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Clip the Wings

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"Just a wee bit more wax and.... There! All finished!" Philza stood back to admire his work. On the wall hung 2 golden, glistening  wings, one with a child carrier on the back straps.


"These babies will get you from here all the way to Athens!" he declared, excited to finally get off  this wretched prison of an island. 


"I'd rather stick to the sea, thank you very much." Technoblade said sarcastically. He, instead of flying, will just use his trident to riptide across the sea. Much easier, if you ask him. "I want my own wings!" Tommy pouted, mad he 'wasn't old enough', whatever that meant. "All in due time, my son," Phil assured. "Wilbur, are you ready?" He turned to his boy, who was looking at the horizon.


"Born ready, dad." He didn't turn back as he said that, because he wanted to hide the fear in his face. Wilbur was afraid of nothing, until this point. Now, at this moment, he mortality truly set in.


But with that fear, there was excitement. He wanted to fly,soar, above the sea. He wanted to see the world in the eyes of a bird. His fear would not stop him now. Finally, Wilbur turned back to his dad. “Let’s get off this island”


[About an hour passes]


“Let’s go over the rules, one last time.” Philza was making sure that Wil didn’t forget any words from his lecture. Technoblade was strapping Tommy onto his dad, making sure there were absolutely zero ways he could escape. “Don’t fly too high, as the sun will singe the wax of your wings, destroying them. With that, also be sure not to -” Wilbur interrupted, wanting to get this over with “Fly too low either, as the sea will make your wings heavy and yada yada yada. Shall we go on now?” Wil figured that the quicker this was over with, the less the fear would settle in.


“Well then, I’ll meet you at the edge.” Philza turned, revealing Tommy’s pouting face. Wilbur let out a scoff, seeing his brother in a pouch-the first time in years. “I’ll stay with Wilbur, make sure he straps himself tight.” Techno assured. He knew that his brother was scared. Who wouldn’t be? But at this moment, there was no time for fear. The people of this island hated them, so it’s time to say their goodbyes. Wilbur stretched with a sigh. The fear was starting to creep back in.


Each step, it grows , the fear. Wilbur walked slowly towards the edge. When he got there, he breathed in, then out. He couldn’t lie in fear. He looked, not down at the sea, but forward, towards the horizon.


With one last step, and all his courage, Wilbur jumped off the edge. He was finally free.

Wibur spreads his arms out, letting the wings unfold, right before he crashes into the ocean. 


He starts to flap his wings, going up up up, higher each wingbeat. His curly hair blown away from his face, Wilbur looked forward, to see-


Philza and Tommy, flying parallel to the horizon, their golden locks shimmering in the sun


Technoblade, Jumping in and out of the sea, his bright pink braids glowing against the deep sea blue, 


The sun, orange and gold, gleaming ahead


And the sea, reflecting the light of day, it’s gentle waves mesmerizing Wilbur


He wanted to touch the sun, brush along the sea 


Don’t get ahead of yourself, Wilbur. Remember the rules.


Wilbur breaks through the awe, remembering the task at hand. The sea was below him, but not right under. With that, the sun and sky were above him, but not blazing against his back. He liked this feeling. Wilbur had no fear, only pure joy, in this moment. 


Sadly, it wouldn’t last. Men are mortal for a reason.


[Near Sundown]


They were close to Athens now. Flying and swimming nonstop, only Tommy had gotten any sleep. Wilbur wasn’t tired. He was still taking in the view, the breeze, the fact that he was above anyone else. The closer the mainland seemed, the higher he would fly. Then, he would dip back down, as if he were testing his limits.


I will be fine, He thought. His dad built these wings well and sturdy. Wilbur was sure he could go just a little higher up.


Technoblade looked up now and then, to make sure his family wasn’t in any harm. Sure enough, he started to notice Wilbur flying a little higher, now and then. His brother would fly up, 2 beats, 3 beats, then dip back down. Stop testing them, brother he wanted to say. But alas, down here, in this blue sea, he couldn’t be heard. Technoblade just had to hope his brother would be cautious.


Meanwhile, Philza was rushing to get to land. He wasn’t flying higher, but faster. Tommy was getting heavy, and there was nowhere he could stop. Philza would push through. He needed to. He would fly around the world, through the endless void, for his boys. His son's future awaited. He would get there. No amount of sea stop him.


Tommy was living his best life. Sleeping on his father’s back, the breeze cooling his skin while still letting the sun warm his body. He didn’t want this to end. Tommy could spend the rest of his time here.


Wilbur continued to soar up, now only going higher. He figured that since the land was so close, he would fly very high then glide the rest of his way down. Up,up,up, closer to the sun. 


Closer to the gods he thought. 


In fact, why hadn’t he been up this high all along? Why, to the other humans on the ground, he looked like a deity of great power. He didn’t need to go back down. No. He wanted to stay up here, feeling as powerful as ever. He had no fear. 


Wilbur started to fly ahead of his siblings, going higher and higher. Unbeknownst to him, the punishment had already been set. Each beat of his wings made the wax holding them together melt, more and more. The feathers on the tips of Wilbur’s wings started to smoke, slowly catching aflame. He didn’t care. Wilbur was above everyone else, and he would stay that way for the rest of his life. 


The leather of his harness started to heat. It’ll cool off eventually, he assured himself. As he thought that, a chunk of his feathers set aflame. Wilbur turned around, gasping at the sight. “Dad! Dad what do I do??”


Philza quickly looked up at the sound of his distressed son. He tried yelling-”Fly back down! Get to the land before they fully melt!”, but Wilbur couldn’t hear him. The screams of agony filled the sky, so loud that, under the sea, even Technoblade could hear them. He looked up to a sight he wish he could unsee. His brother's wings set aflame, falling.


Wilbur didn’t know what to do. Feathers flew all around him as he fell, closer and closer to the sea. His leather harness burned the boy’s cloth, the metal straps blazing his back. He had been foolish to test his mortality. Now, he was paying the price.


Down below, Technoblade rushed to where Wilbur would fall. As fast as he could, Techno got to the assumed landing place and got ready to launch for his brother. But Wilbur was falling too fast, looking like a star crashing onto Technoblade. He knew he couldn’t catch his brother, yet he still tried. Sadly though, he failed.


Wilbur crashed into the sea, his brother right next to him, burned by his wings. Under the sea, Technoblade tried to save Wilbur. 


Wilbur didn’t want to be saved. He didn’t want to see the light of day. The water was cooling his skin, the salt stinging the burn marks. It was his fault anyways. All he wanted to do was soar above the rest. The gods let him do so, but his mortality pulled him back. His wings let him soar. Now, they have been burned, torn, clipped off his red blazed back. Wilbur let himself go. He was free , atleast. This wasn’t how he wanted it to go though.


Technoblade grabbed hold of his brother and started to pull him towards the beach, under the current and waves. He knew he should have talked to Wilbur more, check on him as best he could. Now, crying all his tears, Technoblade was on the beach, free as a dove, holding Wilbur dead, his wings torn, his father and baby brother running towards them.


Philza saw everything go down, but couldn’t do anything. He ran to Wilbur and picked him up, out of Technoblade’s arms. Tears of guilt ran down his pale face. I built these wings. Why couldn’t have been me? Philza slowly walked to the grass and set his son down next to a flower bush. He gently took off Wilbur's harness, and sat next to his son, crying. He had lost his freedom, then gained it back; at the cost of his son. I couldn’t even save him he thought. Philza failed at keeping his son’s safe. Now he had to live without one.


Technoblade covered Tommy’s eyes as his father walked away. He had seen it all, but will not let his baby brother do the same. He was foolish, and yet he deserved none of this . Now, he had a baby brother who has to live with the memories of a passed loved one. They all had to live with them.


The god’s brought him to the sky. His mortality pulled him back.