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Space girl, like a lunar eclipse.

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To watch Alex and Magnus was like watching the planets go round, they had an instinctual awareness of what the other was doing, the kind of relationship that takes years to develop and form. They where sat on a long wooden bench, arms gently touching when Magnus reached for the ketchup, Alex laughing as he covered his chips.
"Your getting it everywhere!" She said covering her eyes
Magnus didn't need to reply, a small smile and a head tilt told her an entire conversation, in a love language only she knows. Stories roamed across his face, lovers die and princesses battle, all in the twitch of his nose and the slow blink of his eyes. As they turn to eat their food again, the moment isn't lost, it remains, as they sink into it, Magnus starts to eat a chip, biting each one slowly, this meal could go on forever and he wouldn't mind, he has Alex, and that's all he needs.
Alex's mind is wandering to places he likes to think about, like Magnus infront of lavender bushes or Magnus when he figured out a hangman word or just Magnus in general. Magnus keeping him company on a sunny evening with nothing to do, Magnus helping him put up a shelf, Magnus trying to grow a sunflower because Magnus loves sunflowers. Alex just thinks about Magnus. All the time.
Magnus just eats another chip, slowly, and watches her, he looks as though he could be memorising her face, he already has, he just wants to do it again.