, and placed a kiss on Diana’s lips. She was wearing a long red sweater with nothing else, her blond hair loose and her face slightly red from the warmth.

“It was lovely. I missed you.” Diana said, grabbing Barbara by the waist and pulling her in, trapping her in an embrace.

Barbara leaned her head on Diana’s chest and laughed, a twinkling sound that filled Diana with warmth. “I missed you, too, love.” She let herself lean into Diana’s warmth for another second before pulling out of her hug. “Come on, we have to start cooking! It’s almost a new year, and I intend on starting it with a bang.” She stretched up and whispered in Diana’s ears: “Especially since we’ll probably be here for the rest of time itself.”

Diana laughed quietly, her warm breath sparking goosebumps down Barbara’s back. “Oh, Barbara Ann, you have no idea how much I’m looking forward to that.”

They were interrupted by a beeping in the kitchen, and Barbara quickly extracted herself from Diana.“Aw, shoot, the chicken.” Diana watched as Barbara sped off to the kitchen, her lean legs flexing and the muscles in her calves flexing. She followed soon after tugging off her coat and hanging it on the coat hangers, and paused for a moment at the kitchen doorway, just to take in the view.

Barbara was struggling with the chicken, her hair hastily pulled up in a knot, her nose wrinkling with exertion as she laid the chicken on a board. “Here, let me help you with that, darling.” Diana said, crossing the kitchen and taking the carving knife from Barbara with her long elegant fingers. Barbara relinquished hold on the knife, and watched as Diana cut the chicken, her long fingers flexing, and suddenly her mind was no longer on the chicken.

She crossed quietly to behind Diana, and wrapper her arms around Diana’s waist. “Hm?” Diana hummed.

“I’m hungry, love.” Barbara pouted.

“The chicken will be ready in a moment, Barbara Ann.” She could hear the smile in Diana’s voice.

“But I’m hungry now…” Barbara whined, her hands starting to move around on Diana’s back.

“Oh?” Diana said, catching on, and Barbara had the pleasure of once again seeing the tips of her ears reddening. “How can I help with that?”

Barbara said nothing, just sidestepped Diana and plucked the knife out of her hand, laying it gingerly down on the board. Then, she turned Diana towards her. “I want an appetiser.” She whispered into Diana’s ear.

Diana swallowed, and said: “I can help with that.” She tilted Barbara’s face up, and captured her lips in her own. Barbara moaned into their kiss, and Diana, with that superhuman strength that never failed to give Barbara a spark of pleasure deep in her, picked her up bride-style, and carried her down the hallway to their bedroom, still deep in their kiss.



“Happy new year, my love.” Barbara whispered into Diana’s hair, feeling serene and floating on happiness. Both of them were slightly out of breath, and the lights of New York shined through the window in their bedroom as the city stayed awake to celebrate the new year.

“Happy 2022, Barbara Ann. And to many more.” Diana said, smiling into the dark.