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Rafiel In Candyland

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Rafiel wasn't sure where he had landed this time. Being caught twice in a storm was something a little embarassing for a bird of his size... ...And age; he wasn't a young heron anymore and wasn't getting any younger as the years flew by.


Well, a way or another, he found himself in the middme of a plaza, with a fountain and...buildings...that looked like candy. 

Rafiel blinked. 

Herons were not especially known for their sense of smell, but the aroma that came to him was so sweet and warm that he couldn't help being frawn to the window from where it passed. The heron took a cautious peek inside. 

It was a bakery.

Of course it was a bakery. He smiled. 

With the smell of fresh warm bread filling his lungs, he threw caution to the wind and let his feet take him inside of the shop. 




Rafiel comes from the video games Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn and Fire Emblem Heroes and technically, he's no angel.
Carver comes from the spicy moving otome visual novel Heartbaked but technically, and honestly, he's no demon.
This fanart is a gift from Elficiel.