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How Can She Love Me As I Am? (weresonamy one-shot)

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He sat on the lake’s shore, the pale light of a full moon illuminating the world in its ethereal glow. Eyes of evergreen, bright and vibrant as the same trees on a summer day, stared out across the placid surface, a mirror reflecting the beauty of the sky above. The sky was clear, not a single cloud hanging above the lake’s surface. The only disturbance of the beauty of the lake lay in an enormous chain suspended in the air and leading up to seemingly nothing.


Never Lake. The place he’d first met her.


Amy Rose. 


How long had it been since that day? Years ago now. He was just a boy of ten, maybe eleven - he didn’t rightly remember - at the time, too young to even consider having a crush on a girl. He’d still been in the phase of thinking girls had cooties. It was a funny memory, but the circumstances of their meeting had been anything but. He had wanted to visit Little Planet initially, the mysterious landmass that appeared above Never Lake only a short time of the year and was said to be its own little paradise, hiding secret powerful artifacts called the Time Stones. No one knew how or why it came to be there, but being the adventurous soul he was he had wanted to explore it. He’d ended up going alone as his friends at the time had been busy and he far too impatient to wait for them.


So off he’d gone, only to find the gigantic chain holding the planet in place. He recognized the make, and the obvious mustached insignia upon it, and had gone to find out what was going on. What he’d found was a polluted wasteland, and a girl in an orange tutu claiming their meeting had been predestined in the cards. 


Girls weren’t supposed to make him blush and feel weak in the knees. At that age, he should be repulsed by them but she made his heart race, made him feel warm, and all he could do was stare. His voice had failed him beyond a greeting, and when she’d hugged him and made him blush as rosy as her headband, he’d run, turning his mind to finding Robotnik and reversing the damage the mad scientist had wrought.


But she had followed him, and when she was kidnapped by one of the doctor’s most dangerous units even today, he couldn’t help feeling an overpowering urge to protect her. So he’d pursued after failing to stop Metal Sonic, and after saving her, when she’d hugged him again, his heart quickened and his face flushed bright before he left her somewhere safe. After stopping the doctor, when everything he had built crumbled away, he had narrowly escaped with the girl in tow. He’d left her behind, praying she wouldn’t follow and he could forget the encounter had ever happened.


But she always followed. No matter where he went, how much distance he covered, she always found him in the end. To this day he still didn’t know how she did it, and it wouldn’t surprise him if she found him here now.


But how could she love him, when each night he turned into a monster that appeared like clockwork when the sun set? 


He leaned forward slightly and looked at the mirror-like surface. A beast stared back, eyes aglow and vicious fangs peeking out beneath the upper lip. Lupine ears pinned back, a deep growl rumbling in his throat before he stood, picked up a large rock in his clawed hands with ease, and threw it as hard as he could into the lake. The surface broke with a large loud splash, breaking the mirror and distorting all reflections. He screamed at the night, which manifested as a loud roar from between his massive fangs. It soon transitioned to a mournful howl as all his anger, pain, and loneliness bubbled to the surface and mixed into his song of hurt.




She appeared quiet as a rose petal landing soundlessly on water. He didn’t notice her at first as she approached and he continued his melancholic song. It was only her soft touch that caused his lament to subside in an instant, before instinct overtook his better judgment and he turned on her. Before she knew what happened she found herself pinned on her back under a massive hand, a snarling beast just inches from her face. Her heart raced, both from fear and something more: desire. He had never willingly gotten so physically close, and chills raced up her spine. She shivered, but not from fear or cold, for she was quite warm both inside and out.


He realized his mistake shortly after. Clarity returned to his eyes as his will overrode instinct and his eyes widened in horror at what he’d just done. He let her go and immediately backed away while she sat up with her eyes wide in wonder.


“Sonic…” she said breathlessly.


“A-Amy…” he replied, his voice gravelly and deeper than she remembered, “I’m…I’m sorry. I didn’t mean--”


She shook her head, her pink quills swaying gently with the motion as she looked at him with that kind loving smile that always stole his voice away. “It’s okay Sonic. I should’ve known better. I’m sorry for startling you.”


He swallowed a lump in his throat. “H-How…how did you know?”


“How did I know?” she repeated, tilting her head slightly as she readjusted her position to sit cross legged in the soft grass, “Know what, that it was you?” She giggled, the tinkle of bells to his ears. “I always find you in the end, you know that. I know your eyes. Nothing can change that.”


He might’ve smiled at the quip, and almost did, until she unintentionally flinched upon seeing his fangs. He turned away, his gaze crestfallen as he decided it would be better to leave.


Amy realized her mistake and vaulted to her feet, catching him by one of his massive arms before he could attempt to make a run for it. “Oh Sonic, please wait!” she begged, “Please don’t go. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to react that way. Honest!”


He could’ve so easily pulled his arm out of her hold, given that his nighttime face traded his trademark speed for unbridled strength, but he didn’t. Why he didn’t do so he didn’t know, but his feet kept him rooted in place.


“Amy, why are you here?” he asked, more brusque than he intended it to be.


If she were hurt by the tone of his voice, she didn’t let it show. “I was looking for you,” she answered, “I’ve been worried about you, everyone has, but no one can ever find you when you run off. Even Shadow has started searching for you, and you know it’s not like him, but it’s like you disappear off the face of the planet.”


“You wouldn’t wanna be found with a face like this,” he growled.


She nearly shivered at the sound, but not from fright. Something about this new voice was just as sexy as his normal one. Maybe it was just because it came from her Sonic, and she always found him so no matter what.


“Oh Sonic, that isn’t true,” she promised, hugging his arm, “I’d want you to find me, because then I wouldn’t be all alone. I’d have you.”


He felt his heart skip a beat at her words. How could she love him so, despite the way he was? Even when he was normal, he always ran, always shunned her, always pushed her away, and yet, despite everything, she continued to pursue. How did she do it? How could she love him so?


“I…do have a question though,” she asked, causing him to freeze in place, “Sonic…why are you like this? I thought you dealt with the original cause long ago and lost it forever.”


He shook his head, shifting up onto his feet to look at his other hand that wasn’t encased by her hold. Hunched though he was, due both to her hanging on and his naturally hunched posture while stuck like this, he still practically towered over her.


“I don’t know,” he confessed, “Since the last time Eggman messed with the timeline. I don’t know how, but something changed and brought this…form back.” He made a fist, feeling the claws press into his thick palm before he dropped it and easily and gently pulled out of her hold. “I…I should go. I don’t want the others to worry about you…”


“Sonic…” she began, her voice causing him to freeze in place once more, “Please don’t go. Everyone’s just going to assume I’m looking for you again, they won’t suspect anything. Please…”


Her begging voice did him in and he turned back toward her. Their eyes met and she smiled. She looked at him with such warmth and affection that it actually frightened him. She reached up, resting her hands upon his cheeks. His breath caught in his throat and a shiver ran through his body. He felt pressure building in his eyes and pulled away, breaking eye contact with her.


“Amy, how can you stand to be near me right now?” he asked, “I’m a beast, a monster.”


She took a step forward, reaching up again to turn his gaze back toward her. “You wouldn’t hurt me.”


“I could snap you like a twig you know. I…I almost hurt you already.”


“But you didn’t.”


He pulled away again, standing up to his full height. He towered over her slight frame, yet she didn’t appear afraid.


“How can you say that? Can’t you see what I am?!


“Because I love you, Sonic. You know that.”


“How?! How can you stand there and say that? How can you love me as I am?!”


“How can I not?” she asked, remaining calm despite his rising voice.


“But why?!” he demanded, the tears he fought so hard against falling hot and angry down his face. It was a rare sight, but it was only them, only to her.


“Sonic,” she said firmly, grabbing his face between her hands, “I love you because you are you. It doesn’t matter to me what you look like, because I know it’s still you. Why is that so hard to understand?”


His temper cooled, leaving him with stains forming on his fur as the tears started to ebb. Why was it so hard? Because he was terrible with romantic feelings. She stirred such things within him he could hardly fathom since they were kids, that made him scared. Even when he started getting more interested in girls as they grew, and she drew out those feelings from deep within, he didn’t know how to cope, and so he ran.


But she always followed, always stuck by his side. He appreciated her friendship, that no matter what she was always on his side, and when she began to tone down her advances, he began to know the real Amy Rose. He began to see her sweetness, her kindness. She was a light in the dark, an angel without wings. She was the sun, even when everything about his world turned dark. She was his beacon, his sun, his light, and it both scared and enamored him in equal measures.


Without a single word spoken, he lifted his massive hands and rested them over her petite ones. Her eyes widened slightly, swirling with confusion and anticipation. He pulled her hands down with no resistance, not that she could have provided any even if she tried. He pulled her closer, heart thrumming in his chest like thunder as he wrapped his arms around her. The pink hedgehog’s booted feet left the ground as the beast encircled her in a warm embrace.


“Sonic?” she asked in surprise.


But he didn’t answer. Instead, a low rumble came from his chest in the form of purring. Amy’s mouth fell open in shock, as she had never heard him make such a noise. All hedgehogs could purr of course, even a beastly one it seemed, but they usually only did it when they were incredibly happy, among a few other circumstances. Could he really be…?


Amy didn’t finish the thought before Sonic turned his head in toward hers and kissed her. It wasn’t just a peck on the cheek, but the kind of kiss she had always dreamed of. Truthfully she had never expected to share it when he was like this, but all the same it was still Sonic, and it was he who decided to initiate the kiss. She gasped softly against his lips before she closed her eyes and melted into his embrace. Her arms found their way around his neck, not quite making it all the way around but nevertheless pulling him closer to deepen the kiss.


Only when they were struggling for breath did they separate. Both were left panting, but Sonic  never let her go, instead shifting her to sit on the crook of his arm where her feet were left dangling freely. 


“Sonic…” she gasped, “Th-That was…I-I mean…I’ve…always dreamed, but….did…did that just happen…?”


He was just as shocked as she, perhaps moreso. Had he really? But yes, he really had. So much time running, so much time avoiding…


So, so much time wasted.


“Amy, I’m…I’m so sorry…”


She held onto his bicep to keep herself steady, leaning her head against his furry shoulder. Her eyes glanced up toward his face, viridian meeting emerald. 


“For what?” she asked.


“Everything. Everything I’ve ever put you through, every time I’ve pushed you away, run away, and avoided you.”


“Sonic, it’s--”


“No,” he interrupted, “It’s not okay Amy. I’m supposed to be a hero, the one that helps people, but all I’ve ever done is hurt you. It’s not right, and I…I want…I-I want to make up for it. For everything.”


She gasped. “Sonic, do you….do you mean…what I think you mean?” she asked with a guarded hope.


His cheeks enflamed bright red, and he smiled despite his monstrous look. “If you can love me as I am? Then yes Ames, yes I do.”


Tears of happiness formed in her eyes, sliding down her face and making her eyes twinkle like stars. “Oh Sonic, you have no idea how happy you’ve made me…” She shifted on his arm to hug as much of his broad chest as she could. “Yes, my darling, hedgehog or beast, I can and will always love you just as you are.”


And then she kissed him again, and he felt all her love and honesty behind it. His heart swelled in his chest, and he deepened the kiss to show that he returned to her all that affection and more in kind.