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Making Exceptions

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Dabin Park hated cosplay. It was a universally acknowledged fact. The sky was blue, the sun was hot, and Dabin Park would willingly cosplay the day hell froze over.

Hence why she had on a mask, huge sunglasses, and a hoodie pulled over her head as she browsed the wig section at the local costume shop.

If you asked Dabin, it was entirely her girlfriend’s fault. Jinsol was stubborn and high-performing and honestly just unfairly adorable. It wasn’t Dabin’s fault she felt determined to show Jinsol just how lucky she’d gotten to land a catch like Dabin.

Besides. Jinsol was cutest when her prim and composed mask slipped, and she was rendered blushing and speechless. Dabin wanted to see more of that.

Jinsol was hardly an otaku like Seulgi, but she’d found the time to sit down and read a manga series since graduation. Specifically, she’d been with Dabin walking down the street one day, when a poster in the window of a bookstore had caught her eye. Miss Enforcer! the poster read, Bad guys better run and hide, ‘cause she’s taking back the streets. All of this lay over a stylized drawing of a busty woman in an impractically sexy outfit that was several galaxies away from a functional law enforcement uniform. But Jinsol’s eyes sparkled. Dabin sighed and told her to go in the store and check it out.

Twelve volumes of Miss Enforcer now made their home on the bookshelf in the two’s shared apartment. Dabin had never felt the urge to read them. But one day, when Jinsol was out at her training classes, Dabin sat down with her phone and flipped through the books, snapping pictures of any pages that had good references for the appearance of the title heroine. Armed, she set out for a day of shopping. Followed by a day with her sewing machine, because apparently finding a bralette off the rack with just the right shape and color was too much to ask. After trying and failing to sew the damn thing from scratch, Dabin grabbed an old bikini top and simply sewed the new fabric on top.

Dabin checked her work in the mirror, tying off the newly-applied bow and twisting her torso this way and that. She gave herself a nod of approval. She made DIY look good.

Getting the wig on was shockingly difficult. She’d always thought you just...threw them on your head. But to make the copper-blonde bob look even slightly natural, it took a good half hour with a NewTube tutorial and a buttload of bobby pins. (She’d been able to get away with putting her own hair in pigtails at The Con that Shall Not Be Named. But the hair was a pretty distinctive part of Miss Enforcer’s appearance. She wouldn’t let Jinsol see her cutting corners like that!)

The rest of the costume was a breeze. Normal - if revealing - clothes, boots, and makeup featuring a cat-eye look that Dabin could apply in her sleep. She blotted her lipstick one last time, did a final check in the mirror, and waited for her girlfriend to walk through the door.

Oh! She’d almost forgotten. Jinsol had kept the stupid prop handcuffs Jinu had given to her before graduation. Dabin dove into the depths of their storage closet and grabbed them just in time for the lock on the front door to click open.

Jinsol had two armfuls of shopping bags. She stopped to set them on the counter, and actually started putting the groceries away before she noticed the very sexy woman perched on the back of the living room couch. What a dweeb.

Dabin dangled the handcuffs from her finger. With a voice that totally didn’t waver - and a face that totally didn’t blush - she said, “Crime time’s over. You think I’d let you dirty up my streets?”

Jinsol looked like someone had just handed her a billion won.


“Me,” Dabin agreed, smug. She stood up, pushing her breasts together in the bralette and showing off the way the ripped jean shorts hugged her hips. “Like what you see?”

She expected the vibrant pink flush on Jinsol’s cheeks and the hungry look in her eyes. What she didn’t expect was Jinsol whipping out her own phone at light speed and coaxing Dabin into a photoshoot.

“Okay, now pose like you’re hiding around a corner from a criminal! No, more like - just like that, yes! Perfect.”

It was a little embarrassing, but Dabin couldn’t complain. Though it wasn’t exactly what she’d had in mind, Jinsol was showering her with attention.

“Okay, okay...” Jinsol looked around the room, her lips pursed in thought. “Now how get on the couch and pretend like you’ve been captured by a bad guy? I’ll help you put the handcuffs on.”

“Kinky,” Dabin teased her. She happily went along with it anyway.

As soon as Jinsol got a few pictures of her looking like a fierce damsel in distress, she turned her phone off and set it aside. “Alright,” Dabin said. “Now you can get these things off me.”

Jinsol fixed her with a mischievous smile. She slung a leg across Dabin’s lap and settled over her. “Now why would I do that? When I’ve got the infamous Miss Enforcer all to myself.”

Her face was bright red. Dabin was sure hers was, too.

“O-oh yeah?” Dabin shot back. “Woe is me. I sure hope you don’t do something wicked and perverted to me. That would just be the worst...”

“Mmhm,” Jinsol agreed, slipping her hand into Dabin’s shorts. “Just the worst.”