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The Husband, the Wife, and Ava Kolker

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Danny was coming home from work feeling very excited. It was Christmas Eve, and his wife Cathy had promised him a very special surprise on Christmas night. As he took his long drive, Danny couldn't help but think about how much his life had changed over the last five years. After his divorce and lots and lots of other drama in his life, he never thought he would find love again. But when he finally opened himself up to Cathy, he discovered a happiness he thought he would've never found again. He was ready to marry Cathy the very first night they were intimate together, his long terms for the two to share their lives together entered his head the day after they first slept together, her kids (which she had from a previous marriage) he instantly saw as his kids. Danny loved Cathy very, very much. However... he had always wanted to have a threesome with Cathy. Not because he wanted to have sex with other women, but because he thought it would make sex with his wife just more intense and interesting. Cathy was definitely someone who was very daring and bold when it came to what two people could accomplish during sex, versus past girls in Danny's life.

This thought caused Danny's mind to dwell on several girls in his past. There was Danny's younger sister that he had secretly explored his sexuality with at a young age, his multiple ex-girlfriends, and his ex-wife of course. However before Cathy there was one young woman that Danny had been secretly intimate with; a very good female friend of his. She was very reserved, afraid to open up, and was very damaged from a past full of pain; a past that caused her to be too afraid to open up completely to Danny - which prevented any chance from her and Danny to have a future together. However when Danny began his relationship with Cathy, Danny's old friend was very happy for them, and admitted that Cathy was better for Danny than she was. Danny also remembered how his old friend always had problems getting happy around Christmas time and silently wished her good luck, as he began to re-focus his thoughts back on his wife as he pulled into his drive way.

Danny proceeded to the front door of his home. The kids were away this Christmas Eve, so Danny was excited it would just be him and his wife together this evening. As Danny opened the door, he smiled as he saw Cathy standing ready for him wearing the sexiest set of black lacy lingerie he had ever seen. Cathy smiled as she saw the reaction her husband was having to her body and said, "Merry Christmas my lucky big boy." Danny for a second wanted to ask Cathy how she could afford this new lingerie, but decided to just take in how hot it made her look. Danny was about to take off his clothes, but then Cathy stopped him and said, "Wait. First, you have to see the surprise I have for you in the bedroom." As Cathy took Danny's hand and led him to the bedroom, Danny was confused. He thought the lingerie was the surprise. He figured Cathy was just leading him to the bedroom for sex, but there was nothing surprising about that. However when Danny did enter his bedroom he was certainly in for a surprise.

There sitting on the bed that belonged to him and his wife was a young blonde haired woman with pale smooth skin that was wearing just a set of lacy white lingerie while she had her legs crossed. Danny was surprised by this female who was sitting on the bed, but was also very surprised by the fact that she appeared to look like... actress Ava Kolker. Danny couldn't believe it. The former little girl that played Ava Morganstern on Girl Meets World and more prominently Olive Rozalski on Sydney to the Max, and the young actress that he had a secret crush on (especially when she was on Sydney to the Max) was sitting in his bedroom. Or was she? As Danny starred at "Ava", he began to see the slight differences in her appearance. Either Ava Kolker had changed a bit with age, or this was someone who looked almost just like her. However Danny knew that the only person he knew that could claim to look like Ava Kolker was...

Suddenly Cathy put her hands on Danny's shoulders and said, "Merry Christmas Danny. Your present is gonna be our first threesome." The girl on Danny's bed then stood up and said, "Hi. I'm Ava." Danny stood shocked as he said, "Wait. Is this Ava Kolk..." Cathy smirked as she said, "No. I just went on a website where you can hire sex workers that look like celebrities. Then I hacked your Instagram account and based on whose pictures you've been liking, I got ideas on which celebrity look-a likes you would enjoy most. I tried looking for girls that looked like Vanessa Hudgens, Jenna Ortega, and Julia Garcia first. But when I found this girl who looked just like Ava Kolker, I knew you would get really turned on." Danny stood in complete shock, as he had no idea just minutes ago something like this was going to happen to him tonight. Then suddenly the phone rang and Cathy said, "Hold on. Just gonna answer that, and then turn my phone off so we're not distracted for the rest of the night."

Cathy then stepped out of the room as "Ava" looked at Danny and said, "She's really good for you. I can see why you married her Danny. I guess that idea I gave for that wedding proposal at the beach really did work out." A look of surprise and clarity went across Danny's face as he looked at "Ava". He suddenly realized this was his old friend, the girl he liked before Cathy. It looked she had a little work done on herself to make her look a bit more like Ava Kolker, but he could now clearly see who she really was. Danny excited, hugged "Ava" and said, "Oh my gosh. It's you. Come here. It's been so long. I haven't heard from you in so long. How are you doing Ke..." Danny was then cut off by "Ava" who then said, "Hold on. Just call me 'Ava' tonight. Second, your wife doesn't know I'm your old friend since she never met me. I only traveled down here because it's Christmas, and... I wanted to see how my old friend and his wife are doing up close and very personal." Danny had a big grin on his face as his wife Cathy stepped back into the room.

Cathy then instructed Danny to take off his clothes and lay down on the bed. Danny stripped off his clothes as he was soon down to just his white underwear. As Danny laid back, Cathy smiled and said, "I know you've always wished I was bi Danny. Well tonight... I am." Then Cathy and Ava sat on the far end of the bed, embraced the other... and began to kiss. Danny instantly felt his penis get very hard at what had to be one of the hottest sights he had ever seen of two people making out. The kissing between the two women only went for a few seconds though, as they both moved their faces apart as Cathy looking both nervous and happy said, "Sorry. That was my first time kissing a girl." Ava looking relieved said, "Seriously? Me too. Oh God, I feel so much better now. I mean I've always wanted to." Cathy smirked as she said, "Me too. Now then..." Then Cathy embraced Ava once again and kissed her on the lips like before. However this time Cathy brought her hands down to Ava's firm smooth buttocks and squeezed them tight. Ava moaned a bit as Cathy moved her head down and began to kiss and nibble on Ava's neck. Then Cathy moved her hands up and used them to take off Ava's bra. Ava's bright pink nipples were now visible for all to see, which Cathy immediately began to kiss and lick at. Her tongue especially spent a lot of time flicking at Ava's perky pink nipples back and forth, followed by lots of sucking on each breast.

Danny who despite being very turned on by just the sight of the Ava and his wife making out, could no longer be just an observer anymore. Danny then moved behind Ava and began to make kisses on the back of her neck, and then down to her back, and then began to lick her butt. Danny loved how Ava's butt felt. So smooth, but so firm. It was the smoothest and sexiest skin he had ever licked. Ava moaned more as Cathy began to gently push her onto the bed on her side. Cathy then pulled down Ava's panties exposing Ava's clean shaven vagina. Cathy then brought her face to Ava's vagina... and stuck her tongue deep inside. Ava moaned loudly as for the first time in her life she was being eaten out by a woman... and she was loving it. Danny stopped again to just observe as he found the sight of his wife drilling her tongue into a woman's vagina the greatest sight of his life. He had obviously done this to Cathy before, but seeing his wife do the exact same things he had done to her vagina - now to another woman's vagina... it made Danny feel proud of himself that Cathy was able to use moves he had used on her for another woman.

Eventually Danny wanted to play again as well. Danny then laid his head next to Cathy's legs. He pulled Cathy's underwear off so she was naked as well. Then Danny pulled his own underwear off, and now the bed was filled with three very naked, sweaty, and horny adults. Danny then put his own head near Cathy's vagina, and then... proceeded to stick his tongue into Cathy's mouth. As Cathy made moaning sounds from this, Ava noticed Danny had laid strategically so his hard penis was right in her face. Ava knew what Danny wanted from her, so she brought her face forward... and began to suck on Danny's penis. Danny made moaning noises too as the feeling of a woman's lips that wasn't his wife's against his manhood turned him on more than he could've imagined. Then Danny heard Cathy and Ava's moans increase a great deal. Suddenly Danny backed his head away and saw both Cathy and Ava has just experienced their first orgasm of the night. Danny felt happy over seeing the faces of two women in orgasm together. Cathy's "O" face was really hot, but seeing her do it with another woman was even hotter.

Then Cathy laid down completely and motioned to Ava to get on top of her. The two woman then kissed again as their breasts pushed up against one other. As they did, Danny got behind Ava and separated her legs a bit, and then... shoved his penis between her smooth buttocks. Ava moaned a bit as Cathy smiled. Danny then began to pound his penis into Ava's behind very hard, as Ava began to shake. While this happened Cathy drove two of her fingers down below and shoved them into Ava's vagina. All of this caused Ava to moan a great deal, as she said, "Oh yeah! Mmmm. Oh yeah! Ohhhh! Yes! Rrrr. YES! Oh, that's so good. Ohhhhh! Ohhhhhh!!!!!!!!" Ava yelled loudly as her body shook a great deal from being penetrated from both directions. As Ava's body shook, Danny reached around Ava and grabbed her jiggling breasts. Danny was intrigued by Ava's breasts for a moment as it had been so long since had touch breasts so small (his wife's were much bigger). Danny then squeezed Ava's breasts with his two hands hard causing Ava to much louder than ever. 

Eventually Danny pulled out of Ava, and Cathy then guided Danny to lay down on the back facing up. Danny's penis was now longer and more erect than it had ever been in his life. Cathy grinned as she was quite aware of this, and then put her hands on Ava's shoulders as she said, "Go ahead." Ava then took a deep breath as she got on top of Danny with her vagina hovering over Danny's penis. Ava looked at Danny. Danny looked at Cathy. Cathy with a smile nodded her head. Danny looked at Ava and with a smile nodded his head. Then Ava had herself fall down and felt Danny's huge penis enter her wet smooth vagina. The two both moaned as Danny felt immense pleasure by having his erect penis surrounded by Ava's hairless and young vagina. Danny then grabbed Ava's buttocks tight as the two began to shake together. As they shook, Cathy then got behind Ava, and turned Ava's face so that they could kiss. Cathy then wrapped her hands around Ava and squeezed the skin around her breasts while still kissing her. 

Meanwhile Danny was moaning louder while grabbing Ava's beautiful butt tightly. The sight of his wife and Ava making out, combined with the sensation of his biggest erection ever drilling deep into a beautiful woman that was not his wife was just turning him on and bringing him pleasure that he never dreamed he could achieve. He was loving this, and he could tell his wife Cathy was loving the fact that he was loving this, and that just made him love her more. However Danny could've hold back his orgasm. As he could feel it near he said, "Oh God. Ava, I'm gonna cum! Do you want me to..." Then Cathy said, "No, don't hold back Danny. Go all the way with her just like you do with me. She deserves that, don't you Ava?" Ava smiled and nodded as the sweat on her face increased. Danny and Cathy both smiled as Danny's shaking began to intensify. Danny and Cathy then both grabbed Ava's beautiful butt tightly, and then... Danny and Ava both experienced the biggest orgasm of their life at the same time. As Ava felt her wetness escape her, Danny shot his semen deep Ava's body, as the two shook together. Ava's butt cheeks and breasts shook hard, while Danny's hips bounced intensely. Danny could feel the biggest load of his life shoot out of his penis, as Ava felt the biggest wave of pleasure take over her body And then... it was over.

The three adults all laid in bed together and smiled as Ava laid between Danny and Cathy. Danny and Cathy both smiled and giggled a bit. Danny then with a big grin said, "Best Christmas gift ever!" Cathy with a bigger grin said, "I know." Then suddenly a few tears came from Ava's face as she looked a bit sad. Looking concerned, Danny said, "What's wrong?" Ava then said, "Nothing. That was beautiful. You two, your love... it's beautiful. And... I'm never gonna have anything like it. I've been single my entire adult life and... I only did this tonight because I knew it was the closest I was ever gonna feel something similar to true love." Ava began to cry a bit, as both Danny and Cathy hugged Ava. Cathy then said, "Don't say that girl. You have such a hot and amazing body. You'll find someone who will appreciate it." Danny then said, "Definitely. You just gotta put yourself out there and have hope you'll find the right person." Then Ava said, "Well... I have no more hope left for anything." Then Cathy spooned her body behind Ava and said, "Well we have hope for you." Then Danny also hugged Ava from the front as he comforted her. Then the three slowly began to drift to sleep together.

Danny opened his eyes and saw he was naked in bed, but only Cathy was with him. Danny then got up looking for Ava, and saw she was fully dressed and quietly stepping outside the nearby door. Danny quickly got some clothes and chased after Ava. Ava was only a few steps away from the front door of the home as Danny stepped outside and said, "Wait." Ava then turned to look at Danny as she said, "Oh, hey. Um... don't worry. Your wife already paid me for my services in advance." Danny then said, "It's not that. It's just... are you okay? Just wanted to make sure you weren't still sad." Ava then said, "I'm fine. The sex... the sex was amazing. Danny... you... that was incredible. But the moment that brought the most pleasure to my heart was when you and Cathy just hugged me. You know, I never had siblings, so you two hugging me... it was like I was finally getting the hug from the big brother and big sister I always wished I had. Although considering we were naked and just had sex, that does sound pretty creepy." Danny smirked and said, "No, I get it. I had always wanted to give you a big close hug during that year we spent a lot of time together before I met Cathy. Glad we finally got to do it. But are you sure you don't want to stay and have breakfast with me and Cathy?"

Ava turned her head and said, "No. You have a wonderful wife Danny, and... you need to remain focused on her first and foremost. You love her, and if I stick around here I'm worried I'll potentially distract you from that." Danny sighed and said, "Okay. But what about you? It hurts me inside that you're still single. I know you had dreams of starting a family one day, and..." Ava then cut Danny off and said, "It's okay Danny. I've got a plan. Anyway, I should go. Goodbye." Then Ava moved her face forward and gave Danny a kiss on the cheek. Then the two friends looked into each other's eyes... and then had a long kiss on the lips. However to Danny though, this wasn't a full on romantic kiss. It was just a kiss between two good friends, getting one last taste of what might have been, and also showing their deep affection for another. Eventually the kiss ended, and Ava just took several steps away while looking at Danny... and then turned her back and walked away.


Danny got home before Cathy one night after work and saw a surprise letter in his mail box. It was addressed to him, but the name of the sender was written down as Ava Kolker. Danny opened the letter and saw a picture of "Ava" holding a tiny infant baby smiling. With the picture there was a letter. Danny immediately began to read it and saw the letter said,

"Dear Danny. I've been trying to find a way to tell you these words for the last year, but just a few weeks after I had that intimate night with you and your wife... I discovered I was pregnant. I wanted to tell you immediately, but I didn't want to hurt your marriage with Cathy. Like I said, I wanted you to remain focused on her first and foremost and I wanted nothing to distract you from her. But the dark truth is... I wanted this to happen. I told Cathy I was on birth control, but my desire was for you to impregnate me as I finally decided that I wanted to have a child of my own, but didn't want to go through the adoption process or pay to be artificially inseminated. I did this because I thought there was no way I would ever find true love. But then three months into my pregnancy... I did. I found her... my childhood best friend. You know the one girl I liked when I was a kid, but thought I never would. We ran into each other at the public library of all places, and despite how much we had changed, our attraction towards one another hadn't. My best friend still loved me completely like she had when I was young, despite all my flaws, including the flaw of me getting pregnant through not the most honest means. We've already gotten engaged to be married next year. She loves and loves my daughter so much. I named her Sydney by the way. I know we both thought that was a good name for a girl. However my fiance felt it was important I tell you the truth about our child. If you don't want to ever contact me again, it's okay. Know that Sydney will indeed be raised by two parents who love her very much and can financially support her just fine on their own. But if you wish to meet her, please know now that I will not prevent you from meeting with and having a relationship with this wonderful bundle of joy I love so much. I hope you do. Yes... I do have hope for things again."

Danny then smiled as he prepared to write back to "Ava". However first he prepared a check. He didn't care what "Ava" said. He was going to help financially support this new child of his. He knew he wasn't going to help regularly raise her, but he was prepared to give this little girl regular visits from her two mom's "uncle" from time to time. He wasn't completely pleased about the deceit "Ava" had enacted, but he was happy that "Ava" finally had the happy family she always wanted... and he was also glad that he helped make it happen, and would forever get to be an extended part of it as well.