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Wonderful Time of the Year

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This story is inspired by the two short chapters   12 Days of Gifts   &   Gift Beyond Compare


What do you get a genius who could legitimately blow up the sun if she put her mind to it?

Tony was pondering this very question in a rare quiet moment, and as they were alone in the bullpen. Tony risked asking Gibbs, "What do you get a wife at Christmas?"

Tony figured the man had been married a few times, so he should have a few ideas. 

"You're asking me for gift ideas?" Gibbs didn't bother to hide his incredulous look. 

"Well, you've had a few wives," Tony replied with a smirk. And he was being good, not mentioning the second stripper wife. 

Gibbs rolled his eyes over the rim of the coffee cup. "As you are  still  married to your wife ... perhaps I should be asking you."

Tony had married Sam this Summer after the latest near Alien Invasion. It had made them realise that time was short, and they adored each other so marriage was their next step. "Tony is married!?!?"

Tony scowled because he'd been hoping to keep that fact hidden for a while longer. It wasn't that he was ashamed or actively trying to hide his marriage, but Sam's work was beyond top secret and as annoying as Tim was - he didn't want to see the man dropped in a black hole. 

Gibbs nodded and had that small smile he got when he was purposefully messing with people. "Yeah, an Air-Force Colonel, but I don't hold that against her."

Tony rolled his eyes, knowing what Gibbs was doing, and it was a fair training moment. It wasn't like Sam couldn't look after herself if someone got the bright idea of attacking her to get at Tony. 

Tony sighed but figured he might as well join in teasing the probie. He should get some benefit from this mess, "That is because she went hunting with you."

Tim was now staring at him as if he was a phantom of his imagination. It was a little odd and creepy. Tim still sounded disbelieving as he asked another question. "How does she put up with your flirting?" 

Tony was starting to get annoyed because if you wanted to tease him, then fine, but Sam wasn't there. Tony offered a smile, but it was the cold type that didn't reach your eyes. "She understands using charm to get a suspect to talk as she trusts me. Plus, my wife has twp PHd's,  McDense,  so I try not to let anyone comment on her intelligence. If she returns the favour, then her insult would probably pass over your head."

McGee scowled but couldn't find a retort that wouldn't reflect poorly on him. Tony was waiting to hear Tim's comment before going on the verbal attack. 

Gibbs cut through the conversation, knowing that Tony would say something soon that would put Gibbs' grouchy nature to shame. He knew his SFA too well, not to know that sweet smile was when you should duck and hide. "How did your side-project go?" 

When Tony had shown him the project, he was impressed and offered his bit of advice. It was brilliant work and needed to be reviewed by someone external to avoid any case of impropriety. It was going to be a doozy when it broke into the broader world. 

Tony had a wicked smile because his little 'project' was the last day of his intended gifts for Sam. He may be married, but he still wanted to woo Sam and show that he didn't take their marriage for granted. It was a twofer, as his last day's gift was with the Secret Service due to its complexity. It should also make Vance back off and leave him alone, which would be another plus. "Day Twelve is under review."

It was vague enough that the other members of the MCRT wouldn't gain anything actionable but clear enough for Gibbs to gain a clue. 

Gibbs huffed, "So what days did you want my help with then?" 

Tony shrugged, "I am running out of good ideas for Days 10 and 11. I need something to keep the theme running."

Tim interrupted because he hated feeling out of the loop and this whole conversation made him feel like he was in an alternate reality. "Day one?" 

Tony nodded, "Yep, delivery of the first gift will take place at around midday."

And that wasn't as straightforward as it sounded. After all, not many people could say they had to have a phone call and get their gift authorised by one of the Joint Chiefs. He was lucky that Jack adored Sam and indulged his whimsical idea. It also helped that Tony had managed to sort out their NID problem once he'd been read into the programme. 

Jack had at the time laughed and laughed about the reason behind Tony destroying the rogue NID operation.  Tony couldn't stand the idea they were looking to kidnap Sam.  He never doubted that she could take care of herself, but as he pointed out, they were a partnership, and he could stop her looking over her shoulder. Sam had pouted but slept easier afterwards, so Tony couldn't regret his actions.

"You're getting multiple gifts for  your wife ?" Tim asked as if Tony wasn't serious, and he struggled with the word wife. It didn't make sense with what he knew about Tony, plus, where was the ring? Tim hated when things didn't fit neat little boxes. It was why he liked computers because they worked on codes and rules. Tony was not working to expectations, he was married, and it seemed his wife was a super brainy scientist - this didn't make sense.

Tony couldn't resist the bit of snark, but it seemed worth it in light of the annoying conversation. "Yes,   McUnromantic.  I have 12 days of gifts planned."


Tony rolled his eyes. "Tell you what McGee go down to Abs and see what she would say to the gesture."

Tim shook his head, "Hell no, I will never hear the end of it."

Tony snorted, "And that is why I am married McDense, and you are not."