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I Wanna Ruin Our Friendship

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She twisted the bottom of the lipstick, watching the red paste spin up and down with a click each time, aimlessly searching her eyes through the city, looking for any signof trouble, any sign of movement. Her brother had put her on the task of being able to watch over everything that was happening as it was her turn to go on patrol tonight. With Yuka kidnapped, there was no telling what the Colombians would be up to next. 


Despite the dire situation, Asuka found her mind elsewhere, unable to focus...the smell of the lipstick that wasn't hers drafting up into her nostrils, bringing up memories she knew for people like her were a danger to have. It was Maria's lipstick that she had stolen the night before, when she had come over to bring comfort to a grieving aunt who had let her niece slip through her fingers like grains of sand. They had done this dance for quite some time, one that Asuka wasn't quite sure of the steps or exactly where to put her hands or what to say. She felt separated from the world, always an observer, a soldier on standby waiting for that fateful command. Concepts like love and romance were always such foreign entities to her.


Sure she felt fondness for others and certainly sexual passion that had boiled over into reality on far too many occasions....but that real, genuine fluffy just wasn't for her...


Until recently...something had changed and she had crossed into a line she knew should never have even put her toe over. 


Yes...she was now hopelessly in love with the woman....hopeless was the perfect word for it. Asuka had become what men like Mike were to after thought, a sex toy, a means to an end. 


Asuka dropped the lipstick on purpose, watching it spin down, down, down onto the pavement, smacking it hard, the telltale ping telling her that. She imagined it bursting. The thought of the destruction of the damn thing didn't bring her any source of comfort.