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As the sky falls

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It wasn't that big a plane. Or at least, Kaya didn't believe so. Many planes were bigger: Muraganda, Dominaria, Ravnica - god, Ravnica was huge; this plane was small, at least in comparison. And it's not like it was revolutionary, no aether skylines and clockwork, or neon lights and augmentations. It was... simple.

Kaya wished she could bring herself to see Tolvada as nothing but a location.

And yet, she couldn't bring herself to leave, to take that last step. Or even to stop crying for more than ten seconds, sat from her lone spot watching her village from a nearby cliff.

She had said goodbye to her mother, a tearful departure; slightly dampened by the recurring name of Kadenn or Kayden, Kaya wasn't actually quite sure. But as Lere kissed her daughter goodbye, ramblings of how proud she was of her daughter, her daughter who doesn't have to stop for death or walls or the goddess' wish; well, no one would know if Kaya cried a little.

Her father was a write-off, but if he was in a condition to say goodbye or even recognize her, Kaya probably would have gotten the same warm goodbye from him. In sanity, Elati was a loving father who would've gladly risked his life for Kaya. And, she supposed, he did. He was probably down there, screaming and arguing with a neighbor or a sheep about how the sky was broken, bragging how his son and daughter don't have to endure this hell the goddess herself couldn't stop or stop or stop, despite the fact Kaya was an only child.

Janah refused to leave, but god, Kaya wished she could've convinced her. But no, Janah had to stay. The crack in the sky hadn't caved her in yet, but she refused to let her home crumble to twisted insanity and delusions of a distant time or space or whatever a third might be. So, they gave a final goodbye, a departing kiss, and promised to remember the other - in the century past, you would know that not only did Kaya never forgot her, but also that while Janah eventually had a hard time remembering where's Kaya my Kaya where is she you're lying!, she remembered her through insanity until the day she died.

The gravestones, small in count but big in history, with the names of those who lived in centuries past and those who had succumbed to their madness. Those who sought a way to see past the crack that loomed overhead. Kaya wondered where they were now, if they were free of what haunted them in life.

She wondered what would happen, with the last royalty of Tolvada 'dead' and missing. She wished she could be confident that she would come back someday when the sky could be stitched back together, but... There wasn't anything left to stitch, was there?


She supposed there wasn't.

She felt her eye twitch, a mad murmur bubbling under her tongue. She had to leave now. A few more minutes wouldn't hurt, but an hour would probably have a consequence.

And with a heaving sob, she faded through mist and vanished from Tolvada forever.

The watching bystander wondered where the hell that damn fox vanished to.