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A final favor

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You walk towards him, feeling the eyes of the scions and Hythlodeus on you. But that doesn't matter. You only stare into those intense golden orbs that are piercing your soul. He was already enveloped by light, ready to disappear into the lifestream for good...

Once in front of him, you stop. There's a determined look on your face as you speak your next words.

"I have a favor to ask." 

Emets eyes widen at this, memories of those days in Elpis flashing before his eyes for a moment, before he glances at you again with that 'bored' look. 

"No, I think I have done more than enough." He states, but you can tell hes being playful. So you play along.

"Please Emet-Selch!"  He smirks, before speaking.

"Very well. I suppose I could be generous once more."

Your gaze drops to the floor a moment and Emet waits patiently. However he wasn't ready for the tears that were streaming down your face, nor the request that followed.

"May I please hug you?"

His jaw drops, his breath hitching and for a moment he stands there.

Without answering he pulls you into a loving embrace, his head resting on top of yours. Hythlodeus has a solemn smile on his face while the scions stare surprised, but also sad.

The two of you hold each other tightly, not willing to let go. Emet lowers his head to your ear.

"Save our world...I believe in you..."

He pulls away as you sob and brushes a few tears from your face before giving you a sad smile...and then he's gone.