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Marty's Revenge

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Setting: WWF RAW, Manhattan Center, New York, NY, May 1993

"The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels is in the ring and he calls out the newly-crowned WWF Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion Marty Jannetty.

(The Rockers' theme hits)

MARTY: "You think that all I cared about was taking your title? That's only the beginning. I lost the bulk of last year after you threw me through the window. This is about more than titles. As much as you say you care about this title, I know something that means a lot more to you, something that would hurt you more than anything to lose. I know what your biggest fear is, the one man in the WWF who scares you more than anyone. He's not The Undertaker. He's not Yokozuna. He's not Papa Shango. You want a rematch, you're going to have to put something you value above everything on the line. I'll put the belt on the line, if you agree to put (dramatic pause) your HAIR! on the line! Yeah, 'The Heartbreak Kid,' the 'Sexy Boy', you won't be looking so pretty when you have to walk out here in two weeks BALD! So, what do you say, Shawn? Do you have the guts to face me, title vs. hair?

Shawn did not expect this, and is really on the spot here. He's pacing around the ring mumbling to himself, trying to think of an answer.

SHAWN: "As much as it would hurt to lose my hair, taking back my title and ridding the WWF of you a second time would feel that good. So, Marty, you're on for next week!"

Marty leaves as Shawn dances to end the segment.

Fast-forward one week later.

Title Vs. Hair: WWE Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion Marty Jannetty (c) vs. "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels

The match starts, and they go through their usual display of technical wrestling and dramatic selling. In between moves, Marty holds up his fingers to imitate a scissors cutting hair, to gain a psychological advantage and remind Shawn of what is at stake here. After several minutes, Shawn looks like he's setting up for a Superkick, but Marty ducks and turns it into a small package for the pin!

HOWARD FINKEL: "Here is your winner, and STILL the World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Champion, MARTY JANNETTY!"

Shawn gets up and, seeing Marty with the belt, gets the biggest "Oh crap!" face, as he realizes now what is going to happen.

MARTY: "Shawn, I said I knew the one guy in the WWF who scares you more than anything because of what he can do. I am going to bring him out here right now. Play his music!"

("Haircut" plays!)



Shawn tries to bail but Marty grabs Shawn and throws him to Beefcake, who locks him in the Sleeper Hold! With Shawn out, Marty sets Shawn in the chair so Beefcake can shave Shawn bald. After finishing the job, they wake Shawn up and hand him a mirror! Shawn is horrified and is crying! Shawn crawls to the back, beaten and humiliated.

Over the next few weeks, Shawn, with his "Heartbreak Kid" gimmick dead, starts wrestling in a mask and walking out to no music. He becomes so demoralized that he loses match after match until he finally gives up and walks out of the WWF forever. As an added result, Kevin Nash finishes out his career in WCW as Vinnie Vegas and retires. Even though The Kid had defeated Razor Ramon around the same time as Marty's title win, without Shawn and Diesel, the Kliq never forms and they never have their reign of terror, and the WWF locker room is much happier.

The end.