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You've been sent to save me

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It was an atypical rainy day in Hawai’i. Thomas was wearing his SEALs grey tank top and a pair of shorts. The television was on but merely to provide a background noise as his focus was on the beautiful blonde woman pacing around his kitchen. Thomas couldn’t stop smiling as he heard her delicate footsteps and the soft noise of the refrigerator door being opened and closed.

Juliet was wearing one of his Hawaiian shirts and a pair of his boxers and emerged from the kitchen. Thomas heard her approaching him and looked back at her, beaming softly at her.

“You didn’t find anything you like in my fridge?”

The English woman rolled her eyes humorously.

“No. Besides…” Juliet stopped in front of Thomas and lowered herself, sitting on his lap facing him. She pulled her knees up and pressed them again his chest, burying her face in the crook of his neck. “…I was missing you.”

Thomas chuckled, wrapping his arms tightly around her back. He rubbed soothing circles over her (his) shirt and slid one of his hands under the fabric to brush his fingers over her naked skin, making Juliet shiver. She hummed against him, her lips pressing a kiss to his neck. He kissed her temple and nuzzled her hair with his nose, inhaling her scent.

“We were here together just a while ago.” He whispered lovingly against her hair, his hands laced together in the small of her back, pressing her against him.

“I know. But I hate being apart from you.”

“Me too, Higgy. I love you.”

“I love you too, Thomas.” Juliet lifted her head to kiss his lips. She pulled her face away and smiled at him. Magnum cupped her chin, brushing his fingers delicately over her face.

“You’re so beautiful. My Juliet.”

Higgins’s smile got wider and she blushed. She would never get used to hearing him speaking tenderly at her. Thomas kissed her forehead. Juliet kissed his forehead back and returned to being completely wrapped around Thomas, her face hidden in his shoulder. The two remained in a comfortable silence.

“You look so cute when you’re clingy like this.”

Juliet scoffed. “I’m not clingy.”

“Yes, you are.” Thomas replied warmly.

“Fine. I am…With you only.”

“You better be with me only.”

“You don’t have to be jealous, darling.”

Thomas shook his head playfully and kissed Juliet’s hair. He brought his hand up to stroke her hair, brushing a strand behind her ear. He moved his hand down to lightly graze her shoulder and arms and then her thigh, sliding his hand down to her foot, grasping it softly.

“You’re small and tiny. You look so adorable in my arms. All I have to do is hug you to hold all of you.”

Juliet chuckled and kissed him, holding his face with her hands. She kissed the tip of his nose.

“Yeah? Is that so?”

Thomas hummed and nodded.

“You’re so kind to me.” She traced his features with her fingers.

“You deserve nothing less.” Thomas’s hands squeezed her butt and came to rest on her back.

Juliet placed her right hand on his chest, on top of his heart.

“You’re everything to me, Thomas.”

He whispered. “Back at you, Juliet.”